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LLS Chapter 318 – Snatch him, I will definitely have this man!

Chapter 318 – Snatch him, I will definitely have this man!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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When he met Phoenix Fairy Beauty again, Yue Yang realized that she was a little thin. Maybe it was because she had just recovered from her injuries, but her beauty was still as charming as ever.

Of course, Yue Yang had charged straight towards her snow-white breasts, preparing to bury his head in it.

“Bad little boy, let’s talk about serious matters, don’t joke around.” Yue Yang’s forehead was stopped by one of the Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s finger. Her ultimately beautiful face revealed a smile that would even blind the sun.

“The ‘serious matter’ is actually quite simple, we’ll attack the Prison Emperor Divine Palace in 2 weeks. That’s all. Hot babe, why don’t we put the important matters aside and busy ourselves with our more personal matters?” When Yue Yang stepped in to hug her, Phoenix Fairy Beauty quickly avoided him. Instead, she snuck behind Yue Yang and hugged him from the back. Her lips moved closer to Yue Yang’s ear and lightly kissed it, “Sorry, I think I won’t be able to help you. Every person who has the right to enter the Heaven Realm have agreed to a peace treaty, so we can’t kill one another due to personal grudges or revenge. Everything is decided by that right… If you want to kill Prison Emperor Divine General, I’m afraid it wouldn’t be easy. Although he has slept for five thousand years, his strength has almost recovered to normal. If he fought with Zhi Zun, they would probably be equally matched. I think killing him will not be an easy feat. Furthermore, he has many helpers. We won’t be able to defeat him with just the two of us.”

“What if we have another old turtle?” The sensation of having a pair of huge breasts pressed against his back was indescribably wonderful for Yue Yang. Immediately, a certain shameful part of him become hard.

“That old turtle only has high defense, its offense is lacking, so its useless.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty seemed to understand that Yue Yang’s feelings had stirred. Her hands that were on his chest previously slowly descended downwards, rubbing his stomach. Then, she inched downwards a little more, making Yue Yang so aroused that he almost wanted to find a place nearby the Yue Clan Castle Gate and push her down.

“My attack power is quite good!” Yue Yang advertised blatantly.

“What kind of attack power are you talking about? Hmm?” Her cherry lips besides his ears seductively asked, as she panted heavily. Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s hands seductively brushed across and accidentally bumped onto his excited and energetic thing. Yue Yang’s heartbeat sped up a hundred times. Gulping, Yue Yang pretended to be a gentleman and answered: “All of my attack power is pretty good, do you want to try testing them?”

“Where are we going to test it?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty kissed Yue Yang’s ears lightly, her breath heavy.

“Your house!” Yue Yang decided to use the cheaper option. They could go to a hotel, but other than wasting their money for a room, they would also need to be alert in case the police raided the hotel.

“Why not go to your house instead? I want to test it out on your bed, it will be more exciting that way…” Phoenix Fairy Beauty lifted her thigh slightly, slowly rubbing them across Yue Yang’s thigh while her hand had probed inside his pants, as if she was trying to grab an interesting object.

“Apologies, his bed already has someone on it.”

Xue Wu Xia’s voice suddenly came out from the back. With a book in her hands, she walked past the two people.

Acting as if Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty were not there, she added, “Please continue, I’m only passing by.”

Yue Yang sweated.

Indeed, this girl was worried about him.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty giggled out as she pinched Yue Yang’s cheeks after letting go of her hand from Yue Yang’s front, “Bad little boy, next time, if you want to have an affair, remember to find a deserted place. Don’t let your wife catch you red-handed, you’ll really be pitiful then. Do you need to kneel and grovel yourself to seek forgiveness later at home? Don’t tell me you are a submissive husband!”

Yue Yang had a very rebellious heart, so he also pinched Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s smooth cheeks, “Hot babe, I think I was caught red-handed because you were seducing me just now, isn’t that right?”

Phoenix Fairy Beauty shrugged her shoulders elegantly when she heard him. Her ample breasts bounced because of this action.

“Are we still going to my house?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty blew at Yue Yang’s ears.

“Yes.” Yue Yang thought that anyone who refused her offer was Dong Fang Bu Bai.
(Shiro: Some character in a famous novel who castrated himself in order to learn a martial art skill. His name literally meant ‘Undefeated From East to West’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dongfang_Bubai)

“My bed is very big, soft and comfortable…” Phoenix Fairy Beauty smiled with a smile that could topple a whole kingdom. Yue Yang thought that the phrase ‘enchantress won’t compensate loss’ has perfectly described this girl. No wonder King of Zhou could be seduced by the fox spirit until he was confused. Turns out that seductress who could seduce men completely in body and soul truly existed. They were enchantress that could slowly choke these men with gentleness.

“Really?” Yue Yang’s eyes lit up when he heard her. His blissful sexual life was beckoning right at him.

“Why, isn’t this our little Yue Yang?” Xue Wu Xia who had disappeared just now suddenly re-appeared in front of Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty. She held her Ancient Book in her hand and asked Yue Yang curiously, “I seemed to have heard about you planning to go somewhere?”

