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LLS Chapter 308 – Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace

Chapter 308 – Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“I have no proof.” Yue Yang cried out, spreading out his hands. “Had I known you wanted proof, I would have asked for proof from Night Empress no matter what.”

“Every year, there will always be people coming here to disturb my sweet slumber. Sometimes human warriors, sometimes demons…” the Dragon Turtle let out a long sigh with its ancient voice, “If you cannot prove your identity or ability, I won’t believe in you easily. I think you’d better leave!”

“My brother definitely came here by the orders of the Night Empress. He wouldn’t lie to you!” Yue Bing hurriedly spoke on Yue Yang’s behalf when she saw the Dragon Turtle rejecting her brother.

“He is also Zhi Zun’s disciple!” Yi Nan thought that that they would have better credibility if Zhi Zun’s name was mentioned.

“Really? Then have you learnt any of Zhi Zun’s ultimate skills?” Looks like the Dragon Turtle knew Zhi Zun too, and it seemed like it was quite familiar with her.

“…” Yue Yang was speechless.

Although Zhi Zun was Yue Yang’s Introducer, she had never taught Yue Yang any ultimate skills before.

Other than giving him a Crystal Card at Shang Wu Camp and chatting with him for a while at the Heaven’s Line Cave on top of the Cloud Peak Lake, she never cared about Yue Yang at all usually, much less teaching him some kind of ultimate skills.

Zhi Zun had indeed admitted that she was Yue Yang’s Introducer, but she had failed a little as his Introducer… According to Zhi Zun’s words, she wanted to give Yue Yang unlimited freedom to learn his own skills. She didn’t want to restrict Yue Yang like she did with her younger sister years ago. In reality, Yue Yang really hoped to have a sexy and beautiful teacher to take care of him. Wouldn’t it be cool to see big boobs bouncing in front of him everyday? It’s a pity that because of her bad experience with her younger sister, Zhi Zun was not willing to take care of Yue Yang anymore. In the end, because of this unlimited freedom, Yue Yang didn’t get any treasures or Divine Beasts. He didn’t even know the beautiful Zhi Zun’s ultimate skills.

Yue Yang had no way of answering the Dragon Turtle’s question.

Forget about learning her skills, Yue Yang had never even heard of them before.

Yue Bing also find things rather difficult to explain, but she still tried to answer truthfully, “Dragon Turtle Grandpa, although Zhi Zun didn’t pass on her ultimate skills to brother, she was indeed her Introducer. If you want to see brother’s abilities, why not ask brother to release his Innate strength and show it to you here?”

The Dragon Turtle shook its huge dragon head, “There’s no need to. My eyes are not blind, I can see through his strength with a glance. I can see that the little boy have the powers of an Innate Level 3. He has quite a bit of potential, I have never seen such a young Innate like him before. It’s a pity that he is still very young… As for you and the other little girl, you have the strength of a Level 7 Beginner [Overlord] and the other a Level 6 Advanced [Elder], you are slightly stronger than that girl who are good with mental skills. Let me just break it down for you. With your current abilities, even if I give you the mission of going to the Prison Emperor Divine Palace to help me acquire the Prison Emperor’s Divine Staff and Seal, you won’t even last half an hour inside…”

“Aren’t we supposed to find herbs to heal your wounds?” Yi Nan knew that her powers were lacking, but she never imagined the Dragon Turtle saying that even Yue Yang would be killed if he went to the Prison Emperor Divine Palace.

She was very clear about what kind of person Yue Yang was.

Yue Yang had managed to pursue the Green Summit Sect Leader Duan Mu Long Cheng who escaped to the Demon Abyss, and returned back safely after killing him.

Yet this old Dragon Turtle said that Yue Yang was not qualified to enter the Prison Emperor Divine Palace.

Isn’t this too much?

“My soul is injured. Right now, my body is like a water jar with a hole, I can’t retain my Qi. It will be useless for me to eat any kind of medicine. Even if I can recover, I will only be able to recover my strength to Platinum-ranked Level 10. I don’t think I can recover my original strength even after a thousand years. In that case, wouldn’t medicine be completely useless!” The Dragon Turtle sighed deeply.

“Are you in a hurry?” Yue Yang thought that the Dragon Turtle sounded a little strange.

Maybe the Dragon Turtle had given him a higher-ranked mission when it saw his abilities.

Previously, the Night Empress didn’t even mention anything with regards to the Prison Emperor Divine Palace to him.

If he wouldn’t even last half an hour with his current abilities, why would the Night Empress give him such a dangerous quest?

