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LLS Chapter 332 – The Good Show Is Just Starting

Chapter 332 – The Good Show Is Just Starting
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang and the Phoenix Fairy Beauty chose to dodge the attacks. They immediately disappeared by teleporting thirty metres away, dodging the onslaught of swords.

The Old Dragon Turtle leaned on his staff and mumbled to himself, and a black light shone from his body.

The black light spread out rapidly and turned into a gigantic turtle-shaped cage of light. Mysterious runes appeared on the cage of light. Yue Yang reognized those Heaven Runes as “Defense”, seems like the Old Dragon Turtle was preparing to receive the illussions’ attacks head-on.

The illusions raised their swords and slashed down with all of their strength, attacking the turtle-shaped protective shield head-on.


A huge sound resounded.

The whole of heaven and earth shook.

Most of the sword slashes were deflected by the turtle-shaped protective shield to the sky above. A small number of sword slashes were deflected into the ground, destroying rocks and turning muds into ashes. However, the Old Dragon Turtle’s turtle-shaped protective shield did not move an inch. Under the powerful barrage of attack that was capable of shaking the whole heaven and earth, the Old DragonTurtle’s withered, tottering, weakly body was not injured at all. Yue Yang secretly praised him. It was no wonder that this fellow was an old dragon turtle that had lived for six thousand years. His defense was really powerful!

Yue Yang felt that this turtle-shaped protective shield was stronger than his Gold Grimoire Protective Shield. This was the Old Dragon Turtle’s protective shield that he created after getting heavily injured.

If he had summoned his protective shield at his peak condition, other than Phoenix Fairy Beauty, an exceptional Innate Ranker, no other Innates would be able to fight against him.

“Yuan Long, your turtle shell is still as hard as ever! I thought you won’t be able to receive my simple attack anymore after turning old and frail. I kind of feel a little disappointed. I never thought that my old friend is still the same. Although you are about to die, your turtle shell is still very hard, haha!” The beautiful birdman swept a glance at Phoenix Fairy Beauty and Yue Yang again, “Little friend, aren’t you a fast runner… All we have is time, I’ll play with you once you get into the first hall! I’ll let An Ge entertain you guys now, my time’s up. Apologies, I need to rest now!”

The golden light shining from the beautiful birdman’s body slowly dissipated. Where the golden light protection was the weakest in his legs, it was turning a little black.

Seems like the Prison Emperor’s willpower sealing and destructive ability were still effective.

Yue Yang prepared to intercept and kill this arrogant fellow on the spot, but the Phoenix Fairy Beauty actually shot him a glance, signalling that he should let this fellow go so that he could report to his bosses. They would be able to confuse more Heaven Realm Warriors that way. If they killed him on the spot, their enemies would probably mobilise all their forces to kill them.

There were unforseen circumstances in the Prison Emperor Divine Palace. Since they weren’t clear about them yet, it wasn’t convenient for them to reveal their true strengths.

The Old Dragon Turtle coughed slowly.

He didn’t say anything, but his expression showed that he agreed with the Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s plan.

Six thousand years have passed. There were changes in the Prison Emperor Divine Palace that even the Old Dragon Turtle didn’t know about. He didn’t know if the Prison Emperor Divine Staff and Divine Seal was still effective. If both of them had lost their effectiveness, the two big shots of the Heaven Realm would be able to move about freely. Then, their ambush would be ten times harder than they had originally expected. Although he didn’t see Phoenix Fairy Beauty as his comrade, he still agreed with her plan of hiding their abilities at the moment, because it was necessary to do that. Even the Old Dragon Turtle himself did not display his full power just now.

The beautiful birdman courteously bowed at the Old Dragon Turtle and turned into a golden light, flying back to the Sky Island above.

At the same time, around ten over silver stars fell to the ground.

All of them were human-beast crossbreeds.