“I’m going to her house!” Her clear eyes that was staring straight at him made Yue Yang become slightly flustered.

“What are you going to do in her house?” Xue Wu Xia’s smile was as bright as the sun, completely without any clouds, hail, thunder, lightning, rain or storm.

“I’m going to test if her bed was really big and soft and comfortable.” Yue Yang replied, stating his clear motives and logical reason.

“You need tools to measure her bed, have you brought your tools?” Xue Wu Xia continued to smile, her expression was filled with gentleness as she reached out and straightened Yue Yang’s clothes. She even took out her handkerchief and wiped Yue Yang’s face, as if she was a virtuous wife sending her husband out to work.

“I have the tools on my body!” Yue Yang sweated. He definitely wouldn’t leave his ‘tool’ at home, otherwise he would really become Dong Fang Bu Bai.

“That’s good then. Please work hard, I will be waiting for you at home.” Xue Wu Xia’s smile was like morning dawn. In the end, she had even gave Yue Yang a fleeting kiss on his lips, just like how a wife would when she send her husband off to work. Phoenix Fairy Beauty was very jealous when she saw this. Her eyes flickered a little when she suddenly realized that she had met a strong opponent.

It’s not strong opponent in terms of strength, but a strong opponent in terms of love.

Originally, she was only a little interested in Yue Yang.

She never thought of loving him till death do them part, or to the point that she would marry him and only him. She was only a little upset that her sister had favoured and protected him. She wanted to snatch him away from her sister.

However, afterwards, she went through a life or death situation with Yue Yang. She started to feel that this boy was actually quite to her liking.

Although she hadn’t decided to be with him forever, she couldn’t help but to want to tease him. She felt really happy especially when he was drooling over her charm. She felt a great satisfaction to her vanity as a woman. She knew that she looked good and sexy, but other men’s perverted gaze actually made her feel disgusted. They looked at her as if they wanted to possess, violate and insult her body… This boy’s gaze, however, was completely different. He was more of appreciating her beauty and gazing at her in admiration. Although he was also lustful, it wasn’t his main feeling towards her. He liked her charm more than her body, more than the two large pieces of flesh on her chest.

Yue Yang’s gaze made her felt pleased.

She was pleased with his appreciation, his admiration and his feelings. Seducing him gave her a sense of accomplishment.

However, even though Phoenix Fairy Beauty thought that her charm was unrivalled, she realized that even with her seduction, she wouldn’t be able to occupy the number one position in his heart. Although his lust was on fire, his gaze was never lost, especially when this girl who was holding a book appeared. He had immediately changed from a frivolous, perverted boy to an obedient boy.

Maybe he was only pretending to be an obedient boy. However, at least he respected this book-holding girl, that’s why he did that.

He pretended to be a gentleman for Xue Wu Xia, but acted frivolously with her.

This was the difference.

This was the difference in treatment because of her position in his heart was lower than that girl’s. If he regarded her as the first one in his heart, he would also treat her the same way.

The Phoenix Fairy Beauty looked at Xue Wu Xia and realized that this girl who was always carrying a book was giving her an extremely dangerous feeling.

This kind of dangerous feeling was really hard to describe.

The Phoenix Fairy Beauty definitely felt it, but she couldn’t understand the reason.

Nobody had ever given her such a dangerous feeling before. Nobody. This was not the difference between their strength, but their charms…

As one of the three heads of Demonic Palace, the great Tian Fa, Phoenix Fairy Beauty never thought that a twenty-year old young lady could actually defeat her. Xue Wu Xia could even defeat her completely. Possessing both charms and talents, it was the first time that she felt defeat in terms of attractiveness to another girl. This was the first time it happened for a thousand years. Other than her sister, could there really be a girl that was better than her?

Phoenix Fairy Beauty started to carefully observe Xue Wu Xia, who was smiling brightly like the sun that thawed the cold snow. She realized that Xue Wu Xia was indeed a strong opponent!

“May I ask who is this?” Xue Wu Xia pretended to have just noticed Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

“She, she is the customer whose bed I want to check.” Yue Yang introduced her as such.

“Do you want to bring her home to test the bed at home? It’s bigger, softer and more comfortable… There are a lot of girls too, and there’s definitely space for her to sleep on the bed. Why do you have to go to her house and trouble her? Just bring her home. Although her chest is slightly big, she won’t take up too much space.” Xue Wu Xia’s words made Phoenix Fairy Beauty felt like she had just been slapped hard on the cheek.

“You’re really confident. Aren’t you afraid that you’re inviting a wolf into the house?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty glared at Xue Wu Xia.
(Shiro: ‘inviting wolf into the house’ – idiom for asking for trouble)

“In my eyes, a female wolf is actually the same as a female goat, because they are both females.” Xue Wu Xia calmly met Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s gaze, then smiled slightly, “My confidence depends on whether that female customer would like our Yue Yang’s bed. If she doesn’t like it, then my confidence will grow bigger. If she likes it, then my confidence will be like my chest, that couldn’t grow bigger even though I want them to.”

