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LLS Chapter 333 – Continuing Instant-kill Streak, Re-enacting the Tragedy!

Chapter 333 – Continuing Instant-kill Streak, Re-enacting the Tragedy!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“Sha Fei, you have a body, fight this battle! I hate fighting against an enemy with Soul Destroying ability. Even if the chances of losing is only one in ten thousand, I will not fight him. Everyone, I will go back to sleep. Do whatever you want, but don’t disturb me!” The disgusting shadow suddenly started to disappear slowly. His frightened voice echoed throughout the Prison Emperor Divine Palace for a long time.

“…” The rest of the shadows seemed to be hesitant, but they didn’t disappear and go back to sleep.

“Hehe, what a coward. You will be a failure for the rest of your lives!” The beautiful birdman Sha Fei smirked at his comrade, but did not stop him from escaping.

“This fight was indeed started by you, Sha Fei. Furthermore, it is your turn to guard the first hall for a hundred years. As the Hall Guardian, you have the responsibility to capture our enemies. Furthermore, you have a complete body, different from us. We could only appear for five minutes at the most, we can’t even leave the first hall. Regardless of time or freedom of movement, you are better than us. So, Sha Fei, you should go and fight, we will help you from the sides. This young human is not an easy enemy, you shouldn’t look down on him. Allthough we don’t know how he killed Gu Ya, the fact that he had killed him is indisputable.” A big and tall shadow appeared and spoke out.

“I understand. I only have one sentence, you guys are all cowards… Just a while ago, Lu De, you were the bravest warrior is the Heaven Realm. Who would have thought that after you lose your physical body, you become a timid warrior who is afraid of death! It’s really shocking!” Sha Fei chuckled lightly.

“Those are two different matters. If I were the Hall Guardian, I would fight the enemy without a second word.” The big and tall shadow harrumphed coldly, but didn’t refute too much.

“This human is good in hiding his abilities… But even if he could hide his abilities, he would probably be Innate Levevl 3 at the most. Gu Ya died probably because he looked down on the enemy, and his enemy had used a Godly Weapon or some kind of treasure artifact. Do you think that he could continue using a Godly Weapon or treasure artifact that could kill an Innate Level 5 instantly continuously? With his mere level, the Godly Weapon would definitely rebound. The stronger the Godly Weapon, the stronger its rebound would be. The Prison Emperor was the perfect example of that.” Sha Fei swept a glance to Yue Yang as he flapped the golden wings at his back. His body suddenly shone with millions of light rays, as brilliant and blazing as the sun.

The first hall became as bright as day.

The light was dazzling, even if one was to block it with their hands, they wouldn’t be able to open their eyes. It was impossible to see anything.

An burning heat spread out in the first hall quickly. In the end, it engulfed the whole place like a Sun Rays Storm.

Sha Fei who was in the middle of the Sun Rays Storm spoke out with an arrogant voice, “If you think I’ll be afraid of you because you killed Gu Ya, you are completely wrong.”

Yue Yang chuckled and summoned his Gold Grimoire.

He erected his protective shield.

He also started charging his energy, his Yin and Yang ability span inside his body, just like water storage that was filled to the brim, just waiting to explode.

“Save, Save me….”

A frightened cry came from outside the Palace Halls.

Starting from the golden-haired monster guy leader An Ge, several blood-drenched human beast crossbreeds rushed into the Great Hall as if they were being hunted down by someone. Each of their faces were panic-stricken. Except for the golden-haired monster guy leader An Ge, whose body was not damaged, the rest of the human-beast crossbreeds were drenched in blood. Two of them were already on the brink of dying and required the support of their comrade to escape.

Seeing this, Sha Fei’s gaze flashed.

He reached out his left hand into an empty space and countless arrows of light shot forth.

Momentarily, those human beast crossbreeds were killed on the spot. The burning hot Sun Rays Storm easily burnt their corpses to ashes and in the end nothing remained.

Apart from the golden-haired monster guy leader An Ge, who quickly hid behind a large pillar, all the retreating human beast crossbreaes were vaporized before they even let out a scream.

The golden-haired monster guy leader An Ge was scared to the point that his face lost all color and his entire body trembled.