With Yue Yang’s Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, he could see that none of these human beast hybrids were Heaven Realm Warriors who were hiding their strengths. The strongest one was the monster guy leader An Ge, who had golden hair like a lion’s mane. Other than the mosnter guy leader An Gen who possessed an Innate Level 1 strength, none of the other monster people were Innates.

The weakest monster girls were even only as strong as Level 6 [Elders] at the most.

Facing against a bunch of human beast crossbreeds whose strength were only Level 7 [Overlord]s, Yue Yang really have no interest in fighting them.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty also shook her head slightly. She was too lazy to attack them.

“Old Turtle, take your time fighting them alone. We’ll be going to the first hall to look around!” Yue Yang actually wanted to let Luo Hua City Mistress or Princess Qian Qian gain fighting experience for a while, but the unforseen circumstances in the Prison Emperor Divine Palace had peaked his curiosity. He wanted to know what truly happened.

Are the two big shots of Heaven Realms still alive?

Have they broken free of the seals? Are the Prison Emperor Divine Staff and Divine Seal still effective to them?

The most important point was whether this Prison Emperor Divine Palace still had the ability to seal their enemies. Six thousand years have passed, maybe their enemies had found a way out… Originally, according to the Old Dragon Turtle’s words, this place should be a graveyard of sealed beings. Other than acquririg the Prison Emperor’s Divine Staff or Divine Seal and break the seal, the two big shots of Heaveen Realm would never acquire freedom. According to the orginal plan, as long as they could clear those Heaven Realm warriors who had managed to break the seal, there was still a high possibility in acquiring the Prison Emperor Divine Staff. However, the change in situation right now was also beyond the Old Dragon Turtle’s expectation.

In the case that the Prison Emperor’s Divine Staff and Divine Seal had lost their effetivness, the two big shots of Heaven Realm would be able to move freely. That would at least increase the difficulty of this quest by ten times.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty whispered a few words to Yue Yang.

Then, she turned into a flash of light and flew straight to the sky.

Her speed was too quick, the human beast crossbreeds were unable to stop her at all.

Yue Yang was different from her. He decided to move forward slowly and steadily through the little pathway on the mountain, which was a natural stronghold against flying enemies. Five human beast crossbreeds quickly pursued Yue Yang, but his avoiding skills were far too powerful and mysterious. Although the five human beast crossbreeds tried to stop him with all their might, they couldn’t touch even the hem of Yue Yang’s clothes.

“Don’t chase him, he will die sooner that way!” The golden-haired monster guy leader An Ge waved his hand and signalled his five subordinates to return.

“Let’s tear this old dragon turtle to shreds… Roar!” All of the human beast crossbreeds exerted all of their power, sharp claws, giant punch, iron palm, snake tail, wolf teeth, beetle horn and other kinds of attack to attack the protective shield.

The Old Dragon Turtle stayed silent as he mumbled to himself, maintaining the power of the protective shield.

He was defending all the way, not attacking at all.

Although he was attacked by more than ten human beast crossbreeds, the protective shield’s defense was simply too powerful. The human beast crossbreeds attacked until they were exhausted, gasping for breath, but the power of the protective shield had not diminished at all. The golden-haired monster guy leader An Ge continued to observe the Old Dragon Turtle, and realized that his body was trembling harder and harder as time passed by, as if he was about to fall to the ground any time. An Ge immediately recovered his confidence and shouted loudly, “This fellow won’t lass much longer, continue the attack!”

Yue Yang who was not hindered much ran through the pathway and straight towards the Sky Island.

In the Sky Island, similarly, four pillars rose up high to the sky, supporting the second smaller Sky Island.

Seems like the second and third hall were located above.

Between the pillars, there was an enormous, majestic, grand palace hall.

