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LLS Chapter 309 – Qian Qian’s decision: Become an Innate!

Chapter 309 – Qian Qian’s decision: Become an Innate!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia were training on the surface of a lake ten kilometres away. Luo Hua City Mistress was planting flowers in the small garden outside their house, while inside the house, the sickly beauty was copying some Heaven Runes. When Yue Yu saw that Yue Yang and the others had returned, she happily welcomed them and said, “Have you found the Dragon Turtle?”

“Yep!” Yue Bing nodded cheerfully.

“What do you need to heal it? Can Healing Water be used?” Yue Yu thought that it was finally her turn to be useful.

Although she couldn’t fight, she could heal, no problem.

Yi Nan shook her head, saying that it was not that simple.

Yue Yu was astonished. Luo Hua City Mistress who heard the commotion from the garden abandoned her flower planting and ran back to the house. The three-tailed snow fox followed her, running even more quickly than her.

As Yue Bing explained the situation to Yue Yu, Yi Nan hurried to inform Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia to return.

On the other side, Luo Hua City Mistress was performing a body search on Yue Yang. She knew that if he found any strange-looking plants on his journey, he would definitely keep some for her. Of course, this was only her excuse to check if he had any unseen injuries. Yue Yang hurriedly said that he was uninjured, and passed her the seed for the Dodder Silk Sphere Fruit Tree.

“Eh… what is this?” Seeing the Dodder Silk Sphere Fruit Tree seed that had disappeared for a few centuries, Luo Hua City Mistress was surprised. There were actually seeds that she couldn’t recognize?

“It’s Dodder Silk Sphere Fruit Tree. It’s useful to disperse dark energy.” Yue Yang explained to her.

“Woowww, hasn’t it gone extinct in Soaring Dragon Continent for a few hundred years? What a nice timing, I happen to lack plants that can glow at night in my garden!” Luo Hua City Mistress was insanely happy as she hugged Yue Yang’s arm and tiptoed to give him a sweet kiss. Luo Hua City Mistress was too ecstatic, in reality, her relationship with Yue Yang had not progressed to the point that she could casually kiss him… Yue Bing didn’t mind at all, but Yue Yu blushed a little.

As the Dodder Silk Sphere Fruit Tree had the similar ability of dispersing dark energy like her own abilities, Yue Yu knew about the herb.

When they were studying about it in Shang Jing Academy before, there were even several perverts in her class who started calling her by the nickname of ‘Dodder Silk Water Moonlight’.

The nickname ‘Dodder Silk Water Moonlight’ was referring to her skin that was white and smooth like flowing water and her sexy body. If her [Spirit Spring] Inherent Skill levelled up until the final evolution, according to their teacher, Yue Yu’s Spirit Qi would be like moonlight. It would feel warm and comfortable on other’s skin, and when Yue Yu release a huge amount of Spirit Qi, it could even disperse evil Demon Qi and other negative effects.

If she had not been born in the Yue Clan and had a fiance of her own, Yue Yu’s suitors would probably be lining up into a queue that was a thousand metres long.

Xiao San was already so powerful, if he drinks the Dodder Silk Sphere Fruit juice which had the effect of boosting male potency, how could Sister Wu Hen withstand him?

When Yue Yu thought about this, her face became even redder.

However, seeing Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia who was running back at a far distance, she calmed down. There were still Qian Qian and the others, why would she be worried about him? There are no negative side effects from consuming the Dodder Silk Sphere Fruit Tree, maybe he brought it back here to grow it for fun!

Yue Yu hurriedly switched her attention to other things, and caught Yue Bing saying ‘Prison Emperor Divine Palace’ by chance.

Prison Emperor Divine Palace?

She had never heard about that place before…

When Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia returned, Yue Yang told them about the situation. The girls started frowning their brows.

“With regards to the great battle with Heaven Realm that happened six thousand years ago, there are no records about it at all. However, according to Dragon Turtle’s story, we cannot let our guard down. After all, mankind still cannot go to the Heaven Realm even until now. As for the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace, if there are really the two big shots of Heaven Realms spirits sealed inside, then it is really not a place that we can easily break in into.” Xue Wu Xia was aware that this quest was even harder than their plan of exploring the God’s Ruins in the future.

Other than Yue Yang’s mom, no one managed to enter the Inner layer of God’s Ruins before. It would definitely be a big challenge.

However, this two spirits of big shots from the Heaven Realm that had already been trapped for six thousand years in Prison Emperor Divine Palace was also not that simple.

Princess Qian Qian would never beg others at normal times, but she suddenly suggested to Yue Yang, “Why don’t you ask that big-breasted lady? She must know a few things. Furthermore, hasn’t she been trying to come up with ways to approach you? Why don’t you give her a chance?”

