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LLS Chapter 320 – Corrosive Ghost-faced Crab

Chapter 320 – Corrosive Ghost-faced Crab
Translated by: Shioryukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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After she levelled up to Innate Level 10, Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s attitude changed a lot.

Right now, Phoenix Fairy Beauty, who was initially at odds with the girls, would give a welcoming smile to Princess Qian Qian even when her face was as stiff as a wooden plank. Everyday, she would either study Heaven Runes with the sickly beauty or talk about the [Body Fusion] experience with Xue Wu Xia. Otherwise, she would coach Yue Yu and Yi Nan on behalf of Yue Yang. Of course, she treated Yue Yang the best. She would call him with her special nickname for him, ‘little thief’, with her uniquely clear voice, enhanced with her [Charm] Inherent Skill and a honeyed tone. She was so sweet that even Yue Bing who didn’t know anything about the relationship between men and women felt goosebumps when she heard Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s voice.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty, who was originally a little lazy, only eating or sleeping everyday, suddenly became very diligent now.

She cultivated as if she was obsessed.

As long as Yue Yang was free, she would immediately drag him to practice [Body Fusion].

She, who had now broken through her bottleneck and levelled up to Innate Level 10, had a new goal now.

And that was to become an Innate Elder!

According to Phoenix Fairy Beauty, Innate Elder was another kind of Innate Realm. It was higher than Innate Realm and was similarly separated to ten levels. Of course, Innate Level 10 was equivalent to Innate Elder Level 1. With this new starting point, Phoenix Fairy Beauty would obviously not give up the opportunity to catch up to her elder sister.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty didn’t tell Yue Yang what was Zhi Zun’s Innate Elder Level, and she also did not mention that she was Zhi Zun’s younger sister.

However, Yue Yang had already suspected it long ago.

This was because Phoenix Fairy Beauty looked a lot like Zhi Zun, especially those bouncing boobs of hers that were as high as mountain peaks. Other than these pair of sisters, Yue Yang had never seen anyone else with such beautiful breasts. Furthermore, the two people had similar histories. Zhi Zun ever told Yue Yang that she had a rebellious younger sister, which resulted in her giving Yue Yang unlimited freedom.

Of course, the Bouncing Boobs Lady did not say anything. Yue Yang and the other girls also did not mention anything.

Everyday, Yue Yang would channel some Innate Qi to Phoenix Fairy Beauty to purify the energy in her body. He would also use Nirvana Flame sometimes.

However, the focus on [Body Fusion] cultivation was not on Phoenix Fairy Beauty, who had levelled up to Innate Level 10. It was on Princess Qian Qian, who was preparing to break into the Innate Realm.

With Yue Yang’s assistance and the influence from her love rival, Princess Qian Qian had improved by leaps and bounds these few days. She had originally needed a month to become an Innate, but she was thinking of breaking through the Innate Realm in 22 days now. If not for Yue Yang who advised her to wait two more days in case over hastiness led to unnecessary injuries, Princess Qian Qian had even wanted to break through the Innate Realm 2 days ago.

In the end, under Yue Yang’s assistance, Princess Qian Qian decided to break through the Innate Realm on the 25th day.

Just as she was filled with confidence and was thinking of fulfilling her dreams, something suddenly happened and messed up her whole plan.

The Old Fox had suddenly arrived into the Little Flower Garden, bringing along a happy yet surprising news. Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai, as well as other Rankers from Da Xia and Tian Luo had been released by the Dragon Emperor of the Eastern Goblin Tribe. They were escorted by two Heavenly Imperial Guardians, and had entered one of the Ancient Passage of God’s Ruins because the Fallen Warriors and Eastern Goblin Tribe Rebel Army had suddenly ambushed them. The State Grandmaster of Da Xia was forced to open an emergency teleportation portal to send Jun Wu You and the others into another Ancient Passage that no one had stepped on for a long time.

In the end, when the Heavenly Imperial Guardians could finally push the enemies back, they realized that they couldn’t enter into the teleportation gate leading to the Ancient Passage as an Innate Ranker, due to the restrictions imposed by the place.

The Old Fox had also levelled up to an Innate, hence he was powerless.

The only idea he had was to come here and see if the abnormal boy Yue Yang had a great idea to share. Maybe Yue Yang, the abnormal Innate, could enter. His level was still recorded as a Level 4 Champion in his grimoire after all. He was not even a Level 5 Grandmaster.

If Yue Yang could not enter the Ancient Passage, then the Old Fox wanted Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia to try entering and rescue Jun Wu You, Elder Yue Hai and the others out.

“Can we enter into the grimoire world and sneak inside the Ancient Passage?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty was a little unwilling to part with Yue Yang, who could help her purify the energy in her body everyday.

“No, some of the Heavenly Imperial Guardians have tried that. Innates are restricted from entering.” The Old Fox shook his head and sighed.

