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LLS Chapter 310 – Grimoire Level Up

Chapter 310 – Grimoire Level Up
Translated by: YES LOLITA! NO TOUCH!, Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Upon hearing about Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace and Heaven Realm’s Gate, the Qilin girl yawned and apathetically said: “Regarding this matter, let’s talk about it in the future. I am just a girl and have no interest in fighting and killing. Furthermore, those two girls inside your house had just recently expanded the Phoenix Nirvana Flame Pillar again. I am preparing to temporarily borrow the Nirvana Flame Pillar, bathe in it and sleep for a while. Wait for me to level up to a Golden Qilin and then I’ll think about helping you!”

When Yu Yang heard it, he knew that this girl could not be counted on. She and the phoenix sisters were all good and honest Holy Beasts that would not take the initiative to attack at all. Looks like they would only make a move when he was on death’s door, he shouldn’t even hope for their help at normal times.

The sickly beauty, however, asked on her husband’s behalf, “What is the Phoenix Nirvana Flame Pillar? Can you bring Yue Yang inside to have a look?”

The Qilin girl cutely blinked her big eyes, and replied: “That’s what I was confused about, why doesn’t he live inside…? Ah, my throat is very delicate. I cannot speak too much everyday. Everybody goodnight!” She turned into a rainbow light and floated inside Yue Yang’s body. Seeing this, the girls sweated. This Qilin girl, once she has reached the crucial point in this important moment, she would act like this.

There definitely must be a reason as to why she was not willing to say it.

However, even if that was the case, she did not have to keep using this excuse!

Yue Yang went outside to find the Thief’s Guild and sent a message to Phoenix Fairy Beauty. The message was very simple and contained only four words, Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace.

However, because the message was being delivered to Tian Fa, the Thief’s Guild received no less than one hundred gold coins from Yue Yang. Also, there was no guarantee that they would successfully deliver it. Yue Yang’s heart ached for a while, what the hell, killing a Bronze-ranked Level 3 Lightning Leopard and harvesting its intact skin and magic crystal was only worth five gold coins after all.

This message actually required a hundred gold coins, it’s simply no different than daylight robbery!

Sending a message was equal to killing twenty Lightning Leopards?

Even China Mobile was not that sinister!
(Shiro: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/China_Mobile)

Yue Yang almost raised his new crescent blade ‘Crescent Moon’ and cut down the vulgar old robber in front of him.

Returning to the Little Flower Garden, Xue Wuxia proposed a suggestion to Yue Yang: “Your grimoire hasn’t leveled up and your Inherent Skills haven’t been promoted yet, why not take this opportunity to upgrade them, they should be quite useful for you. After clearing Twelve Zodiac Temples, you must clear the Three World Shrines. Once you clear it, there would be no level restriction on whatever you do in the Tong Tian Tower. Even being a Level 3 [Hero] would not matter now that everybody knows you’re an innate, and raising your level would let you receive the Ancient Code’s Rewards. We should do this, who knows after receiving the rewards, we would acquire the assurance of being able to explore the Prison Emperor’s Divine Prison.”

Her suggestion was very good. It’s just that in the past, Yue Yang was not used to summoning out his grimoire and raise his protective shield in battles. Hence he was unable to level up or upgrade his grimoire.

Xiao Wen Li did not need to be summoned and she could also help to summon the Barbarian Cow Shadow and the Bloody Queen out. As a result, Yue Yang did not have to summon them out and continued to fight like this. No matter if it were big battles or small battles, Yue Yang did not use his grimoire often. It was like this even when he was blitzkrieging through the Twelve Zodiac Temples.

“Then I’ll go and clear the Three World’s Shrine Quest on Tong Tian Tower Level 2!” Yue yang remembered getting a mysterious pearl that he couldn’t identify even with his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision after clearing the Twelve Zodiac Temples. It was even more mysterious than the pearl that sealed the Dark Golden Sceptre, it felt like the Black Jade Pendant Necklace that was used to seal Empress Fei Wen Li. It looked normal and ordinary on the outside, he couldn’t see any ripples of energy from it.

However, in the Dream Realm, this mysterious pearl was the only thing that appeared, other than the Black Jade Pendant Necklace.

When the big loli held it in her hands, she had observed it for a while before throwing it back to Yue Yang.

That was the reward for clearing the whole twelve trials of Twelve Zodiac Temples, so it couldn’t be a trash item. Especially when it was the only thing that could enter the Dream Realm other than the Black Jade Pendant Necklace, it was definitely a treasure amongst treasures.

