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LLS Chapter 324 – Key, White Dragon Pearl, Demon Suppressing Pagoda

Chapter 324 – Key, White Dragon Pearl, Demon Suppressing Pagoda
Translated by: Λαστ
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Ling was not disappointed by Elder Yue Hai’s return, on the contrary, he sighed a breath of relief.

The pressure of being a Substitute Clan Master was truly too huge. If it was not for Yue Yang’s support, Yue Ling thought that he would have already collapsed. Now that his father had returned, the pressure was greatly lowered.

For the first time in his entire life, his father’s praise, more than anything, made him felt satisfied.

It was not satisfaction from power, but satisfaction from familial affection that he hadn’t felt in a long time.

Under the pressure of his incomparably outstanding brothers Yue Shan and Yue Qiu, Yue Ling had never been valued and recognized by his father until today. Although Elder Yue Hai had returned, he had brought back Yue Ting whom he had hid in a secret place. However, the position of Substitute Clan Master still remained with Yue Ling.

Elder Yue Hai had even promised Yue Ling, that if Yue Feng wished to become the Clan Master, he would give him an equal opportunity and educate him.

Regarding this matter , Yue Ling became so moved that he cried.

Because of Yue Ting’s physique, beasts and character, his father and the Elders had chosen him to become the Clan Master. Yue Ling also knew that they had educated him to be a Clan Master ever since he was a child. He even knows that his own son Yue Feng was simply not suitable to become the Clan Master. However, this promise displayed his father’s impartiality. Yue Feng was not Clan Master material, but at the very least, father will not neglect his education. Yue Feng would be valued by father. With Yue Yang’s guidance in the future, in addition to the fact that his potential was not bad, Yue Ling believes that it would not be impossible for his son to be promoted to an Innate Ranker in a hundred years.

“Xiao San, Since you do not want to become the Clan Master and you are very busy, Grandfather will not force you. Take this. The Yue Clan has been hoping to produce an Innate Ranker, we have been hoping for hundreds of years. This thing was entrusted to the Clan Master for hundreds of years to be given to an Innate Ranker, but there was always no opportunity…Today, Grandfather passes it to you.”

In front of everybody, Elder Yue Hai passed a Rune Crystal to Yue Yang.

This was the real key to the Puppet Palace.

The Puppet Palace was constructed by Ghost Genius Yue Gong. The Three Renaissance Heroes hoped to produce an Innate Ranker in the younger generations, who will inherit the Clan’s biggest treasury. As a result, they had stored all the treasures from thousands of years ago inside the Puppet Palace. Originally, Yue Hai thought that his own son Yue Qiu had the biggest chance of inheriting the Puppet Palace’s key. He did not expect him to have an untimely death, and instead, the one who inherited the Puppet Palace’s key was his good-for-nothing grandson, Yue Yang, who had greatly exceeded his expectations. Elder Yue Hai had wanted to give Yue Yang this key to the Puppet Palace since long ago, but with this grandson’s bad temper, he did not know if he would accept it or not. However, when his Clan was almost destroyed by the hands of the fake Yue Qiu, he had stepped forward bravely and fought with all his might against the Great Emperor of Zi Wei, Shun Tian, beheading two Sect Elders from their arch-enemy, the Green Summit Sect and even killed the Seven Great Bears Alliance. He had used his own strength to reverse the tides of battle, and even pulled strongly against the tide to strongly increase the Clan’s morale. This battle had really reassured Elder Yue Hai of Yue Yang’s loyalty.

Although this grandson’s temper was bad and his murderous intent was big, when all’s said and done, he was still his own grandson. The blood circulating inside his body was still the Yue family’s blood.

Besides, the disturbance he created in the past was simply because everyone placing him in contempt.

In truth, everybody knows that this brat was extremely filial… That day when he and Bing-er had pulled the horse carriage together and turned the Yue Clan Castle upside down, it was all done in order to restore their Fourth Mother’s name. Having this kind of grandson, what could you regret in life?

“If there is something that anybody can use, I will bring it back.” Yue Yang did not act modestly towards him and immediately took the Rune Crystal.

On Elder Yue Hai’s hand the Rune Crystal was like an ordinary crystal, and only had a few tiny Heaven Runes.

However, once the Rune Crystal was placed on Yue Yang’s hands, it immediately burst out into an extremely dazzling brilliance, bathing the entire study room with light. It only dissipated after a very long time.

Could it be that this was the Divine Artifact’s Master Selection spoken in legends?

