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LLS Chapter 322 – Gold-ranked Level 8? Instant Kill!

Chapter 322 – Gold-ranked Level 8? Instant Kill!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Update: The missing paragraph – Jun Wu You and the others were very agitated. (Sorry I missed that)

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The monster that Yue Yang was attacking looked extremely grotesque. It looked like a fish with horns and a worm with claws.

The monster had ten octopus’ tentacles-like limbs that were filled with thorns and and suction pads of different sizes. The tentacles also had a big bloody mouth on its ends, which was equipped with pike-like venomous stings. Its body was as huge as a mountain, and it had the ability to change its shape. It could split its skin any time and reveal a terrifying mouth with shark’s teeth, like an amoeba.

Its eyes were at the top of its head, buried within its flesh.

There were countless of eyes on both of its sides.

The monster had horns on its head. It had dozens of sharp horns covering the whole top part of its head.

Seems like it wasn’t only a mean to protect itself, it was also an attacking weapon.

Yue Yang’s Fire and Ice Ability smashed down to the ground. If it were the Corrosive Ghost-faced Crab, it would have definitely exploded and died.

However, this strange monster had become berserked instead when it received Yue Yang’s Fire and Ice Ability. It wasn’t injured very seriously… Strictly speaking, it had only received the sharp cut of Yue Yang’s Crescent Moon Blade and Hui Jin Magic Blade, the Fire and Ice Ability didn’t have a huge effect on it. Its smooth skin seemed to have a resistance to fire and ice. Yue Yang saw that even though its skin caught fire, it would very quickly be put out. As for ice, it would only freeze its body a little and slow down its movements, but the effects would be greatly reduced after a while and it recovered completely.

Yue Yang was extremely surprised with this result. It was actually resistant towards fire and ice?

What kind of monster is this actually?

There were a lot of monsters with resistance to fire, but there were very few monsters with resistance to both fire and ice, two colliding elements.

“Careful, this fellow is resistant to fire and physical attacks, it’s extremely hard to deal with!” Feng Kuang, Feng Shao Yun, Xue Wen Dao, Yan Qian Zhong, Eastern Sky King, Western Sky King and the others were initially fighting the monster, but they immediately retreated when they saw Yue Yang, leaving the battle to the Innate Ranker. Feng Kuang shouted to Yue Yang to warn him, “It can heal itself, so it’s resistant to cuts and wounds. You have to think of another way!”

“…” Of course Yue Yang had a way to deal with this monster. Even if it was resistant to fire, Nirvana’s Flame would definitely burn it to death.

As long as it wasn’t a pure lifeform, Nirvana Flame would definitely burn every life forms and objects. Even souls and spirit would not be able to defend against its purifying ability. If it was powerful and had a strong will, the purifying process would take a long time, but it would still be effective. There was no existence in the world that could resist the Nirvana’s Flame.

Even Phoenix Fairy Beauty was burnt to the point that she wanted to die.

If it weren’t for Yue Yang, she wouldn’t be able to withstand the power of Nirvana’s Flame Pillar on her own.

Because Nirvana’s Flame was an existence that was completely pure, it could destroy anything in the world that had even a little of impurity in it. However, it also had the special ability of rebirth, which was why people revered it as the number one flame in the world. There was no competition for this first place, because no other flames or willpower could affect the Nirvana Flame. The Nirvana Flame could burn and purify everything, even fire.

Yue Yang might the only warrior in history who had full control of Nirvana’s Flame.

Of course this had something to do with the two phoenixes.

Other than Nirvana’s Flame, Yue Yang also had the World Exterminating Wheel.

He had the World Exterminating Wheel which was imbued with Immemorial, Ancient and Heaven Runes. This also made him an existence that had never existed before. If Yue Yang used this ability, even Shun Tian, the extremely strong ranker would also have a hard time dealing with it.

The reason that Yue Yang wasn’t able to fully showcase the World Exterminating Wheel’s power was not because he didn’t have enough power, it was because Yue Yang wasn’t able to fully control its movements yet.

Other than these two skills, Yue Yang still had a lot of ultimate moves to kill his enemies.

Forget about the Innate Invisible Sword Qi, even the fire bow and ice arrow that Yue yang created was extremely formidable.

However, Yue Yang didn’t use all these.

Instead, he started condensing his Star Explosion quietly.

Just as the grotesque and greedy monster was about to swallow Yue Yang whole with its huge bloody mouth, Yue Yang threw his Star Explosion into its mouth and quickly teleported away.

However, the monster didn’t seem to be affected by this kind of attack. Seems like its internal organs also had high defensive power.

