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LLS Chapter 337 – Yue Yang, Nirvana Rebirth!

Chapter 337 – Yue Yang, Nirvana Rebirth!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The Old Dragon Turtle did not truly execute Physical and Spiritual Self-Detonation. Instead, he reverted to his original body, turning into a huge Dragon Turtle. He pulled back his head and four limbs inside his shell and turned quiet, not making a single movement.

That Runic Circle that would start the Physical and Spiritual Self-Detonation was still faintly shinning on his back.

As the Old Dragon Turtle entered into his rest, the Runic Circle also faded and disappear slowly.

Sha Fei lookeed down from the sky and really wanted to throw an energy ball at the Old Dragon Turtle to roast him alive, but in the end, thinking that the Physical and Spiritual Self-detonation would activate because of that, he changed his mind and quickly flew to the Second Palace Hall, maintaining his distance away from the suicidal Old Dragon Turtle. In any case, the two great leaders would break the Prison Emperor’s Divine Seal in another hundred years at the most. They would be able to return to the Heaven Realm peacefully afterwards, so why should he risk his life here? They had already endured for six thousand years, wouldn’t they be able to wait for another hundred years?

Yue Yang who had collapsed on the ground had been brought back inside the grimoire world by Xiao Wen Li.

When the girls saw that he had returned safely, they heaved sighs of relief.

Previously, Phoenix Fairy Beauty had returned defeated and unconscious, the girls were extremely nervous because of that. However, Yue Yang refused to let them come out to battle.

Yue Bing had almost cried from fright, her eyes were red as she tried hard not to cry, afraid that crying would bring bad luck to them. Xue Wu Xia, Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress were forcing themselves to stay calm as they comforted Yue Bing. Right now, seeing that Yue Yang had returned safely, even the strong Xue Wu Xia was secretly wiping away the tears that had fallen down her cheeks.

Since his return to the grimoire world, Yue Yang continued to sleep.

At first, the girls thought that he was just mentally drained. It was only when the Phoenix Fairy Beauty woke up that they found out that he was actually in the midst of Nirvana State Meditation.

They did not know when he would wake up from this Nirvana State and become reborn…

Inside the Dream Realm, the big loli was sitting right in front of Yue Yang.

This was her first time sitting quietly with Yue Yang, instead of forcing him to train.

The big loli seemed to want to comfort Yue Yang, but it also seemed that she wanted to teach him, hinting that doing this would result in something. Just like that, she quietly sat in front of him, not speaking at all. Yue Yang felt a little strange. What was the big loli trying to hint at him? Was it the way to enlighten himself on the Sixth Level of Innate Invisible Sword Qi? Or did she want to teach him a new skill?

However, the big loli didn’t say anything. She only sat quietly, so Yue Yang also couldn’t do anything about it. He could only sit and looked at her, forcing his urgency down and quietly observing her movements.

After sitting quietly for a long, long time, when Yue Yang’s mental state had turned from chaos to quiet, the big loli nodded at him.

Yue Yang was sligihtly dazed, what did the big loli mean?

Suddenly, thousand rays of light flashed.

The Heavenly Sword Goddess had appeared…

Her appearance was really surprising for Yue Yang.

It was a fact that the Sword Goddess rarely made her appearance, and even when when she did, she would never speak. She would only appear for a moment and disappear in the next.

With a move of the Sword Goddess’ hand, a cry resounded from the sky. A bright, Colourful Phoenix shining in golden light suddenly appeared in the Dream World. A Nirvana Flame Pillar rose high up to the sky, scattering countless droplets of fire, before condensing together to form a huge Fire Phoenix that descended upon the ground. The Colourful Phoenix flew in spiral before it flew down towards the Fire Phoenix that came from the Nirvana Flame Pillar… Slowly, the two phoenixes turned into two cute, lovable little girls, who looked even younger than Yue Shuang. There were little bells on their left and right snow-white hands respectively. They were wearing a bright red Dudou hung on their neck, there was even a Phoenix embroidered on the Dudous.
(Shiro: Dudou is an undergarment covering the chest and abdomen commonly used by toddlers in Ancient China https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dudou)

The little Phoenix Sisters’ barefooot feet floated in the air. They were extremely well-behaved, just like adults as they bowed towards the Sword Goddess respectfully.

