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LLS Chapter 314 – The Demons’ Sad Wails

Chapter 314 – The Demons’ Sad Wails
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Compared to the Innate Level 5 Demon Chief, those Demons who were Lesser Innate Rankers were way weaker.

When the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen appeared, they couldn’t even identify her at first. It was only when they heard their Demon Chief that they immediately jumped in fright and took their positions, prepared to defend themselves… The Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen had always been the nightmare of Demon Abyss. To the demons, her existence was not only of a stronger enemy, it was of a higher-ranked predator. Even though the snake could rampage on the ground unhindered, the moment an eagle preyed on it, it would only end up dead in the end. This was because the eagle was the snake’s natural predator!

The Corrupted Wyverns didn’t dare to get closer to the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen at all. When they came back to their senses, they immediately flapped their wings and escaped far back.

The Demonic Swamp Dragons in the Blood Pool submerged themselves under one by one.

If they had enough wisdom, they wouldn’t do this. This was because hiding under the Blood Pool had no effects on the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen at all. She could straight away drill into the Blood Pool and swallow them easily like a fish on water.

“Don’t panic. It is only a Bronze-ranked Level 1 Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen!” The Demon Chief nervously gulped down his saliva and scolded his subordinates.

Fortunately it was a Queen that had only just evolved. Her appearance still looked like a little girl.

If she had already matured and attained her maximum potential, they wouldn’t even need to fight this battle.

Some of the Lesser Innate Ranker Demons looked embarrassed when they came back to their senses.

They roared out furiously.

Although they were scared to death by the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen just now, they realized that she wasn’t as frightening as the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen that they had heard in legends. They immediately looked stern and serious again. Of course, they would definitely run away if they were to face the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen alone. They wouldn’t even need to fight, they knew that they were not the little Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen’s match in a one-on-one battle.

“Roar, roar!” The few Demons roared out one by one, prepared to charge forward and surround the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen.

“Where is this? Have I come to the Demon Abyss after a short sleep? It’s not the Blood Prison Demon King… Never mind, these demons are all good fertilisers too!” The Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen was still half-asleep. Seeing the Demon Innate Ranker and Lesser Innate Ranker Demons, she even thought that Yue Yang had gone to the Demon Abyss.

“Human warrior… This battle, we would only ended up with heavy losses if we fought to the end! Why don’t we separate the loot? You get the reward on your side, and we get the reward for our side. With regards to the things in the White Clouds Fort in the sky, we can divide it 50-50. After which, you can complete the mission and leave. Before we leave the Sky Shrine, we will also give you the Blood Sucking Pearl as present to you!” The Level 5 Innate Demon Chief took out a beautiful blood red pearl and asked, full of sincerity as he suggested to share the loot. According to him, Yue Yang would even have a slight advantage, because Yue Yang had killed more Avians than them.

“Good idea.” Before the Bloody Queen Red could finish translating, Yue Yang nodded, gladly accepting the suggestion.

“Let’s sign on a Demon Contract, so that we won’t renege!” The Demon Chief took out a piece of blood red Contract Scroll and a pencil made from a demon’s finger bone. It was also decorated with a little skull on its end.

“Of course, signing a contract is the best way to start a business relationship.” Yue Yang suddenly smiled again.

The Demon Chief felt that this brat’s smile was even scarier than his own.

Although this brat’s smile was as radiant as the sun, he felt some kind of evil behind it. It was dark and cold, and he felt as if there was some kind of evil aura that runs through his spine all the way to his tailbone, freezing his heart.

The Demon Chief first wrote his name on the Demon Contract, which he handed it over to Yue Yang afterwards.

Yue Yang didn’t even look through the details on the Demon Contract. He immediately signed his name carelessly… Titan. Right, this was the name he used to register in the Adventurer’s Guild. It was also the name he used to enter Tong Tian Tower. Is this name important? Of course not, the most important thing was to sign the Demon Contract… Once the Demon Contract was signed, the two sides became allies. Since they were allies, they were not restricted to the Sky Shrine’s Ancient Code limitations.