“It can also swallow shock waves!” Master Golden Blade warned Yue Yang loudly. He had also used the opportunity to unleash his sword slash wave when the monster was opening its mouth, but unexpectedly, it was completely uninjured.
(Shiro: Master Golden Blade is from chapter 38, the building owner of the inn that was destroyed because of Demon King Ha Xin)

Yue Yang clenched his fist. This was him trying to activate his Domain of Power.

His Domain of Power, the ‘Star Explosion’, which was as small as a ball right now suddenly exploded within the ugly monster’s stomach.

The ugly monster could indeed swallow shock waves and energy.

But it also depends on what kind of energy.

For example, an ant had the ability to move a grain of rice. This was within its range of power. To the ant, easily lifting a grain of rice was already a big deal, but if it was asked to move a boulder instead, no matter how strong the little ant was, it wouldn’t be able to move the boulder at all.

If Master Golden Blade’s sword shock wave was as big as a grain of rice, then Yue Yang’s condensed Domain of Power ‘Star Explosion’ was like a five thousand kilograms boulder.

A big, bloodied hole immediately burst open in that greedy ugly monster’s stomach.

Its tentacle like limbs, the sharp horns on its head, its ugly eyes and internal organs all exploded out like a fountain.

With Yue Yang’s Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, he had even seen a black-coloured pearly flying out of its body


That must be a good item!

Yue Yang quietly took it and stored it inside the Lich Ring. He then looked back at the monster whose body had already been halfway destroyed. That monster was actually still alive…

Jun Wu You and the others were very agitated.

They had fought against that monster for more than half a day, but not only were they not able to kill this ugly and greedy monster, they were even almost killed by it. However, Yue Yang destroyed half of its body with just one attack. Seems like Innate Rankers were really different. Feng Kuang and Feng Shao Yun, Xue Wen Dao and the others could only look at each other and smiled bitterly. They all thought that Yue Yang, whom they had not seen for a few months had become even stronger than before. Right now, he even had a ‘Domain’. This kind of improvement was practically lightning fast… It was a pity that Feng Qi Sha and Yan Po Jun, who were at the same generation as him was still a Level 6 [Elder], even after having gone through so much, almost dying by the hands of the Eastern Goblin Tribe.

Level 7 [Overlord] was like a huge mountain that was blocking the way of these two genius youngsters.

How could they be compared to Yue Yang, whom had not only reached Innate, but even mastered his Domain of Power, which only an Innate of at least Level 5 and above could possess.

It was really frustrating to compare themselves to another person!

“Eh?” Yue Yang realized that the monster whose half body had already been destroyed would slowly recover from its injuries. Although its body had already been mostly destroyed, new flesh and skin had actually grew again. Within five minutes, it had returned back to its original condition.

Of course, its power was greatly reduced. It looked a little different from its aggressive appearance just now.

Other than requiring a lot of energy to recover its destroyed body, Yue Yang thought that the reason for this monster’s weakening must be because it had lost the pearl that he had already stored inside his Lich Ring. Seems like there was some kind of hidden power inside that black-coloured pearl!

Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian talked a few words with Jun Wu You, Elder Yue Hai and the others. The moment they saw that the monster had recovered, they immediately came over to Yue Yang to help.

Seeing that her daughter had thrown her father aside and chased after her lover, Jun Wu You couldn’t help but to look at Elder Yue Hai, smiling bitterly and shaking his head.

Seems like he couldn’t run away from this ill-fated relationship anymore.

In the future, titles and seniority must be separated, otherwise it would become a mess.

If he pretended not to care, it would be a selfish of him. They definitely hoped to get the approval from both families before they could get married happily. It’s just that the moment he approved, the seniority between their families would become awkward. Jun Wu You had seen a lot of things after returning from the Eastern Goblin Tribe. He thought that his daughter wouldn’t be at a disadvantage with Yue Yang. No matter what, he was still an Innate son-in-law after all. If it were another person, they might even fought each other to marry their daughters off to Yue Yang. For example, that coarse Eastern Sky King. He didn’t even think about his reputation or anything else, he had straight away visit Yue Yang and immediately helped his daughter to attain her lifetime happiness.

That fellow was truly a qualified father!

Xue Wu Xia held Yue Yang’s hand and started to condense her Ice Ability.

The temperature of the whole area suddenly plunged.

With Yue Yang’s Innate Qi’s help, how terrifying would the blizzard created from Yue Yang’s and Xue Wu Xia’s combined Yin Ability be, given that they had the most compatibility for their [Body Fusion]?

