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LLS Chapter 313 – Avians? Demons? Kill them all!

Chapter 313 – Avians? Demons? Kill them all!
Translated by: YES LOLITA! NO TOUCH!
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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After clearing the Earth Shrine, Yue Yang had acquired a ‘Ground Breaking Pearl’. However, it was still a fake imitation.

Ground Breaking Pearl (Fake): The holder can cause a powerful earthquake within the range of a hundred meters and destroy all constructions on the surface. Limited to one time use only.

After reading it Yue Yang became speechless.

After killing no less than a thousand strong beasts, Yue Yang had only received a piece of ‘rip-off’ Ground Breaking Pearl. Who set up these damned rewards? Even if it was fake, it was fine, however it could only be used once. What the hell is this, such a pain in the ass! If there was a phone, Yue Yang would definitely file a complaint……. Yue Yang reckoned that once he reaches the Sky Shrine, the clearing reward was going to be something like a fake ‘Sky Splitting Pearl’. These Three World Shrines were not only unspeakably hard to challenge, their rewards were also too little. Compared to the Twelve Zodiac Temples, this was simply a penny-pinching challenge.

When Yue Yang was teleported to the third trial, the ‘Sky Shrine’, he almost fell down head first.

The Sky Shrine was not like the Earth Shrine and the Human Shrine that had three kinds of beasts, sky, earth and water.

In there were only two kinds.

There were only beasts from the sky and from the Demon Abyss.

The landscape was the same as the Demon Abyss, filled with swamps and blood pools. Within the blood pools, Demonic Swamp Dragons were roaming about. Their forms were similar to python’s, their outward appearance were extremely similar to Nine-Headed Hydras without limbs. They had fins on their backs and were extremely good at swimming. They did not have claws, they have thin bodies and a big head with green eyes. Their bloodied mouths were like snake’s. Looking onwards, there were approximately thirty of them, and not a single one was not Gold-ranked Level 5.

Withered and fallen Corrupted Wyverns were occupying the strange rock protruding in the middle of the Demon Abyss blood pool. Their bodies were covered in black miasma, and there were twenty of them. Similarly they were also Gold-ranked Level 5.

On the far end of the blood pool, there were also huge and tall demons. Their height were approximately five meters, and they were carrying a blood scythe in their hands.

They were similar to demon kings, but they were not the same.

They were also Gold-ranked Level 5 and there were six of them.

Among them, a Demon Chief seems to have unlocked its wisdom and had reached Gold-ranked Level 6.

All these demons were only from the Demon Abyss-like ground. In the sky above, a different sight could be seen. The sky was filled with white clouds and brilliant rays of light, but behind the clouds, winged Avians wearing white gowns and carrying a set of bow and arrows, scepters or swords on their hands hovered back and forth.

Commanding them was a white gowned Avian carrying a silver harp. When it played the harp, a beautiful tinkling sound was heard, it was as if there were people singing in the background. However, Yue Yang could not understand what he was hearing.

Besides having wings on their backs, these Avians’ faces were no different from humans.

The only different thing was that all of them wore a green laurel wreath on their heads as ornaments… Towards their attire, Yue Yang did not dare to comment. Seeing these white gowned Avians wearing green hats, wearing them very professionally and wearing them very happily, Yue Yang felt cold sweat trickling behind his back. What the hell is going on here? Avians and demons were placed together, why are they not fighting each other?
(Shiro: In China, if a man “wore a green hat” means his wife is cheating on them. This phrase is derived from a customary law during the 13th to 18th century that required husbands with prostitutes as wives to wear a green hat)

Just as Yue Yang became dumbstruck and responseless, the Demon Chief suddenly came over.

He spoke some gibberish.

Yue Yang knew that it was demonic language, but he could not understand it.

Actually, Yue Yang was capable of understanding three different common languages of the Demon Abyss. He was also capable of recognizing two kinds of writings, and capable of writing one kind. These were the results from learning with his powerful memory. If only he was not limited by time, he would have learned more.

However, he had never heard of this Demon Abyss language before.