The big-breasted lady that she was referring to was the Phoenix Fairy Beauty, Tian Fa.

If it was the previous Phoenix Fairy Beauty, Princess Qian Qian would definitely be worried about her. However, after going through the fight at Yue Clan Castle together, seeing how Phoenix Fairy Beauty had risked her life to save Yue Yang and fought against the Great Emperor of Zi Wei until she fainted from her injuries, Princess Qian Qian had changed her opinion towards her. Although Princess Qian Qian didn’t really like the seductive Phoenix Fairy Beauty who could seduce Yue Yang to bed any time, her logic told her that it wouldn’t be enough if they only relied on their own strength, instead of asking for Tian Fa’s help, to explore the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace.

She wouldn’t be able to rest easy if she allowed Yue Yang to fight alone.

And she wouldn’t have the heart for it.

The best method was to find a partner that wouldn’t betray him even when they have the opportunity to do so… The person she chose was Tian Fa!

As Tian Fa, one of the great leaders of Demonic Palace, she definitely had everything in her hands. She didn’t lack anything, she only lacked a man that could accompany her and put an end to her lonely life. As long as Yue Yang secretly used his pretty boy’s ways and sacrificed his body a little, Tian Fa would definitely help him. For example, during the Yue Clan Castle battle, she had tirelessly fought against the Great Emperor of Zi Wei, Shun Tian, and even fought against three Great Demon Kings and two Lich Kings in the Demon Abyss. She didn’t abandon Yue Yang and escaped on her own. This proved that the big-breasted lady was a comrade that was worthy of their trust.

“I agree. I think it would be best if we can explore the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace together with Tian Fa. I think we should give her a fixed reward.” Luo Hua City Mistress would usually not care about managing matters, but she was actually very decisive. If she wasn’t a girl, the Tian Luo Kingdom’s future Emperor’s seat would have been hers, not the Prince of Tian Luo’s.

“I think we should train with all our might. If we are not Innates, even if we want to enter and help, we wouldn’t be able to help much!” Xue Wu Xia slowly said.

These words struck right into the girls’ hearts.

The underlying meaning of her words was that they were all useless, unable to be of a help to Yue Yang. In the face of a challenging situation, instead of them, they had to ask for Tian Fa for help.

Xue Wu Xia didn’t oppose to asking Tian Fa’s help, but she felt that the most logical thing to do was to raise their abilities too.

After all, if you want to do something well, you should do it yourself!

Even if they were successful in exploring the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace this time, what would happen if they went to the Heaven Realms in the future? The old Dragon Turtle said that the Heaven Realm’s Gate only opened once in a hundred years. This year happened to be the year it opened. If they missed it, they would have to wait another hundred years. If Yue Yang wanted to enter the Heaven Realm, it wouldn’t be difficult for him if he partnered with Tian Fa and the others. But the girls didn’t have that kind of ability at all… Then wouldn’t they be unable to see Yue Yang for a hundred years?

At that time, Tian Fa and Yue Yang would probably be carrying their grandchildren and have no business with them whatsoever anymore.

Princess Qian Qian clenched her fist and gritted her teeth as she resolutely proclaimed, “One month, let’s rush to be an Innate!”

However, it would be quite impossible for her to be an Innate by training on her own for a month.

No matter how talented she was, she wouldn’t be able to compare to Yue Yang, the abnormal guy.

However, if she abandoned all reservations and practiced [Body Fusion] with Yue Yang like lovers or even married couples, then nothing would be impossible.

As long as she could become an Innate, she wouldn’t be abandoned… Although she was extremely fierce towards Yue Yang on the outside and had even helplessly suggested joining hands with Tian Fa just now, she felt extremely grieved in her heart. Her actions was equivalent to giving him up to another person on a silver platter!

Princess Qian Qian could imagine how Yue Yang’s abilities would greatly improve once again after battling in the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace. At that time, there would be the possibility to explore the God’s Ruins or even go to the Heaven Realm. If he went to the Heaven Realm, one hundred years later, would he still call her tiger-girl like today? Forget about Tian Fa, Night Empress and Zhi Zun. There would definitely be a lot of outstanding beauties in the Heaven Realm. It’s hard to say that he wouldn’t meet some of them. At that time, they would probably took over her place.

Anything could happen in a hundred years time.

Under such a threat, Princess Qian Qian decided to forget everything and simply focus to be an Innate.

If she wanted to be by his side forever, she shouldn’t be like those other weak, worldly girls who relied on their men. She must change herself and become stronger, so that she could be an irreplaceable existance to him!

“I will also train!!!” Yue Bing’s willpower soared.