Only the challenger could receive the Ancient Code’s protection.

Challengers had the authority to start the trial, and after winning, they would also have the Ancient Code’s protection to leave the Sky Shrine without injuries.

The Demon Chief thought that this brat only had a few slightly stronger beasts. On his own, he should only be a warrior from the Soaring Dragon Continent that was below Level 6 [Elder]. In other words, he would be able to kill the human boy easily with a flick of a finger.

When the Demon Contract that had been signed by both parties shone with light, the Demon Chief laughed sinisterly.

Betraying allies was an extremely disdainful action.

However, he was a Demon originally. What’s wrong with betraying allies? Demons are born evil by nature!

“The Demon Contract is dripping blood.” Yue Yang saw that the Demon Contract was burning in the air and was dripping with fiery blood. According to the knowledge inheritance from the tragic guy’s mom, Yue Yang understood what this meant perfectly, “You have violated the terms in the Demon Contract on your side. Do you guys want to kill me?”

“That’s right!” The Demon Chief did not even finish his sentence before he swung his blood scythe towards Yue Yang’s neck.

“I like your honesty and your straightforward methods… Since that’s the case, I’ll leave your corpse intact as a reward.” Yue Yang smiled indifferently. He raised his right hand and the Golden Beast on his wrist turned into a mysterious sword with mystical runes, blocking right in front of Yue Yang’s neck. Under the restriction of the Ancient Code, he couldn’t attack with his combat skills, but he could defend himself.

The Gold-ranked Blood Scythe was extremely sharp. It swung down mercilessly.

However, that scythe only brushed across Yue Yang’s nose, the wind from its swing blowing against Yue Yang’s hair. Yue Yang’s eyes glinted with a hint of ridicule… The latter half of the Blood Scythe had been cut off, strangely stopping right beside Yue Yang’s neck.

The front half dropped soundlessly, and finally thudded on the ground.

The Demon Chief’s expression changed greatly.

He couldn’t believe that his Bloody Scythe had been broken into two pieces. It was a Gold-ranked item, indestructible.

It had actually been broken by his enemy’s sword in one slash. What’s happening?

He suddenly realized and pointed at the Golden Beast in Yue Yang’s hand that had turned into a mysterious sword, crying out in alarm, “You, are you a Tong Tian Beast?”

Yue Yang leisuredly yawned and answered, “Yep, it’s the one and only Tong Tian Beast!”

The Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen tilted her head towards Yue Yang and said, “This fellow is really dumb… Are all demons this dumb? How could he think of launching a surprise attack on you? Isn’t it as ridiculous as trying to have an eating competition with me?” Before she finished her sentence, five spears that were killing the Avians just now shot towards her, each of them was thrown with a power that could pierce straight through her!

“What a boring sneak attack!” The Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen waved her hand.

Over a hundred Bronze-ranked Thorny Flowers Minions and Thorny Flower Clusters rose to the sky. Their gigantic bodies were even bigger than the Demonic Swamp Dragons hiding in the Blood Pool.

The Demons with spears charged forward angrily. However, their spears didn’t seem to have any effects to the soft and slippery bodies of the Thorny Flowers.

The Thorny Flower Minions plucked out the Demon spears nailed on their bodies easily and passed it to the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen. The process was extremely quick, it was executed in less than two seconds. They had even dispelled the demonic qi and miasma in the air at the same time.
(Shiro: Seems like the spears are more like javelins/arrows that are used for long-ranged attacks)

Before the 5 Lesser Innate Demons could cast their spears the second time, more Thorny Flowers started appearing from the ground.

The Thorny Flowers combined together, twining against each other and finally formed a Thorny Flower Giant that was more than thirty metres tall.