“Interesting young lady. Since it’s that way, I should really test out the bed at your house and see whether I like it or not!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty actually didn’t want to bother about the Prison Emperor Divine General at first, because she felt that it would be very difficult for Yue Yang to kill the Prison Emperor Divine General.

Prison Emperor Divine General had stayed alive for six thousand years. Although his powers had greatly decreased from last time, after sleeping for a few thousand years, he had recovered most of them.

He was not in the level of Thousand Goblins Sect Leader nor Shun Tian.

Yue Yang wanted to kill the Prison Emperor Divine General. It’s not impossible, but at least, it’s impossible right now. Because no matter how fast this talented abnormal improve, he wouldn’t be able to reach the strength of an immortal who stayed alive for thousands of years. In comparison, the Great Emperor of Zhi Wei, Shun Tian, had only lived for 900 years. Compared to the Prison Emperor Divine General who had lived for more than six thousand years, he was practically heavens apart.

Fortunately the Prison Emperor Divine General had been sleeping for thousands of years in order to recover his injuries. Otherwise, no one amongst the younger generations could be his match.

Right now, after being incited by Xue Wu Xia, she kind of have the thought of seeing this through to the end.

Although she was actually only following Yue Yang to play, to see how he was going to defeat the Prison Emperor Divine General… Of course, more importantly, she intended to seduce this boy to come under her pomegranate-dyed skirt, and become the lord over her. Then, she intended to defeat this twenty-year-old young lady who could actually threaten her.

This young lady, if she grew up in the future, she would definitely be a person like her older sister.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty realized that she had really belittled her last time. Seeing her improvement speed, other than Yue Yang, no other people could come close to her. She was even improving faster than her when she was younger…

“Very good, since it’s that way, I shall represent our Yue Yang’s bed and welcome you.” Xue Wu Xia smiled lightly, pulling onto Yue Yang’s arms, as naturally as a newly-wed wife holding his husband’s arms. She also took out a group teleportation golden-coloured teleportation gate. When Yue Yang turned around and looked at Phoenix Fairy Beauty, Xue Wu Xia immediately punished him like a wife punishing her husband, giving him a hard pinch on his butt, “You still dare to look? Your eyeballs are about to drop to the ground!”

“…” Phoenix Fairy Beauty knew that she had been tricked, but in the end she decided to follow through.

She didn’t want the man at all, but since there were people to fight him over with, she shall play with them.

The saying of “unclaimed lands can be fought over” also explained this logic. No matter what, she must defeat this young lady who can make her feel jealous. She would definitely not let this girl, who was like a second older sister, surpass her.

No matter in terms of strength or beauty, she would definitely not allow it.

Furthermore, Yue Yang was quite an interesting boy.

He wasn’t like other men that were annoying.

As for handling this perverted, frivolous and bold little scoundrel, it seemed like she had to protect her last defense. She would definitely not let him push her for more and be eaten up by him.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty watched Xue Wu Xia and Yue Yang backs as they disappeared through the teleportation gate. She then looked up to the sky, and a thought suddenly crossed her mind: Elder sister, I must have that man. I will definitely snatch him away, do you mind?

Oh-so-mighty Zhi Zun, what would you say when you see your younger sister snatching the boy that you treasure?

Your expression, it would definitely be very interesting, right?

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  1. Dips says:

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  2. Ophis says:

    The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind.

    This quote fits Tian Fa perfectly. She thinks that she’s the wolf being invited into their house, when she’s actually the little lamb in its way to be eaten by the actual wolf. kaka

  3. Ophis says:

    The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind.

    This quote fits Tian Fa perfectly. She thinks that she’s the wolf being invited into their house, when she’s actually the little lamb in its way to be eaten by the real wolf. kaka

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    • Person with too much time on their hands says:

      She doesn’t need to do anything at all, he is already far too deep in her love book. Consider this, she loves him BUT she also loves her sisters. If she decides to hold him for herself she WILL win, but it will make her sisters sad and will probably make Yue Yang resent her a little bit. The only choice she has is go for harem, but also make sure that SHE approves who is in it..
      As for why she doesn’t act more mushy with him its cause she first wants all her sisters (especially Princess “The-Boobs-That-Are-There” Qian Qian) to confess and be accepted before she steps up and be announced as the Alpha wife that she is.
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  6. shiroyukineko says:

    ‘Buying soy sauce’ is chinese idiom for passing by, haha. She’s not gonna find any store selling soy sauce in the Yue Clan Castle. There are quite a lot of weird chinese idioms that google won’t understand…

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  8. spoilerproof says:

    thanks for the chapter~
    “Oh-so-mighty Zhi Zun, what would you say when you see your younger sister snatching the boy that you treasure?

    Your expression, it would definitely be very interesting, right?”

    Some time passed and she was beneath Yue Yang madly moaning in exquisite pleasure beside her sister Zhi Zun who was the same as her….

    interesting indeed. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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