“Let’s work hard!” Influenced by Yue Bing’s zeal and the sudden leap of progress in relationship between her and Yue Yang, Yi Nan wasn’t as against [Body Fusion] as last time.

Luo Hua City Mistress and Xue Wu Xia glanced at each other for a moment. They had decided to train and become an Innate too, without speaking it aloud. Xue Wu Xia thought that she would reach Innate more quickly than Princess Qian Qian, because she had been practicing [Body Fusion] with Yue Yang regularly. She only need to train a little bit more. Luo Hua City Mistress might be slightly slower. Seems like if she trained with all her might, she would also be able to become Innate in at least a month, at most two months time.

The sickly beauty’s was already quite powerful, it’s just that she was not an expert in battles. She has low attack power.

When she became Yue Yang’s wife, all of her blood channels had been linked. However, she didn’t mention it so as to not shock the others.

If it was needed, she could become an Innate anytime.

Princess Qian Qian and the others had known of this fact a long time ago.

The most flustered one was Yue Yu. She wasn’t comfortable with practicing [Body Fusion] with Yue Yang. Even if they really did practice together, she wouldn’t be able to completely accept him like Princess Qian Qian, because her status was Yue Yang’’s sister. Unless her father was really an impostor, and was actually a demon, it was impossible for her to marry Yue Yang.

Yue Yu didn’t want her father to be a demon and also wasn’t willing to have a drop of demon blood in her veins, but her status as Yue Yang’s sister really made her feel depressed.

The person who always protected her every time, why has it to be Xiao San?

He was her brother…

If he wasn’t, it would have been much better. Brothers and sisters have no future together… Yue Yu sighed. She wasn’t like Yue Bing, who could proclaim that she would become an Innate so confidently.

Yue Bing was still young and didn’t understand much about relationships between men and women. When she grew up a little more, she would naturally understand it better.

“Sister Yu, let’s all train to be Innates and go to Heaven Realm together. We can bring the best things from Heaven Realm back and give it to mother as souvenirs.” Yue Bing hugged Yue Yu cheerfully, as if they could already go to Heaven Realm tomorrow. To the little missy, the mysterious Heaven Realm that was only mentioned in legends was filled with dreams and hopes. It was inevitable that she looked forward to going there.

“Yes, yes.” Yue Yu promised her on the surface, but laughed bitterly in her heart. Become an Innate? Practice [Body Fusion] with Xiao San? Is it even possible?

As for Heaven Realms, would it be so easy to enter? Maybe the Heaven Realms was even harsher and crueler than the Soaring Dragon Continent, where the strong will prey on the weak… Of course, she didn’t want to put down her younger sister Yue Bing’s spirit, so she could only agree with her.

Yue Yu knew that her Seventh Sister would be more accomplished than her.

She was not only a genius, she was also extremely focused. When she trained, she rapidly improved. Before she understood the relationship between men and women, she would definitely be able to reach higher realms with Third Brother’s help.

“If it’s possible, we should also ask Bing Yin about this matter. She would definitely have an idea!” The sickly beauty suddenly quipped.

“Eh? Who is Bing Yin?” Yue Yang was bewildered. He never heard of that name before. Could it be Night Empress or Zhi Zun’s name?

“Who’s calling me?” The Qilin girl suddenly jumped out. As she had looked to the sickly beauty when jumping, she didn’t see her front and knocked Yue Yang onto the ground accidentally, unable to stop her feet on time. Whether she did it on purpose or because she was naturally airheaded, no one would ever know.

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    • shiroyukineko says:

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      Taiwan dramas don’t really make good dramas nowadays, I feel that their best dramas were all before 2012. My list of favourite taiwan dramas is quite long, but as a general rule, any dramas that stars Rainie Yang is good. The recent ones that I feel are quite nice are Bromance and Marry Me or Not.

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    Etto… it’s not like I’m complaining or anything, but is there a reason as to why you cut out some words in the translations? Like the big/elder/older before the words like sister or brother? Bing-er actually calls Yue Yang as Elder Brother not simply brother, and Yue Yu is Elder Sister Yu.

    I know it may seem as something trivial, but I personally find those kind of things an important part of their characterizations and relationships.

    Thanks for the chapter by the way.

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      In the old time, marrying your 堂兄弟姊妹 (your father’s side cousins) were considered incest. A lot of times, if you marry someone with the same last name, it was also considered a taboo, especially if the person was from the same city or village as you were.

      However, at the same time, a marriage between 表兄弟姊妹 (your mother’s side cousins) was encouraged. It’s called 親上加親 (closeness adding on closeness). I think it was because the daughter-in-law would be the niece of the mother-in-law. It was easier to get along with each other.

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