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LLS Chapter 335 – Going All Out, Fight The Bloody Battle Until The End!

Chapter 335 – Going All Out, Fight The Bloody Battle Until The End!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Xiao Wen Li took Phoenix Fairy Beauty back into the grimoire world. Yue Yang ignited Nirvana Flame all over his body as he revolve his hands, charging his Yang Ability to the maximum.

“Insignificant insect.” The golden giant didn’t care about Yue Yang’s explosion of energy at all.

He threw out an energy stream and healed Sha Fei who was heavily injured and was about to die in an instant. Although Sha Fei’s abilities was greatly reduced, he wouldn’t have a problem fighting against the Old Dragon Turtle. Furthermore, there were still Lu De, Bao Wen and the other two Heaven Reallm Warriors watching the Old Dragon Turtle like he was a prey.

Yue Yang charged towards the golden giant furiously, like a fire dragon.

Previously, Yue Yang had also fought with strong enemies with gigantic figures, such as the Great Demon King Baruth, Demon King Ha Xin and the others.

Enemies with gigantic figures had a huge advantage over him in terms of power and overwhelming abilities. If they were the same level, a human ranker would need to surpass his giant enemy in terms of agility and battle power by a far margin. This would render the enemy’s brute power useless and foil their plans. Only then would he have a chance of victory. If the enemy was on par with him in terms of speed, agility and battle power, there would be no chance of winning at all… Yue Yang felt that he had challenged the Great Demon King Baruth, Demon King Ha Xin and the others a little too early. However, there was no other choice but to fight the battle in the Demon Palace at that time.

Of course, having to fight this Innate Level 9 golden giant, Yue Yang was also left with no other choice.

Yue Yang had no information about the golden giant at all.

He didn’t think that a fellow who could escape from the Prison Emperor Seal without losing anything was an ordinary being.

The most important thing was that Yue Yang had also felt a kind of feeling in his heart, some kind of premonition that made his skin crawl. Since being transported to this world, Yue Yang had only felt that kind of feeling three times.

The first time was when he met Demon King Ha Xin. At that time, he had almost been instantly killed. Yue Yang would break out in cold sweat whenever he remembered the incident. The second time was when he fought against Marquis of Zi Jin. At that time, his ability was lacking. Fortunately, the Marquis of Zi Jin was in an exhausted state after fighting against Grandma Chi, and Yue Yang also had the help from Xue Wu Xia who had risked her life to save him. Only then could Yue Yang defeat Marquis of Zi Jin. It was a battle surrounded with perils, a battle he would never forget his whole life.

The third time he felt this feeling was today, when he was about to challenge this golden giant from the Heaven Realm.

Previously, Yue Yang had actually fought with the Great Emperor of Zi Wei, Shun Tian, for a bit. He had even fought against the Great Demon King Baruth, Demon King Ha Xin and was surrounded by many other strong Demon Abyss warriors. However, he never felt so threatened as he did today. This Heaven Realm Warrior who had been sealed for six thousand years was definitely not someone to be provoked. Yue Yang felt that the battle this time shouldn’t be a fight where he go all out, but a battle to test out their strength…

In the chance that his abilities were not strong enough to defeat the enemy, they must quickly retreat back into the grimoire world. They couldn’t throw away their lives just like that.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty was unconscious. It would be difficult for him to win the battle alone.

With regards to this battle, the most important thing was to scout the enemy. He would lure the enemy to use his ultimate move, then return to the grimoire world. While waiting for Phoenix Fairy Beauty to recover, they will analyse his weakness and think of a way to kill their enemy!

“You want to battle in terms of skills? I can do that too!” The golden giant drew a circle with his arm and send a punch towards Yue Yang’s body. When Yue Yang agilely avoided the punch, the golden giant did a backflip nimbly and turned his body upside down. He swung his legs down, like sharp, long, terrifying axes slashing down towards Yue Yang from the sky. Yue Yang break out in sweat and felt a chill down his spine. A ten metre-tall giant could actually perform agile and flexible movement on par as him. How could he fight this battle?

Yue Yang teleported in an instant.

Away from the battlefield, escaping tens of metres away.

The golden giant pressed both of his hands onto the ground, and his body disappeared without a trace… Was he a shadow?

Yue Yang’s Heaven Eyes Divine Vision was unable to see the trace of movement from the enemy. Hence, Yue Yang could only leap forward, relying only the instinct in his heart and his own abilities.

Behind him, a gold-coloured giant fist suddenly appeared and bashed Yue Yang’s spine hard. The golden giant had suddenly revealed his body as he pursued and attacked Yue Yang with his punch. He laughed maniacally, “You have quite a good reaction speed, but you are still too slow!”

The punch was extremely powerful, causing Yue Yang’s internal organs to break into pieces.

