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LLS Chapter 336 – Nirvana State, Physical and Spiritual Self-Detonation!

Chapter 336 – Nirvana State, Physical and Spiritual Self-Detonation!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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That golden giant realized that not only the brat in front of him did not lose his confidence, he was even releasing an increasing amount of power from his body.

A crazy amount of fighting spirit mixed together with blazing flames, soundlessly creating a mountain of flames.

The enemy which was inferior to him just now had gradually made him feel that he was catching up to him. The worse thing was that the boy’s face was illuminated in light. He was showing signs of breaking through to a new realm….

He must definitely not let the boy continue to level up. He must kill him before he grew stronger.

The golden giant crossed his arms on his chest and let out a loud shout, releasing a shockwave that was hotter than sun exploding through the surrounding. Even Sha Fei, who was completely healed from his wounds, frantically escaped when he saw the attack. Lu De, Bao Wen who were still on their half human half spirit state had also quickly taken cover, afraid to be exposed to the destructive power directly. In this instant, the golden giant’s strength exploded ten times more powerful. Behind him, a giant Totem of Heaven Rune appeared, bathed in a brilliant light like the sun. A gold-coloured tiger suddenly appeared in the middle. It let out a soundless roar that shook the whole ground.

The golden giant then waved his fist.

His meteor-like fist aimed straight towards Yue Yang.

The Old Dragon Turtle risked his life and erected his turtle-shaped protective shield, blocking right in front of Yue Yang.


A loud explosion resounded.

The turtle-shaped protective shield was destroyed immediately by the golden giant’s punch. Not only that, even the Old Dragon Turtle’s turtle back that was extremely hard had also broke from the punch, leaving a gaping hole. The golden giant’s fist emerged from the Old Dragon Turtle’s chest, grazed Yue Yang’s face, and left a deep mark on one of the stone pillars ten metres away.

“You are seeking death!” The golden giant Ming Ri Hao turned around and kicked the Old Dragon Turtle who was spouting blood from his mouth continuously away.

The Old Dragon Turtle’s body smashed into piles of rubbles, it was unknown whether he was dead or alive.

The fist that had grazed Yue Yang’s face carved a shallow wound.

Fresh blood oozed out unstoppably…

The second punch followed through immediately, the golden giant Ming Ri Hao would definitely not let Yue Yang have the chance to catch his breath. He must definitely kill this young human who gave him a bad feeling inside.

No matter what, he would not let the human race gain a second Prison Emperor!


Yue Yang who had been silent the whole time amidst the storm suddenly released an earth-shattering cry. His eyes turned red like a demon! When the golden giant who was coming at him with a destructive punch appeared in front of him, Yue Yang didn’t avoid him, but chose to attack him back with his punch! The two punches, which was unlike a normal punch be it in terms of strength or size, knocked hard against each other.

After two seconds of clash, the golden giant Ming Ri Hao’s punch finally succeeded in defeating Yue Yang’s punch, blowing Yue Yang away.

Yue Yang who had been blown away from the shock impact of the punch shot inside the First Hall like a meteor. After flying for a hundred metres and smashing into a big pillar, Yue Yang still had not stopped. In the end, he smashed into the walls of the Palace Hall and was buried deep inside… The whole First Hall shook turbulently as the terrifying sound of smash echoed throughout the whole place. The super strong golden giant Ming Ri Hao , on the other hand, was pushed a step back by Yue Yang’s attack. This was really astonishing for him. How could an Innate Level 3 human warrior be able to push an Innate Level 9 back?

“You guys, kill him immediately!” Ming Ri Hao flexed his punch a little. After exchanging blows with Yue Yang just now, it seemed that his hand was feeling a little uncomfortable. Fortunately that brat had not grown stronger yet, otherwise, he would definitely be on par with the Prison Emperor!

“Master Ming Ri Hao, is that boy still alive?” Sha Fei was astounded. How could an Innate Level 3 human warrior survive such a terrifying punch?

“…” Ming Ri Hao’s face that was glimmering in golden light was unreadable. However, a turbulent wave was brewing in his heart.

“One more time!”’ From far away, an angry cry resounded.

With more than ten times the speed of a meteor, Yue Yang shot forward.

