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LLS Chapter 327 – Goal: Push Down Luo Hua City Mistress

Chapter 327 – Goal: Push Down Luo Hua City Mistress
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The promised day with the Old Dragon Turtle approached slowly day by day.

Yue Yang improved everyday, but the more anxious he was, the harder it was for him to break through the sixth level of Innate Invisible Sword Qi. Breaking through the sixth level didn’t only need an improvement in abilities, the most important thing was improvement in mental state. This required a deep understanding on the heaven and earth. Phoenix Fairy Beauty who had finished her preparation had also returned. She personally trained Yue Yang for two days. In the end, Yue Yang felt that he was only a breadth away from his break through, yet he was always unable to step over to it. This made him feel extremely regretful… Breaking through required the right timing, one couldn’t simply rely on diligent training. Otherwise, the old fox wouldn’t be trapped for decades when he was only an inch away from Innate.

“Anxiety is a warrior’s greatest stumbling block. Be more relaxed!” Xue Wu Xia comforted Yue Yang, which was very rare for her to do.

“Xiao San, even if you don’t have a breakthrough, we will definitely be able to succeed!” Yue Yu, the second sister, had prepared sumptuous meals in order to support her brother. She had even planted many vegetables and fruits in the grimoire world. Under Yue Bing’s Green Light Tree Demoness “Green Rush” ability, vegetables and fruits will grow very quickly. Yue Yu thought that if Yue Yang really couldn’t beat the Prison Emperor Divine Palace, he could bring everyone along and hide inside the grimoire world. After recovering from his injuries and had a good rest, he could battle his enemies again.

Yue Yu hoped that even if he had to live inside the grimoire world and trained for a few months or even a few years, he must defeat the Prison Emperor Divine Palace without losing anything.

No one must lose their lives in completing this quest, not even one!

Luo Hua City Mistress who especially loved to grow flowers was especially supportive towars Yue Yu’s idea.

She had also planted many flowers and herbs in the grimoire world. If her time was not limited, she had even wanted to move her flower garden in the fourth level of Tong Tian Tower to the grimoire world!

If they really couldn’t beat their strong enemies in the Prison Emperor Divine Palace, those who participated in the battle could hide inside the grimoire world, recovering as they fight. This was an extremely good idea, in any case, if they kill the strong enemies in the Prison Emperor Divine Palace one by one, they would be able to fight a war of artrition with them.

Of course, this was the worst scenario.

If the Qilin girl and the Phoenex sisters were willing to lend them a helping hand when they were attacking the Prison Emperor Divine Palace, all the problems would have been solved.

It was just that the Qilin girl had not come out anymore after that last time, it seemed like she had no interest in attacking the Prison Emperor Divine Palace at all… Yue Yang reckoned that unless his life was in danger, the Qilin girl and Phoenix sisters would not help him fight his battle at all.

This, could the Heavenly Sword Goddess ordered them to do so secretly?

Yue Yang would sometimes thought of that.

Although the difficulty was very difficult for Yue Yang, he viewed it as an opportunity to train and level up. If the Heavenly Sword Goddess was willing to fight, Yue Yang believed she would be able to sweep accross the whole Soaring Dragon Continent, unrivalled at all. However, she never did that, and she had also never joined in Yue Yang’s battles before. She had left everything to Yue Yang.

She only forced Yue Yang to train and improve in the Dream Realm.

All of Yue Yang’s weaknesses and areas that needed to be improved would be pointed out by the big loli that the Heavenly Sword Goddess created with her Sword Qi. She would force Yue Yang to fix them.

The Heavenly Sword Goddess, could she come out from the Dream Realm? With regards to this fact, Yue Yang had always been suspicious about it. The reason why the Phoenix sisters would not care about Yue Yang’s battles, other than the fact that they were peaceful and kind beasts that would never initiate an attack, could it be because they were listening to the Heavenly Sword Goddess’ orders?

Why would the Phoenix sisters come out at the Demon Palace? Why would they reveal their appearance, pushed the three Great Demon Kings and two Lich Kings back and made them afraid to pursue Yue Yang?

Recalling that moment, Yue Yang was indeed at a precarious situation then.

A moment of carelessness would end up with him being killed in an instant by the three Great Demon Kings.