Fortunately he had protected his body with Innate Qi and neutralized the damage. Otherwise, Yue Yang would have been instantly killed by the golden giant’s punch.

Using his Mysterious Three Styles – Elegant Sword Dance, Yue Yang avoided the golden giant’s pursuit. Fortunately Yue Yang had cultivated his Innate Invisible Sword Qi and possess the purest of Innate Qi. Furthermore, he had also learnt the extremely difficult Innate Battle Skills through the Heavenly Sword Goddess’ help. Otherwise, he would have died long ago. This golden giant was an Innate Level 9, but the strength he showed was definitely not as simple as an Innate Level 9. Even worse, his sealed abilities would definitely surpass Innate level 9. Be it in terms of realm of power, vision, sense and skills, he was far superior to Yue Yang… Yue Yang had only just realized something. With regards to this golden giant who was originally a whole realm stronger than him, even his remaining Innate Level 9 power was enough to defeat him easily!

Especially because this golden giant was an expert in battle skills!


When the golden giant saw that Yue Yang had escaped far away using his Mysterious Three Styles skills, his gaze turn cold and unleashed a powerful attack with his fists. Countless of giant fists appeared, charged with his energy as they cut through the air and flew straight towards Yue Yang’s back.

Yue Yang hurriedly activated his Flame Shield and increase his defenses.

Nirvana Shield could indeed burn through every object, but it couldn’t immediately burn through all the giant fists that the golden giant had unleashed.

It needed time to burn.

The golden giant’s Heaven Rune collided with Yue Yang’s Heaven Rune and both shattered to pieces, causing a world-shaking blast of shock wave… In the midst of the shockwave, those golden giant fists were burnt into streams of light the size of ping pong streams, but they penetrated through Yue Yang’s Flame Shield, and collided with Yue Yang’s body. Yue Yang pushed both of his arms forward and released the second wave of Nirvana Flame Shield powerfully out of his body. As he resisted the streams of light, he also defended against the shock wave from the explosion.

This was already Yue Yang’s limit.

He successfully released the second Nirvana Flame Shield in time, but he couldn’t avoid getting a few ribs broken from the impact of the streams of light.

If it wasn’t for the Flame Shield that saved his life, this golden giant’s punches that turned into streams of light would have penetrated through his body…

An unstoppable giant punch suddenly descended down amongst the huge shockwave explosion. Its target was Yue Yang’s head. The golden giant had actually recklessly entered the centre of the shockwave, to forcefully kill Yue Yang.

Under the situation where Yue Yang couldn’t defend himself, he suddenly remembered the ‘Royal Dragon Sword’ that the big loli used in the Dream Realm.

Normally, he couldn’t use it.

However, in a life or death situation, in that instant, Yue Yang succeeded in unleashing the attack.

Yue Yang shot to the sky like a rotating bullet. As he avoided the enemy’s powerful punch, Yue Yang flew high with his two legs stepping on air, ferocious like a dragon. A ray of Innate Sword Qi shot out from his legs, counter-attacking at the golden giant’s head. That golden giant didn’t retreat, but threw out his other hand punch instead. Unleashing two punches back to back, he prepared to destroy Yue Yang’s body forcibly and foil Yue Yang’s counter-attack plan.

Yue Yang’s Innate Sword Qi pierced deep into the golden giant’s palm, but it was unable to pierce through the back of his hand and continue to inflict damage on the golden giant.

If the big loli was to unleash the Royal Dragon Sword instead, it wouldn’t be effective too. Although Yue Yang had just learnt the skill and did not use enough power, this counter attack was not effective enough.

Before the giant’s punch reach Yue Yang’s body, Xiao Wen Li appeared.

And unleashed her Binding Inherent Skill!

The punch was stopped only for an instant, only a tenth of a second.

However, it was already more than enough for Yue Yang to prepare another counter attack.

Jumping over the giant’s punch, Yue Yang ignited Nirvana Flame in both of his hands and punched the golden giant’s face.

The golden giant still did not retreat and continued to advance instead. He gave a headbutt to Yue Yang and sent him flying. In the air, he then turned his body and tried to sweep Yue Yang’s side with his arm. Yue Yang avoided the dangerous situation, but the golden giant started spraying a light beam from his mouth that was as intense as a sun across the air… Yue Yang was left with no escape, he could only teleport away. However, his teleportation target was instantly read by the golden giant. Before Yue Yang could even turn around, he was immediately knocked down from behind. The giant had barbarically punched Yue Yang’s body, sending him flying away.


Yue Yang’s body shot forward like a cannon, smashing right into the flight of stairs in the First Hall.

“Die!” In the next second, the golden giant had caught up with Yue Yang again. His right punch shot towards the pile of crushed stones that Yue Yang was in with an incredible force.

