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LLS Chapter 311 – Level Up, Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen!

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Chapter 311 – Level Up, Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The first page of the Gold Grimoire had changed a lot.

Mysterious-looking Runes had arranged themselves together to form a profound-looking pattern, faintly emitting a mystical kind of energy. The original [Divine Vision] and [Counterfeit] illustration had also changed. There was an additional star-lit background on the [Counterfeit] illustration, and the silhouette in the illustration seemed to be moving forward very slowly. However, when Yue Yang tried to focus on it again, it seemed to not be moving at all. As for the [Divine Vision], the background became darker while the eyes of the silhouette became even brighter, shining like a star. It gave Yue Yang the feeling of looking into a mirror.

Yue Yang saw that his Gemini Inherent Skill had levelled up to Level 4.

The [Spiritual Telepathy] and [Vision Exchange]’s area of effect had expanded, and Yue Yang could faintly feel a new kind of ability that he had not yet identified, but it was not recorded in the grimoire at all.

The thing that surprised Yue Yang was that there was actually another new Guardian Beast below the special-type Phantom Shadow.

Other warriors would only have one Guardian Beast normally.

But Yue Yang had actually acquired 2.

[World]: Special-type, Platinum-ranked Level 1. Formless body, has an area of domain. Guardian Beast, eternally on the state of summoned. Abilities: [Chaotic Beginning] and [Domain Elements].

“Could it be that this ring of light is actually a beast? What the heck?” Yue Yang knew that he had received plenty of rewards in this level up, but he never thought that he would receive so much. Although this ‘World’ has nothing to do with Soaring Dragon Continent or whatsoever and that it was only a special-type beast, one could see how strong it was just by hearing its name.

How could he raise this ‘World’?

It wasn’t an animal or plant, he couldn’t feed it nor teach it.

Moreover, this ‘World’ wasn’t even summoned by Yue Yang, it would always be on the state of summoned. As long as he summoned his grimoire, it would also be summoned. It was completely out of Yue Yang’s control, and it would also not listen to Yue Yang’s wishes.

Just as Yue Yang was thinking about what to do, half of the magic crystals that the Thorny Flower Demoness brought back to him suddenly disappeared.

When he observed carefully, he realized that the ‘World’ which has an area of effect was absorbing the magic crystals continuously, with an extremely fast speed.

When Yue Yang could finally react, he could only manage to save a few Puppet Generals’ magic crystals and the Puppet King’s magic crystal. Over hundreds of the magic crystals from the Puppet Soldiers, Fire Ravens and Wave Giants were all absorbed by this ‘World’. They quickly shrinked in size and finally turned into ashes, disappearing into nothingness. The Heaven Runes that represented Fire and Water on Yue Yang’s grimoire suddenly shined brightly, as if they just acquired an enormous energy… The grimoire flashed with a golden light as ‘World’, the special-type beast, suddenly levelled up to Platinum-ranked Level 2.

The ring of light, ‘World’ expanded outwards a little bit more, and there was an additional ‘Metal’ Rune amongst the four Heaven Runes that were revolving around it.

Seems like after absorbing 500 Puppet Soldiers magic crystals, it had obtained the ‘Metal’ attribute. It’s just that Yue Yang felt that the ‘Metal’ Heaven Rune was the weakest amongst the Heaven Runes, because it was glowing with the dimmest light.

The Bloody Queen Red shot down like an arrow to the ground. The moment she entered the area of effect of the ‘World’, she immediately disappeared.

Yue Yang jumped in shock.

This ‘World’… Don’t tell him, had it also absorbed the Bloody Queen?

After a moment, the Bloody Queen Red suddenly flew out again, and excitedly told Yue Yang, “Beautiful! It’s a new, a new world… This is a door, a door that connects to the world inside.” After the Bloody Queen’s excited explanation, although Yue Yang had not fully understood, he finally understood some things. Inside this Gold Grimoire, a new world had been created. It was very beautiful inside, suitable for the Bloody Queen and the others to live in. As for the world inside the Celestial Grimoire, that was too high-levelled, the Bloody Queen and the others couldn’t enter and exit it as and when they pleased. The could only enter or exit with Xiao Wen Li’s help.