The Black Jade Pendant Necklace sealed Empress Fei Wen Li. Even if there was no powerful being sealed in this mysterious pearl, it was definitely still a precious treasure.

It’s just that with Yue Yang’s current Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, he wasn’t able to identify the truth behind the pearl.

He had acquired many rewards from the Twelve Zodiac Temples. What about the Three World Shrines?

The Three World Shrines had the same level of difficulty with the Twelve Zodiac Temples… Of course, other than Yue Yang, the super abnormal strong Innate Ranker, there were no other warrior who managed to become Innate when he was still a Level 3 [Hero]! The entry to Twelve Zodiac Temples and the Three World Shrines, Sky, Earth and Human, were restricted to Level 6 [Elder] below. Other than Yue Yang who could clear the trials so easily, it was nothing short of impossible for other people to clear the Twelve Zodiac Temples and the Three World Shrines when their levels were still below Level 6 [Elder].

It could be said that Yue Yang’s bad habits of not summoning his grimoire during battle had led him to this opportunity.

If Yue Yang had summoned his grimoire in every battle, he would have accumulated battle experience points and would probably reach Level 6 Elder very quickly. He wouldn’t be able to enter the Twelve Zodiac Temples and the Three World Shrines.

“I will stay behind and train with Sister Yi Nan. Brother, work hard!” Yue Bing knew that if she tagged along, her brother would definitely give all the quest rewards to her.

“Stop talking around the bush, go and return quickly.” Princess Qian Qian reached out and bumped Yue Yang’s shoulders with her fist.

She looked fierce on the outside, but she was actually nervous in her heart.

If she wanted to become an Innate in a month, she would probably need to be more extreme in practicing [Body Fusion], more than simply holding hands like they did last time, maybe even more than hugging and kissing like Xue Wu Xia did… They were not yet married, and that brat was also not that passionate in pursuing her. Yet they have to lie together naked, and she had to allow him to see all the secrets of her body. It was really too demeaning… But there was no other way. If she didn’t do this, how could she become an Innate in a month? She could accept it if it was just lying together naked, but what if that brat wasn’t able to restrain his passions and ate her up? She would really be regretful at that time…

Could it be that when her old man come back from the Eastern Goblin Tribe, she would have to say, “Congratulations, you have a new son-on-law. It’s your Brother Hai’s grandson. If you don’t mind hearing another good news, I would also like to tell you that you will have a grandchild to hold very soon.”

Looks like her old man would be so angry that he fell from his throne!

No matter how angry her father was, it would pass.

At the most, she would be scolded for a while.

However, the real problem was that she was not prepared yet. Could it be that she would end up like Sister Wu Hen? Since the rice has turned into porridge, she ended up servicing that brat every night, being played with from night till dawn. Princess Qian Qian was restless, but she obviously didn’t talk about her worries to the others. Moreover, they wouldn’t be able to comfort her.

Forget about Wuxia, she would probably dismiss her worries nonchalantly.

Sister Luo Hua had the same worries as her, as for Yue Yu, she looks like she was even more worried about it than her!

Seeing Yue Yang’s retreating figure, Princess Qian Qian sighed out inexplicably… Seems like her body would be given to that brat at a bargain price. How could this brat be so lucky? All of her sisters were extremely proud and arrogant, they wouldn’t fall easily for guys no matter how excellent they were. In the end, none of them could escape from that brat’s clutches. Could this be heaven’s will?

The sickly beauty seemed to be able to read Princess Qian Qian’s worries. She smiled gently.

She wasn’t pale anymore, the rosy red colour was obvious on her snow-white skin. Her eyes that were as clear as spring water sparkled with a wise wife’s gentleness, “Qian Qian, you think too much. Actually, that thing is not very scary. Moreover, Yue Yang is also not a big tiger that will eat people!”

Princess Qian Qian was slightly scared when she heard that.

She thought that Wu Hen was quite right. Even her, who had such a fragile body could take it. The others should have no problem too.

Moreover, they would usually be able to hear that naughty brat and her exercising for the whole night incessantly. But she had always felt alright the next day, she was even more spirited, as if her face was glowing. Could it be that girls were able to accommodate boys naturally? Does it really feel good doing that thing? From Sister Wu Hen’s moans at night, seems like even her soul has melted… Princess Qian Qian suddenly thought about Yue Yang’s body, remembering that she had seen his ‘thing’ for a few times before. She blushed immediately as her heart started to hammer in her chest. It’s definitely impossible! His ‘thing’ was so huge, if he forced his way in into such a delicate place, wouldn’t it be extremely painful?