Hence, the Phoenix sisters had to appear, otherwise Yue Yang would not be able to leave the Demon Palace. He would not be able to leave even with th help of the Qilin girl and Phoenix Fairy Beauty who had recovered… Heavenly Sword Goddess, Phoenix sisters, and even the airheaded, disoriented Qilin girl had all stopped caring about him, but they still helped him in secret. At normal times, they would not care about the battles in his life, but the moment his life was in danger, they would immediately make their move…

“I’m not going to rush my level up anymore. Anxiousness will just lead to failure. Breaking through requires a turning point, this is something that can’t be rushed.” Yue Yang put down the big burden in his heart and didn’t force himself to rush his level up anymore. Instead, he helped Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress to become Innates.

“Why don’t you train with Sister Luo Hua?” Princess Qian Qian pulled Yue Yang to one side and said, “Wu Xia and I had decided to become Innate during our battle in the Prison Emperor Divine Palace!”

“What?” Yue Yang was shocked by their way of thinking.

“Actually, I am very close to levelling. With you there, there would bbe no problem for me to level up and become an Innate. On the other hand, Sister Luo Hua is still way behind. If you spend all of your effort helping me to become Inante, she wouldn’t make it for sure. How about I slow down a little, so you can first help sister Luo Hua become an Innate. I will work very hard these few days, there would defintely be no problems!” Princess Qian Qian’s face suddenly blushed a little, “By the way, what my old man said to you, I’m not going to care at all. You definitely can’t treat me like how you treat sister Wu Hen. I still haven’t agreed to anything yet! Little rogue, for the time being, I can only give you a chance to pursue me. Without my approval, even if you force me, you can forget about me treating you nicely like sister Wu Hen…”

In the end, this tigress girl who always say things she didn’t mean waved her fist at Yue Yang, showing that she was not easily bullied.

Yue Yang laughed.

He really want to watch how long this tigress girl woul last. Having a personality on her own is a good thing, he could just teach her slowly. Wouldn’t he feel more sense of accomplishment that way?

Princess Qian Qian realized that Yue Yang’s laughter sounded a little wrong and her heart faltered. She felt her body weakening, so she quickly escaped. Xue Wu Xia who was quietly reading a book in the corridor closed her book slowly and disappeared.

Xue Wu Xia had telephatical mutual understanding with Yue Yang. Even though they did not speak, they would know each others’ thoughtss.

Furthermore, Yue Yang, Yi Nan, Yue Bing and her had shared the ‘Heart Mirror’ that they received as a reward for clearing the Virgo Temple. If they really focused their minds on each other, they would be able to share each other’s minds and link their hearts!

The strength of this ‘Heart Mirror’ ability depended on the physical distance and the level of mutual understanding between them. The feeling that was transmitted was also fuzzy, there was no way it could be translated into words. However, one would be able to understsand the main gist of the telepathy. For example, before Xue Wu Xia clsoed her book and left, she sent a message ‘Push her down boldly’, secretly signalling to Yue Yang the way to help Luo Hua City Mistress reach Innate rank. Even though it would require him forcing her own, he needed to do it… Although Luo Hua City Mistress did not have good combat abilities, the power of her Aurora Light was extremely strong. Furthermore, her attack was the nemesis of darkness, undead, ghost-type enemies. It would definitely be useful in Prison Emperor Divine Palace, even more so than Princess Qian Qian. Hence, Yue Yang had to make his move boldly, he shouldn’t let Luo Hua off!

There was not much time left, only three days.

Although Luo Hua City Mistress improved quickly, if they did not complete the last step, which was using [Body Fusion] in a married couple’s way, they would really not make it in time.

Maybe because of this, Princess Qian Qian said that she would level up at Prison Emperor Divine Palace instead, and told Yue Yang to help Luo Hua City Mistress first.

“Little friend, do you want me to teach you some moves?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty suddenly appeared behind Yue Yang, her red lips whispering at Yue Yang’s ears. She lightly kissed his ears and blew him an enticing, fragrant breath.

“Tsk, who will be the one teaching!” Yue Yang immediately laughed out loud. As a virgin, how was she going to teach him moves to push down others? What a joke!