Fortunately he has Bloody Queen Red and she was a very qualified translator: “This demon says that they have been sealed within this space for a very long time, and are incapable of leaving this place. If we can help them leave this place, he would give us the treasure ‘Blood Sucking Pearl’ as a reward. He also requests that we join hands together with him to fly to the skies, beat down every single Avian and eliminate them all… If we choose to stay neutral and not join any side in the battle, he would let us go back to the teleportation circle and allow us to leave.”

In the sky, the white gowned Avian carrying the silver harp flew down majestically. Using Soaring Dragon Continent’s language, he spoke in an incomparably arrogant manner: “Indecisive human warrior, I am warning you. You are falling towards an evil abyss……. Young one, going near demons is not a good thing. Quickly wake up to reality and stay away from demons. Return under our banner of justice…….Eh, your beasts, they seems to be Holy Beasts?”

Seeing that Yue Yang had Holy Beasts, the white gowned Avian’s attitude became slightly better.

However, he was still quite arrogant, looking at Yue Yang as if he was an upstart. It was as if he was a city noble looking at a rich countryside landlord.

In short, he had a deep, aloof and remote kind of arrogance deep within his bones.

“If only our abilities were not sealed, we, noble and divine angels, who came down from the Heaven Realm, would absolutely not be confined in this dirty and small place. Human Warrior, I shall bestow to you an opportunity for glory, a glory that would last through eighteen generations of your sons and grandsons. Assist us in beheading these demons immediately and help us to remove the seals on our bodies. If we can recover our freedom and return to the Heaven Realm, I would grant you an opportunity to receive you as God’s servant, and bring you to the Heaven Realm, where there is eternal happiness and unbounded blessings.” After the white-gowned Avian who was carrying a harp spoke, Yue Yang let out a smile.

His smile was even more brilliant than the sun.

Within the smile, an extremely cold killing intent was hidden. However, his face did not expose it at all.

His level 5 Counterfeit Inherent Skill displayed its maximum power in that instant,. Forget about the white-gowned Avian or the Demon Chief, even Yue Yang was slightly admiring himself. Best Actor Awards or Oscars, they were all nothing much in the face of his all-powerful [Counterfeit] smile!

With a wide smile on his face, Yue Yang asked: “Before I make my decision, I wish to ask you both a question, why don’t you fight between the both of you?”

The white-gowned Avian carrying a harp angrily berated Yue Yang: “Stupid human, actually putting us noble and divine angels in the same level as demons, this is the most ear-piercing, most unacceptable humiliation I have heard.”

On the contrary, the Demon Chief coldly laughed: “Stop acting pretentious like a prostitute you disgusting dog shit. You have already been sealed here for a long time, as for which batch of Avian you were from, I don’t even remember. Over the last thousand year, I have already killed many idiotic Avians like you. Despite killing one of you another new one would pop out, however that disgusting face of yours made me unbearably want to kill you!”

The Demon Chief shot towards him and raised his blood scythe. He chopped down heavily.

Seeing this, the white-gowned Avian carrying a harp immediately flapped its wings and quickly dodged the attack, and flew towards the skies.

He coldly laughed; “Dirty life-form, you want to hit me? A single white feather on my body is a hundred fold more precious than your entire body. If you have the skill then fly up and fight with me!”

“If I was not bound by the restrictions, you damn Avian should not even think of escaping me…….” The Demon Chief stamped his foot on the ground hatefully, that even the blood pond far away shook.

“I have understood more or less about the matters here. It means that no matter which side I join, as long as I defeat the opponent, then I would be able to receive that side’s reward! The reward from the demon’s side is the Blood Sucking Pearl, but from its name, it sounded like a worthless item. On the Avian’s side, I would be received as God’s servant as the reward, but to be honest, I have no interest in becoming a slave…..” Yue Yang had not yet finished speaking when the white-gowned Avian carrying the harp suddenly shrieked and roared angrily at Yue yang: “What? Damned human, stupid as an ant, low life form, you have unexpectedly blabbered carelessly and humiliated us noble and divine angels…. Let me tell you, you stupid human, you will receive the greatest punishment, the same as an awe-inspiring God’s wrath! I command you, immediately crawl under my foot and prostrate yourself before me. Beg for forgiveness, or I would be furious and make use of the divine light to beat you into oblivion.”