Moreover, before her old man agreed to betroth her to him, she would definitely not meet him with a baby in her womb. She could be shameless, but he was an Emperor, so she need to maintain her reputation!

What kind of princess would have a child out of wedlock?

At this time, Yue Yang didn’t know what Princess Qian Qian was thinking of, he was busy running to the Tong Tian Tower.

His journey was smooth sailing. He teleported to Tong Tian Tower, then teleported to the Second Floor, making his way to the Three Worlds Shrine, which was located in the ‘Great Void Realm’.

Similarly located in the Star Domain like the Twelve Zodiac Temples, there was a restriction imposed by the Ancient Code on the ‘Great Void Realm’. Warriors were not able to use combat skills, they could only fight with their beasts. Of course, warriors who used [Beast Fusion] and [Beast Strengthening] were exceptions…

Warriors with [Beast Strengthening] seemed to hold an advantage on the outside, but due to the limitations of the Ancient Code, they would be disadvantaged in the end. This was because as they fought with their own bodies, the moment they encountered danger, there’s a high possibility that they would immediately die. Element-type and fighting-type beasts could still run away. As for special-type beasts, they had been down-graded as recreation pets, they had been completely abandoned by normal warriors.

Unless someone could get hold of Yue Yang’s super abnormal special-type Guardian Beast!

“Are you sure you want to challenge the Three Worlds Shrine?” The Gold-armoured Guard Captain who watched over the trial was not the same person as the guard from the Twelve Zodiac Temples. He didn’t recognize Yue Yang at all, and Yue Yang’s appearance right now was that of a little thief.

“Yes.” Yue Yang was too lazy to explain, he paid the entrance fee straight away.

“May the odds be in your favour.” The Gold-armoured Guard Captain received not less than 1000 challengers every year. Every single one of them came filled with confidence, but left with their heads hung on their shoulders.

He thought that this Level 3 [Hero] little thief wouldn’t even last ten minutes. He would probably be scrambling out as he escaped, or die inside, unable to leave for eternity.

Yue Yang had learnt his lesson this time. He didn’t use the Crystal Card that attracted everyone’s attentions. He had especially used his identity as Yue Yang and created a Bronze Card, accompanied by the old fox. The old fox helped to conceal his identity and became his Introducer. Although normal warriors would only be able to make one card in his life, Yue Yang had severals supporters behind him, so he could make another card secretly and became an exception.

The old fox thought that Yue Yang would make a fake Bronze Card that couldn’t be used for anything. Unexpectedly, he found out later on that the card was actually recognized by the Ancient Code.

At that time, he was so shocked that his jaws dropped… In the end, he decided that Yue Yang himself was an extremely abnormal existence, so he shouldn’t be surprised by him anymore!

Yue Yang entered the “Human Shrine”.
(Shiro: the Three Worlds Shrine consisted of three shrines, Human Shrine, Sky Shrine, Earth Shrine)

This was the first out of the Three Worlds Shrines, like the first Aries temple of the Twelve Zodiac Temples.

However, this Human Shrine, regardless of the place, building, monster defenders or restrictions, was ten times more than the Aries Temple.

There were 500 Bronze-ranked Level 5 Puppet Soldiers, 50 Bronze-ranked Level 6 Puppet Commanders, 5 Bronze-ranked Level 7 Puppet Generals, and 1 Bronze-ranked Level 8 Puppet King. If the challenger wasn’t Yue Yang and was another warrior instead, who could only be Level 5 [Grandmaster] at the most, he would probably started crying in shock the moment he saw the army of humanoid puppets.

What could a normal Level 5 [Grandmaster] have? It would already be great if he possessed a Bronze-ranked Level 5 beast.

Fighting against 500 enemies alone?

Furthermore, there were 50 Puppet Commanders, 5 Puppet Generals and 1 Puppet King to boot. This was definitely not something an ordinary warrior could challenge.

If it were only a few hundreds humanoid puppets, it was still fine.

In the sky, there were eve Fire Ravens who could shoot long-range attacks. Flying-type beasts really caused despair. There were a few hundreds of Bronze-ranked Level 5 Fire Ravens in the sky.

Along the meandering river in front, there were also Wave Giant who could shoot long-range attacks too, freezing water into shards of icicles.

Similarly, they were Bronze-ranked Level 5 beasts.