“You are not modest at all…” Phoenix Fairy Beauty shrugged her shoulders slowly, making her breasts bounce, and turned around, walking away slowly, shaking her sexy butt. Yue Yang’s eyes almost dropped ogling at her. If it weren’t for the fact that she was stronger than him by so much, Yue Yang would have pushed this seductive Phoenix Fairy Beauty down long ago. It was not like he had never seen a G-cup before, he just never seen a perfect one like hers!

Forget about Zhi Zun’s, Yue Yang had not seen hers very clearly. Hers was not like Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s, who was on full display…

Such beautiful breasts… Even if he choked to death burying his head inside them, he wouldn’t have regrets.

Yue Yang slowly gulped down his saliva.

Forget it, Phoenix Fairy Beauty would be his sooner or later. He shouldn’t be anxious right now, she wouldn’t run away anyway!

After dinner, Xue Wu Xai and the others entered the grimoire world early to rest, leaving the shy Luo Hua City Mistress alone.

Of course, she understood what the others had meant, but she was completely embarrased. Furthermore, being with Yue Yang alone, just the two of them, was also her wish for a very long time. Luo Hua City Mistress tried to calm her wildly beatng hard and tried to act cool and composed, “This City Mistress has not patroled her castle for quite a long time, so I shall order you, the incompetent bodyguard to lead in the front as I patrol the vicinity. Otherwise, I’ll cut your salary!”

Recalling how he met Yue Yang for the first time, Luo Hua City Mistress couldn’t help but to laugh.

Who would know that they would have such a fate with that first meeting? Could it be that there were really red threads of fate binding them together in secret?

This fate, was it really decided by the heavens?

Yue Yang was extremely quick-witted. With one move, he carried Luo Hua City Mistress, just like how he had carried her down from the mountains when they went to the Sky Pavilions.

Luo Hua City Mistress twisted her body slightly, not used with the feeling at the start. However, she calmed down very quickly as she also remembered when she passed out after their battle and was carried on his back down the mountain. It was also then she found the Beautiful Demonic Flower’s seed that she had wished for so long.

“Little scoundrel, that time, did you touch me?” Luo Hua City Mistress faintly remembered that his hands were not very polite at that time.

“What do you mean? I’m such a polite boy, I would not touch even when I see.” Yue Yang immediately denied.

“Who are you kidding!” Luo Hua City Mistress would have believed his words last time, but right now, she knew that he was a scoundrel. He carried her all the way down the mountain, how could he be so obedient, not touching her even once? That’s impossible! Luo Hua City Mistress blushed a little, but she thought that sooner or later he would probably take advantage of her, so touching a little didn’t matter much at all. She had almost gotten used to being taken advantage of during their practices. However, no matter how she felt in her heart, she must deny it with her mouth!

“I’m really a good boy! As your personal bodyguard, I am definitely qualified. I can even work overtime and warm your bed at night!” Yue Yang offered his services tactfully like how Mao Sui recommends himself, selling his body with a huge discount.
(Shiro: 毛遂自荐 mao sui zi jian – Mao Sui is the name of a bold guy who nominates himself to become one of the twenty selected retainers for the Prince, although he had no achievements at all. From then on, his name was used in an idiom to describe someone who recommended himself)

However, his dishonest hands continued to creep up slowly.

They slowly circled Luo Hua City Mistress’ luxurious, plump butt, testing her reaction, getting more restless with each second.

As a sensitive girl, Luo Hua City Mistress obviously understood this scoundrel’s tricks. She started to swat his mischievous hands away lightly, but before 2 seconds passed, those mischievous hands had already returned back, leaving her with no other way. In the end, Luo Hua City Mistress decided to use her ultimate weapon, her sharp, white, shiny teeth and bit Yue Yang’s ear.

As she lightly bit on Yue Yang’s ear, she released her hot breath, “I’ll allow you to be bad, I’ll allow you to pretend that you are an obedient boy… I want to punish you, follow me to my Sky Garden. You are not allowed to rest on the way!” With a beauty carried on his back, Yue Yang would not be so foolish and rest. He immediately agreed, “I’ll do as you will, your highness the City Mistress. I will definitely listen to your orders and flatter you!”

Meanwhile, his naughty hands continued to rub on her butt, making her moan.

Yue Yang teleported out of the Little Flower Garden and carried Luo Hua City Mistress all the way to Tong Tian Tower. His goal was the Sky Garden in the Fourth Floor of Tong Tiang Tower. Of course, his other goal was to push down Luo Hua.

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