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LLS Chapter 319 – Body Fusion, Level Up, Stepping Into A New Realm

Chapter 319 – Body Fusion, Level Up, Stepping Into A New Realm
Translated by: Λαστ
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The arrival of Phoenix Fairy Beauty increased the girl’s competitiveness.

Only the Sickly Beauty had welcomed her. Forget about Luo Hua City Mistress and Princess Qian Qian, even Yue Bing had a treated her as an enemy, as if her brother was about to be snatched away by this Great Sky Demoness.

However, her arrival also had benefits, and that was to provoke the girls into cultivating harder.

Because of the disparity in strength and also the threat of a rival in love, Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress would stay with Yue Yang whenever he had free time. On one hand it was to keep watch of Phoenix Fairy Beauty and prevent her from seducing Yue Yang; on the other hand it was also to show their own charms so that Yue Yang would not forget about them because of a new person… As for Xue Wu Xia who had invited Phoenix Fairy Beauty, she appeared to still be the same as before, completely not caring about her. Other than practicing [Body Fusion] with Yue Yang, she would normally read a book.

From the very beginning, Phoenix Fairy Beauty had never placed these girls in her eyes. In her eyes, even if these young ladies cultivated for another two hundred years they would still not reach half her own strength.

She felt that her only opponent is the usually quiet Xue Wu Xia. However, before two days had even passed, Phoenix Fairy Beauty greatly changed her point of view.

These young ladies’ cultivation speed was very fast. Forget about comparing them to normal people, their speed was even faster than exceptional geniuses by a hundred times. In those days, even under her sister’s careful guidance, she had not reached this kind of speed…… If they continued at this kind of speed, forget about two hundred years, maybe twenty years would be enough for them to overtake her!

Above all, Yue Yang’s [Body Fusion] simply made her gasp in amazement.

In the past she had never seen this kind of cultivation method before. This brat Yue Yang, not only could improve himself, he could also improve together with his sweethearts. Also, the more people this brat cultivated with, the more his cultivation speed increased. This…. What kind of ability was this? This wasn’t the first time Phoenix Fairy Beauty had seen the ability where two people cultivate together, but it required the two people to either be twin brothers and twin sisters who have a deep understanding of each other. How could there be an ability where you pull a random young lady and start cultivating together?

If a person could randomly find someone and cultivate together, would the words ‘Recoil of Madness‘ still exist?

Forget about normal warriors, even Innate Rankers, when they recklessly cultivate together, would suffer Recoil of Madness and in the end be reduced to a cripple.

The strangest thing was when Phoenix Fairy Beauty saw Yue Yang use Nirvana Flames to purify the girls’ bodies, yet they were not burned to death. Even her body would not be able to withstand the Nirvana’s Flame. How was he capable of controlling it and using it to purify the their bodies?

Also, what kind of ability could have produced the pure energy circulating inside these girls? Furthermore, not only could this brat actually understand Ancient Runes, he seemed to have mastered more Ancient Runes than her. As for Heaven Runes, Phoenix Fairy Beauty noticed that the girl called Yue Bing was able to recite ten of them.

On the fifth day, Phoenix Fairy Beauty was extremely surprised. She saw that Yue Yang had helped Princess Qian Qian to level up to the realm of Lesser Innates.

For normal warriors, becoming a Lesser Innate would require at least fifty years of cultivation, even for geniuses it would take at least ten years. However, under this brat’s assistance, Princess Qian Qian had only used five days to reach what others would need fifty years to achieve. This speed was simply too hard to believe.

However, Princess Qian Qian was not the only person who levelled up within these five days, Luo HUa City Mistress, Yi Nan and Yue Bing had also received a level up.