“Then I shall return first and prepare. Yue Yang, let’s meet here again three days later.” Right now, Phoenix Fairy Beauty didn’t object to attacking the Prison Emperor Divine Palace anymore. After levelling up to Innate Level 10, her confidence had greatly increased. Since Yue Yang was not be able to bring her along and enter the Ancient Passage, she decided to first return to the Demonic Palace and prepare for the battle. The Prison Emperor Divine Palace was not an easy place after all, she must be adequately prepared.

“Then let’s go!” Princess Qian Qian was extremely relieved. Fortunately she had not levelled up to an Innate yet. Otherwise she might not be able to enter and rescue her father.

“Yes!” Luo Hua City Mistress was also thinking the same thing.

“Brother…” Yue Bing was afraid that Yue Yang would not be able to enter. In that case, she wouldn’t be able to fight together with her brother and rescue grandfather together.

“It’s okay, let’s set off!” Yue Yang brought the sickly beauty, Yue Yu and Yi Nan into the grimoire world, as he carried Yue Bing on his back. Then, together with Princess Qian Qian, Luo Hua City Mistress and Xue Wu Xia, they followed the old fox towards the Ancient Passage in God’s Ruins.

This Ancient Passage was completely different from the one they passed through when they chased after the Eastern Goblin Tribe.

It was similarly grand and humongous, but the passage was extremely damp. Drops of water continued to drip from the cracks in the ceiling. Some parts of the ground had even turned into a river.

The ground was mostly covered with water.

In front of a teleportation circle, Da Xia, Tian Luo Heavenly Imperial Guardians were pacing back and forth helplessly.

No one had imagined that there would actually be restrictions that restricted them from going inside and rescue Jun Wu You and the others. The thing that worried them the most was that the teleportation circle had never been opened by anyone before. No one had ever set foot on it before. They had no way of knowing how dangerous it was inside. Meanwhile, the Fallen Warriors and the Eastern Goblin Tribe Rebel Army would definitely not give up, there might even be a second wave of attack anytime. The Heavenly Imperial Guardians were unable to leave. Before they managed to save the victims, they had to protect the teleportation circle, so as to prevent Fallen Warriors and the Rebel Army from destroying it. They hoped that Yue Yang would be able to perform a miracle, or at least, they hoped that Princess Qian Qian could go inside and check the situation, so that they may rescue Jun Wu You and the two other important figures out.

“Try it out, maybe you can do it!” The Ascetic Practice Saint actually didn’t dare to hope for much. Everyone also thought the same way, they thought that the restriction would not be an exception to Yue Yang. They only hoped that he could try it out first.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely rescue everyone!” Yue Yang was afraid that they would be ambushed the moment he enter, hence he also asked Luo Hua City Mistress and Yue Bing to enter the grimoire world too. Holding Princess Qian Qian’s hand and Xue Wu Xia’s hand on his right and left hand respectively, under the watch of several Heavenly Imperial Guardians, State Grandmaster and the old fox, he took a big step forward and entered the teleportation circle. The State Grandmaster quickly started the teleportation process and with a bright, blinding light, Yue Yang, Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia’s figure all disappeared from their sight.

“Ah! That boy is really an abnormality!” The Ascetic Practice Saint and the others were all dumbstruck.

The restriction restricted anyone above the Innate rank from entering, but against all odds, Yue Yang was still an exception.

Maybe it was because that boy was still a Level 4 [Champion] but had already attained Innate, unlike other Innates who would have already reached Level 9 [Saint].

The laws here might be restricting Level 9 [Saint] and above, not Innates… Of course, nobody would ever know the truth. Anything could happen in God’s Ruins, and since Yue Yang could enter, that was the best case scenario.

The Ascetic Practice Saint was extremely happy.

Coming out from the teleportation circle, Yue Yang realized that he had fallen into a body of water.

Fortunately he had held Qian Qian and Wu Xia in his hands. Otherwise, it would be terrible if he lost them.

This had also proved one point. The people who entered would not be scattered away and would be teleported into the same place. Right now, he could simply look for traces and track down Jun Wu You and the others. Xiao Wen Li quietly floated out and secretly summoned the Stone-element Medusa and Storm Mermaid. In the water, the two beasts’ power would increase by multiple times. Stone-element Medusa had also summoned her Golden Tiger Shark and ordered it to find Jun Wu You and the others’ tracks.

The Tiger Shark had an extremely sharp nose to smell fresh blood. If one of them had been injured, it would definitely be able to sniff them out.

“Look around the surrounding. This should be a karst cave.” Xue Wu Xia floated onto the water surface and observed the surrounding for a while. Afterwards, when Yue Yang who was looking for tracks underwater surfaced, she told him her thoughts.