Furthermore, due to her lack of power, the Bloody Queen felt really inferior living inside such a high-levelled place. She would rather move back inside the Gold Grimoire.

A spark of golden light flashed as the Gold Grimoire turned its pages on its own.

The Bloody Queen Red had indeed moved back into the gold Grimoire.

The Reaper Mantis also looked very happy. It didn’t have the qualifications to enter the world inside the Celestial Grimoire. Right now, inside the Gold Grimoire, it was extremely satisfied. As for the Thorny Flower Demoness, she also moved back inside. Only Xiao Wen Li didn’t do anything. Seems like it was already contented living inside the world in the Celestial Grimoire and was already used to it, so she didn’t have any plans of moving into the new world.

“Why can’t I go inside?” Yue Yang was quite speechless. He was the owner yet he couldn’t enter the world inside the grimoire. Isn’t he pitiful?

Forget about the Celestial Grimoire, he couldn’t even open it yet.

But he could open his Gold Grimoire!

When Yue Yang was mumbling his complaints aloud, saying that he also wanted to enter into the new world inside his grimoire, he suddenly felt that the ring of light, ‘World’ resisting his will, as if it was trying to stop its master from entering.

Could it be that he needed to ask for its permission to enter?

This ring of light has awareness on its own?

Yue Yang couldn’t understand it at all.

“Advanced. It’s fine if you level it up to Advance-ranked, the world inside is still in construction, it’s very chaotic inside.” The Bloody Queen Red explained that the grimoire world was not suitable for Yue Yang to dwell in currently.

“Unn!” Xiao Wen Li also agreed and nodded.

After the explanation, Yue Yang finally understood that the world inside was still not perfect yet. Maybe there was no air or the air was extremely thin, or maybe the world was still a mess. That was the reason why his entry was rejected by the ‘World’. This ‘World’ was like the door leading to the world inside the Gold Grimoire, responsible for the entry and exit of the residents inside the world… It didn’t have any awareness, but its existence was like some kind of law, anyone who did not qualify would not be able to enter. Even its master was not an exception.

He just need to level up the Gold Grimoire to Advanced-ranked?

Yue Yang was overjoyed when he heard it.

He had gotten a new beast, levelled up his old skills and even acquired a new world that he could move in into in a while.

If people could live inside the Gold Grimoire World, he could invite the girls in in the future. This way, he wouldn’t need to separate from them, he could return anytime and stay with them. He could also ask for their opinions if he encountered problems anytime, unlike their current separated state now.

Most importantly, they would be very safe inside the Gold Grimoire World.

As long as he was alive, they would be safe.

Yue Yang was only puzzled with one thing… Right now, the ‘World’ outside the grimoire was his beast, could it be that the world inside the Gold Grimoire was his beast too? Are they one body or separate? Could the ‘World’ outside be a representation of the world inside? Yue Yang really couldn’t understand, and he was too lazy to think too much into it. He had lots of things that he couldn’t understand anyway.

He saw that his level had also change.

Level 4 [Champion]: Surpassing [Hero], you have taken the next step to the path of the strong. However, you shouldn’t be too conceited, because you have only taken the first step.

This level description was no different than a normal Level 4 [Champion]’s. The only different thing was that Yue Yang had the word ‘Innate’ behind his Level 4 [Champion] title, written in dark golden words.

Compared to last time, the dark golden ‘Innate’ word seemed to be slightly different.

The word was the same, the only different thing was the composition of the Heaven Rune inside the word. The Heaven Rune inside move and formed endless arrangements. However, the appearance of the word ‘Innate’ was still the same.

If one did not look closely, they would only think that the word was merely flickering in dark golden light.

In front of the Human Shrine Teleportation Gate, there was a Giant King Statue.

This Giant King Statue was extremely huge and powerful. It wore a crown on its head and held a sword in one hand. His other hand stretched out, as if he was passing a judgement spiritedly.

Yue Yang took out his Crystal Card and touched it to the Giant King Statue’s hands… Yue Yang had only wanted to get the reward for clearing the trial. Unexpectedly, the moment he brushed it to the statue, the whole Giant King Statue suddenly shattered into pieces of rubbles. Yue Yang had to search through the rubbles for a long time before he finally found a black-coloured pearl. Using his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, he almost fainted.