All the Thorny Flowers were Bronze-ranked, they ranged from Bronze-ranked Level 1 to Level 9. Mysteriously, the highest level of Bronze-ranked Level 10 was not present. Even so, the appearance of this thirty metres tall Bronze-ranked Thorny Flower Giant was enough to stupefy the five Lesser Innate Demons… How were they supposed to fight such a big monster? The five Demons had not even come back to their senses when suddenly, another two Bronze-ranked Thorny Flower Giants appeared from the ground.

Fortunately, the other two Thorny Flower Giants were slightly shorter. They were only twenty metres tall.

However, the Thorny Flower Giants’ goal was not the five demons, it was the Demonic Swamp Dragons hiding in the Blood Pool. They were also attacking the terrified Corrupted Wyverns that were scrambling everywhere in the sky.

The Demon Chief felt an impulse of wailing on the ground in his heart. Who is this human boy actually? They had wanted to kill him at first and hoard all of the spoils of war here for themselves. He never imagined that his ability was something they could not fight against. Had he known earlier, he would have fled this Sky Shrine the moment their seal was unlocked. His greed had truly led him to his demise!

It was fine when they signed the Demon Contract, but the moment they chose to betray the terms of the contract, according to Tong Tian Tower’s Law, they would not be able to leave the battlefield before the other party.

This, isn’t this equivalent to leading himself to his death?

“Let’s stop fighting! If you are willing, I will give you all the treasures here as compensation. Moreover, we can agree on a place to meet in the sixth level of Tong Tian Tower, I will compensate you with one hundred Sky Crystal Coins! We don’t have to fight so hard, it would only result in heavy losses for both of our sides. If you are willing, I am willing to compensate you for my rude behaviour just now!” The Demon Chief had secretly schemed in his heart. He would definitely be at a disadvantage in this battle. It would be better for him to endure shame and compensate the human boy right now, he could call for reinforcements to kill this boy in the future after they leave this place!

In order to acquire the Tong Tian Beast who could cut through a Gold-ranked Weapon, many strong rankers would definitely be interested in joining him!

With regards to the Demon Chief’s suggestion, Yue Yang shook his hand and smiled, “Clever demon, do you think I will still trust your words? If I wasn’t planning on trapping you guys here in this Sky Shrine, I would never have signed the Demon Contract with you. Alright, I won’t criticise your clumsy schemes anymore, it’s not something that you demons are an expert in anyway. Let’s talk about how to kill you. How do you guys want to be killed?”

The Demon Chief felt like Yue Yang had punched him in the face when he heard his words. He staggered a few steps backwards.

Right now, even if he was a fool, he finally understood the situation.

This brat had been scheming from the start.

This human boy was afraid that he would escape from the Sky Shrine at the first moment, hence he pretended to be weak and tricked him to think that it was safe for him to beat him down. He made him believe that he was forcing him to sign the Demon Contract. When he broke the terms on their side, he would be able to fight him even with their alliance status…

He had hidden his true strength.

He only revealed his Tong Tian beast when he (Demon Chief) turned hostile against him!

“Do you think you can defeat me with just the likes of your lamia, Bloody Queen, Barbarian Cow Shadow and a Bronze-ranked Level 1 Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen?” The Demon Chief furiously rored, “I’m an Innate Level 5 Ranker, no matter how many beasts you have, they are all useless against me. I can totally defeat you even by standing still! Do you know what’s my Domain of Power? My Domain of Power is “Dark Shadow”. As long as I don’t show myself, you won’t ever be able to find me in the darkness of my Domain!”

“You left out my Tong Tian beast!” Yue Yang smiled out. He loved watching the agitated looks of his enemies the most, because that would mean that they felt cornered.

“You won’t be able to find me even with your Tong Tian beast…” The Demon Chief raised both of his hands to the sky, and his surrounding twenty-metres radius immediately became complete darkness. His body slowly became a transparent shadow, “If you enter here, I will immediately attack. You won’t be able to find me here, and you won’t be able to defeat me who is like a shadow! If you agree on my suggestion, stop your attacks immediately. I will even add another 100 Sky Crystal Coins.”