Because of Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s arrival, Yue Yu stopped practicing [Body Fusion] with Yue Yang and gave her time with him to Yi Nan and Yue Bing.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty believes that if they continuously cultivated at this kind of speed, these young ladies would only need three years to catch up to her; They would even surpass her if they cultivated for five years. She now understood why Yue Yang could fight against Shun Tian, the Thousand Goblins Sect and Great Demon King Baruth at the age of twenty. The reason was because this brat was able to grasp cultivating methods that no one in the world could use. Under this kind of cultivating speed, forget about Holy Beast’s Guidance, being well prepared, accumulating Spirit Qi or eating Spirit Pills. In Yue Yang’s words, those are all ‘fleeting clouds’.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty mumbled: The reason sister treats him favorably must be because she saw his capabilities right?

Otherwise, based on her disregard towards men generally due to her arrogant temperament, how could she have become his Introducer?

It’s also not surprising that Xue Wu Xia would openly challenge her. The answer had already shown itself, and it was because she was his fiancee. As they cultivated together everyday, it would be hard for her to not level up even if she wanted to.

Another two days went by and Luo Hua City Mistress’ Three-tailed Snow Fox had levelled up from Platinum-ranked Level 4 to Platinum-ranked Level 5. Yue Yang also begun to think of how to make it rank up.

Once the rank up succeeds, the Three-tailed Snow Fox would unlock its intelligence and truly become a Holy Beast……

Seeing this, Phoenix Fairy Beauty could not bear it anymore. “I also want to train [Body Fusion] with him. Also, we can exchange and share the mysteries of the Ancient Runes and the Heaven Runes.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty stated her request. She could not bear her own turtle-paced cultivation speed. Before she saw the girls’ improvements, she felt that her cultivation speed was not slow. Other than Sister Zhi Zun, no one could surpass her, not even the Great Emperor of Zi Wei, Shun Tian nor the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader. However, after coming to the Little Flower Garden, within seven days, she felt that she urgently needed to change her thoughts.

“With regards to sharing Heaven Runes and Ancient Runes, we can exchange them one to one. As for training in [Body Fusion], I do not oppose to it, but if you wish to listen to each of our experiences, you need to exchange it with yours.” Xue Wu Xia had already discussed this with the others and had also predicted that Phoenix Fairy Beauty would suggest to practice [Body Fusion].

“Also, when you cultivate with him, we must also be present. You cannot privately cultivate with Yue Yang.” Princess Qian Qian added a condition.

She was afraid that as Phoenix Fairy Beauty cultivated, she would end up doing that certain thing with Yue Yang.

Although Phoenix Fairy Beauty was currently an ally, there was no guarantee that it would be the same in the future. Princess Qian Qian felt that Yue Yang had best not be too intimate with her.

Regarding Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian’s conditions, Phoenix Fairy Beauty smiled and did not immediately answer. Instead, she asked Luo Hua City Mistress: “How about you? Is there anything you wish to add?”

Luo Hua City Mistress shrugged her shoulder: “Of course I do. You cannot enjoy any privileges, and only two hours everyday.”

Yue Yang had just returned from linking up Yue Bing and Yi Nan’s blood channels and only heard the last sentence: “What are you talking about? What two hours?” He was a little curious. Originally, this Phoenix Fairy Beauty could not see eye to eye with the girls. How could she have a secret discussion with them today?

Seeing that Yue Yang had returned, Phoenix Fairy Beauty immediately used her [Charm] Inherent Skill. Her voice became sweet like honey as she sweetly smiled: “I also want your ‘that’!”

Yue Yang was slightly startled, but immediately reacted. This girl apparently wants to practice [Body Fusion] with him. However, he immediately refused: “No!”

“Why?” His response truly made Phoenix Fairy Beauty astonished. How could he refuse her?

“……” Forget about her, even the other girls did not imagine it would become like this.

“Cough, think for a moment, you and me, we are not in any kind of relationship. You are not my fiancee nor my sibling. You are still a woman, having an intimate body contact with men is harmful to your pure reputation.” Yue Yang did not dare say that he was afraid that Phoenix Fairy Beauty would see through his skills and stealthily learnt his Innate Invisible Sword Qi.

