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LLS Chapter 334 – Strong Enemies Everywhere!

Chapter 334 – Strong Enemies Everywhere!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Sha Fei howled and summoned his Platinum Grimoire quickly, ereting his protective shield.

The Platinum Grimoire protective shield that could withstand attacks of Innate Level 5 was as weak as paper in front of the World Extermminating Wheel. The World Exterminating Wheel slashed through the peotective shield and straight towards Sha Fei’s head soundlessly. If the World Exterminating Wheel reached Sha Fei, it would really be the end for him… Sha Fei discovered that the binding on him had loosened, and his comrades were rushing to him from the sky to save him. Lu De, Du Di and Bao Wen released their strongest attack all at the same time. They brought forth theor ‘stake-it-all’ attitude and attacked this terrifying young human enemy with their strongest attacks. The little lamia loli had turned around and shifted her binding eyes to sha Fei’s three comrades instead, thus breaking the binding on him. This made Sha Fei really happy, he was finally free from the binding!

In a tenth of a second, Sha Fei almost broke his neck bending his head to the extreme right in order ti avoid the trajectory of the World Exterminating Wheel.

He never felt so close to death before.

If his comrades had saved him a second later.

He would probably be already instant-killed.

Yue Yang understood that he still needed more improvement to control the World Exterminating Wheel. Previously, when he attacked the Great Emperor of Zhi Wei Shun Tian and the Great Demon King Baruth, he had allowed his enemies to avoid the attack easily. With regards to Sha Fei dodging his attack, Yue Yang had already expected it. He tried to force his control and crooked the trajectory of the World Exterminating Wheel a little, letting it continue to pursue Sha Fei’s head which was swerving to the right.

Sha Fei was alarmed and immediately twisted his head onto another direction, successfully avoiding the World Exterminating Wheel the second time.

However, Yue Yeng had already prepared his real killing move, the Sword Qi.

Yue Yang whose fiinger was pressing against Sha Fei’s protective shield, released a shot of Innate Invisible Sword Qi.

With a hiss, the Innate Invisible Sword Qi shot through the protective shield, creating a small hole, and shot straight towards Sha Fei’s forehead.

It was another similarly deadly attack!

Sha Fei desperately tried to live by reaching out his right hand, however, the Sword Qi pierced through his palm and his arm effortlessly, continuing to fly straight to Sha Fei’s forehead. Sha Fei kicked the Platinum Grimoire in front of him and used the momentum to retreat backwards… The World Exterminating Wheel and the Innate Invisible Sword Qi immediately pursued him from the right and left, surrounding Sha Fei. Sha Fei could only howled in pain before collapsed on the ground, splashing fresh blood all over the air!

Yue Yang’s ambush had succeeded. In that instant, he also summoned his grimoire and used his protective shield to defend against Lu De, Du Di and Bao Wen’s join attack.

Their attack shook the whole protective shield and produced an exploding shock wave impact that shook the whole Palace Hall.

The Old Dragon Turtle was still alright, he didn’t move while using his staff as support.

The monster guy leader An Ge who was only Innate Level 1, was immediately blown away by the shock wave produced from the collission impact and fell outside the Palace Hall. It was unknown whether he survived the fall.

“Pity…” Yue Yang realized that Sha Fei who was attacked with two deadly attacks was actually still alive. He tried to stand up drenched in blood. Sha Fei’s right arm had been split open by the World Exterminating Wheel, half of his upper harm had been rendered useless, hanging down lifelessly. Fresh blood smeared his whole body, a river of blood was even flowing from his arm down to the ground. The golden wings on his back had been torn down by the World Exterminating Wheel, its golden feathers scattered all over the ground. There was a small hole left by the Sword Qi on the left side of his forehead, making a hole straight through to the back of his head. Blood gush out from the wound, making Sha Fei’s beautiful face looked extremely terrifying instead.

Sha Fei was completely crippled. He had suffered a grievous injury from the World Exterminating Wheel and the Innate Invisible Sword Qi!

However, he was still alive.