Six thousand years had passed. Although the lighting had completely broken down, the fences were still there. Amongst dying plantations and complete darkness, the atmosphere was extremely sorrowful and dismal. It was really amazing thinking about how a hero called the Prison Emperor had built this palace. He was respected by everyone in the world, and even managed to bury Heaven Realm warriors at this place. However, six thousand years had passed, and no one in the world knew about the great battle between the Prison Emperor and the three big shots of Heaven Realm. There was not even a trace of them in historical books. Right now, walking into the this incomparably majestic Prison Emperor Divine Palace, Yue Yang felt extremely thankful. In reality, time is the biggest enemy to strong warriors… Other than immortals, no one could escape death from the force of time.

No matter how strong an existence was, with the passing time, they would be rendered meaningless.

If he was not an immortal, who would remember him six thousand years later?

In an instant, Yue Yang had a thought that he had never thought of before, and that was to pursue immortality… No matter if it was a hundred years, a thousand years or ten thousand years, time is valuable. Although the excitement of life comes from the process not the results, if he could possess immortality and had an unlimited life, wouldn’t he be able to experience more excitement in his life?

If there was the possibility of it, he would definitely pursue immortality.

Furthermore, he would not only pursue immortality for himself. He would also give it to his beloved, so that they may be together forever.

He would never allow time to get the better of him, he would definitely not let his descendents pay respects to him in his graveyard. Just like how he was paying respect to the Prison Emperor who was buried in this Prison Emperor Divine Palace… He would definitely, definitely not let that happen!

Yue Yang was lost in the midst of his tide of thoughts.

Two figures suddenly appeared on his left and right side.

One of them chuckled with a hoarse voice, “Sha Fei returned and said that there are two strange man and woman who make him feel unsafe. Turns out that he’s an airhead! Look at him, this brat is too frightened to move! He is actually daydreaming when his enemy is right in front of him? Had I known earlier, I would have gone to kill the woman first. That woman seemed to be quite good, she would make a nice plaything.”

“So that birdman just now was called Sha Fei. Sigh, forget it, his name is not important.” Yue Yang took out his White Jade Beetle, and immediately, the palace was filled with a clear light. Slowly, the light illuminated the whole palace hall that was originally dark.

“I hate light!” A few figures twisted their bodies. One of the figures who possessed a disgusting body had even groaned in pain.

“Although we can’t absorb this kind of light couldn’t be immediately, if we modify it a little, it would be useful to heal our bodies. That’s a good stuff, I want it!” The figure with a hoarse voice appeared. His upper body looked similar to a Demon King, but Yue Yang had seen many types of Demon Kings before. This fellow had a concentrated amount of power in his body, and his body was only two-metres tall… His upper body looked like flesh and blood but his waist and below was thick smoke. He had not become flesh and blood completely.

Even though he had lost his original body, the new body he created from scratch was still incomplete and his power had been greatly reduced, this demon still possessed the strength of Innate level 5.

When he appeared, inside the great hall, the rune on a Crystal Pillar-shaped tombstone immediately lighted up.

The Runic Pattern on the tombstone flashed quickly.

Slowly, that Runic Circle revolved as if it was a living thing.

The demon with a hoarse voice howled in pain as the thick smoke below his waist dissipated into air, as if it were pulled by an invisible force.

Yue Yang confirmed that the Prison Emperor Divine Palace’s seal was still effective. Moreover, its strength was still as strong as before.

Although these Heaven Realm warriors used various kind of secret methods to wake up from their eternal slumber and escape the seal, they could only hide their bodies usually and deceive the Prison Emperor’s Seal. However, the moment their bodies were revealed, they would immediately be restricted by the Seal’s power.

This news was a very good one to Yue Yang who was launching an attack on the Prison Emperor Divine Palace.

“Still can’t do it, damn that Prison Emperor’s Will and Seal! It’s really disgusting, I hate humans! Human, don’t be arrogant. Although I only have three minutes, I only need ten seconds to slaughter you, airheaded idiot! Go and die!” The hoarse-voiced demon arrogantly pointed at Yue Yang as he coldly ridiculed him and released his Qi. His exploding Qi shook the whole of Prison Emperor Divine Palace.