Sha Fei who was Innate Level 6 could not even see the figure of the person flying straight towards them.

The golden giant Ming Ri Hao could react on time, but he was unable to avoid the speed of this attack. Relying on his extremely strong battle sense, he placed his left hand over his face and counter-attacked with his right. A punch blazing with Nirvana Flame smashed onto his left palm ruthlessly. If he did not block in time, that punch would have ruthlessly smash onto Ming Ri Hao’s left eyes… Ming Ri Hao felt a shiver in his heart. However, his punch had blasted his enemy back to the rubbles with a flying speed that was faster than before.

Sha Fei only managed to react at this time. He cried out in shock, “That boy is really still alive. He didn’t die!”

Ming Ri Hao humphed, “Rubbish.”

His left hand was ablaze in Nirvana Flame which did not extinguish for a long time.

This was something that Yue Yang couldn’t do before. Although Yue Yang could control Nirvana Flame, it was limited when used against an enemy who was much stronger than him. However, in the punch this time, his Nirvana Flame seemed to be able to show its true power.

Even Ming Ri Hao’s hand was burnt continuously, unlike the superficial burn that he had last time.

This Nirvana Flame, which was so powerful and unstoppable, could only be used by the Phoenix Sisters. Could the Phoenix Sisters have come out to help him?

Inside the First Palace Hall, amongst bits of rubbles and stones, a blood-soaked young man with tattered clothes stood up.

It was Yue yang.

He tore out his clothes which had been completely destroyed and spit out the blood in his mouth.

On his body, dark golden Ancient Runes appeared. Gold-coloured and silver-coloured Heaven Runes surrounded his body in a circle, forming a new Rune Circle. A Rune Armor faintly formed on Yue Yang’s body. The most formidable thing was, of course, the Nirvana Flame that was burning on both of Yue Yang’s arms. Those Nirvana Flame looked like it had just been reborn, becoming even redder and more powerful. Raging powerfully in Yue Yang’s body, it burned from the inside to the outside, completely becoming one body with Yue Yang… Seeing that his opponent did not die but realized the true power of the Nirvana Flame during the battle instead, Ming Ri Hao’s expression immediately changed.

This kind of opponent was the kind that he thirsted yet hated.

As a warrior, he thirsted for a formidable opponent.

A formidable opponent could spur him on, making him grow stronger in battles. However, an enemy with growth potential that was much stronger than him was the most hateful one!

“One more time!” The Nirvana Flame on Yue Yang’s body exploded once again, making his body looked like a fiery qilin as he charged towards his enemy.

He learnt this from the Qilin girl.

Yue Yang didn’t know if this would be effective. Rightnow, he was only fighting relying on his instinct and the unyielding determination in his heart.

The golden giant Ming Ri Hao didn’t dare to block against his enemy’s attack with his left hand again, which had just extinguished the Nirvana Flame burning on it. The wound from the Nirvana Flame had not healed yet. He reached out his right hand and blocked Yue Yang’s punch. His leg then sinisterly kicked forward, sending Yue Yang flying away the third time.

Sha Fei was really dumbstruck watching the whole battle.

A human that did not die after so many attacks? He really never saw one before!

If it was another human warrior instead, forget about Innate Level 3, even an Innate Level 6 or an Innate Level 7 would have died instantly if they received one of Master Ming Ri Hao’s attacks.

This brat could retaliate time and again…

When Sha Fei saw the Nirvana Flame that was burning unstoppably on Ming Ri Hao’s hand, he couldn’t help but to shiver in fright.

Could it be that even Master Ming Ri Hao couldn’t resist the damage from the Nirvana Flame?

“You are really a hateful human being!” The golden giant Ming Ri Hao realized that from within the First Hall, Yue Yang whose body was burning in Nirvana Flame had walked out step by step once again. His critical injuries had been healed from the Nirvana Flame’s rebirth power. He knew that this boy had just mastered Nirvana’s Heart and had completely become one with Nirvana Flame. It was obvious that his body was in Nirvana State. Before his power had been completely exhausted, physical attacks would never kill him, because he had now possessed the rebirth ability of the pure flame.

The golden giant Ming Ri Hao turned around and was about to leave.

Sha Fei was shocked when he saw this, “Master, are you returning to the Third Palace Hall to sleep again?”