Without the Innate Invisible Sword Qi as a foundation, no matter how miraculous [Body Fusion] was, it would not result in leveling up after just a few days of training.

Everything was because Yue Yang possessed the Innate Invisible Sword Qi.

Yue Yang himself was aware that the most special thing he had was the Sword Goddess in his dreams, teaching him the Innate Invisible Sword Qi. Without this, no matter how much effort he put, he would only be on par with Xue Tan Lang and the Prince of Tian Luo. He would not be able become an Innate at the age of twenty and would still be a weak newbie.

Without the Innate Invisible Sword Qi, Yue Yang would not be able to link up the girls’ blood channels, nor would he be able to help them break through to Innate Rank.

[Body Fusion] was only the best bridge. But, in the end, the most important thing was still the Innate Invisible Sword Qi.

Yue Yang did not know what special skills Phoenix Fairy Beauty had. If by any chance she had a mind reading skill that would allow her to slowly explore his secrets, wouldn’t he be done for then?

“I have already killed ten thousands of people, how could I be pure? Furthermore, always paying attention to reputation is too tiring!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty smiled.

“Who do you want to fool, you are obviously a virgin, let alone killing ten thousand people, even eight year olds will not believe you.” In the course of these few days of interaction, Yue Yang had already made preparation. This Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s body would produce an peculiar smell just like the other girls. He believed that that kind of smell was the smell of a virgin. Originally the Sickly Beauty’s body also had it, however it had already changed into an extremely fragrant smell, which was more soft and more fragrant. The faintly distinctive smell of unripeness disappeared.

“How did you know?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty was slightly dumbstruck. She had deeply concealed her odor, other than her sister who possessed Divine Eyes, she would never have guessed that this brat could actually see through it. He…how was he able to see through it?

“That can’t be… you were actually a virgin?” Princess Qian Qian and the others were also stupefied, only Xue Wu Xia and the Sickly Beauty remained unpertubed.

“Ah!” The Sickly Beauty and Xue Wu Xia had already compared their bodies because originally their bodies were almost similar. However, they now discovered that there were many different changes between their bodies. The Sickly Beauty’s body and skin had became more moisturized. Her breasts, waist, butt, both legs and other parts of the body all had slight changes. These were all the mature characteristics of someone who had become a wife and was different from a virgin like Xue Wu Xia. As for Phoenix Fairy Beauty, although she had dressed up like a lustful Sky Demon, her young eyebrows still remained, her pelvis had not opened, her waist remained soft, her butt was still raised not smooth and round, her skin was still glossy not glowing with the radiance of spring. Compared to the Sickly Beauty, she still had a lot of differences. The only enviable thing was her breasts which were towering tall and straight. She was still a virgin yet had these kind of breasts, if she became a wife, wouldn’t it become more exaggerated?

“I guessed it.” Yue Yang had accidentally leaked it.

“You had already done it with me, and already broke my important thing. You must take responsibility! Only you had touched me, and also injured my place. If you do not take responsibility, I will fight with you desperately, you heartless thief!” Once Phoenix Fairy Beauty finished, Luo Hua City Mistress sprayed out the water she was drinking.

“Where were you injured?” Yue Yang curiously asked.

“It was that delicate place, very soft and very thin……” Phoenix Fairy Beauty had prepared to explain to Yue Yang in detail.

Yue Yang quickly waved his hand: “That’s baseless accusation, I can guarantee that I did not do such a thing.”

Phoenix Fairy Beauty did not stop: “You had even made it bleed, how could you say there is none? If you say there is none then I will cry to death in front of you!”

When Yue Yang heard it, he patted his chest to express fear and cried for help from the girls: “At that time you were also there, if there was or not you should at least say it. If not why don’t you inspect if I had penetrated it. She is still a virgin, tell me am I wronged or not!”