“Ok, I had originally thought of letting you live a little bit longer!” Yue Yang had wanted to understand more about the matters of the Heaven Realm, however, it seemed like that white-gowned Avian would not shed tear if he didn’t see a coffin before him.

He even possessed Holy Beasts, how dare he act arrogantly towards him?

Yue Yang truly didn’t know if the Avian was ignorant or a natural airhead.

Bloody Queen Red had already wanted to kill the white-gowned Avian since a while ago. This bastard actually dared to talk crap about her master?

Forget about this Avian who only had the strength of a Gold-ranked Level 6, even if he was Platinum-ranked Level 6 or Diamond-ranked Level 6, she would also kill him without delay! Bloody Queen Red had never seen someone that had the audacity to be this arrogant. He had actually dared to open his mouth to spout bullshit and attack her owner. An almighty, respectable Innate Ranker was actually demeaned as a lowly life form and scorned as a stupid ant. Hearing these curses truly made her unable to suppress the burning anger in her heart.

“Die!!” Bloody Queen Red was so angry that even her eyes were dyed scarlet red. She shot towards him, pulling out both of her Gold Dragon-Slaying Dagger and Eye Destroyer Dagger.

“Summon……”The white-gowned Avian unhurriedly prepared to summon his grimoire.

However, he was unable to move.

Not knowing when it happened, Xiao Wen Li had flashed behind him……Xiao Wen Li, who had learned teleportation, used her Binding Inherent Skill and launched a surprise attack on the enemy. Even the Emperor of Zi Wei, Shun Tian, and the Blood Prison Great Demon King Baruth, those strong leveled practitioners, could not let down their guard from Xiao Wen Li, let alone the Avian whose true strength had been sealed and was only Gold-ranked Level 6 currently.

Dual Icicle blades penetrated deep into the Avian’s back. Bloody Queen Red, who had been strengthened by the Giant Phantom Shadow, shot towards the front of the white-gowned Avian like a streak of lightning.

Banshee Scream echoed.

The white-gowned Avian was stunned immediately. The Gold Dragon Slaying Dagger and Eye Destroyer Dagger pierced deeply into his forehead and left eye respectively.  

Xiao Wen Li swung her tail as if it was a whip and whipped the back of the white-gowned Avian.

A piece of meteor fell down the ground and sent endless waves of earthquake!

“KILL!” Ah Man raised Crescent Moon on her left hand and held the Golden Lion Spear on the other as she jumped high into the air. Like thunder, Crescent Moon strongly beheaded the white-gowned Avian’s head. After hitting once and felt that it was not enough, she once again raised the Golden Lion Spear and heavily pounded the white-gowned Avian’s Spine.

“AAAAAAAAA…..” Even though the Avian’s strength had been sealed, their vitality still remained the same as before they were sealed.

Using his Level 5 Divine Vision,Yue Yang can see that before being sealed, this white-gowned Avian should not be weaker than Moqi Xuling. It was also possible that it had already reached the strength of Innate Rank 5. However, after being sealed, the white-gowned Avian did not even have a thousandth of its battle strength. Forget about fighting against the coalition between Xiao Wen Li, Red and Ah Man, even if he were to fight against Fatty Hai’s Thunder Mammoth, Silver-horned Rhinoceros and Little Hippopotamus, he would also not be able to win against them.

Even though he still hadn’t died, he had already received heavy injuries.

If he was not immediately given assistance, he was bound to die….. In the sky, seeing their leader suffer an attack and fell on the ground, those Gold-ranked Level 5 white-gowned Avian were completely stunned. However, they immediately dived down one after the other, preparing to rescue him.

“Roar!” The Demon Chief was also flabbergasted, he did not expect that Yue Yang would make a move against his mortal enemy.

After his consciousness returned, he immediately loudly roared.

In the middle of the blood pool, the Demonic Swamp Dragon raised their heads one after the other and sprayed their venom toward the sky.

The Corrupted Wyverns soared towards the skies, repelling those white-gowned Avians that dived down. The other five Demons also did everything they can and tossed out their black flying spears, which seemed to be especially created to deal with the white-gowned Avians. Both side fought vigorously, but Yue Yang did not care about them at all. The white-gowned Avians that flew close were intercepted by the Bloody Queen Red, who skewered their hearts and directly massacred towards the sky. One by one, the Avians fell down to the ground.

