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LLS Chapter 330 – Onslaught, Meeting Enemies, Slashing into Half

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Chapter 330 – Onslaught, Meeting Enemies, Slashing into Half
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Despair Abyss.

When Yue Yang stood in front of the old Dragon Turtle again, the one that accompanied him by his side was not Yue Bing and Yi Nan. Instead, it was Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

The Old Dragon Turtle obviously recognized Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty also recognized it, but she didn’t greet it, as if it didn’t even exist in her eyes. Yue Yang felt that there must be some kind of old grudge between Phoenix Fairy Beauty and the Old Dragon Turtle, maybe they had fought in the higher levels of Tong Tian Tower. In any case, they were definitely not friends.

The Old Dragon Turtle’s asked in his ancient voice, “Young man, have you truly decided on attacking the Prison Emperor Divine Palace?”

Yue Yang only rolled his eyes in response.

If he hadn’t decidded on attacking the Prison Emperor Divine Palace, why would he come to this damned place? Did he truly have nothing to do? Of course, he could also hear that the Old Dragon Turtle was worrying about him. Even with Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s help, this Old Dragon Turtle still thought that he was not capable enough. It was warning him not to be reckless, so it was giving him a chance to back out… Looks like simply Phoenix Fairy Beauty alone wasn’t enough. However, the more difficult it was, the more interested Yue Yang was in the Prison Emperor Divine Palace. The only thing Yue Yang was not afraid of is battling. If the enemy was simply too strong, at the most, he would do what Yue Yu said, hide inside the grimoire world to recover when he was injured, then continue to fight!

If his life was in danger, the Phoenix Sisters and Qilin girl would definitely save him.

With this battle, he should be able to break through the Sixth Level of Innate Invisible Sword Qi. How could he pass on with such an opportunity, such a battle?

A black light flashed.

The Old Dragon Turtle was fully bathed in the black light. Its body slowly transformed.

After a long time, it finally transformed into an old man carrying a turtle shell on his back. However, it didn’t look like a turtle immortal at all, it didn’t have any vitality. Instead, it was weak and tired, as if it was very old and was about to die. The Old Dragon Turtle who had became an old man had a white, long beard and hair. His face was filled with spots, even his body was emitting a dying scent.

“Let’s go!” The Old Dragon Turtle supported himself with a dragon-headed staff as he slowly lead forward with trembling steps.

“You can’t be fighting with us too, right?” Yue Yang was speechless. If thi old fellow wanted to attack the Prison Emperor Divine Palace together, wouldn’t he be a huge burden?

“I will try my best to help you through the first palace hall. You would have to depends on your own strength for the other two palace halls.“ The Old Dragon Turtle mumbled. Although his whole body was injured, it seemed like he was still full of confidence.

On a huge stone, the Old Dragon Turtle drew a mysterious Runic Circle with his hands.

At the same time, he rotated it continuously with his Spirit Qi.

The Runic Circle shone with a bright light, and a strange-looking teleportation gate appeared in front of Yue Yang.

There was a seal on the Runic Circle on top of the teleportation gate. Outsiders couldn’t enter, but it could be opened from the inside. The Old Dragon Turtle squeezed his weak body into the teleportation gate, step by step, before finally teleporting and disappeared.

Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty quickly followed him. Behind the dark light of the teleportation gate, Yue Yang found himself inside a dark world.

It was pitch black, there was a deathly stillness everywhere.

With his Night Vision, Yue Yang could see that at a far distance, there were a few pillars that soared up high to the sky. The pillars were big tall beyond imagination, every pillar was at least a hundred metres in raidus. Other than Tong Tian Tower, Yue Yang had really never seen pillars that were bigger than this. Furthermore, these pillars were perfectly round, it had the same width from top to bottom. It was obvious that these pillars were manmade. In the sky, there was a huge island which was supported by four pillars. It looked like a Sky Island, but Yue Yang realized that this island was at least ten times bbigger than Luo Hua City Mistress’ Sky Garden.

On top of a small mountain, there was a road that looked like Heaven Stairway, coiling like a snake, zigzagging upwards towards the Sky island.

That was the only passageway!

“This was originally the Prison Emperor’s Palace. There are three levels in total, and is around one kilometre tall. In order to seal the Heaven Realm’s warriors, the Prison Emperor turned the most magnificent, most beautiful palace in the world into his enemies’ grave.” The Old Dragon Turtle sighed proudly, but became a little sad in the end, as if coming back to this place made him remember a lot of memories.