Xue Wu Xia slightly smiled: “Bouncing Boobs Lady, whether he had broken it or not, I am not too clear about it. However, I can assure that once you train [Body Fusion] with him, it will definitely break. You must think about it clearly! We are all his fiancee, that step will sooner or later happen. If you are an outsider, then you would have suffered losses. Our Xiao San is very skillful in unfaithfulness. We do not dare guarantee that he is well-behaved…….Carefully consider this for a bit!”

Phoenix Fairy Beauty muttered to herself and thought for a bit.

In the end, she smiled: “Don’t try to scare me off. Even his sisters could all cultivate too, it should not matter even if I am not the fiancee! I will cultivate in what Yue Bing and Yi Nan are cultivating in, little thief, if you have the ability then come and try it, maybe you could even gain something from this!”

Yue Yang did not answer and only secretly gulpe on his saliva.

If he said that he was not tempted to practice [Body Fusion] with him, he would be lying.

Princess Qian Qian mumbled quietly: Who would push over who, it can’t be said for sure….

In the beginning, Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty did not dare use their Innate Qi in practicing [Body Fusion]. They only drew support from the Five Colours of Divine Light and Nirvana Flames, giving the Great Sky Demoness increased control and purified her body.

Yue Yu, who knew what could happen, dragged Yue Bing and Yi Nan inside the Grimoire World to build Yue Yang’s new house.

The other girls resisted blushing and remained to monitor Phoenix Fairy Beauty, afraid that this Great Sky Demoness would push Yue Yang down. At the same time, there is still the Sickly Beauty, just in case Yue Yang could not hold back being in heat. The Sickly Beauty, who was already Yue Yang’s wife, could wait upon him and vent off the excess heat inside him.

However, the moment they started cultivated, Yue Yang gradually focused into his mind. In the end, he used his instincts to make full use of [Body Fusion], completely forgetting to be on guard.

Of course his vigilance was a bit excessive, because Phoenix Fairy Beauty did not have that kind of thief master ability.

Even if there was, she had never thought about prying his secrets open.

The most important thing that Yue Yang did not know was that, if the Sword Goddess did not pour the Sword Qi, nobody could learn the Innate Invisible Sword Qi. Even if Yue Yang had transcribed it from his memories, complied them into a book, and distributed it to everyone to learn, this Innate Skill would not be any better than ordinary adventurer’s skill [Steel Chopping] or the [Crushing Stone Hammer Technique]. Without Sword Qi, nobody could learn the true Innate Skill, let alone be like Yue Yang, who could release his Sword Qi through his fingers or any part of his body where his blood channels had already been linked.

“Oh my God, I am dying!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty was being burned and purified under the Nirvana Flames. She felt both pain and pleasure, as her mouth continued to moan endlessly.

“So noisy!” Yue Yang could not resist the [Charm] Inherent Skill she naturally exuded. In the end, his rationality gradually disappeared.

He pushed Phoenix Fairy Beauty down and looked at her face. Then, he sealed her moaning lips with his.

Limitless amount of Innate Qi flowed into Phoenix Fairy Beauty, who was being burned and purified by the Nirvana Flames. Being attacked from two sides by the Nirvana Flames and Yue Yang’s body on top of her, Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s body shuddered… She was still clearly conscious and even felt an indescribable pain, but she could not refuse the process of the Nirvana Rebirth.

If she could persevere to the last moment, her body would be successfully purified. She would shed her feathers and become the a new Great Sky Demoness.

Originally she stagnated at Innate Rank 9, and it was extremely probable that she would make a breakthrough.

Actually her body had already been purified once when she was at the Demon’s Palace….. However, that kind of Purification Ritual was too short and only lasted for ten seconds. Based on her Innate Rank 9 strength, she would quickly recover from it. But, with the Nirvana Flame she would be burned continuously. She might need to burn continuously for an hour, or maybe a few hours or longer.

If it were not for the pure energy inside her body providing moisture and recovering from the damage of opening her blood channels, Phoenix Fairy Beauty would have already fainted from the pain.