“An Ge, do not worry. Although you have already become a crossbreed from parasitizing a beast, you are trash to begin with, without one good point nor use. However, I will spare you because of our friendship from those years ago.” Sha Fei’s arrogant voice echoed inside the First Hall. Hearing this, An Ge’s entire body trembled. His lips seemed to have something to say, but nothing came out.

“Cough, cough…”

Inside the Main Hall, the Old Dragon Turtle leaned on his staff and hunched his body like an old senile man. His walked inside with unstable footsteps.

He walked very slowly as if he could stop breathing anytime and fall to his death.
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Including Yue Yang, no one thought that the old fellow would finish his battle so quickly. He had even pursued the human beast crossbreeds all the way here, scaring them until they pissed their pants.

But Yue Yang felt that the old fellow shouldn’t be arrogant just because of this thing.

He would definitely make a mistake the moment he become arrogant.

A flash of killing intent crossed Sha Fei’s eyes, but a gentle smile decorated his lips, “Lu De, Du Di and Bao Wen, look who has come. Look at him, it’s our old friend Yuan Long. Six thousand years has passed, yet the Prison Emperor’s old general is still alive. He’s still powerful as ever, doesn’t he deserve our applause? Especially when an old friend tried to come for revenge although he is heavily injured. Shouldn’t we fulfil his wish and let him die here, so that he may serve the Prison Emperor he respected the most forever? We welcome you, my dear friend. How would you like to die? I guarantee that we will make your wish come true!”

The Old Dragon Turtle coughed a little and looked at Yue Yang, mumbling as if he had dementia, “I’m already old and useless, if I could die here, my life is also worth something. This old fellow is already so old, so what if I die? I won’t lose anything!”

Yue Yang quickly waved his hand, “Old Turtle, it’s not yet time for you to die as a hero. You should go to the side, now is the young people’s time to show off their skills, you shouldn’t enter into fights blindly.”

“Although i’m old and useless, I can still kill one or two if I stake my life.” The Old Dragon Turtle didn’t listen to Yue Yang’s advice. He leaned on his staff and walked towards Sha Fei with unsteady footsteps.

With regards to this stubborn old man, Yue Yang simply could not do anything.

He thought of bashing the old fellow’s head with a brick a few times, so that he would faint, and Yue Yang could drag him outside.

This Old Dragon Turtle was not only old, he was also heavily injured. Who is he showing off to? He didn’t rely on him, the younger one, when there was a problem. Could it be that he wanted him to rely on him, the old turtle?

In the end, looking at his determined figure, Yue Yang couldn’t bear to stop him. He calmly watched him fight against Sha Fei.

In any case, there would be no problems if he couldn’t defeat Sha Fei. This old fellow’s turtle shell was extremely hard, there shouldn’t be any problem for him to stay alive.

Seeing that the Old Dragon Turtle dared to challenge him, Sha Fei laughed coldly. He reached out his right hand to the front just like a while ago, and released countless arrows of light, his Sun Rays Storm was ten times stronger than just now.

The overpowering arrows of light flooded towards the Old Dragon Turtle.

The whole Palace Hall became bright as day again.

It only vanish gradually after a long time.

When the first hall returned to normal, Sha Fei’s gaze turned cold. That was because he discovered that his ultimate move, the [Solar Arrow], had not injure the Old Dragon Turtle at all. At this time, on the Old Dragon Turtle’s body, his Dragon Turtle Protective Shield had become very small, only big enough to cover his short and frail body. The outer form of the turtle-shaped protective shield had been smashed to pieces after receiving the powerful attack and it was on the verge of crumbling down.

However, as long as the protetive shield exist, the Old Dragon Turtle would be alright.

“Yuan Long, don’t think I can’t do anything to you!” Seeing that the turtle-shaped protective shield was about to break apart, Sha Fei put down the feeling of anger in his heart and charged a gigantic energy ball in his hands. He then throw the energy ball which was as hot as a sun to the Old Dragon Turtle, preparing to kill him in one move.


A loud explosion that could shake the heaven and earth shook the whole palace hall.

Even though Yue Yang had summoned his Gold Grimoire and erected his shield, he could still feel the powerful blast from the impact of the collission seeping into his shield, pressurizing him.

He felt uncomfortable although he only received a little of the impact and the aftershock from the attack.

When the shock waves of the big explosion subsided, the light rays also dissipated.