“Are the enemies waiting up there?” Yue Yang didn’t have time to bother with the Old Dragon Turtle’s sentimental time, he wanted to pay more attention to the enemies’ movements.

“The number of broken Sealing Tablet outside would show how many enemies had struggled free from their Sleeping Seal.” The Old Dragon Turtle didn’t need to say it, Yue Yang could somewhat guess it. Fortunately, the number of broken sealing tablet was not much, only around 20. As long as he was not suddenly swarmed by twenty over Heaven Realm Warriors’ spirit, he would have a chance to break through. Yue Yang guessed that the two big shots of Heaven Realm should have been able to struggle free from the seal, but they were still affected by the Prison Emperor’s seal and was unable to move freely, trapped in the third level.

“This battle will be hard…” Phoenix Fairy Beauty nodded with a serious expression, “I don’t have a good feeling. At least half of the spirits had woken up from their sleep, it’s not the same number as the number of destroyed tablets.”

“Haha, there’s a reason for that. In order to hide it from the outer world, we purposely continue to pretend to be sealed. Heheh, look at our guests, there is an old fart and two young sprouts!”

A voice suddenly descended from the island in the sky.

Following that, three figures whose body was illuminated in golden light flew down, gracefully landing in front of Yue Yang, Phoenix Fairy Beauty and the Old Dragon Turtle.

They were headed by a birdman with long wings and a golden hair like a lion’s mane. He wore a royal head ornament and looked extremely majestic. His body was covered in a silver armour, and there was a treasure sword hanging at his golden belt. The other two people were different from the first one. One looked like human, but he had horns on his head and wings like a bat’s. When he open his mouth, it was filled with sharp teeth, terrifying others. The other figure didn’t have horns on its head, but it wore a beetle shell-like helmet. Its arms were thick with muscles like a bear’s, and it had a sharp claws that was shaped like hooks. His face and body was covered in golden leopard spots-like pattern. There was even a long tail on his butt that was continuously lashing around.

Yue Yang was immediately bewildered when he saw this. Weren’t they sealed for six thousand years?

Even if they didn’t die of old age, wouldn’t they die of starvation already? These people who didn’t have any chance to live at all, who didn’t have anything to eat, how could they live for six thousand years?

When Phoenix Fairy Beauty saw them, her expression immediately changed. She showed a spiteful look on her eyes, as if she was looking at the most shameless person in the world. Her words to them were also ruthless as she said, “You guys are worse than beasts!”

The Old Dragon Turtle’s staff trembled as he looked both angry and sad facing this strange situation.

“What’s happening? How could these people have a physical body? Aren’t they supposed to be spirits?” Yue Yang felt that something was really wrong. The things that they had prepared were prepared to fight against spirits and souls. Now it seemed like they wouldn’t be able to use them. Their enemies were not only not souls, they were living beasts to boot. They were not even zombies or undead who had been sleeping for thousands of years.

“Little boy, do you think I’m a spirit? Look at me, what part of me looks like a spirit?” In the sky, another three enemies appeared.

These three enemies were all women. They wore nothing at all, and their appearances were completely different from each other.

The left one had horse hooves, goat horns and lion’s tail. The middle one had fish scales, bird’s wings and cat claws, while the right one had beetle’s horns, rabbit ears and snake’s body.

It’s not that Yue Yang had never seen monsters before, but he really never saw monsters that looked so strange. When he saw these enemies who looked both like monsters and humans, he couldn’t help but to be gravely shocked.

What kind of crazy scientist had the horrible idea of creating these weird crossbreeds?

Phoenix Fairy Beauty seemed to know the reason.

Her black brows stirred slightly as she said in a cold tone, “Rubbish!”

Hearing her words, the three enemies who looked like women on the outside immediately became like cats whose tail was on fire, they were so angry that they started to scream out.

“Ah! I hate whores like you who deserves death the most. Whore, we’ll tear you to shreds!”

“Bitch, no matter how pretty you look, you are still a bitch that is saddled by everyone!”

“Let’s eat this prostitute and split her meat…” Amongst the curses, the last monster girl suggested the idea.