Elder Yue Hai and the others looked at the shining crystal astonishedly. Yue Yang was secretly laughing inside….this was not the Divine Artifact’s Master Selection. This Rune Crystal only needed to to be in contact with Innate Qi and it would slowly undo the seal. If it was a normal Level 1 Innate Ranker, it would need at least 10 days before the seal was completely undone. However, Yue Yang, whose Innate Qi was clear and pure and also had an understanding of Heaven Runes, had only needed one minute to undo its seal. Yue Yang injected Innate Qi and made the Heaven Rune Seal completely undone. This Ghost Genius Yue Gong created this Rune Crystal not only as a key but also an instrument to test an Innate Rankers’ strength. Once the crystal confirmed that Yue Yang was an Innate Ranker, it would immediately emit bright rays of light and transmit the stored information of the palace map and the mechanical traps into Yue Yang’s mind.

With regards to this, Yue Yang discovered that this Ghost Genius Yue Gong was truly a strong person.

He was not an Innate Ranker, yet he could create a device that could evaluate Innate Rankers……

How many more treasures filled with the life and blood of the Ghost Genius Yue Gong that were similar to the Quintet Golden Puppet Mice and the Rune Crystal were inside the Puppet Palace?

Now, Yue Yang’s heart was filled with expectation.

“Gp, I also want to know what kind of treasure our ancestors left behind!” Elder Yue Hai gratifyingly smiled. In his eyes, the treasure passed down by their ancestors had recognized Yue Yang. This information not only shows that the secret treasures of their ancestors truly existed, but also shows that Yue Yang’s identity was unquestionable.

If this brat was not the Yue Clan’s offspring, how could he obtain their ancestors’ remnant recognition?

The fake Yue Qiu had brought a few doubts inside Elder Yue Hai’s heart. However, under the radiance emitted by the Rune Crystal, these doubts had completely disappeared from his heart.

Elder Yue Hai and the others had firmly believed Yue Yang’s identity, that he was not an adopted fake brought back by the fourth daughter-in-law, Ah Xian. Those people who did not believe the relative that what was in front of them and instead believed a demon’s instigations were idiots. The fake Yue Qiu’s appearance had also forced Yue Shan to leave, and now everybody felt that Yue Shan definitely had secrets. Otherwise, he would not have been suppressed by the fake Yue Qiu, which resulted in him leaving home.

If Yue Shan was a real demon, wouldn’t it mean that he and the fake Yue Qiu were allies? And it just so happened that they had joined hands to obtain the Yue Clan!

Since he wanted to escape, it proved that he had something else to hide……

Coming out from the study room, Yue Yang saw Princess Qian Qian waiting outside.

“That old man seems like he has something he wants to say to you. I’m warning you, don’t talk about our situation in your conversation, otherwise I’ll ignore you forever!” Princess Qian Qian was clever, she naturally knew that the conversation between Yue Yang and his father would definitely be about her marriage with him.

“Don’t worry, if his majesty mentions about marriage, I would tactfully decline.” Yue Yang naturally knows that the Tigress was shy and that she was actually willing to marry him, so he intentionally teased her.

“You…..” Princess Qian Qian became angry, and ruthlessly punched Yue Yang.

“Looking at you right now, it’s as if you are really afraid of not being able to get married. You are too pitiful… Tigress, don’t be anxious, I will reluctantly agree to marry you.” Once Yue Yang said this, Princess Qian Qian was thoroughly embarrassed. She raised up the great sword behind her wanting to hack this brat to death, but Yue Yang had already scampered away, screaming out loud.

When Yue Yang went to see Jun Wu You, everybody waited outside.

Each of them held their breaths and calmly waited for the good news.

After a long time, seeing that there was not a single movement, everybody became slightly worried that with Yue Yang’s bad temper, he had entered into a big argument with Jun Wu You.

Just as everybody became so nervous as if their throats were being choked, Yue Yang suddenly came out.

Nobody knew what they spoke about, but seeing that Yue Yang was chuckling with a happy expression as if he had just struck gold, everybody knew that his and Princess Qian Qian’s matter was successful.

Feng Kuang, Eagle-eyed Man, White-stone City Master, Master Golden Blade and the others congratulated Elder Yue Hai.

Elder Yue Hai and the others did not mention about celebrating. Yue Yang made a slight greeting to them and returned inside his Grimoire World.

Although the construction had just started and was far from completion, the girls already used the White Cloud Floating Stone and the Demon Abyss Obsidian to create a few small rooms, and also brought in goods for daily life use. It was a bit simple and crude, but the people living inside did not have any objections.