“Who the heck can clear this Three Worlds Shrines below Level 6? What a crazy trial!” Yue Yang knew that he was an exception. No one fought without summoning their grimoires like him. He had Xiao Wen Li, Phantom Shadow, Hui Tai Lang, Innate Invisible Sword Qi, Nirvana Flame, World Exterminating Wheel and the others… He didn’t need to summon his grimoire’s protective shield to defend himself. Other people would definitely be unable to do it.

Without his abilities, Level 5 Grandmasters who tried to clear this trial was equivalent to seeking death!

There was no protected time in the Human Shrine. The enemies immediately charged towards Yue Yang.

Battle starts.

This time, Yue Yang changed his approach, summoning his Advanced Silver Grimoire out.

Xiao Wen Li floated out and summoned the Stone Element Medusa and Storm Mermaid to kill the Wave Giants in the water.

The Bloody Queen and Reaper Mantis killed the Fire Ravens in the sky, while the Barbarian Cow Shadow and Thorny Flower Demoness fought against the humanoid puppets on land. Yue Yang sat relaxedly inside his protective shield, leisuredly biting his apple as he watched Xiao Wen Li fight against the gigantic Puppet King.

The battle ended in ten minutes…

Ah Man who was strengthened with two Giant Phantom Shadows smashed the Puppet Soldiers effortlessly to pieces like they were rice crackers. Quantity was not a problem for her, because the difference between their level, strength and wisdom allowed her to massacre the whole Puppet Army easily. Thorny Flower Demoness also leisuredly smashed the 5 Puppet Generals, she had even collected the mechanical puppet cores and brought it to Yue Yang. The Fire Ravens in the sky were scrambling in all direction, trying to escape. However, no matter how fast they flew, they were unable to avoid the Reaper Mantis’ sickles, let alone the Bloody Queen who was famous for her speed.

With a scream of [Banshee Scream], several Fire Ravens fell to the ground.

Her Gold Dragon Slaying Dagger was an even sharper killing machine!

The Stone Element Medusa and the Storm Mermaid were gods inside water. Forget about them, even the Gold Tiger Shark that the Stone Element Medusa summoned was an unstoppable force in the water.

This really wasn’t because the monster defenders of the Human Shrine wasn’t strong enough. It’s just that Yue Yang’s beasts were simply too abnormal.

When Xiao Wen Li freeze the Puppet King with her Dual Icicle Blades and extract its puppet core, Yue Yang’s grimoire finally levelled up.

A golden-coloured light pillar shone upon the Gold Grimoire as a unique circular ring of light wrapped itself around the Grimoire. The ring of light seemed to look like a whole new domain, and also like a line of Runes. With the grimoire in the centre, the ring of light spreads out ten metres wide.

Yue Yang stared blankly for a while when he saw this. He never saw a ring of light on anyone’s grimoire before. Wasn’t his grimoire’s ring of light acting too cocky and eye-catching?

What’s the use of the ring of light anyway?

He didn’t know it now, maybe there would be more information in the grimoire.

When he looked at his grimoire, Yue Yang jumped in shock. There wasn’t much difference with regards to his summoning grimoire’s appearance when it was Advanced Silver-ranked before, it was only covered with several Runic Circles. Right now, even a blind person could see that Yue yang’s summoning grimoire was a special grimoire… First of all, it was exceptionally big. Other people wouldn’t even have a Platinum Grimoire that was as big as half of Yue Yang’s Gold Grimoire. It was more than two metres long and one metre wide. As for the thickness, Yue Yang could see clearly, without even needing to count, that it had more than 30 pages.

When his Bronze Grimoire ranked up to Silver Grimoire, he would only get one page addition every sub-rank up from Beginner to Intermediate, Intermediate to Advanced etc.

Right now, the page additions soared to several dozen pages!

Countless Runic Circles appeared on the surface of the grimoire, assembling into arrays continuously, as if they were trying to combine into a whole new array. But Yue Yang couldn’t understand it at all.

The amount of knowledge in Ancient Runes that he had was completely not enough.

After waiting for a long time, the brilliant golden pillar of light finally dissipated. However, the ring of light still remained, there were even a few Heaven Runes flickering on the ring of light faintly. They looked extremely pure and holy, wonderful and marvellous.

Yue Yang could recognize some of the Heaven Runes. They represented Wind, Fire, Water, Earth, these four attributes, respectively.

What on earth does this mean?

Opening his new Gold Grimoire to its first page, Yue Yang was immediately dumbstruck…

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