Yue Yang came into realization when he saw this. Indeed, the Phoenix Sisters knew the Sword Goddess.

Maybe there really were Phoenix eggs inside the Universal Pouch, and the Sword Goddess had hatched them using some kind of way. Looking at it this way, there must be other treasures inside the Universal Pouch… It was a pity that he still couldn’t use it!

The Sword Goddess pointed her finger at Yue Yang, and a colourful light beam shot towards him.

Yue Yang couldn’t react at all, and was hit straight by the colourful light beam.

Although he couldn’t move his body, his mind was completely awake. He realzied that the two Phoenix sisters were riding on a Fire Phoenix, and did not enter into his body. In the next moment, a new kind of Nirvana realization surfaced in his mind…

Not knowing how much time passed, Yue Yang finally came to full realization in his Nirvana State. His body felt like it was reborn, like a cocoon breaking out from its larva.

His body felt completely relaxed and refreshed.

Yue Yang finally understand what he did wrong.

He had always thought that he should train himself to be stronger in order to pursue a higher realm. However, after his new realization, he understood that his knowledge was severely lacking. This way was no different than normal warriors. A true expert would start from the bottom and work his way to the top, start small and grew big. He would be omnipotent, learning everything and having control of everything.

If one forgot the things he learnt before because he was pursuing a higher and stronger realm, it would be equivalent to him abandoning the foundation that he had built painstakingly.

Just like a giant who only looked at the far distance, but did not look below his feet.

A true expert should be a giant when he wanted to see into the far distance, and be a normal person when he wanted to see below his feet. If he wanted to see even smaller, he could become an ant or an even smaller existence. Only then would he be able to control everything.

Yue Yang realzied his inadequecy, and felt really small.

Compared to the Old Daoist Priest and the Heavenly Sword Goddess, he was such an insignificant existence. However, both the Old Daoist Priest and the Sword Gooddess had not neglected him all this while. Instead, they put themselves in the same level as him, spoke to him, exchange ideas with him and even guide his improvement… This was how a true expert would act! When he became as strong as the Old Daoist Priest and the Sword Goddess, would he be able to do this too?If he couldn’t, then did he really reached the kind of realm that the Old Daoist Priest did? Obviously, that is impossible!

It was precisely because the Old Daoist Priest’s mind was omnipotent, he was able to retain everything from low to high, small to big, weak to strong. Everything, including the whole world was within his grasp. This was the kind of special existence that the Old Daoist Priest had.

Only when he reached that point would he reach the realm of the Old Daoist Priest!

“Thank you, I understand now. I will train from the beginning in the future!” Yue Yang bowed respectfully towards the Sword Goddess who had guided him. This was the first time he bowed to her. It was also the first time that he felt a kind of reverance towards someone… The Sword Goddess seemed to reveal a smile but did not speak at all. However, her expression looked like a happy child as she quietly disappeared.

“…” The big loli and the Phoenix Sisters bowed neatly.

Yue Yang also bowed towards the three big and small lolis. After waiting for them to return, Yue Yang changed his posture and slowly trained the First Level of his Innate Invisible Sword Qi.

Right now, as he retrained the First Level, Yue Yang felt some kind of a completely new revelation.

The revelation from retraining was like opening a new door. Yue Yang felt like he had stepped outside of his house. Before, he felt like he was trapped inside his house looking at the garden outside the window. Although he had seen a lot of scenery, it was different from going outside himself. Walking out to the garden and to the road outside, he was able to see completely different things… The big loli had then appeared and practiced together with Yue Yang. The phoenix sisters had also appeared, riding on a big Fire Phoenix as they flew in circles around Yue Yang.

First Level, Second Level, Third Level…

The more Yue Yang trained, the more he felt that the Innate Invisible Sword Qi technique was simply too mysterious and profound. He would discover new revelations from time to time.

The Sword Qi that he cultivated started to change qualitatively. The power stayed the same, but in the end, after Yue Yang’s revelation, the whole Sword Qi was granted a new Nirvana Rebirth!

Slowly, Yue Yang had also managed to use the colourful Sword Qi that the big loli used.

The golden-coloured Sword Qi became even richer in colour, turning fiery red, emerald green and ocean blue. In the end, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, all kinds of colours were present at Yue Yang’s wish. As the Sword Qi style and energy changed, the colour of the Sword Qi had also changed. The Sword Qi of different colours had different amount of energy.

