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LLS Chapter 321 – A Meteor With Fire and Ice

Chapter 321 – A Meteor With Fire and Ice
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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How could there suddenly be Gold-ranked Level 6 Corrosive Ghost-faced Crabs surfacing here?

This kind of situation would never be seen in Soaring Dragon Continent. In Soaring Dragon Continent or lower levels of Tong Tian Tower, the moment a Gold-ranked beast appeared, it would usually be a King Beast.

However, Yue Yang’s Heaven Eyes Divine Vision could see that neither of these Corrosive Ghost-faced Crabs were King Beasts. Only their levels were high.

In other words, they were merely useless troops, yet they were already so powerful.

If a Demon King Beast suddenly appeared here, Yue Yang might not have a problem dealing with it, but Jun Wu You and the others would probably have a hard time fighting it!


Princess Qian Qian brandished her great sword and released her White Tiger’s ability as she slashed right at the Corrosive Ghost-faced Crab’s eyes. Usually, crabs’ weakness would be their eyes. Warriors would usually aim and damage this part heavily, cutting it deep with a sharp blade. The moment their blades caused damages to the Giant Crab’s eyes, it would be destined on a path of defeat. Of course, not only Giant Crabs, almost all beasts’ weakness would be their eyes. The only exception was those scary-looking insects which possessed hundreds of eyes on their face.

With regards to the hard shell of the Giant Crabs, it would be useless to attack the crab’s back or its two claws. They would only make scratches.

A warrior should first attack their eyes and remove their sense of sight. This was the most effort saving method.

Princess Qian Qian unleashed her combo attack, enforced with her White Tiger Ability and Emperor’s Sword, attacking the Corrosive Ghost-faced Crab incessantly.

However, with its quick reaction, strong outer shell and shrinking ability, it could easily shrink its eyes to its socket, rendering Princess Qian Qian’s attack useless.

The Corrosive Ghost-faced Crab’s eyes was different from other beasts. Its eyes looked like a snail’s, but they were not soft. Even the stem of their eyes were enforced with strong armor, making it look like a long hammer. It could shrink its eyes inside its shell and protrude it outwards. Its eye sockets were also covered by eyelids that made it very difficult for warriors to cut its ‘only weakness’ with a sword.

If Princess Qian Qian’s blow wasn’t that strong, it would not even pull its eyes back into its sockets.

“Be more careful!” Yue Yang couldn’t help but to warn her. This darkness-type Corrosive Ghost-faced Crab beast was a little cunning, one shouldn’t assume anything when fighting it.

“I know.” Princess Qian Qian was fully confident, she felt that she would have no problem at all defeating the crab alone.

The current Princess Qian Qian was no longer the Princess Qian Qian that Yue Yang had first met.

On the water surface on the other side, Xue Wu Xia, Storm Mermaid and Stone-element Medusa were fighting against two crabs.

Xue Wu Xia and the others had adopted a different strategy than Princess Qian Qian… They didn’t attack often, but when they did, they would unleash a deadly surprise attack, a combination of thunder and ice. The moment they attacked, their enemies would be heavily injured and die on the spot. The Stone-element Medusa were also waiting for the right opportunity. The moment the giant crab open its mouth, it would shoot a fiery arrow that had petrification effect into its mouth.

Storm Mermaid was taunting the crabs in front, it could swim ten times faster than the crabs.

If needed, she could summon a whirlpool that could throw the crabs into the sky or sink them to the bottom of the water at any time.

Other than being responsible for providing support in case of emergency, Yue Yang was also secretly monitoring the movements of the rest of the Corrosive Ghost-faced Crabs. This was a battle opportunity that was hard to come by, so he decided to let Princess Qian Qian fight on her own as a warm-up practice before entering the Prison Emperor Divine Palace.

He had already flown to the place where there were human-like footprints the moment Princess Qian Qian waved her sword. When he observed them closely, he realized that those weren’t Jun Wu You and the others’ tracks. It was actually holes made from emission of methane gas. It looked like human footprints from the outside. Of course, these holes might also be the masterpiece left by the Corrosive Ghost-faced Crab’s bubbles… Yue Yang didn’t feel any human presence at all, and he decided not to explore the Corrosive Ghost-faced Crabs’ underground tunnel to see if there were any treasures hidden inside. At this moment, rescuing Jun Wu You, Elder Yue Hai and the others were their most important priority. When he saw the rest of the Corrosive Ghost-faced Crabs all coming out of their tunnel, intending to surround him, he immediately took out his new Crescent Moon Blade and ignited it with his purple flames, creating a fiery dragon with his Yang Ability.