The answer could be seen on Jun Wu You’s and the other’s faces.

Jun Wu You and the others realized that ten seconds ago, the temperature was still normal. However, the breaths that they breathed out had suddenly turned into fog. The lake surface was turbulent due to the shock waves from the battles. However, the lake was very quickly freezing into ice with a speed that can be seen with naked eyes.

Snow floated down to the ground as the ice on the lake surface continued to thicken. In the end, even when the White Stone City master’s Beast stepped onto the ice surface, it was able to bear its weight which was more than a ton and did not even crack. When Feng Kuang and the others saw this, they were overwhelmed with shock. Turns out not only Yue Yang was the abnormal one, Xue Wu Xia was also terrifying… She might not be an Innate yet, but she was really close. As long as she improved a little more, she would definitely become an Innate.

The Eagle-eyed man thought that even the Vice Principal, the old fox, had never made him felt so much pressure when he unleashed his energy before.

Is there going to be another 20 year old Innate?

Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai looked at each other, showing happiness and excitement.

They knew that she was definitely helped by Yue Yang. Otherwise, no matter how talented Xue Wu Xia was, she wouldn’t be able to become an Inmate at twenty years old.

They didn’t care about those little couple or lovers things, they only knew that Da Xia Kingdom would have a new Innate Ranker soon. The two people, who hoped that Da Xia could last thousands of years and surviving many generations was of course happy that a new Innate would appear and help to protect the younger generations.


Yue Yang suddenly poinited his ten fingers towards Princess Qian Qian, who was standing on Yue Yang’s right, as she shouted loudly.

Her Qi which was like a gust of hurricane released from her body.

The impact from shock wave that was released almost unbalanced Yan Qian Zhong, Feng Shao Yun, Xue Wen Dao and the other strong warriors. The Eagle-eyed man had almost fell down from the gust of wind. As for Yan Po Jun and Feng Qi Sha who was unconscious, they were almost blown ten metres away. Fortunately the White Stone City Master and Master Golden Blade had caught them in time. With regards to Princess Qian Qian’s explosion of power, the senior generations had received another shock.

She, she was also a Lesser Innate?

Since when did becoming an Innate become so easy?

“…” Jun Wu You’s eyes became unbelievably big. He didn’t even dare to recognize his own daughter now.

“Good, good job!” Elder Yue Hai stroked his beard happily. Isn’t this a good thing? He had gained another Lesser Innate daughter-in-law. Yue Yang was simply too capable. He not only had a lot of wives, everyone of them was also competing with each other. He didn’t see Luo Hua and Yi Nan, so he didn’t know, but Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia were already Lesser Innates. If all of them joined the Yue Household, wouldn’t the Yue Clan have three Innates then?

Yue Yang led Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian as they flew in the sky.

Xue Wu Xia was charging her Yin Ability and was preparing to completely freeze the monster which was initially moving very slowly into an ice statue… Yue Yang carried Princess Qian Qian forward.

In the sky, there seemed to be a white tiger’s roar.

A Sword Qi that was a few metres long extended out from Princess Qian Qian’s sword.

As Princess Qian Qian waved her sword, the Sword Qi cut through the air and quickly slashed through the monster which had been frozen into an ice statue.

Through the process of swinging the sword, Princess Qian Qian’s left hand had held Yue Yang’s right hand tightly all the while. With the help of his Innate Qi and her White Tiger’s ability, her Emperor’s Sword Qi released a slash that was more than ten metres long.

That slash’s seemed to have the power to split the sky and the earth.

With one slash, the ice statue was cut to half.

“Tiger attack!”

Princess Qian Qian’s voice sent a shockwave through the ground the moment she shouted. This was the Tiger’s Roar that Yue Yang had meticulously improved for her.

At the sound of this roar, the ice statue that had been slashed into two crumbled.

It suddenly break into millions of ice blocks.

Jun Wu You, Elder Yue Hai and other senior generations were completely dumbstruck watching the scene before them. They simply couldn’t believe what they had seen. This, this was still a Gold-ranked Level 8 King Beast. Was it really killed by Yue Yang and the two girls with one move, just like that?

Could an Innate kill a Gold-ranked Level 8 monster in an instant?

This, isn’t this quite impossible?

Furthermore, Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia were still Lesser Innates!

Yue Yang didn’t care about their reaction. He was fully occupied with looking for the ugly monster’s magic crystal. In his heart, what does a Gold-ranked Level 8 monster even matter? He had killed a lot of Holy Beasts and Innate Rankers anyway.

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