With regards to the enemies’ angry curses, Phoenix Fairy Beauty didn’t seem to mind at all. She only cursed back full of contempt, “Trash, you guys are not even worth it for me to kill you. You have to be grateful to me for bestowing you the favour of looking at your lowly skin and flesh for a few minutes!”

Those three monster girls went completely berserk, charging forward to attack immediately.

Without waiting for Phoenix Fairy Beauty to make her move, Yue Yang decided to attack them first, so that he could show off in front of the Phoenix Fairy Beauty. Of course, this was also one of their tactics of attack that they had already planned before coming. Phoenix Fairy Beauty must save her strength, because she would be fighting the last bosses, the two big shots of the Heaven Realm. That would be the time when she would give it her all.

The two big shots of Heaven Realm, they were definitely the ones who ordered these few soldiers to test their strength.

To these Heaven Realm warriors who ha been sealed for more than six thousand years, they definitely understood one point. If there was someone coming to attack them, they would definitely be confident enough of their power to do so.

Furthermore, they were sealed under the Prison Emperor’s seal. They might not even be able to successfully leave the third floor of the palace.

If they could move freely, they would have laid in ambush at the entrance, so that they could injure their enemies critically.

The fact that they didn’t do that proved that they were trying to test out their attacker’s strength first. Secondly, it also proved that they were not be able to move freely.

Yue Yang took out his Crescent Moon and waved a gush of cold air.

He didn’t care how these women became crossbreed monsters. Yue Yang would never pity his enemy, nor would he have mercy on them. Towards his enemies, Yue Yang’s kindness was mostly equivalent to zero!

The three monster girls didn’t seem to be afraid of the coldness, they only flew back a little.

And then they started to attack.

Their mouths were even assailing Yue Yang with curses, “Little boy, you don’t have what it takes to beat us, don’t attack us recklessly like a blockhead! Why don’t you join us instead? Sister will make you feel really comfortable, we guarantee that we are much better than that whore beside you!”

One of the monster girls, the one with beetle horns, rabbit ears and snake body had even shamelessly open up her thighs, sending a stream of smelly water towards Yue Yang.

The three monster guys in the sky observed the old Dragon Turtle intently. At this moment, their face showed an expression saying that this brat would definitely die.

Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty hid their true abilities, making it seem that they were not an Innate Ranker. Other than the two big shots of Heaven Realm, who might be powerful enough to see through them hiding their abilities, ordinary Heaven Realm warriors would definitely not know that Phoenix Fairy Beauty was actually a terrifying warrior of Innate Level 10. Of course, they would also not know that Yue Yang, who had the [Counterfeit] Inherent Skill, was also a terrifying enemy that was not any weaker than the Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

Possessing the Counterfeit Inherent Skill, even the two big shots of the Heaven Realm would not be able to see through Yue Yang’s true abilities.

The three monster guys and monster girls had all mistakenly thought that Yue Yang and the Phoenix Fairy Beauty were Lesser Innates. They thought that the Old Dragon Turtle they were familiar with was their true, strong enemy.

When the three monster girls surrounded Yue Yang, the three monster guys all thought that they would be enough to kill Yue Yang, the young human.

Especially when Yue Yang hid his abilities when he waved the first slash using his Crescent Moon, the enemies were all full of confidence.

No wonder that monster girl with beetle’s horn, rabbit’s ear and snake body would be so arrogant and peed on Yue Yang. They all thought that Yue Yang had already become their trapped prey… The stream of smelly water suddenly spread out like a spider net, turning into a cage and trapping Yue Yang in the middle.

Yue Yang didn’t know what ability that was, but it was extremely weird.

It’s a pity that her opponent was Yue Yang.

“First Slash: Depriving Mountains and Rivers!”

Purple flames engulfed Yue Yang’s body and rose up to the sky as Yue Yang whipped up his Hui Jin Magic Blade.

Under Yue Yang’s powerful purple flames, the spider net cage immediately burn into nothingness. His Hui Jin Magic Blade had also turned into a dragon-shaped purple flame that shot forward fiercely as if it was a living thing towards the monster girl who peed, with a speed that was ten times faster than her. That monster girl cried miserably as her lower body turned into ashes. Her two ignited legs fell down to the ground as her upper body escaped in fright.

However, in the sky, Yue Yang’s First Slash: Depriving Mountains and Rivers was silently waiting for her.

She was slashed into half!

Instant kill!

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    had a sharp claws that was shaped like hooks -> had sharp claws that were shaped like hooks
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