Yue Yang felt regretful in his heart. If Sha Fei’s three comrades had come half a second later, Sha Fei would have been dead. It was a pity, it was only half a second…

Xiao Wen Li who had used her Binding Inherent Skill to stop the three strong enemies in the air tried to protect Yue Yang who was ambushing Sha Fei with all her might. Although it was only for a second, it put a huge strain on her mental strength. Her face was pale, and she was gasping for breath. Yue Yang rubbed her little head. He had tried his best, she had also tried her best. Although they didn’t suceed in instant-killing their enemy, it wasn’t because they didn’t plan it well or did not have enough abilities to do so, it was because Sha Fei was too lucky!

Sha Fei’s first luck was having three comrades who would risk their lives to help him.

If it wasn’t because they gave it their all attacking him, Xiao Wen Li would not need to cover for Yue Yang. With her Binding, Sha Fei would still die even if he had ten lives.

The second luck was that when Sha Fei was slashed by the World Exterminating Wheel, his body had twitched momentarily in pain by reflex, making his forehead move by an inch. That was how he managed to avoid getting mortally wouned by the Innate Invisible Sword Qi…

Originally, Yue Yang had aimed at the middle of his Soul Pearl.

However, with the slight deviation in trajectory, he didn’t manage to hit the pearl.

Although the Sword Qi had bored a hole into Sha Fei’s head, it wasn’t enough to kill him.

Sha Fei was not a human, although the wound was deep, he could still survive. Previously, when Yue Yang and Marquis of Zhi Jin was fighting against each other, he had also shot him through his forehead. As a prince of the Demon Abyss, Marquis of Zhi Jin had also managed to survive.

“Let’s kill him together!” The Heaven Realm Warrior shadow called Lu De revealed his true self. He had a human-like body that was three-metres tall. His waist below was smoke, but the rest of his body was complete. His body was illuminated in a golden light, looking extremely majestic and pwoerful… In the instant before he make his appearance, a crystal tablet lighted up as the Heaven Rune Circle on it started to activate. It showed exactly the same signs as the tablet beforehand when it absorbed Gu Ya just now.

“There’s no need to talk nonsense, I only have three minutes. Everyone attack, we’ll go on full offense!” Another Heaven Realm Warrior called Du Di shouted out.

“Sha Fei, move back and heal your wounds first, quick!” The third Heaven Realm Warrior called Bao Wen threw out a ball of light filled with energy towards Sha Fei who was wounded grievously, as if wanting to help him to recover as quickly as possible. After all, Sha Fei who possessed a full body was the only one who could move freely. Their bodies were half spirit half flesh and blood, and they were still under the crystal tablet’s seal. Even Lu De, who was the strongest amongst them, could only stay outside for five minutes.

“Die!” How could Yue Yang give Sha Fei the opportunity to move back and heal his wounds?

When he saw Sha Fei receiving the energy ball, Yue Yang immediately teleported and appeared in front of Sha Fei.

He swung his Hui Jin Magic Blade furiously.

Sha Fei desperately flapped his wings and flew high to avoid the attack. Lu De, Du Di and Bao Wen, the three Heaven Realm Warriors immediately attacked Yue yang altogether, helping their comrade to escape the battlefield.

Yue Yang summoned his grimoire and first trapped the energy ball inside his protective shield. Then, he used his ‘World’ beast which was in domain state to absorb the energy. Afterwards, he jumped high up to the sky, and used his Crescent Moon and Hui Jin Magic Blade in both of his hands to receive the incoming attacks from Lu De and Bao wen. As for Du Di who was coming at him from above, he left it to Xiao Wen Li who had was tightly hugging onto Yue Yang’s waist.

Her eyes flashed as she activated her Binding Inherent Skill.

In the instant when Du Di descended from the sky and almost reached Yue Yang, he suddenly stopped in mid-air, unable to move even an inch.


Yue Yang was just waiting for this chance. His Nirvana Flame Pillar rose up high to the sky and erupted right at Du Di’s fist, face and body… Lu De and Bao Wen didn’t care about the Nirvana Flame and hurriedly pulled their comrade back. However, the explosion of Yue Yang’s Nirvana Flame Pillar had shot Du Di up towards the ceiling of the Palace Hall.

Du Di cried out endlessly.

Amongst the four people, his body was the least recovered, hence his power was the weakest.

