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LLS Chapter 323 – Rescue Mission Success, New Target!

Chapter 323 – Rescue Mission Success, New Target!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang kept the ugly monster’s magic crystal. He was interested in studying the monster’s pike-like poisonous thorns, strange-looking horns and even its flesh and skin which had automatic quick recovery power. Hence, he stuff all of them the monster’s parts into his Lich Ring.

The water pressure from the water flowing from the waterfall slowly break away the layer of ice.

The frozen lake slowly disintegrated into pieces.

Without the Yin Ability to maintain it, the ice slowly melted into water.

The Golden Tiger Shark was the happiest. There was another Gold-ranked Level 8 monster for it to feast upon. Furthermore, it wasn’t small like the Fishing Net Spider. Although this ugly monster had been exploded into pieces, there was enough meat for the Golden Tiger Shark to eat until it almost burst. Not only it, Feng Shao Yun’s, Yan Qian Zhong’s and all the others’ beasts were also feasting upon the pieces of the monster’s meat. In order to improve their son’s power, Yan Qian Zhong and Feng Shao Yun had even kept the hard horns that originally was on the monster’s head for their son. They wanted to make a weapon from it for their sons.

These horns were resistant to blades, fire and ice, and was extremely hard. If they could turn it into a weapon, it would be a treasure for Feng Qi Sha and Yan Po Jun.

Yue Yang was also preparing to give Ye Kong and Fatty Hai a few horns.

Although Ye Kong and Fatty Hai were not used to using weapons made from these monster’s horns, at least, they would have a choice to use it.

Maybe they would need it during some battles.

There’s nothing wrong in being well-prepared!

As for those poisonous thorns, Yue Yang had kept them all for himself. He could use them as poisonous spears to throw at a long distance in the future…

He might not need it to attack the Prison Emperor Divine Palace, because there were only souls there. However, attacking the Level 6 of Tong Tian Tower with just his fire bow and ice arrow would not be enough. He wouldn’t have enough ice arrow. Yue Yang heard from the Phoenix Fairy Beauty before that the monsters would come at them like tidal waves at Tong Tian Tower Level 6 and above. They were endless even though they keep killing the monsters.

These poisonous thorns can be turned into flying spears for long-ranged attack. Maybe it would be useful to push the enemies back.

“Son-in-law, where’s my precious daughter? My little Luo Hua?” The Eastern Sky King immediately asked Yue Yang when he returned.

“I left her in the world inside my grimoire. It’s too dangerous here, and there are a lot of water. What if she got drenched in water and catch a cold? If you want to meet her, I can call her out!” Yue Yang pretended to act like a good husband, as if he was very considerate towards Luo Hua City Mistress.

“No, no need. Let her rest well. I have came out from that damned Eastern Goblin Tribe’s place anyway, I can meet her any time, it’s not too late to meet her after we escape from this place! I have managed to come out of this alive, this time when I return, I have decided to pick a good day to marry you guys off. I don’t want any regrets.” The Eastern Sky King was a father that truly doted on his daughter. Although he missed his precious daughter, he immediately beamed with joy when he heard Yue Yang’s words. He felt that he had found a good son-in-law. Although this boy was a little unfaithful, he was very considerate and protective to his daughter.

“…” Jun Wu You strained his ears to eavesdrop, secretly thinking that this wasn’t good.

If the Eastern Sky King really married his daughter off in a grand way, everyone in the Soaring Dragon Continent would know about it.

If little Luo Hua would become the official first wife, then wouldn’t his daughter be a concubine?

In this polygamy, his daughter would probably not get the first wife’s position. It might not even be little Luo Hua. It would most probably be Xue Wu Xia, who was originally Yue Yang’s fiancee. There were Luo Hua and Yi Nan as rivals for the second wife’s position, if he was too slow, the highly respected, beautiful Princess Qian Qian of Da Xia Kingdom, who will become an Innate in the future, would end up becoming the Yue Clan Third Young Master’s concubine…

Although Jun Wu You was relatives and bosom friends with the Eastern Sky King, he would definitely not let this happen. He was still a father after all.

However, he had no authority to stop the Eastern Sky King’s urgent will to marry her daughter off.

Jun Wu You became extremely anxious.

Of course, Elder Yue Hai understood Jun Wu You’s thoughts. He chuckled, “We’ll definitely hold the marriage ceremony. However, we have not escaped danger right now, why don’t we all talk about this when we get out of here, so that everything will be resolved well?”