Furthermore, the Night Empress would probably not be able to predict that he would grow stronger so quickly. It was something that he had not predicted himself… This Dragon Turtle looked skeptical on the outside, but in reality, it looked like it had the intention to give the mission to him. Otherwise, why would it talk so much nonsense? It could have just submerged itself back into the pond and continue to sleep. It’s just that, wasn’t the level of its mission raised too high?

Originally, the quest of healing the Dragon Turtle was probably B-ranked Quest, and the reward item was the ‘Black Turtle Pearl’.

Right now, this Dragon Turtle had suddenly raised the quest rank, and it looked like it was at least an S-ranked, or even SS-ranked quest. If he wouldn’t last half an hour inside the Prison Emperor God Palace, Yue Bing and Yi Nan wouldn’t even need to be mentioned.

As for acquiring the Prison Emperor’s Divine ‘Staff’ and ‘Seal’, what kind of things are those?

Holy-ranked Equipment? Mythical-ranked Equipment?

The Dragon Turtle mumbled to itself for a long time, and finally sighed and answered with its ancient voice, “At the Tenth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, there is a door that leads to the Heaven Realm. It will only open once in a hundred years. If I don’t acquire the Prison Emperor’s Divine Staff and Seal this year, I wouldn’t be able to recover my original strength. If I don’t recover my original strength, I wouldn’t be able to kill that traitor, the Prison Emperor Divine General. If the Prison Emperor Divine General managed to enter the Heaven Realm, I’m afraid he would be able to get away from his crimes… It was a pity that Zhi Zun and Night Empress, due to the restrictions of their Innate Alliance Contract, were unable to kill anyone with the qualifications to enter the Heaven Realm. After this year, the door to Heaven Realm will be closed. You are all kids with high potentials, it’s a pity that I couldn’t wait until you guys are stronger. I don’t have much time left…”

“What’s inside the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace?” Yue Yang was thinking whether he should receive the mission or not. It would definitely be dangerous if he did, but it would be a waste if he didn’t!

“Six thousand years ago, I was still two thousand years old and my status was the Prison Emperor’s Heavenly Imperial Guardian Beast. I was very young at that time, I was the youngest of all the Heavenly Imperial Guardian Beasts, but I received the Prison Emperor’s trust. No matter if it was an expedition to the Demon Abyss or Heaven Realm, I would always accompany the Prison Emperor as his right-hand man. Prison Emperor was a human warrior with powers that couldn’t be imagined by the warriors of today. He was completely unrivalled, even warriors from the Heaven Realm would tremble at the sound of his name. However, afterwards, afraid that the Prison Emperor would pose as a threat to Heaven Realm, the three big shots of Heaven Realm went against the rules of Ancient Code and forced themselves out of Heaven Realm into the world below. They led an army of Heaven Realm warriors to attack the Prison Emperor… That battle destroyed the whole heaven and earth, so much that even some continents had sunk underwater. Two of the three big shots of the Heaven Realm had fallen for eternity, just like how Gods have fallen in the ancient times. They were sealed inside the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace by the Prison Emperor and would not be able to return to the Heaven Realm for all eternity. The remaining big shot escaped to the Heaven Realm and abandoned a hundred over Heaven Realm warriors, fleeing alone. The Prison Emperor allied with the human warriors of that time and killed the Heaven Realm warriors one by one. In the end, they managed to seal everyone in the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace… Prison Emperor’s used his own life as the price for sealing his enemies. After sealing everyone, he was seriously injured, hence he was unable to leave the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace and was sealed inside too. Afterwards, the Soaring Dragon Continent that had lost the Prison Emperor fell into chaos. At this time, the Prison Emperor Divine General, that traitor, had seized the opportunity and caused further chaos. In the end, the stability and peace of the Soaring Dragon Continent crumbled completely. The Soaring Dragon Continent fell into decline slowly, unable to regain its original glory… All the strong warriors had died during the battle with the Heaven Realm. My comrades had also died one by one during the battle, and in the end, I was the only one who survived… Inside the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace, there were sealed souls of Heaven Realm warriors. Although they didn’t have flesh and blood, even their souls were not something that you can easily defeat.” The Dragon Turtle’s ancient voice was imbued with indescribable sorrow as it recounted the past. Only then did Yue Yang know that humans were extremely strong last time, they could actually won a war against the Heaven Realm.

Think about it. Right now, the human warriors in Soaring Dragon Continent couldn’t even enter the Heaven Realm.

What a huge difference between six thousand years ago and six thousand years later!

Yue Yang tried to match Empress Fei Wen Li’s words. Empress Fei Wen Li was a Ranker from the Demon Abyss ten thousand years ago. Although she was so strong, she was actually sealed by human warriors inside the Black Hole Dimension. From this, one can infer that the human race had really fallen drastically.