A Rune suddenly flashed.

World Exterminating Wheel suddenly shot out from the pile of stones, cutting through the golden giant’s arms, flying straight towards his face.

The golden giant immediately took back his hand and avoided the attack.

On his face, a thin smile suddenly appeared, “This seven thousand years, other than the Prison Emperor, you are the only human warrior to hurt my face…” There was a burnt mark from the Nirvana Flame on the left side of his face. On his right, there was a wound from the World Exterminating Wheel. His left palm was injured from Yue Yang’s Innate Sword Qi. Other than those, Yue Yang who had not spared any effort attacking him didn’t make any more damages towards him.

A golden light flashes and the golden giant’s wounds were healed in an instant.

On the other hand, in front of him, Yue Yang who was crawling out from the pieces of stone rubbles looked extremely miserable and wounded..

Yue Yang couldn’t stop his cough as fresh blood spurt out from his mouth. His internal organs had bled from taking the damages just now, and the blood was expelled out of Yue Yang’s body with his Innate Qi. If yue Yang had not learnt the Mysterious Innate Qi Healing Method from the big loli, he would have died from all the serious injuries he suffered.

“Admit defeat!” The golden giant glared at Yue Yang, “I have killed countless human warriors. Today, I shall give you a chance!”

“Under Master Ming Ri Hao’s [Interlink] Domain of Power, you can forget about escaping. Even if you escape into your grimoire world, Master Ming Ri Hao will be able to chase after you and kill you immediately… The laws of the grimoire will not be able to protect you. Admit defeat immediately and kneel in front of the Master!” Even without Sha Fei’s threat, Yue Yang had long realized that this golden giant called Master Ming Ri Hao possessed a special kind of Domain of Power. It was like bounded chains and ribbon knots, tying across his body invisibly and preventing him to return to the grimoire world smoothly. He was forced to fight against him to the end.

“This, I’m afraid I can only disappoint you with my answer.” Yue Yang slowly congealed Nirvana Flame and turned it into a Flaming Armour. At the same time, he chanted Heaven Runes and continued to increase his status and buffs, his strength and agility.

Even when fighting against a strong enemy, Yue Yang had never given up his battles. He never admitted defeat before.

The phrase admitting defeat did not exist in Yue Yang’s dictionary…

He would rather die in his battle than admit defeat!

Maybe he could have stayed alive by admitting defeat, but a man of character, if he kneeled, beg for pity, and exchange his dignity for his life, wouldn’t it be better to die honorably in battles instead? Yue Yang looked down on traitors who admit defeat quickly the most. Before he was transported to this world, he really despised those people who could only talk, and would run at first sign of danger even though they acted honorably on the outside… There was a famous saying, ‘Confucian scholars fight each other to side with the enemy, widows remain faithful and pursue justice.’. This could be used to describe hypocrites.

Instead of living as a coward his whole life, Yue Yang would rather be a hero, even though it would only last a few minutes!

If he must choose, Yue Yang would choose to escape.

Because escaping was merely avoiding the enemy’s sword, it’s not completely giving up the battle. It’s not admitting defeat.

That kind of abandoning all dignity to kneel and beg for mercy, Yue Yang would never choose to do it even if he die.

Due to the existence of the golden giant, Ming Ri Hao’s [Interlink] Domain of Power, he gave up thinking about escaping into the grimoire world. Instead, he steeled his determination to fight to the end.

“If you don’t admit defeat, you’ll die immediately!” the golden giant was different from Sha Fei. Although he had the upperhand, he was still cautious towards Yue Yang. He even had the feeling that if this boy did not die, when he grew in the future, he would become the terrifying new generation of ‘Prison Emperor’. Human warriors grew at a fast speed. He would definitely not let this young human escape the Prison Emperor Divine Palace alive.

“…” The Old Dragon Turtle shook his head with all his might as he watched Yue Yang.

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    Beginnnig of 330:”
    Despair Abyss.

    When Yue Yang stood in front of the old Dragon Turtle again, the one that accompanied him by his side was not Yue Bing and Yi Nan. Instead, it was Phoenix Fairy Beauty.”

    • Erudite_Birdy says:

      I agree. This transition seemed really odd.
      I tried every link I could find, including Chinese ones, and couldn’t find the FULL raws for both of these chapters so I could check if there was a missing one in between.
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    Probably the one thing I like least about this story is how lame his abilities are, despite being so overtalked.

    How many times has he used the “World destroying” flames and the enemy has merely gone “Oh noes, a sunburn!”

    Or his wheel that is supposedly faster than time itself, yet is able to be dodged by a guy cracking his neck…

    Not to mention how often his Sword Qi that can ‘penetrate any defenses’ being stopped by many different defenses…

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