Jun Wu You understood that Elder Yue Hai wanted to help him. Postponing this matter was good enough as a buffer time.

He must not let Yue Yang agree to Eastern Sky King’s suggestion immediately. Otherwise, his daughter would really become a concubine.

He also knew that Yue Yang would not let her daughter down. Wu Xia, Luo Hua and Yi Nan would also not make things difficult for her precious daughter. But in the normal people’s eyes, his daughter’s value would really drop.

Qian Qian was still a princess after all!

As a highly respected Da Xia Princess, even though she couldn’t become an official wife, she must not become a concubine!

When Jun Wu You thought about this, he immediately decided. When they came out from this place, he must mention this matter to Yue Yang. He must not be careless anymore, otherwise his daughter would really lose her place.

The warriors from the two countries all gathered together. Feng Kuang, Eagle-eyed man, White Stone City master, Master GOlden Blade and the others all started to ask about the things that happened in the few months they left the Soaring Dragon Continent. When they heard about how the fake Yue Qiu had joined together with the Goblin Tribe, Demon Abyss, Thousand Goblins Sect, Green Summit Sect, Zi Jin Kingdom, Seven Great Bears Alliance, Great Emperor of Zi Wei Shun Tian and other great powers in order to take control of the Yue Clan, topple Da Xia and destroy the whole Soaring Dragon Continent, they were extremely shocked. When Yue Yang told them how he had killed the Green Summit Sect Leader Duan Mu Long Cheng and the Vice Sect Leader Moqi Xu Ling, and how the fake Yue Qiu and Demoon Innate Ranker Chi Liao was killed by Princess Qian Qian, Xue Wu Xia and the others, everyone was completely dumbstruck.

“You can kill the Seven Great Bears Alliance in one move?” Elder Yue Hai was exhilarated. This boy was really too powerful!

“That’s because they are Fake Innates. They levelled up through quick methods, hence they were not that powerful. The current Wu Xia and Qian Qian could even kill them right now.” Yue Yang nodded.

“…” Feng Shao Yun, Xue Wen Dao, Yan Qian Zhong and the others felt kind of embarrassed. As a part of the older generation, they felt a big pressure from the younger generation. Although they were Fake Innates, they were definitely not a match for the Seven Great Bear Alliance. Even if the for Clan Masters joined hands together to fight Yao Guang, they might not be able to defeat him. They never thought that Yue Yang could kill him instantly.

“Where’s Dong Liu? Why isn’t he here?” Master Golden Blade, White Stone City Master, Eastern Sky King and Western Sky King asked about the old fox, their old friend. They thought that it was weird not seeing him, who was a master in space manipulation.
(Shiro: Finally the old fox has a name!)

“Innates are prohibited from entering this space. He had already become an Innate, hence he wasn’t able to enter.” When Yue Yang explained, the Eastern Sky King and the others started spurting their saliva and coughed non-stop.

It was the first time Yue Yang heard the old fox’s name. Turns out that his name was “Shui Dong Liu”.
(Shiro: Name literally meant water that flows from the east)

Shui Dong Liu?

Could this name come from a river that flowed from the east?

With regards to the old fox’s name, Yue Yang guessed mischievously that the reason the old fox never told him his name was because his name sounded so wretched and lewd!
(Shiro: Sorry guys, I don’t get the joke at all… But basically there’s a verse from a poem titled “Oh When Will Autumn Moon and Spring Flowers End” by Li Yu that contains with Shui Dong Liu. If you guys understand the joke, do tell me… Here are the raws: 水东流?难道这名字出自一春江水向东流?对于老狐狸的名字,岳阳恶意地猜想,心想难怪老狐狸从来不自报家门说他叫什么,原来名字那么猥琐淫荡!)

As to how Yue Yang, who was an Innate, was able to enter the space, Eastern Sky King and the others were not wondering about it at all, because Yue Yang was an abnormality to begin with. However, the Eastern Sky King and the others were truly curious as to how the old fox who had encountered a bottleneck for decades and was unable to become an Innate, had suddenly become an Innate.

When Princess Qian Qian told them it was because of a Martial Spirit Pill, they immediately understood.

It was no wonder that the old fox had become an Innate. Turns out that Yue Yang had created a Martial Spirit Pill.