Ming Ri Hao humphed coldly, “Physical attacks will not be effective on his current state. Continuing this fight is a waste of energy. However, it will not be easy to maintain the Nirvana State, where his body become one with the Nirvana Flame. He is only persisting on because of his fighting spirit and anger, and because his body has just synchronised with the Nirvana Flame. When he released his Nirvana State, you can kill him easily. Without me, his target, to spur on his fight, his fighting spirit and anger will disappear. I shall leave him to you!”

His body started to flash with a light that was even more blinding than the sun.

The giant Rune Totem flickered under his feet.

Yue Yang shot towards him like a meteor, his fist that was burning in Nirvana Flame turned into a long fire dragon, aiming straight towards Ming Ri Hao’s head.


His punch landed on empty air.

Ming Ri Hao had disappeared.

A second later, he reappeared at the third Palace Hall that was high up in the sky. With a flash of light, he then disappeared.

It was indeed just as he said. After losing his attack target, fighting spirit and anger, Yue Yang was unable to maintain his Nirvana State. His over-exhausted mind was unable to support his similarly exhausted body. He fell to the ground with a loud thud.

When Sha Fei saw Yue Yang, he suddenly gulped his saliva.

It was his chance right now.

Kill the boy? Achieving the magnificent feat that even Master Ming Ri Hao was unable to complete?

If Yue Yang wasn’t unconscious, Sha Fei would not dare to provoke him so easily. After all, even Ming Ri Hao was unable to defeat him. However, the current Yue Yang was completely defenseless. He had completely fell unconscious after an arduous battle… Sha Fei clenched his fist. This kind of chance, it won’t happen a second time!

“I suggest you take back the idea of attacking him.” The Old Dragon Turtle suddenly sat down on the ground. He was actually still alive!

“With just the likes of an old dragon turtle?” Sha Fei was shocked at first, but he immediately laughed out loud.

“If you haven’t heard of ‘Physical and Spiritual Self-Detonation’ before, you can give it a try!” The Old Dragon Turtle wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth. Leaning on his staff for support, his trembling body stood up once again. If Yue Yang wasn’t unconscious, he would have shouted at the Old Dragon Turtle, “Your Chinese Zodiac must be Cockroach, right?”. Otherwise, he would say, “This fellow is not a Dragon Turtle, he is a cockroach. He really is a cockroach.”

“…” Of course, Sha Fei had heard about Physical and Spiritual Self-Detonation before. That terrifying self-detonating art was a taboo skill in the Heaven Realm.

Physical and Spiritual Self-Detonation was a skill that sacrificed one’s body and soul to release an explosion to an enemy with a power that was a hundred times more powerful than one’s strength.

During the process, external force would not be able to stop it. Even if the self-detonator’s body was completely destroyed, it would not be able to stop the self-detonating process.

The most terrifying point was that the moment this self-detonating process succeeded, both the self-detonator and his detonation target would completely disappear from the world, unable to resurrect through any method. They would not even be able to sleep and recover in a spirit state. This kind of self-detonation would bring forth eternal destruction, it had the same killing power as World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana Flame. However, it would need someone to sacrifice himself to self-detonate.

Sha Fei didn’t think that he possessed the ability to resist the Old Dragon Turtle’s self-detonation power.

However, he was a little suspicious. How could this Old Dragoon Turtle, who had never gone to the Heaven Realm before, knew about this kind of Heaven Realm taboo skill?

The Old Dragon Turtle’s expression was, however, completely unquestionable, “I have said before, I have lived long enough!”

When Sha Fei saw the old fellow’s hands starting to draw the Physical and Spiritual Self-Detonation Rune Circle, he immediately flew to the sky with a record speed to escape. Physical and Spiritual Self-Detonation? Only fools would accompany him in his self-detonation. At the most, the two big shots would break the Prison Emperor’s Divine Seal in another hundred years and return to the Heaven Realm. Who would risk his life with a self-detonator at this kind of time?

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    Totem > Noun
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    Here is the Wikipedia link about totems > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Totem

    Types of Totem Poles:

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    Story-telling Totem Poles: The most common type, these are made for a wedding, to preserve history or to ridicule bad debtors.

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