The Old Dragon Turtle who was as dried up as a tree, his frail body which was trembling, was actually still standing on his original spot… This old fellow’s defense was simply too powerful. Although he was suffering from a grievous injury, he was still able to endure such a terrifying attack. He was really an old turtle who was worthy of the legendary title Ultimate Defense!

Yue Yang couldn’t even compare his defense against the old dragon turtle’s.

“One more time!” When Sha Fei saw this, his eyes twitched a little as he humphed coldly.

He discovered that the old dragon turtle’s turtle-shaped protective shield had completely shattered.

Only his old, frail and heavily injured body was left. Would he still be able to receive his third attack? He would definitely be able to kill this old turtle in one move with his third attack, definitely!

That big and tall shadow called Lu De suddenly stood up and stopped the fight, “Stop!”

When Sha Fei heard him, he furiously retorted, “My dear friend, my dear upright, courageous Mr. Lu De, what now? Is your kindness getting the better of you again? You want to protect your enemy because you are moved by his stubbornness, loyalty and determination, is that it? My dear friend, please allow me, before I explode in anger, to remind you again. This is our enemy, our common enemy… Six thousand years ago, he had slaughtered our soldiers and even murdered our comrades. Your younger cousin died by his hands, have you forgotten it because it was too long ago? Do you want me to list down more names to jolt your memory?”

That Lu De shook his hand, “Don’t let your anger cloud your brain. Sha Fei, I stopped you not because I wanted to help our enemy, I wanted to help you! Haven’t you realized what Yuan Long’s ultimate goal is? He wants you to use up all of your strength! In this Prison Emperor Divine Palace, it’s difficult to get energy. The moment you use it all up, you won’t be able to restore your energy in a short period of time… Even if you don’t kill Yuan Long now, he will not live much longer… However, you have already wasted a lot of energy on him!”

“What?” Of course, Sha Fei was not an idiot. He immediately reacted when he heard his comrade’s explanation. Was this old fellow trying to play tricks on him?

“I, could only do this much. I’ll leave the rest to you, boy!” The old dragon turtle vomited out blood, falling down to the ground weakly. His breathing was extremely weak, as if he was about to stop breathing completely. However, he was still alive.

“Bullshit, even if you don’t receive a few attacks for me, I will still be able to defeat him.” Yue Yang shoved the White Jade Beetle into the Old Dragon Turtle’s hand and scolded him, “If you are injured, you should have stayed at home and recover. You are already so old, yet you run around everywhere recklessly and love to stick out for others. Did you think you are still the all-powerful boss last time? There are many ways to kill your enemy, yours is the dumbest method, do you know that? However, since you wanted to stay honorable until the end, I will leave you some credits after I win the battle… I’m only lending you this White Jade Beetle for now, return me after you have finished healing your wounds. Don’t lose it!”

“Stop talking nonsense, quickly attack him, now is the time when his power is the weakest… You are such a slowpoke, do you want to frustrate me to death?” Seeing Yue Yang’s careless attitude, the Old Dragon Turtle almost wanted to beat him up with his staff.

“Be careful, Sha Fei, this young human is really a little strange.” Seeing Yue Yang’s smiling yet un-smiling expression, Lu De hurriedly warned his comrade.

“Humph.” Of course, Sha Fei also felt some kind of bad premonition, but he really couldn’t believe that a mere Innate Level 3 human could defeat him.

“Your real strength is around Innate Level 6, huh? You won’t be easy to instant-kill!” Yue Yang sighed slowly.

He suddenly disappeared as he teleported right behind Sha Fei, whose body was covered with bright sun-like rays of light.

He reached out one of his hand.

A World Exterminating Wheel promptly appeared on his hand!

Sha Fei had only turned around and was preparing to release his biggest Sun Rays Storm shock wave to instantly kill his enemy on the spot, but when he saw the terrifying World Exterminating Wheel only inches apart from him, his face immediately lost colour in fright. He wanted to escape, but a little lamia loli suddenly appeared. Her eyes that seemed to be able to speak was glaring at him powerfully…


He’s done for!

Sha Fei discovered that his body couldn’t move at all. The shadow of death was hanging right above his head.

A thought suddenly flashed in his head. He finally found out how Gu Ya was instantly killed, he was killed by this World Exterminating Wheel and binding attack combo. However, must the tragedy that happened ten minutes ago repeat itself again on him?

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