Inside her body, her blood channels slowly become unobstructed and became wider. Even the blood channels that she did not knew she had were linking up, becoming a new channel.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty was in extreme pain, and originally thought of struggling.

However she knew it was the process of Nirvana Rebirth, a miraculous process that she might not have a chance to go through even in a thousand years. It was something others would yearn for in their dreams but would never be able to obtain. She strengthened her resolve to endure, and did not resist Yue Yang’s Innate Qi’s invasion.

No matter where his two hands burning with Nirvana Flame touched, she could only endure with great effort.

Her clothes had already disappeared, beads of sweat continuously evaporated.

Her smooth skin was burned away and was continuously renewed. The pain from that kind of process was simply too hard to imagine.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty knew there were impurities in her energy, unlike the other girls which were extremely pure. As a result, the pain she needed to endure was more than them and the purification time is longer as well.

“If I die, then I die!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty opened her jade-like arms and firmly hugged Yue Yang. This was the only method she could do in order to endure not to struggle and escape.

In the middle of the Nirvana Flame, countless runes came out from Yue Yang’s body and merged with the runes on Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s body, forming a new pattern.

Heaven Runes, Ancient Runes continuously merged and shone on Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s skin. The runes on their bodies continued to exchange as if they had life. In the end, the runes drifted on the sky, forming a Milky Way-like starry sky made of runes. When the runes touched Xue Wu Xia, Princess Qian Qian and Luo City Mistress, the runes in their bodies were also roused. As a result, their runes also joined the small ocean of runes.

The Nirvana Flame Pillar soared to the sky.

Xue Wu Xia, Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress were different from Phoenix Fairy Beauty. They had already went through many purifications and did not feel any pain from the Nirvana Flames anymore. On the contrary, they felt pleasure from being bathed in the flames of rebirth, just like Xiao Wen Li, Bloody Queen Red, Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man and the sleepy Thorny Flower Demoness. They were also capable of standing in the Nirvana Flame Pillar and bathe together in Nirvana Flames. Those that could not bear the flames could only remain on the edge of the ocean of runes, but they could still enjoy the evolution process of the runes merging into their bodies.

This process was very long, and could last for more than an hour.

When the Nirvana Flames disappeared, the ocean of runes gradually dulled, and one by one returned to Yue Yang’s body. Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s Diamond Grimoire suddenly floated out.

It automatically opened to the page where the Inherent Skill and Guardian Beast was located. Afterwards, a golden light pillar rose to the sky as the [Charm] Inherent Skill, the Guardian Beast and even Phoenix Fairy Beauty herself levelled up in an instant…

Phoenix Fairy Beauty, who was red all over, floated towards the sky about a hundred meter high, from under Yue Yang’s body.

Her Qi exploded like a gigantic tsunami, sending strong shock waves everywhere.

Her body unified with the Guardian Beast. Purple-colored wings quickly appeared on her back, extending more than ten meters. A thorned tail appeared on her snow white butt. Small and cute demonic horns appeared on her head. Her ten fingernails gradually became longer, and turned into purple-colored demonic claws. The most obvious of all was her eyes that became purple as if a Demon King’s eyes.

A perfect yet beautiful light disk made of deep purple, red-purple, and light purple light revolved around Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s body.

These unique signs shows that Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s Guardian Beast, the Charm Demon, had levelled up to Platinum-ranked Level 10, which was at the level of a Great Demon King.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty let out a shriek that caused the whole ground to shake.

Her energy spun crazily around her body as if it was a tornado. Even the Golden Light Pillar from the Grimoire seems to have been distorted. Phoenix Fairy Beauty had been stuck in this bottleneck for a hundred year, incapable of breaking through Innate Level 10. But now, in an instant she had successfully broken through and steadily stepped on a new realm.

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Shiro Afterthoughts: They say a thirty-year-old virgin become a wizard. Apparently hundreds-year-old virgin become an Innate Elder. Btw, YES LOLITA! NO TOUCH! has decided to change his name to some squiggly wiggly letters.


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