“I won’t mind not becoming an Innate, but you have to give me one Martial Spirit Pill!” Eastern Sky King patted Yue Yang’s shoulders, “Son-in-law, let’s count it as your betrothal gift!”

“I don’t have the materials right now. When I have the materials, I can give you one…’ Yue Yang was actually reminding these few important people from the Soaring Dragon Continent to own up if they have some good herbs inside their treasury. They could give them to him to create pills instead of letting them collect dust.

To Yue Yang, the Martial Spirit Pill wasn’t difficult to make. The difficult one was Martial God Pill and Rebirth Pill.

However, with the Qilin girl, Yue Yang felt that those pills wouldn’t be a problem.

The most difficult thing would be to gather the materials.

Yue Yang’s words immediately ignited the senior generation’s ambitious hearts.

Everyone’s talents were limited. Amongst the four great clans and the two royal households like Feng Shao Yun, Eastern Sky King and the others, were unable to level up to Level 7 Overlord, getting stuck at their Level 6 Advanced-Elder. The only one who could level up was Jun Wu You. The others could only store up their energy and continued to practice at Level 6 Advanced Elder. Some people weren’t able to improve even after practicing for decades, they had almost given up on their goals. Most of them turned towards raising their younger generations and manage their clan matters instead, working hard to raise a competent younger generation. For example, Yan Qian Zhong and Feng Shao Yun had already given up on levelling to Level 7 Overlord. Instead, they put their hopes onto Yan Po Jun and Feng Qi Sha.

Right now, if they could eat a Martial Spirit Pill, although they might not become an Innate, there would be a possibility for them to level up and become a Level 7 Overlord or a Level 8 Emperor.

They had enough strength, it’s just that they didn’t have the opportunity of breakthrough.

Martial Spirit Pill was the key to breaking through their bottleneck. As long as it was not an adventurer with no talent at all, he would definitely be able to level up.

“We’ll think of a way to gather the materials,but please make the Martial Spirit Pill!” As an emperor, Jun Wu You was kidnapped by the Eastern Goblin Tribe. Although he had returned safely, he still felt embarrassed.

He knew that the prime time for him to improve had passed, he might not get a chance to be an Innate, but he still needed to eat the Martial Spirit Pill.

He would definitely not be satisfied with Level 7 Overlord, he must become stronger.

In this Soaring Dragon Continent where the strong preys on the weak, the stronger the Emperor was, the more confident the citizens would be. Furthermore, other countries would also be deterred to attack them.

After the little gathering was over, they decided to continue swimming through the river in the cave and look for an exit.

With Yue Yang, the abnormal expert as their bodyguard. No matter what kind of strong monster they met on the way, they wouldn’t need to be afraid. Forget about the Eastern Sky King who loves to fight, even the elderly Elder Yue Hai and the emperor Jun Wu You would participate in the fight. The most excited ones would obviously be Feng Kuang and Eagle-eyed Man. They were both older than Yue Yang by one generation, so the difference between their ages weren’t that big. They still have potential in their career, hence they hoped to improve themselves even further.

Hence, they were the most hardworking ones, taking these battles as if it was their training.

Yan Po Jun and Feng Qi Sha who was unconscious due to their injuries, woke up after being healed by their fathers.

They were not able to fight against a Gold-ranked monster, they even had difficulties fighting against Silver-ranked monsters.

In this underground river in the Ancient Passage, there were only high-levelled monsters. There were not only Gold-ranked Level 6, there were even Silver-ranked Level 7, Bronze-ranked Level 8. Monsters below Bronze-ranked Level 6 was almost nowhere to be seen.

The group of people continued swimming down the river.

They avoided battles if they could and fight if they couldn’t, killing all the monsters blocking their way.

Three days later, they finally found the teleportation exit.

If Yue Yang, Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia were not there, they would not be able to leave this place unscathed with just their abilities alone.

“This was still the outskirts of God’s Ruin. I think, right now, we are at the bottom of the Death Canyon. There were so many terrifying monsters in this sealed space, I really can’t imagine what kind of strong monsters would there be inside the God’s Ruins. The difficulty level of the God’s Ruins Inner Area would probably as difficult as the Heaven Realm!” Jun Wu You let out a sigh of relief when they finally found a way to leave.

Yue Yang discovered many different teleportation point in front of the teleportation gate.

He thought that other than the exit, this underground karst cave would probably lead to various other areas.

For example, this karst cave was filled with water, so, there must be other passages that were filled with fire, earth, wind and others.