Fire was the best method to deal with beasts.

Of course, with the exception of fire-type monsters.

Those few Ghost-faced Crabs immediately spouted out a wave of disgusting mud, in an attempt to stop the fiery dragon.

They were extremely quick. Two crabs immediately moved to the sides, while the other one drilled into the sand and came out from the water, slashing its giant claws as it ruthlessly attacked Yue Yang.

If these giant crab’s claws managed to capture its enemy, it looked like it could even break a Giant Mammoth’s leg. However, the enemy it had met was Yue Yang. Amongst the younger generation, Yue Yang was definitely worthy of the nickname “Gold-ranked Beasts Killer”. The number Gold-ranked monsters that had fallen under Yue Yang’s hands was uncountable.

“I’ll give you a taste of fire and ice!” Yue Yang waved his blade and activated his Yin Ability. In an instant, the surrounding air around him turned freezing cold.

The giant crab had been frozen to ice before it could manage to reach Yue Yang’s body.

Its movements became extremely slow.

The Corrosive Ghost-faced Crab that was trying to attack Yue Yang immediately tried to escape, afraid of the purple flames that was coming down at it from the sky… Yue Yang took out his Hui Jin Magic Blade with his other hand and ruthlessly cut through the frozen giant crab. Flames crackled as the giant crab’s body was immediately burnt by Yue Yang’s fire. As its body was enveloped in ice, its claws that were covered with hairs were also burning. The Ghost-faced Crab immediately tried to open its mouth to spout mud to put out the fire in its claws, but Yue Yang shot the fiery dragon into its mouth when it opened it.

It was like that Ghost-faced Crab had fallen into a pot of boiling water. It struggled with all its might.

“I’ll let you die ‘cooly’!” He activated his Yin Ability on his Crescent Moon Blade and ruthlessly slashed at the crab’s mouth which was burning in flames.

In an instant, the Ghost-faced Crab’s mouth become frozen. Even its eyes were also frozen.

Within 10 seconds, the collision between Yue Yang’s Fire and Ice ability had caused a great explosion within the Ghost-faced Crab’s mouth. All of its innards, meat and other things exploded all over the ground.

Seeing its comrade die tragically, the two other Ghost-faced Crab reacted quickly and immediately drilled into the mud with their claws, running far away from Yue Yang, their nemesis.

On the other side, Xue Wu Xia had already frozen the Corrosive Ghost-faced Crab in front of her.

Although that Ghost-faced Crab wasn’t dead yet, it would definitely not be able to escape into the mud alive. Meanwhile, with the other Ghost-faced Crab, the Stone Element Medusa shot her gold arrow to its eyes. It started to change in colour into grey, slowly turning into stone. The Ghost-faced Crab wanted to escape underwater, but the Storm Mermaid was a master controller of water underwater. A gigantic water pillar shot the Ghost-faced Crab huge body up to the water surface, and Xue Wu Xia finished it with a thunder attack.

In an instant, that Gold-ranked Level 6 Ghost-faced Crab had become a completely charred roasted crab.

However, this Ghost-faced Crab was actually still alive.

Its vitality was extremely strong, it was simply out of Xue Wu Xia’s imagination.

The Stone-element Medusa possess the fake Nirvana Flame in her snake hair that Yue Yang gave her in the Gemini Temple. Although it couldn’t compare to the real Nirvana Flame, its power was still something that a normal monster could never defend against.

The Stone Element Medusa’s snake hair open their mouths, and fiery arrows were shot out towards the frozen Ghost-faced Crab’s mouth and eyes…

This was a little different from the ‘Fire and Ice Collision’ that Yue Yang had created, but the effect was close.

The energy between ice and fire collided and created a huge explosion.

The explosion caused a huge wave, splashing water to the sky. The Ghost-faced Crab’s jaw and eyes exploded into far distance.

The Ghost-faced Crab was still not dead yet, but the Ghost-faced Crab, which was on the verge of death, had no more strength to struggle. Its body and claws crumbled to the ground. Storm Mermaid summoned a wave to push it back to the shores, breaking its two claws in the process.

Seeing that Yue Yang and Xue Wu Xia had both defeated their opponents, Princess Qian Qian was anxious.

