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LLS Chapter 315 – Reward, Five Colours of Divine Light

Chapter 315 – Reward, Five Colours of Divine Light
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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After battling for one hour and fifteen minutes, the Demon Chief who was covered with cuts and bruises tragically collapse to death.

With the power of Innate Level 5, he would be an unstoppable force even in the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower. However, he was actually defeated in the Second Floor of Tong Tian Tower. Of course, this was an exception that would not happen in ten thousand years. There would definitely no one in this world who would imagine that someone like Yue Yang exist in this world. The Demon Chief who died in Yue Yang’s hands didn’t die injusticely, because before him, there were Moqi Xu Ling and Duan Mu Long Cheng who were much stronger than him who also met the same tragic end.

“We shouldn’t waste the corpses…” Forget about the white-coloured pearl from the Avians bodies, Yue Yang didn’t even spare the feathers on their backs. He ordered his beasts to pluck every single one, then leave the leftovers to be swallowed by the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen.

All parts of the Avians’ bodies were treasures. The white-coloured pearl was of a higher quality than magic crystals. Their feathers could be made into arrows. Some of their weapons were even Silver-ranked, and the worst were Bronze-ranked.

As for their corpses, they made quite a good fertiliser.

The Demon race was also the same.

Yue Yang dug out the demon hearts of the five demons who were Lesser Innate Rankers after releasing their seals as reward for Hui Tai Lang, who had contributed a lot in the previous battles. Although it didn’t come along this time, Yue Yang would not forget about his watchdog. As for the magic crystals, after refining it using Nirvana’s Flame, Yue Yang distributed it to Red, Ah Man, Golden Beast, Spirit of Flame and Smoke and Reaper Mantis. Of course, their corpses ended up as fertiliser. After this battle, Reaper Mantis had levelled up from Gold-ranked Level 4 to Level 5, while the Spirit of Flame and Smoke and Ah Man vaguely showed signs of levelling up. Seems like it won’t be long before they can level up.

The Bloody Queen Red was trying to reach “Two Stars” Holy Beast and had almost succeeded. However, it was still not yet shown in the summoning grimoire, seems like she still lacked a little.

The Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen didn’t level up, she was still Bronze-ranked Level 1.

However, the Thorny Flowers she summoned had all levelled up. Many of the Thorny Flowers had even ranked up to Silver-ranked Thorny Flowers, especially the Thorny Flower Minions that had swallowed the Corrupted Wyverns and Demonic Swamp Dragons. Their evolution was obvious.

Yue Yang didn’t bother going to the forts of the Avians and the Demons and gather their treasures. He prepared to go into the world inside his grimoire and look around.

After the great battle, the Intermediate-ranked Gold Grimoire had levelled up to Advance-ranked.

A golden coloured pillar of light shone brightly for a long period of time.

The special-type beast “World” had expanded outwards a little more in the midst of the golden light.

After absorbing the Avians’ and the Demons’ energy, within the ring of light, other than wind, fire, water, earth and metal, there were two other new Heaven Runes, “Light” and “Darkness”. The Runes in the ring of light became richer, as it continue to slowly revolve around the grimoire. Its mysterious energy turned into some kind of special area of effect that increases the status of its master and his beasts. Moreover, it had a weakening effect on its master’s enemies.

Its area of effect wasn’t very big right now, as its level was only Platinum-ranked Level 3. In the future, if it could increase its level and expand its area of effect, it would definitely be a great force to behold.

Of course, to raise such a ‘bottomless pit’, Yue Yang felt that no amount of magic crystals would be enough to satisfy it.

“…” Xiao Wen Li pulled on Yue Yang’s arms.

“Can we go into the Grimoire World now?” Yue Yang was overjoyed when he heard the news. As he gathered his thoughts, he realized that ‘World’ was not resisting his entry anymore. Faintly, he even felt that it was guiding him in. However, he felt more guidance from Xiao Wen Li who was holding onto his arms. A flash of golden light appeared on the grimoire and enveloped Yue Yang’s body. In a flash, Yue Yang disappeared without a trace.

When they were teleporting, Yue Yang felt Xiao Wen Li leading him and flying quickly through an empty space.

They seemed to have traversed thousand miles within the blink of an eye.

His feet finally stepped onto ground after being suspended in the air for a while.

After a burst of light, Yue Yang realized that there was a strange world in front of him… This Grimoire World wasn’t really big, it was only few kilometres wide. Yue Yang could see what may be the end of the Grimoire World, a stretch of mountain range of different heights that surrounded the whole area. Above it, there was a dome-like sky. The sky was extremely bright, there were no stars, moon or even clouds. It really looked dull, and it was probably only 1 km high. Some of the higher mountains on the ground could even almost reach half of the height of the dome.

The ground was mostly filled with water. A big part of the ground was covered with a big lake.

There were small islands of different sizes in the middle of the lake.

On the islands, there were only grasses and flowers, and a small number of vines. There were also a few short fig trees, there were not big trees at all.