Furthermore, he had also not finished exploring the whole water karst cave. Yue Yang had avoided any areas that he sensed danger in, hence he had not truly explored the water karst cave. He had only entered from the entrance, followed the flow of water and found the exit…

How big was the water karst cave exactly, what kind of secrets does it holds?

Yue Yang and the others haven’t got a clue. Furthermore, neither of the monsters they met along the way were King Beasts.

There was definitely a King Beast in here.

It’s just that Yue Yang was in a hurry to rescue Jun Wu You and the others out, hence he didn’t have any time to explore the water karst cave and look for the Gold King Beast. He didn’t have the time to look for the king of the area.

Inside the water karst cave, would there be a secret treasure?

Yue Yang thought that a treasure would definitely exist here, but he didn’t have the time to look for it carefully. After finishing the Prison Emperor Divine Palace, his new target was to enter the Death Canyon and search for the mysterious God’s Ruins. Of course, when Princess Qian Qian and the others had the ability to protect themselves, Yue Yang would also want to go to Tong Tian Tower Level 6 and look around. In order to got to the Heaven Realm, he should first try to fight in the front lines of Level 6 Tong Tian Tower!

When they exited from the water karst cave, Yue Yang realized that they did not exit at the teleportation portal where the Ascetic Practice Saint and the others were protecting.

Of course, right now, it was not the time to worry about whether they can meet up again.

Yue Yang was worried that the Fallen Warriors and Eastern Goblin Tribe would ambush them, hence he decided to bring Jun Wu You and the others to his Yue Clan Castle after teleporting out from the Ancient Passage. He then personally looked for the old fox and the Ascetic Practice Saint, telling them the good news about how Jun Wu You and the others had escaped danger.

This was the correct move.

Yue Yang’s careful thoughts helped Jun Wu You and the others escape danger.

When Yue Yang returned to the Ancient Passage alone, he realized that a large amount of Eastern Goblin Tribe Rebel Army was fighting against the Ascetic Practice Saint and the others.

The rebel army’s power was not able to match up to the few Heavenly Imperial Guardians, but they were superior in numbers. The Ascetic Practice Saint and the others would definitely not be able to protect the safety of Jun Wu You and the others if they were there. There were simply too many Eastern Goblin Tribe soldiers!

“Go away!”

Yue Yang ignited Nirvana’s Flame in one hand and condensed a World Exterminating Wheel in the other, shooting them towards the Eastern Goblin Tribe Rebel Army.

With regards to Yue Yang’s terrifying abilities, the three commanders of the Eastern Goblin Tribe Rebel Army were rather worried.

When they saw how Yue Yang had rescued Jun Wu You and the others, rendering them unable to continue with their plan, they decided to give up surrounding them, retreating their whole forces. They decided to give up on their plans of kidnapping the Soaring Dragon Continent warriors. Originally, they thought that with the human warriors in their hands, they would be able to stop the humans from joining forces with Dragon Emperor. However, their chance to do that had disappeared, it was not worthwhile to fight to their deaths with these Heavenly Imperial Guardians. Furhtermore, there was also that strong enemy, Yue Yang…

The three commanders of the Rebel Army looked at Yue Yang closely before they left, as if they were trying to memorise his appearance. In the end, they led their forces to leave the Ancient Passage and return to the Outer Realms.

The only one that stayed behind was the Pipa Goblin General that Yue Yang had met before.

She smiled towards Yue Yang and said, “You have improved once again. It has only been a few months since we last seen each other, but you have improved so much. I really envied the human race!”

The seductive girl walked away gracefully while playing a soft melody on her Pipa.

Slowly, she disappeared from Yue Yang’s sight.

Yue Yang breathed a sigh of relief.

That Pipa Goblin General was definitely not a simple person. Although she wasn’t famous in the Soaring Dragon Continent at all, she might be a terrifying existence like the Phoenix Fairy beauty in the Outer Realms or within the Eastern Goblin Tribesmen… Right now, it would not be easy to make an enemy out of her, because Yue Yang would still need to attack the Prison Emperor Divine Palace in his top condition. He had to challenge the Heaven Realm warriors that had been sealed for thousands of years and might even need to fight with their two strongest warriors.

Although they were only souls, they were once the two strongest warriors of the Heaven Realm!

These two souls which had been sealed for six thousand years would become the strongest enemies that Yue Yang had ever met. They were also his new targets in this short-term period.

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