“It’s so big!” Princess Qian Qian rubbed the water on her face. She realized that there were countless stalactites hanging above her head. The larger ones were as big as a house, over dozens of metres in length. The smaller ones were around ten-metre long, looking like a pike. The ceiling of the karst cafe was extremely tall. Countless drops of water dripped down to the ground, forming a stormy rain. Yue Yang rode on top of the Golden Tiger Shark’s back and shouted out, “Is there anyone here?”

His voice echoed for a long time in the cave, but even after waiting for a long while, there was no answer at all. Seems like Jun Wu You and the others had already walked far.

The two girls stayed by Yue Yang’s side, hugging his arms on both sides.

The Golden Tiger Shark swam forward, following a weak, remaining scent that would not last very long. Actually, it couldn’t identify the exact direction either. This forward direction was mainly decided by Yue Yang and Xiao Wen Li’s intuition, especially Xiao Wen Li, who possess a much sharper sense than Yue Yang, Xue Wu Xia and Luo Hua City Mistress.

After swimming for a while, the Golden Tiger Shark suddenly become excited.

This was because it had smelled blood, a fresh one at that, as if people had just battled here. Was this the blood of Jun Wu You and the other two warriors? Without a strong enemy, how could they be injured when they were all strong experts? Could it be that there was a terrifying monster inside this cave? Yue Yang frowned his brows when he thought about this.

The Stone Element Medusa and Storm Mermaid both pointed to one direction, indicating that there was a strong existence in front.

Was it Jun Wu You and the others, or was it the guardian of this cave?

After thinking for a while, Yue Yang decided to check it out.

After swimming for a few kilometres in front, an underground, lake-like environment suddenly appeared. There were many strange fish and countless different types of water plants. A plant that looked like a man-eating vine floated on the surface, capturing fishes that swam near to it. The Golden Tiger Shark was also almost eaten. Fortunately it was considered a great force in water, hence it managed to struggle free and escape on its own without needing Yue Yang’s help.

On the shores of the lake at the bottom of the cave, there was a sandy, muddy beach that was emitting a strange, unpleasant smell.

The Storm Mermaid scrunched her face in disgust.

The Stone Element Medusa had already pulled out her bow and arrow. Seemed like she had noticed an enemy.

“Ancient Giant Crab? No, this should be a Corrosive Ghost-faced Crab!” Yue Yang’s Heaven Eyes Divine Vision could see that a cunning enemy was hiding beneath the sandy and muddy beach. It was extremely big, as big as the hill-sized Ancient Giant Crab that he met in Cancer Temple. Furthermore, this fellow’s level was also a high Gold-ranked Level 6.

“I’ll fight it!” Princess Qian Qian thought that Yue Yang didn’t need to step in for this Ghost-faced Crab. She could finish it on her own.

“Careful, this crab is not easy to deal with. Furthermore, crabs usually live in groups, I don’t think there’s only one.” Xue Wu Xia thought that there would at least be a male and female crab.

“Yes, there’s not only one crab, there’s a whole nest of it!” Yue Yang’s Heaven Eyes Divine Vision had seen that deeper inside the sandy beach, there were deep underground tunnels where a few more crabs were hiding. There might even be more Corrosive Ghost-faced Crab even deeper underground. The most terrible thing was that there seemed to be a few human footprints near the entrance into the tunnel that they were hiding in. Those footprints were most likely left behind by Jun Wu You and the others.

“Why don’t we fly to the sky? It will be hard engaging all of them, it is more important for us to find the missing people!” Xue Wu Xia felt that it would be troublesome to fight all the crabs. Not only were these Ghost-faced Carbs high in level, their shells were also hard and they could drill into mud. It would be very difficult to fight them in mud.

“Boom!” Before Xue Wu Xia could finish speaking, two Corrosive Ghost-faced Crabs suddenly drilled out to the surface from the mud, revealing its hill-sized body.

Although they looked slow and clumsy, their speed was actually very fast.

Aggressively, they charged towards Yue Yang and the others…

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Shiro’s Afterthougts: Hmm, I’m not sure about how Jun Wu You got stuck inside the Ancient Passage, but my theory is this… The Eastern Goblin Tribe lives in an Ancient Passage. The Ancient Passage has many teleportation portals leading to other Ancient Passages. I don’t think they can use teleportation scrolls in the Ancient Passage due to restrictions or something. So when they were ambushed, Jun Wu You could only escape using the nearest teleportation portal, but ended up getting stuck inside… Do take this with a grain of salt, I don’t remember most of the things I translated haha.

With regards to the ‘Innate Elder’ I mentioned last chapter…I think I accidentally mixed chapter 319 and 320 up, coz i was translating chapter 320 halfway while editing chapter 319. I thought Innate Elder was mentioned in chapter 319… Sorry for the nonsensical comment on the previous chapter…

Anyone having withdrawal symptoms from Re:Zero? I hope there’s season 2… the ending left so many questions unanswered…


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