The water was extremely clear, there were no fish or prawns at all, only the clear, calm lake water… Accurately speaking, other than Yue Yang, Xiao Wen Li, Bloody Queen Red, Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man and the other Guardian Beasts, there were no other living thing inside the grimoire world. It was merely a new world that had just been created.

“Let’s work together to create our new home!” Yue Yang was extremely pleased. With this grimoire world, even though it was rather crude and simple, as long as he managed it, it would become more and more perfect step by step. If there were no butterflies, birds, fish, prawns, it wouldn’t be interesting. He would bring them in next time. If there were no flowers or trees, he would plant them continuously, until they grew abundantly. As for houses, they would be able to create it once they bring in the necessary materials.

“Unn!” Xiao Wen Li obediently nodded her head, showing her joy.

“Let’s tear down the White Clouds Fort in the Sky Shrine and move it in. Also, the Demon’s Fort. Those are quite good materials!” Bloody Queen Red liked to live in high places, hence she was very interested in the White Clouds Fort that the Avians lived in. She would definitely create a Sky Pavilion later on.
(Shiro: Changing Hanging Pavilion to Sky Pavilion)

“Then, what are we waiting for…” The moment Yue Yang mentioned his order, all his beasts started to move.

The Demon’s Fort were torn apart and the Barbarian Cow Shadow and Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen worked together to move the pieces of Obsidian stones inside.

Even the Reaper Mantis also helped.

Only the Spirit of Flame and Smoke who didn’t understanding anything about living and could only fight, stared blankly with nothing to do for a while. Seeing that Yue Yang didn’t have the time to pay attention to her, she continued to absorb the Storm King’s Core inside her body. The Bloody Queen Red and Yue Yang flew together to the floating buildings in the sky, and tore apart the White Clouds Fort that the Avians used to reside in piece by piece. They then moved them inside the grimoire world. Fortunately, the pieces of floating stones would automatically float the moment it entered the domain inside the ring of light. Otherwise, they would have been exhausted to death trying to move them piece by piece inside.

Yue Yang’s responsibilities were to tear apart the walls and collect the treasures. As for the things that he didn’t need, he immediately destroyed them, so that future challengers wouldn’t know what happened here.

Yue Yang figured that after every certain period of time, a strong ranker from the Tong Tian Tower would come and filled the Three Worlds Shrines with more beasts.

It would be replenished the moment it was consumed.

Of course, those people would probably not care if the Avians’ and the Demons’ Forts were destroyed.

The Avian Leader’s and Demon Chief’s storage bracelets were not suitable for Yue Yang’s use. Hence, Yue Yang decided to find a time to refine these two items. Maybe he could fuse them together with his Lich Ring and increase its storage space.

With his grimoire world, although item storage was no longer a problem, it was more convenient to use the Lich Ring.

Especially during battles or times when it wasn’t convenient for him to summon his grimoire.

When Red, Ah Man and the others were still moving stuff, Yue Yang and Xiao Wen Li went to acquire the final reward for clearing the Sky Shrine. Yue Yang hoped there wouldn’t be a time limit for clearing the quest, otherwise he would regret it to death if they were kicked out from the Sky Shrine before acquiring the final reward… When Yue Yang swiped his Crystal Card across the Giant Sky King Statue, it broke into pieces. The stone pieces of statue scattered all over the sky. As Yue Yang dispersed the dust with his Innate Qi, he saw a round green light in front of him. Beside the ball of green light, there was a pearl that was faintly emitting light.

Sky Splitting Pearl (Fake): The holder will be able to split the sky forcefully and open a door to an empty dimension. Limited to one-time usage only.

Yue Yang break out in sweat. The reward for the Sky Shrine was indeed a fake item.

Looking from its effects, this fake Sky Splitting Pearl could not even compare to the Silver-ranked Blood Sucking Pearl. At least the Blood Sucking Pearl could suck blood when it was embedded into a weapon, thus increasing the weapon’s power. If a beast swallowed the Blood Sucking Pearl, it could even impart its blood sucking ability to the beast. However, the blood sucking ability was rather dreadful, because it was a skill that depended on chance.

It was similar to Doom’s Eyes, but Doom’s Eyes could instantly kill, whereas the Blood Sucking Pearl could only suck blood.

However, even a mosquito’s leg is meat. Yue Yang had never rejected treasures before, the more the better.

Yue Yang had been severely disappointed with the Three Worlds Shrines rewards, but this time, the Sky Shrine reward of a round ball of green light had completely changed his mind.

Five Colours of Divine Light (Green): One of the Five Colours of Divine Light. The holder of this light can re-arrange all kind of poison. All plant-type beasts will receive ten times boost in power. Those who received the blessings of the light will acquire “Natural Body” temporarily.

Yue Yang’s Heaven Eyes Divine Vision could also see another piece of information: Damaged Divine Light, nine layers of seal.