“What if I say that I still have the Quintet Golden Puppet Mice, who can traverse boundaries, traps and domains?” Yue Yang summoned the five puppet mice out.

“You…” The Demon Chief was so angry that no words could flow out of his mouth.

“If you think it’s still not enough, I can still summon more beasts until you are satisfied!” Yue Yang summoned the Spirit of Flame and Smoke who had absorbed the Gold-ranked Level 8 Sandstorm Beast’s magic crystal, “Storm King’s Core”. She was currently a Gold-ranked Level 5 Spirit of Flame and Smoke. Its body was covered with blazing flames and thick smoke. The Storm King’s Core revolved continuously on her forehead. There was a flicker of Nirvana Flame burning on top of her head. That was her most important constitution, the ultimate flame.

“Just how many Guardian Beast do you actually have…?” The Demon Chief was thoroughly frustrated. This Spirit of Flame and Smoke was the nemesis of his Dark Shadow Domain of Power. In his Domain, he actually still existed physically. He was not a shadow nor an element. Would this trick work on a Spirit of Flames and Smoke that had a body of flames, storm and smoke? That’s impossible. The thing that made him despair the most was that the beasts that this brat summoned were all Guardian Beasts. What does this mean? That means they would never die nor betray him… Under this situation, how could he defeat his enemy? Forget about the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, the Holy Beast Bloody Queen and the Lesser Holy Beast Barbarian Cow Shadow, he even had a little lamia girl whose strength was impossible for him to measure.

In the Demon Chief’s heart, this little lamia was definitely not weaker than the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen. Just now, the Avian Leader who was his enemy for hundreds of years had died because of her.

Once again, Yue Yang summoned another beast, the Reaper Mantis, to kill those Corrupted Wyverns who were completely scared out of their wits, flying in chaos.

At the same time, he revealed a radiant smile towards the Demon Chief who was in despair. However, his smile looked even more sinister than a Demon King’s. His elegant face then revealed an evil expression as he said, “If you don’t mind, I would like to call a few more reinforcements!”

When Xiao Wen Li heard him, she lightly waved her hand and summoned her Diamond Grimoire.

Raising her protective shield, she summoned Stone Element Medusa, Storm Mermaid, Thunder Naga and Ice Serpent Demon all out.

When the Demon Chief saw this, his demon claws trembled as he asked, his voice shaking in terror, “Diamond Grimoire? You, you, your beast has a diamond grimoire? Damn it! Who are you actually? How could someone below the Level 6 [Elder] possess a Divine Beast that has her own grimoire? This is impossible, this is definitely impossible! You haven’t even reached Level 6 [Elder], how can you possess a Divine Beast?”

Yue Yang smiled. His smile sent shivers down the six demons’ spines, “Why didn’t you think that she is a Transcending Divine Beast that I have inherited?”

Transcending Divine Beast?

The Demon Chief suddenly had difficulty in breathing.

The foolish him had actually started a fight against someone who possessed a Transcending Divine Beast… Moreover, this human warrior had actually possessed the Holy Beast-ranked Bloody Queen and Lesser Holy Beast Barbarian Cow Shadow, a Reaper Mantis which was the natural predator of dragon-race, puppet mice and Spirit of Flame and Smoke that could render his Domain of Power useless. He also possessed a Tong Tian beast, and even the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen which was legendary for being the nemesis of the demon race.

In this world, is there anyone who is more foolish, more arrogant, more greedy and more tragic than him?

When he saw the gathering of the beasts surrounding him, the threat of death that he never felt for thousands of years suddenly surfaced from the bottom of his heart… This time, seems like it wouldn’t be as simple as being sealed in the Sky Shrine. His end was approaching soon!

“No, NO!” The Demon Chief wailed out. His cries echoed through the Sky Shrine for a long time.

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