Regarding the construction of the house, Yue Yang did not have to help.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to help, but because his tastes were completely in conflict with the girls. At the same time, Yue Yang’s bad behavior of excessively wasting materials were denounced by the girls. With the help of Bloody Queen Red, Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man, Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen and the Reaper Mantis’, the pace of the girls’ construction was extremely fast. In addition, the constructed house were not the ugly square apartment house that Yue Yang was good at. Instead, it had the appearance of a miniature castle.

If it wasn’t because time was short, the girls had even thought of using the Floating Stones and the Obsidians to make delicate engravings on the castle, decorating the house inside and out.

The only result that they wanted was one thing and that was perfection.

In constructing the house, Yue Yang only helped in inscribing Heaven Runes on the walls with his Sword Qi.

“Brother, did the Emperor grant the marriage?” Just as Yue Yang returned, Yue Bing was the first one to welcome him. She wanted to know if Princess Qian Qian will become her sister-in-law or not.

“Look, this is the dowry.” Yue Yang brought out a pearl, and delightedly introduced: “Behold, the White Dragon Pearl, the treasure of the Da Xia Kingdom is now given to me!”

“In your dreams! Who would actually marry you!” Princess Qian Qian’s lovable face blushed as she snatched the pearl.

“I also received this “Demon Suppressing Pagoda”. It is said that it could confine a Demon King. This was a treasure brought back from the Heaven Realm by the Jun Family Ancestor. However, nobody could use it, so it was given to me, Hahaha!” Yue Yang was joyfully satisfied. This “Demon Suppressing Pagoda” was stored inside the Jun Family warehouse for a thousand years gathering dust and no one could use it. Even though the Ancestor had said that this object can only be passed on to the Jun Family’s children, Jun Wu You felt that passing it to Yue Yang was not a problem. If Yue Yang married Qian Qian, then he would be his son-in-law and would count as half-family.

Moreover, the Demon Suppressing Pagoda can indeed confine a Demon King, but unfortunately the Jun Family could not produce an Innate Ranker that could catch a Demon King.

Besides Yue Yang this abnormal brat, other people would say that this Demon Suppressing Pagoda is not worth much.

Sparkling light flowed and swirled numerous times from the crystal clear Demon Suppressing Pagoda placed in front of the girls. Seeing this, everybody sighed in admiration…Especially when Yue Yang placed the White Jade Beetle and the mysterious pearl dropped by the Dark Golden Sceptre together. The Demon Suppressing Pagoda’s light increased, however, the light was not dazzling. Instead, it was soft and magnificent.

This light was like a halo and was exceptionally soft.

Yue Yang noticed that the mysterious pearl on the Demon Suppressing Pagoda, emitted a soft white light and a strange wave of thought.

The wave of thought had died down immediately, but Yue Yang had sharply captured it in his head.

That wave of thought might be fear or some other thoughts… However, Yue Yang was capable of determining it in a split second, that Dark Golden Specter definitely had not yet truly died. Possibly, its consciousness had already disappeared, but its survival instinct still remained. It believed it could revive again once it had sufficient energy. This was similar to some beasts’ death, where the owner can go to the Tong Tian Tower’s Summoning Temple and revive their beasts again. This Dark Golden Specter must also be waiting for an opportunity to revive once again…

Previously, Why were the remnant consciousness of Flame Lord’s Molten Core and Demon Dragon’s Crystal afraid of the mysterious pearl?

The reason was extremely simple, it was because the Dark Golden Specter inside the mysterious pearl had not yet truly died. It was an extremely dangerous existence that frightened the Flame Lord’s Molten Core and Demon Dragon’s Crystal.

“Wait until I have time and I would slowly refine you! After refining, I would install you onto the Hui Jin Magic Blade. Let’s see if the blade would upgrade or not.” Yue Yang had thrown the mysterious pearl inside a small space in the Demon Suppressing Pagoda. With the Demon Suppressing Pagoda on hand, Yue Yang now felt that if he attacked the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace, maybe he would receive huge gains.

Yue Yang reckoned that the Heaven Realm warriors inside the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace were similar to the Dark Golden Specter. They would not truly die but would leave behind a mysterious item like the mysterious pearl.

Now that he has the Demon Suppressing Pagoda, he did not fear those kind of things. He could just pick and wrap all of them up, and slowly study them later.

Another thought flashed in Yue Yang’s head. Could the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace actually be an enlarged Demon Suppressing Pagoda?

Could it be a treasure that the Prison Emperor used to seal his enemies?

Of course, simply thinking about these matter was useless…Yue Yang had decided that before he attacked the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace, it would be best if he first entered the Puppet Palace and take a look at what treasures the Ghost Genius Yue Gong had left behind… For every additional treasure he had, the assurance of successfully conquering the Divine Palace would increase by a fold!

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