She had completely mutilated the Corrosive Ghost-faced Crab in front of her, but she was still unable to give it the finishing blow.

Of course, it wasn’t because her strength was lacking. It was because the great sword in her hands was not a good weapon, it was just a Bronze-ranked Heavy Sword… Previously, her great sword had broken countless times, and in the end it was even destroyed when the fake Yue Qiu demon had spouted his deadly light attack on her. She had no weapon to call her own. Even though the Da Xia Kingdom Treasury possess a lot of high-levelled weapons, they don’t have great swords, which she was used to using.

Yue Yang had wanted to make her a great sword before, however, these few days, she had been forcing him to train with her so that she could become an Innate quickly. He didn’t have time to make the sword for her.

A mere Bronze-ranked Weapon wouldn’t be able to fully showcase Princess Qian Qian’s power.


Seeing that the Ghost-faced Crab was trying to escape, Princess Qian Qian immediately pursued it, leaping high up to the ground. When her body landed to the ground, she activated her Emperor’s Sword Qi on her Bronze-ranked Great Sword again and unleashed her White Tiger Ability, shooting right into the crab’s mouth.

Her great sword which was almost two-metres long pierced all the way into the crab until its handle.

Just as Princess Qian Qian thought that she had defeated her enemy, that Ghost-faced Crab whose vitality was extremely strong, suddenly sprouted a black-coloured corrosive substance from its injured mouth.

Princess Qian Qian protected her face with her arms, retreating quickly.

Her whole body was covered with Silver-ranked Heavy Armour, hence a normal corrosive substance wouldn’t be able to injure her body.

However, this corrosive substance had actually corroded her Silver Armour away, producing a crackling sound as it melted her armour into green liquid. Yue Yang was extremely shocked and quickly teleported to her side. He quickly slashed his Crescent Moon Blade and cut away her heavy armour piece by piece. He also recklessly removed the corroded armour with his right hand, so as to avoid her body getting corroded away.

In less than 2 seconds, Yue Yang had stripped away Princess Qian Qian’s armour and turn her into a freshly shaven sheep.

“Careful!” Xue Wu Xia warned loudly.

“Woosh, woosh…” The stems of the eyes of the Ghost-faced Crab suddenly exploded, shooting two green-coloured water arrows towards Yue Yang and Princess Qian Qian.

Princess Qian Qian didn’t care about herself, her natural reaction was to hug Yue Yang tight and jump to the back.

She held Yue Yang as they avoided the two water arrows ambush.

When she finally returned to her senses, she realized that their current position was extremely misleading. As she had hugged Yue Yang’s head in her chest, Yue Yang’s face was buried between her breast which was completely bare. Princess Qian Qian was extremely embarrassed, she had wanted to say something, but Yue Yang pretended that he did not see anything. He simply examined Princess Qian Qian’s body from head to toe closely, and finally sighed a breath of relief when he saw that there were no injuries on her body. It was completely flawless and did not have any traces of corrosion at all.

Princess Qian Qian covered her breasts with one hand and punched Yue Yang with her other hand as she shouted, “What are you doing?!”

Yue Yang finally came back to his senses. He understood that the tigress girl was embarrassed.

Actually, her clothes would be destroyed whenever they practiced [Body Fusion]. It was not like she had never seen her snow white breasts before, he just pretended not to see anything. Of course, the tigress girl still cared about her reputation, so he laughed out awkwardly, “I thought you were injured just now. Fortunately you are not injured at all!”

Princess Qian Qian felt both embarrassed and touched. She glared at him and said, “You are the one who will get injured. You don’t even know how to avoid water arrow when it was shot towards you. Fool! Blockhead!”

“I have Five Colours of Divine Light. Furthermore, it was only a little poisonous water arrow, it won’t have any effect on me.” Yue Yang laughed out.

“Annoying. You are an idiot!” Princess Qian Qian had just remembered that he possessed the Five Colours of Divine Light, all kinds of poison was like tonic to him. She was simply too anxious just now, her natural reflex was to protect him. Then, had she actually allowed him to take advantage of her? When she thought about it that way, her face immediately blushed red. She saw the clothes that Yue Yang had brought to her was actually hers, not Yue Bing’s, she felt a sweet taste in her heart. However, her mouth still blamed him, “Who asks you to take off other people’s clothes so casually? What? You even have my underwear? You pervert!”