Yue Yang, who could only created a one-metre long Sword Qi at the most, could produce a two-metre long Sword Qi now.

He even still had strength left after doing that.

Yue Yang could even control the shape of the Sword Qi extending from his body to curve-shaped, snake-shaped and spiral-shaped. When he cultivated the Fifth Level again, he could shape it in any shape he wanted… The big loli didn’t seem to have the desire to help Yue Yang break through the Sixth Level immediately. After Yue Yang finished re-training the Fifth Level, she slowly stopped and bowed towards Yue Yang, then disappeared. The Phoenix Sisters riding on the big Fire Phoenix had also descended down and entered Yue Yang’s body, returning to their home…

Inside the grimoire world, Yue Yang who had slept for three days and night started to shine brightly with a multitude of colours.

After the girls understood that Yue Yang was in the midst of breakthrough and would wake up shortly after, they did not feel anxious at all, they only waited patiently.

Then, Yue Bing discovered that a Nirvana Flame Pillar suddenly ignited on her brother’s body. A cry that sounded like nature resounded, shaking the whole grimoire world. Only then did Yue Bing realized that Yue Yang had just completed his Nirvana State cultivation, and was about to wake up.

Before Yue Bing even cried out, the girls had all burst into the room.

When Yue Yang opened his eyes, the whole grimoire world was shaking violently.

Following its master’s levelling up to a new realm, the grimoire world started to change continuously. The sky seemed to become higher and wider, while the earth seemed to become bigger. There was no much difference to the mountain range, but the surface of the earth such as the flowers, herbs and trees, had all started to grow at a surprising speed. The ground which was previously bare without grass was covered with lush green grass. Unknown wild flowers also sprouted out at record speed. The plants that had been planted grew even more lavishly, some had even sprouted flowers and bore fruits… The girls were too busy to pay attention to these changes. All of them surrounded Yue Yang and watched him intently, looking at the most important man in their lives.

When Yue Yang opened his eyes, they were colourful like a kaleidoscope. His eyes stayed that way for a long time.

A dream-like ray of light shone out and absorbed the colours in his eyes.

In the end, he finally recovered the original colours of his eyes.

It was clear like last time.

However, the girls all felt that the current Yue Yang had changed a lot compared to last time. The current Yue Yang gave out the feeling that he was someone that could be relied upon. Even the Phoenix Fairy Beauty felt this kind of feeling in her heart.

Fortunately Yue Yang didn’t maintain this state for too long, it quickly vanished.

Yue Yang’s eyes reverted to the original. He looked at the features of the girls as he tried to focus his fuzzy vision. Then, he asked a little embarrassedly, “I, how long have I slept? My whole body feels numb, as if I slept for a few years. I couldn’t have slept for years, right?”

“Of course not, it has only been 3 days.” Princess Qian Qian heaved a sigh of relief.

“Has your body completed the Nirvana Rebirth?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty had good eyes, she could immediately tell that Yue Yang had completely changed.

“I, I only slept for a while.” Yue Yang would obviously not tell them about the Sword Goddess. He felt a little uncomfortable because he had slept for so long. He felt some kind of soreness as if he had just overexerted himself, and wanted to move his bones and muscles. However, when he stood up, his whole body suddenly shot up to the sky, bursting through the roof and jumping over tens of metres high. When he thought that he wanted to descend, his body immediately shot down to the ground like a meteor, crushing the obsidian floor that the girls had built painstakingly.

The girls were speechless.

Had this madman turn into a crazy bull after waking up from his sleep?

Phoenix Fairy Beauty frowned her brows. She felt that Yue Yang’s change was not that simple, because he looked like he was losing control just like when he first become Innate Level 1.

The current him was already used to the power of Innate Level 1… So what does this mean? Did he re-train the Innate Realm again? Did he reverted back to Innate Level 1?

“Try to punch me once!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty decided to test out the hunch in her mind.

“Real punch?” Yue Yang condense his power like he usually did last time and sent a punch towards Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

A loud boom resounded. Phoenix Fairy Beauty who originally could receive Yue Yang’s all-out punch easily single-handedly, was actually sent flying even after receiving his punch with both hands and a defensive stance. Phoenix Fairy Beauty simply couldn’t believe this. She raise her two hands and found out to her surprise that the fingers on her left hand had been broken by the impact of Yue Yang’s punch… The strength of an Innate Level 1 would definitely not be able to do this to her! Even an Innate Level 6 warrior would not be able to break her fingers if he did not attack her with all of his strength.