This also meant that this Green Divine Light was already so powerful even when it was damaged and sealed in nine layers of seal. Yue Yang couldn’t even begin to imagine what kind of power it beholds if he undo the seals… Based on Yue Yang’s previous life’s experience, the Five Colours of Divine Light was the treasure that Kong Xuan had created after working on it for ten thousand years. It was said that originally, when a drop of energy from Primal Chaos had enveloped Mahamayuri, it created five strands of peacock feathers. Afterwards, Mahamayuri ordered his disciples to create five Legendary Swords using the five 1-metre long peacock feathers. The refining process took ten thousand years. Although it was made from a peacock feather, the Legendary Swords were as heavy as a mountain… As for its power, when this Five Colours of Divine Light appeared, Huang Fei Hu, Chong Hei Hu, Li Jing and all others were immediately scared off. Even Jiang Zi Ya, who wields the God Beating Whip couldn’t hold a candle to it…

  1. Kong Xuan is a character from Investiture of the Gods/Feng Shen Yan Yi, a chinese classic fantasy tale. He is based on Mahamayuri, a Buddhist God. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kong_Xuan
  2. Primal Chaos – a formless state before the creation of universe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaos_(cosmogony)
  3. Mahamayuri – Some buddhist god https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahamayuri
  4. Huang Fei Hu, Chong Hei Hu, Li Jing, Jiang Zi Ya – some big shot characters from the Investiture of the Gods, google their wiki page if you want to know more)

If one were to use a word to describe Five colours of Divine Light, it’s “OP”!
(Shiro: forgive me for using a slang due to lack of better words…)

Of course, this Five Colours of Divine Light might not be Kong Xuan’s peacock feathers, but since its name was ‘Five Colours of Divine Light’, it must not be any ordinary treasure.

“Could it be that Kong Xuan’s butt was also kicked by the Old Daoist Priest, and one of his feathers had flown here?” Yue Yang carelessly guessed, as he quickly grabbed and stored the precious items away.

He actually acquired Five Colours of Divine Light as a reward for clearing the Three Worlds Shrines.

Yue Yang was so touched!

It was a pity that he couldn’t redo the trial again. Otherwise, Yue Yang would have collected all five colours of divine light!

The moment Yue Yang acquired the Sky Splitting Pearl and one of the Five Colours of Divine Light, the Green Divine Light, the Sky Shrine immediately started to crumble. It was similar to what happened in the Twelve Zodiac Temples. The whole trial area would be shifted and re-arranged after it was completed. Yue Yang saw that there weren’t many things left to tidy up, so he quickly ordered his beasts to retreat. Who would know if this shift would attract the attention of some great gods inside the Tong Tian Tower… Although he couldn’t be sure, the cautious Yue Yang immediately abandoned moving the last pieces of Obsidian stones. Those things were also available in the Demon Palace in the Demon Abyss. If he need more, he could just give the Great Demon King Baruth a visit again at the most!

Whatever Harp, Blood Scythe and other kind of weapons available had already been collected. Red, Ah Man and the other girls also quickly returned into the grimoire world.

Yue Yang slipped away from the rubbles and rushed out from the teleportation gate, almost crashing into the Gold-armoured Guard Captain outside.

“Eh? You didn’t die?” The Gold-armoured Guard Captain was different from the Gold-armoured Guard Captain guarding the Twelve Zodiac Temples, hence he didn’t recognize Yue Yang. When he saw the little thief had actually came out alive, he was extremely surprised, “You seemed to have entered for a few hours. How are you still alive?”

“There are too many monsters inside, so I hid myself and slept. In the end, when I saw that it was quiet and there was no movement from the monsters, I stealthily sneaked myself back out. It was so dangerous!” Yue Yang pretended that he was a lucky chap who had just escaped death. When the Golden-armoured Guard Captain heard this, he burst out in laughter and patted Yue Yang’s shoulders, “You are so lucky! I have never heard of a team with lesser than fifty members clearing the Human Shrine. Ninety percent of the teams would be annihilated. It’s already a miracle for you to be able to escape from the Human Shrine! Young boy, don’t ever do things beyond your capabilities again. You will definitely not be able to clear the trials alone…”

“I won’t dare, I won’t dare to do it again…” Yue Yang pretended to be afraid and quickly escaped.

“Haha, this little thief escapes pretty fast. Seems like he had some kind of Artifact that makes him invisible, otherwise he would definitely not be able to escape…” The Gold-armoured Guard Captain mumbled to himself, but he dismissed these thoughts to the back of his head very quickly.

Had he possessed a stronger sense of curiosity, entered the Trial Status Display Crystal Pillar Room and used his authority to check the Trial Clearance List, he would probably be shocked to death by the truth.

This was because Yue Yang’s Three Worlds Shrines’ completion rate was more than 3000%.

In other words, the kid had cleared the trials that exceeded thirty times of the normal difficulty…

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    *** Basically, she saves you from poison and illness. ***

    Mahamayuri eats poison and can eat all the chemical toxins in one’s body. When one detoxifies, one can be healthy, have longevity, and feel comfortable.
    After eating a poisonous substance, peacocks will typically shine and radiate light. Their feathers become even more beautiful. Therefore, by reciting the Mahamayuri Mantra, those who take Ketamine or take other toxic substances by accident can be cleansed of toxins.

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