Human King’s Pearl (Fake): The user would be able to use the Human King’s power for ten seconds upon use. Limited to one time use only.

He really wanted to puke blood. Not only was it a consumable item, it was described as ‘fake’ too.

He had worked hard passing the trial, but the only thing he got was actually a fake consumable item. Yue Yang was really speechless.

Fortunately he had received a nice reward levelling up, or else he would be really depressed. If it were another person who cleared the trial after narrowly escaping death, it would be strange if they didn’t cry out loud if the reward for clearing the trial was only a fake Human King’s Pearl… No wonder there were not many challengers of the Three Worlds Shrines. If the reward was so lacking, only masochists would come to challenge this trial!

Had Yue Yang known earlier, he wouldn’t have come for sure!

Of course, acquiring the fake Human King’s Pearl was not his goal. His main motive was to level up his grimoire and obtain the rewards from the Ancient Code.

As long as he could level up his Gold Grimoire to advanced, he could enter into the new world…

Yue Yang tossed the fake ‘Human King’s Pearl’ up and down as he teleported to the Earth Shrine.

He initially thought that the Human Shrine’s Trial was already very abnormal. However, compared to the Earth Shrine, it was really not worth mentioning.

In front of Yue Yang, there were 300 Storm Demon Wolf, 300 Lightning Leopard and 300 Flaming Lion charging straight towards him. They had different sizes and abilities, but they were all Silver-ranked Level 5.

There were even 30 Silver-ranked Level 8 Wolf Kings and 30 Silver-ranked Level 8 Grand Lions.

In the sky, Giant Eagles were circling him. At a far away lake, Lake Crocodiles floated onto the surface… They were all Silver-ranked Level 5… The Earth Shrine’s monsters were not only higher-levelled than the Human Shrine, they were also higher in numbers. Other than Yue Yang, no other warriors under Level 6 [Elders] could possibly handle this kind of situation. Other than being annihilated, there were no other kind of possibility.

Different from Human Shrine, all warriors, regardless of whether they want to escape or had cleared the trial, everyone had to swim underwater the lake to exit the Shrine.

With a thousand over monsters attacking him, even if a warrior managed to reach the lake, would he be able to avoid the Lake Crocodiles attack?

Furthermore, the Giant Eagles in the sky would swoop down for attack at any given moment… Yue Yang cursed in his heart, “Who the heck created such a crazy quest? Forget about the fact that it has such a high difficulty and that the BOSS is super strong, even the reward is a cheapskate, fake Human King Pearl! I demand to lodge a complaint!”

Even with Xiao Wen Li’s and the others’ help, it was difficult for him to clear the stage.

The monsters weren’t puppets.

Puppets had no intelligence. Even if they had good defense, their agility, technical ability and strength was nowhere near a beast’s.

Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man fought until her body was covered in blood. The Reaper Mantis was so tired that its sickle were trembling. The Bloody Queen Red panted in exhaustion. Only the super strong Xiao Wen Li remained calm. The Gold Tiger Shark was the first one to get injured. It had courageously killed dozens of Lake Crocodiles, but there were just too many of them. It was almost ganged killed, fortunately its master, the Stone Element Medusa, rescued it in time.

The Storm Mermaid summoned a Storm and flooded the whole of Earth Shrine.

The Thunder Naga summoned lightning and deep fried the Wolf Kings and Grand Lions, defeating the group of wolves and lions.

With the addition of Giant Phantom Shadows, Ah Man trampled through the knee-high waters and massacred the group of wolves and lions that had lost their abilities to run away. The blood from the massacre dyed the flood water in red.

When Ah Man killed the last Storm Demon Wolf with her hands and returned to Yue Yang, Yue Yang’s Gold Grimoire levelled up.

From Beginner-ranked Gold Grimoire, it had levelled up to Intermediate-ranked.

The greatest profit he gained, however, was not the level up of his grimoire, but… Yue Yang had finally realized his lifelong wish. After going through countless battles and absorbing countless enemies, the Thorny Flower Demoness finally levelled up and evolved into the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen that Yue Yang had longed for! Looking at her body that was enveloped in green light rising up to the sky, Yue Yang, who had been raising it single-handedly all this while felt an indescribable sense of accomplishment.

After a year of cultivation, he finally succeeded!

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