His body which was made of smoke waist and below, after enduring the Nirvana Flame attack, had almost melted and turned into smoke completely. With the addition of the absorption from the Crystal Tablet Rune Circle, he howled out in pain endlessly. His mournful voice echoed throughout the Palace Hall. Without waiting for him to slowly die, Yue Yang pierced his Hui Jin Magic Blade through his flesh. Yue Yang left the blade stuck inside his body and activated his Sword Qi again. A shot of Innate Invisible Sword Qi immediately pierced through Du Di’s forehead, boring a hole through and through as blood splattered all over the air.

Du Di desperately tried to punch Yue Yang, but Xiao Wen Li’s Dual Icicle Blade had ruthlessly pierced into his back in that instant.

The Old Dragon Turtle who was about to breathe his last just now suddenly shot forward like a meteor.

His hard turtle back knock onto Du Di’s chest with a meteor-like force, making Du Di collide into the Palace Hall dome-shaped ceiling the second time…

With a loud boom, a spider net-shaped crack appeared on the surface of the dome-shaped ceiling which was made of stone plates.

Dust rained down on the Palace Hall contnuously.

Just as Du Di tried to struggle, the Old Dragon Turtle opened his arms and restrained his waist tightly while he pushed his head on Du Di’s chin. Du Di was unable to break free no matter how much he struggle or attack.

The Old Dragon Turtle restrained his enemy while he shouted out to Yue Yang, “What are you waiting for? Continue using the Nirvana Flame!”

Lu De and Bao Wen watched as Yue Yang ignited Nirvana Flames in both of his hands. They couldn’t help but to feel a shiver down their spine. This time, they did not come forward to save Du Di anymore. This was because other than discovering that there was no hope to save their comrade, they were also frightened to the core by this young human boy with a terrifying ability. World Exterminating Wheel, Nirvana Flame and a Sword Qi which was able to kill his enemies instantly. Not any one of these attacks were easy to deal with.

The moment they got hit with one of them, Sha Fei and Du Di were perfect examples of what would happen to them.

Also, another example was Gu Ya who was instantly killed just now.

Yue Yang pressed his hand on Du Di’s head.

Under the Nirvana Flame, Du Di very quickly met his death. His body turned into black smoke and he was absorbed back into the Crystal Tablet Runic Circle, disappearing into nothingness.

The only thing left of him was his Soul Pearl… Du Di’s Pearl had been refined by the Nirvana Flame, his soul had completely disappeared. Furthermore, the black-coloured Soul Pearl had turned into a slightly scarlet red-coloured pearl.

Watching this scene, Lu De and Bao Wen immediately looked at each other. They suddenly thought that returning back to their Crystal Tablet Seal and enter their deep slumber once again was not a bad idea.

At least, they wouldn’t truly die!

Just as they were about to escape and return to their slumbler, outside the Palace, a figure suddenly crashed down like a meteor.

A loud boom exploded.

The whole Prison Emperor Divine Palace was shaking non-stop. What was happening?

Could it be that the Phoenix Fairy Beauty had met a strong foe?

A bad premonition suddenly crossed Yue Yang’s heart. He quickly charged towards the Palace Hallentrace and discovered that Phoenix Fairy beauty was indeed there. Her fall had destroyed the stone plates on the Palace Hall entrance into rubbles, creating a huge crater, as if a hammer weighing a million tons had smashed the surface. She, who was Innate Level 10, was actually shot down from the Third Hall!

“Cough cough…” Phoenix Fairy Beauty stood up with a trembling and looked at Yue Yang a little miserably. Blood dripped down from the corner of her mouth as she revealed a wry smile, “You always see my miserable state!”

“What happened?” Yue Yang couldn’t imagine what kind of enemy it was that eveen the Innate Level 10 Phoenix Fairy Beauty wasn’t able to defeat them.

“I didn’t see the two big shots of Heaven Realm, looks like they were still sealed. On top, there are five Heaven Realm warriors guarding the place, I was discovered by them accidentally… Cough cough, i took advantage of it and succeeded in ambushing them. I managed to kill one, but amongst the remaining four, two have more or less the same strength as me, one is an Innate Level 9 while the other is Innate Level 8. I couldn’t defeat them. This Prison Emperor Divine Palace, which is a place fiilled with sealed Heaven Realm warriors, is definitely not an easy one… I’m tired, let me rest for a while…” Phoenix Fairy Beauty staggered a little as she approoached Yue Yang, blood continuing to trickle down the corner of her mouth. This showed that she had suffered a serious internal injury.