She was completely embarrassed when she saw that Yue Yang had even kept her panties and bras. She immediately raised her hands and swore to never forgive him.

Xue Wu Xia pretended not to see anything.

As for Stone-element Medusa and Storm Mermaid, they watched the show very interestedly. At the same time, they learnt different types of human behaviours. To them, these kind of intimate human interactions and feelings were something that they lacked in their lives. If they wanted to become a Holy Beast, they would first need to learn from their master.

Putting on her clothes in lightning speed, Princess Qian Qian continued to bombard Yue Yang’s chest with punches because she simply couldn’t bear the shame.

At the same time, this would stop that brat from looking at her with pervy eyes.

After they dug the crab’s Magic Crystals, Yue Yang didn’t continue to pursue the remaining Corrosive Ghost-faced Crabs in the underground tunnel.

As for the corpses of the Ghost-faced Crabs, he only took a few of their giant pincers. He gave up the crab shell and other parts. Originally, those would make a very good armor material.

However, their priority right now was to find the missing people, so they decided to let go of shells and whatsoever.

They went back to their path just now and continued to follow the flow.

The reason why they couldn’t find any trace of them in the water could only be because Jun Wu You and the other warriors had followed down the stream, hence the water flow had washed their smell away. Their remaining smell was extremely faint, and it was also mixed with the smell of the monsters in the water. Even the Golden Tiger Shark who had a very sensitive sense of smell couldn’t differentiate them. Following the stream, they met various different weird looking water monsters. They were at least Bronze-ranked, but were mostly Silver-ranked. A small number of Gold-ranked beasts could also be seen from time to time.

In this Ancient Passage, the monsters were at least at the level of Tong Tian Tower Fifth Floor.

Princess Qian Qian was a little anxious, afraid that something had happened to her father.

It wasn’t easy for them to be released by the Eastern Goblin Tribe, yet now they had to go through so many twists and turns.

“There seemed to be new leads? It’s blood traces!” The Golden Tiger Shark suddenly smelled a fresh scent of blood and started swimming as fast as an arrow. When it arrived to the place, Yue Yang realized that there were some blood traces on a rock surface in front of them. The blood had not congealed yet, hence proving that the injured person had not left that place for very long.

The appearance of the blood trace made Princess Qian Qian really worried that her father and the other warriors had met with a strong monster. She was afraid that their lives were in danger. Her heart was beating very quickly.

Yue Yang comforted her as they continued to search forward.

In front, the river suddenly turned into a cliff with a gigantic waterfall. The Golden Tiger Shark which was swimming at full speed wasn’t able to stop in time, hence it jumped down the waterfall with Yue Yang and the others on its back. The bottom of the waterfall couldn’t be seen, Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia held Yue Yang tightly as they felt the excitement of falling from a high place, screaming their lungs out.

Before falling into the water below, Yue Yang held the two girls as he resisted air with his Innate Qi. They floated in the air and descended slowly.

However, the Golden Tiger Shark was left to shoot into the water below like an artillery shell, inciting a ten-metre tall water splash.

Xiao Wen Li re-appeared with a rainbow light and pointed at the direction in front.

She finally sensed an accurate location. There were people in front!

Yue Yang couldn’t wait for the disoriented Golden Tiger Shark to get his bearings and swim forward. He carried the two girls as they traversed the water, flying forward.

The more they advanced, the thicker the smell of blood was. In the end, even Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia could feel it too. After advancing for a few kilometres, there was another gigantic sandy beach. Yue Yang, Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia saw Jun Wu You, Elder Yue Hai and the other warriors fighting desperately against a huge monster. That monster looked grotesque, but it was extremely strong. It didn’t even mind being surrounded, instead, it was pushing the warriors back. The younger generations, Yan Po Jun and Feng Qi Sha, had fainted due to their injuries. Even the Eagle-eyed man who was quite strong, was covered with blood all over his body.

Seems like the smell of blood that they smelled through the way was his.

When Yue Yang saw the critical situation, he didn’t even bother to greet Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai anymore. He immediately shouted out and took out his Crescent Moon and Hui Jin Magic Blade. Activating his Yin and Yang Abilities, he shot forward and slashed at the gigantic monster…

“It’s fine now, that boy finally come.” When Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai saw Yue Yang shooting towards them like a meteor with fire and ice in his two blades, they finally let out a sigh of relief.

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