Any Avian that encountered Xiao Wen Li were much more pitiful. Xiao Wen Li belonged to the type whose hands were like blades. Heads would fly to the sky whenever she slashed.

Without a leader, the Avians were utterly defeated.

Despite the Avian Leader struggling with his all, he still could not get pass Ah Man’s endless power.

Ah Man first kicked the Gold-ranked Harp, then seized the Avian Leader with her hands forcefully, tossing him in front of Yue Yang… Just as he fell into Yue Yang’s ‘World’s’ area of effect, the Avian leader miserably howled from the incomparable pain he felt. In this special area of effect inside the beast ‘World’, his energy was continuously being absorbed. He did not have the capability to struggle at all… In the sky, a sword wielding Avian thought of flying over to save him, however after seeing the situation, it immediately flew high and far to hide.

There was an archer Avian that aimed his bow towards Yue Yang.

Without needing Yue Yang to step in, the Bloody Queen Red had already brought out her “Flame Whip”, and whipped angrily at the back of the archer Avian’s back. When he fell to the ground, Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man’s fist exploded upon it.

Suddenly, Ah Man’s eyes flashed red. [Doom’s Eye] was triggered, killing the Avian in an instant.

After half an hour, the battle ended.

Most of the Avians that fell dead were killed by the Bloody Queen, Xiao Wen Li, and the Barbarian Cow Shadow, while that Demon Chief and his 5 other subordinates came second. The Corrupted Wyverns only killed a few.

As for the Demonic Swamp Dragons, they were only able to poison two injured Avian to death.

On the demons’ side, only 8-9 Demonic Swamp Dragons and 12-13 bruised Corrupted Wyverns were left.

After the death of most of the Avians, those five demons, even the Demon Chief had their seals removed and recovered their original strength.

Turns out that those 5 demons were all originally lesser Innate Rankers… As for the Demon Chief who could speak, he was a Level 5 Innate Ranker. He coldly watched Yue Yang for a while with a towering attitude. Finally, he opened his mouth: “Because of the Ancient Code’s limitations, human, I am willing to honor my promise this time. I can give you the Blood Sucking Pearl, however you must immediately bring all the corpses here… Young human, do not covet the materials that do not belong to you. I admit that you are a promising practitioner, who also possess strong beasts. However our strength is not something you can face right now! After receiving the Blood Sucking Pearl and completing the Sky Shrine’s trial, leave this place immediately. This place is no longer a place of challenge to you humans!”

“Roar, ROAR!” The rest of the 5 demons who have recovered their Lesser Innate Rankers’ strength all roared at Yue Yang, meaning that Yue Yang could get lost.

In front of Yue Yang, a stack of more than thirty Avian corpse was piled up.

From them, Yue Yang had already dug out a white pearl from the Avian leader’s head and kept it in his Lich Ring. He had also taken the Gold-ranked harp and stored it inside.

As far as the demons were concerned, Yue Yang’s actions were equivalent to embezzling their spoils of war, this was definitely an unforgivable action.

If it was a while ago, the demons would still be Gold-ranked Level 5 and would have no other choice, but now they have recovered their Lesser Innate Ranker’s strength, their Demon Chief had even recovered to a Level 5 Innate. This human male, even though he was strong, he was is still inadequate… Due to the Ancient Code, they cannot go against the code and kill him. However, there was absolutely no problem in expelling him from this place.

With regards to the the Demon Chief’ warning and the 5 demon’s intent to expel him, Yue Yang once again showed a smile.

It was similar to the smile he showed the Avian leader a while ago, deep with killing intent.

Cold as ice.

“It’s more meaningful like this, right! I do not hold any bit of interest towards the Blood Sucking Pearl, but I am definitely highly interested in your demon hearts!” Yue Yang snapped his fingers and summoned the sleepy and drowsy Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen. The loli empress was still slightly half-asleep.

“Eh? Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen?” Seeing this, the Demon Chief’s pupils immediately shrunk. Very evidently, he was well aware of his own nemesis.

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