“You still have things to do, so rest up for now!” Yue Yang hurriedly supported her and channeled his Innate Qi into her without sparing anything.

He looked and spoke relaxedly on the surface, but in his heart, he was greatly alarmed.

These Heaven Realm warriors had been sealed for six thousand years, and their abilities had been reduced to one tenth of their original strength. They were not even the two big shots of Heaven Realm, but they possessed a power that could injure Phoenix Fairy Beauty so seriously.

If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t believe it at all.

Among the remaining four, two were Innate Level 10, one was Innate Level 9 whhile the other was Innate Level 8. How was he supposed to fight the next battle? These four fellows were not even the two big shots of the Heaven Realm. If the two big shots of Heaven Realm awakened, what kind of terrifying existance would they be? When Yue Yang thought this way, he suddenly felt numb. The Old Dragon Turtle’s worries were not unfounded. Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s help alone was not enough to defeat this challege.

Fortunately, the enemies didn’t pursue Phoenix Fairy Beauty. This proved that they were not able to leave the Third Hall, that they were still in sealed state.

Yue Yang decided that no matter what, he would let Phoenix Fairy Beauty recover from her wounds fiirst.

She was their strongest force, it won’t be possible without her!

“Careful!” The Old Dragon Turtle suddenly flew over and knocked Yue Yang who was carrying Phoenix Fairy Beauty dozens of metres away. A golden giant palm suddenly crashed down from the sky, ruthlessly smashing the place where Yue Yang was originally at. The Old Dragon Turtle tried to defend with his turtle-shaped protective shield, but it immediately shattered. The giant palm smashed half of the Old Dragon Turtle’s body into the ground, making him spurt out blood for his mouth.

“So there are still rats here, die, all of you!” From the sky, a ten-metre tall golden giant who was emitting blazing light from his body descended slowly.

He pointed with his finger, and a Sun Ray Beam shot out, splitting the air.

With a loud piercing sound, it pierced through the Old Dragon Turtle’s shoulders.

The Old Dragon Turtle had dodged very quickly and managed to save his life. Otherwise, the shot would have bored a hole through his heart. Yue Yang saw the Old Dragon Turtle’s impregnable turtle back was also pierced through by the Sun Ray Beam. He immediately felt a shiver through his heart. This damned beam was even more powerful than his Innate Invisible Sword Qi. Furthermore, it could travel through a far distance. This battle would be difficult to fight…

This fellow was Innate Level 9. If Phoenix Fairy Beauty was not injured all over, there wouldn’t be any problem if he fight him together with Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

However, Phoenix Fairy Beauty was unconscious right now, she didn’t have any strength to fight.

Yue Yang looked at the golden giant who was shining like the sun, then looked at Sha Fei, Lu De and Bao Wen. he even looked at the monster guy leader An Ge who was watching them from afar. In the end, Yue Yang shook his head.

Strong enemies everywhere!

This battle, he really had no confidence at all.

“Don’t look anymore, go back into the grimoire world quickly…” The Old Dragon Turtle exasperatedly waved his staff at Yue Yang and croaked out in his hoarse voice.

“Old Turtle, let’s return together. We’ll fight again after we recover!” Yue Yang felt that abandoning the Old Turtle here and returning to the grimoire world alone was simply too disloyal.

“Nonsense, if I hadn’t block the attack for you, do you think you can escape into the grimoire world so easily? Furthermore, the moment you escape inside, the location coordinates and traces of this place would be erased by the enemy. How will you come back out? When you come out, the enemies will surround you in a trap! Under the Prison Emperor’s Will, my turtle shell wouldn’t be destroyed completely. No matter how much the enemies try to destroy, it would still exist. You can use it as the teleportation point…” The Old Dragon Turtle’s frail, ancient body tottered towards Yue Yang. His wrinkled, old face revealed a wry smile, “Although you are rude and annoying, I’m very happy to have met you, boy. It was like I was seeing the young Prison Emperor once again… Go, this old man has really had enough of life. If you are overly sensitive, you might ruin our plan!”

“So touching!” That golden giant humphed coldly, “If you dare to hide inside your grimoire world, I will torture this old turtle for a hundred years and make him want to die. Try me!”

“Try your ass! Aren’t you just an Innate Level 9? It’s not like I’ve never fight against one before!” Yue Yang stormed towards him in fury.

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