Furthermore, she was not Innate Level 9 anymore. She had become an Innate Level 10.

How could an Innate Level 10 be injured by an Innate Level 1?

If this goes out, no one in this world would believe it. But this was the truth!

Could it be that Yue Yang’s Innate Level 1 after Nirvana Rebirth was equivalent to a normal person’s Innate Level 6? When he level up in the future and reached his original Innate Level 3, wouldn’t he be as strong as an Innate Level 9, or even herself, an Innate Level 10?

“Did you get injured?” Yue Yang’s reaction was even more unbelieving than Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s. Did he really injure the Phoenix Fairy Beauty? If he used Innate Sword Qi, Nirvana Flame or World Exterminating Wheel, it would still make sense, but he merely used his strength just now, and he managed to break the bones of her fingers… Could it be that after being taught by the Sword Goddess, he had reached an abnormal realm in his cultivation?

If that was so, when he meet Ming Ri Hao that fellow and fought with him again, the result would be completely different, no?

Phoenix Fairy Beauty didn’t care about her injury. She reached out, quick as lightning, and held Yue Yang’s arms. She glared at him with fierce eyes, “Tell me what revelations you have discovered right now. I want to learn!”

She suddenly realized that ranks and levels are all superficial. Only when she could become like Yue Yang, possessing a strength that far surpassed the others, would she be able to call herself a true expert.

Just think about it, if she could be as strong as an Innate Level 6 at Innate Level 1, or as strong as an Innate Level 9 at Innate Level 3… When she reached Innate Level 9, Innate Level 10, what kind of strength would she had? Even if she couldn’t be as strong as Yue Yang the abnormal brat, she would still be a terrifying existence if she was just a little bit weaker than him! Phoenix Fairy Beauty felt that Yue Yang’s attack power had been different from others since long ago, but she never thought that after going through Nirvana Rebirth, he would ascend into such a terrifying realm… If this continues, he would catch up to her easily, or even surpass her.

“Rubbish, why would I tell you!” Yue Yang was happy because the Phoenix Fairy Beauty was finally shaken by him. However, he put on an act as if he was saying that “I’m not that close to you”.

“Just wait and see!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty obviously understood that this brat was trying to take advantage of her. If Xue Wu Xia, Yue Bing and the others were not there, she would have used her [Charm] Inherent Skill and all kinds of schemes of a beauty to take down the brat. However, Xue Wu Xia and all the others were all present, so Phoenix Fairy Beauty decided to wait for the moment. In any case, this brat won’t be able to escape from her palm. Just look at that perverted face, how could she not be able to defeat him?

“I’m not dreaming, am I?” Princess Qian Qian still couldn’t believe that Yue Yang could send Phoenix Fairy Beauty flying with a punch.

“We have heard about the situation in the Prison Emperor Divine Palace. Right now, the thing that we need to do is to train ourselves!” Xue Wu Xia saw that after Yue Yang went through Nirvana Rebirth, his vitality and strength had greatly increased. He was completely different from before. Xue Wu Xia couldn’t help but to feel hopeful in her heart.

Seems like they still had hope to clear the Prison Emperor Divine Palace.

The only problem was trying to get the Prison Emperor Divine Staff and Divine Seal before the two Great Leaders of Heaven Realm woke up.

Although Phoenix Fairy Beauty did not find a trace of the two Great Leaders, Xue Wu Xia believed that they would definitely make their move in near time. If they were still sealed, they would be able to awaken shortly. What Yue Yang and the others should do right now was to race against time with time!

Right now, Yue Yang who had went through Nirvana Rebirth and improved in terms of body, mental state and strength, would he be able to stop the awakening of the two Great Leaders of Heaven Realm?

When Xue Wu Xia saw Yue Yang’s glowing face, her confidence increased by a hundredfold.

He would definitely be able to do it.

Because he was Yue Yang, the abnormal brat!

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    It was a fact that the Sword Goddess rarely made her appearance, and even when when she did, she would never speak. She would only appear for a moment and disappear in the next.

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    It was a fact that the Sword Goddess rarely made an appearance. Even when she did, she never spoke. She would appear for only a moment, then disappear the next.

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