“Hey, hey, don’t be too excited. We don’t want to be implicated because of you, don’t move the sealing circles too much…” A few shadows protested one by one.

“Don’t worry, I will end this battle with one move!” The hoarse-voiced demon was full of confidence.

“You think you are Ultraman? In three minutes, other than proving that you are incompetent, could you even amount to anything else?” Yue Yang shamelessly shrugged his shoulders.

“Die!” The hoarse-voiced demon was enraged.

His sharp claws pierced the air and slashed straight towards Yue Yang’s head.

Even the space seemed to be torn apart by his claws.

When the demon’s comrades saw this, they started laughing at Yue Yang evilly. They believed with full confidence that this Lesser Innate, little human boy would definitely die. How could he survive an Innate Level 5’s attack?

The answer was he definitely couldn’t!

A loud exploding sound resounded.

Five deep, ten-metre long claw marks appeared on the stone slate on the ground of the Prison Emperor Divine Palace, as crushed rock scattered around the surrounding.

Six thousand year old limestone scattered all over the air, filling the Prison Emperor Divine Palace.

It didn’t settle down for a long time.

“That’s enough. Gu Ya, how long are you going to pose until?” Seeing that their comrade didn’t move from his ending pose after slashing his claws, those few shadows all felt that this fellow loved to show off too much. He only killed a little Lesser Innate human, why do he need to show off about that?

“Is it because you haven’t killed human for a long time, that’s why you want to enjoy the excitement after killing humans? Are you high?” The figure that looked disgusting started laughing at his comrade.


The hoarse-voiced demon didn’t reply, he simply dropped to the ground suddenly.

His head rolled ten metres away like a ball.

And rolled towards a person’s leg.

Yue Yang, smiling brightly like a sun, stepped on the demon’s head, whose eyes were still with remaining grievance. The shadows could hardly believe what they were seeing. How did this little human survive, and killed their comrade instead? This was impossible. Although their comrade had not recovered his true strength yet, he was already Innate Level 5 right now. How could he be instantly killed by a Lesser Innate human?

Who would believe this outcome?

Just now, what actually happened? What kind of force killed their comrade?

Without allowing the shadows to figure out what happen, the Rune Circles on the crystal pillar started to shine even more brightly. A flash of light shot out and turn into a white vortex of light. The demon’s head and body was sucked into the white vortex of light and turned into a black smoke, being absorbed into the crystal pillar. In thirty seconds, other than the black pearl that Yue Yang stepped on below his feet, it was as if the hoarse-voiced demon never existed before.

His comrades, those few shadows, started to panic.

That disgusting shadow’s voice was filled with fright as he screamed, “We’re doomed, that is not being sealed, that is a real death! Dammit, this fucking human has a soul destroying ability. Gu Ya’s soul has been destroyed, did you guys see it? This won’t do, I will not fight against an enemy who possess a soul destroying ability. I don’t want, I had just escaped from the seal after much difficulty. I don’t want to be killed…”

“Calm down, what happened here?” The beautiful birdman called Sha Fei spread out his golden wings and floated down from the sky above.

“It’s all because of you, Sha Fei. There’s a mistake in your report. This human boy possess a soul destroying ability. He’s as terrifying as the judge that is responsible for Soul Trials in Heaven realm. You caused Gu Ya to die, he was killed in an instant!” The disgusting shadow howled furiously and terrifyingly.

“What?” That beautiful birdman called Sha Fei stared at Yue Yang with unbelieving eyes. How could a Lesser Innate killed an Innate Level 5 in an instant?

“The real good show is just starting right now…” Yue Yang picked up the black pearl below his foot and stored it inside his Lich Ring.

His face revealed a smile as warm as spring.

However, when his enemies saw it, they couldn’t help feeling as cold as winter.

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