If mankind lost Zhi Zun or Night Empress, those super strong warriors, and allowed the Great Emperor of Zi Wei, Shun Tian or the Thousand Goblins Sect to stir up havoc in Soaring Dragon Continent again, mankind might not even be able to contract a beast after a few hundred years. At that time, mankind would completely fall under Demon Abyss control and become their slaves or food. The current Soaring Dragon Continent was like a boat full of holes, leaking water everywhere. If it was not repaired quickly, forget about continuing to sail, it might even sink into the ocean tomorrow, unable to recover for eternity.

“Do we have to fight against those sealed spirits? Can we steal the things out instead?” Yi Nan offered an advice.

“The spirits inside will definitely interfere with theft. Furthermore, the moment the Seal and Staff were taken away from the seal, the sealed spirits will obtain more freedom and regain back their strength. Even if they wouldn’t be able to leave the Prison Emperor Divine Palace, their powers would become at least ten times stronger. At that time, it would be difficult for you guys to leave.” The Dragon Turtle obviously didn’t think too highly of Yue Yang and the two girls, because in its eyes, Yue Yang was simply too young. Even though he was a super genius, a twenty year old Innate was simply too young.

“Dragon Turtle Grandpa, can we rescue the Prison Emperor out?” Yue Bing felt that the Prison Emperor might already be dead, but she still hoped for a miracle. If they revived the Prison Emperor, who was such a strong figure, even if they could only save his soul, things would become much easier.

“The Prison Emperor has already passed away… His Divine Staff and Divine Seal still stored some of his powers, but it’s a pity that you guys are not the descendents of the Prison Emperor. Otherwise you can use them and inherit the Prison Emperor’s power. With the Prison Emperor’s Divine Staff and Divine Seal, I believe you guys would be able to kill the Prison Emperor Divine General, that traitor. At that time, if he had not become the receiver of the three big shots of the Heaven Realm, the warriors in Heaven Realm would not be able to descend onto the Soaring Dragon Continent so easily.” The Dragon Turtle had carried the grudge for six thousand years, determined to kill the Prison Emperor Divine General no matter what.

“So you need the Prison Emperor Divine Staff and Seal…” Yue Yang felt that other than Zhi Zun, not even Night Empress could gauge his true strength. Although this Dragon Turtle was very powerful, after getting injured, it shouldn’t be able to see through his true strength.

Could this old Dragon Turtle really see through his [Counterfeit] skill?

With his Nirvana Flame, World Exterminating Wheel, Star Explosion, [Devour] Domain of Power and most importantly, his Innate Invisible Sword Qi, who could stand a chance against him?

Amongst his beast, he had Xiao Wen Li, Bloody Queen Red, Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man and the others to support him in battle.

If he really can’t, he still had the Qilin girl and the twin Phoenix girls… If they were not willing to come out and help, then he could hide inside Empress Fei Wen Li’s Black Hole Dimension and think about a way to release Empress Fei Wen Li out! She was an extremely powerful figure ten thousand years ago, if it wasn’t because of her injuries and the seal, the Prison Emperor and the three big shots of Heaven Realms might just be buzzing flies to her!

Yue Bing and Yi Nan had still wanted to ask about the situation, but Yue Yang shook his hand, showing them there was no need to.

He recorded the location in front of the Dragon Turtle in ten Teleportation Scrolls, then nodded at the Dragon Turtle, “I might be able to try breaking into the Prison Emperor Divine Palace on your behalf, but I need to make some preparations first.”

The Dragon Turtle seemed to understand that Yue Yang had made up his mind, but it still delivered the final advice, “Little boy, I appreciate your good intentions. However, the Prison Emperor Divine Palace was a special kind of Sealed Dimension. Without the Prison Emperor’s Divine Staff and Divine Seal, you won’t be able to exit it… The problem was that the Divine Staff and Divine Seal were used to seal the two big shots of Heaven Realm. Even if they only had a hundredth of their strength left, they were still beyond your level.”

“You are not me, how do you know if I can’t do it?” Yue Yang rolled his eyes. He secretly thought, he could even enter and exit the Black Hole Dimension as and when he pleased. How could the Prison Emperor Divine Palace defeat him? He planned to return back and discuss it with Xue Wu Xia and the tigress first, and he would also negotiate for a higher reward. Otherwise, he would have been taken advantage off in this quest, the reward was much too low for the effort he had to give.

He should at least receive a Mythical Equipment from this Dragon Turtle or something. If he couldn’t get the Prison Emperor’s Divine Staff or Divine Seal, he didn’t mind getting the Prison Emperor’s Divine Armor, Divine Helmet or whatever else.

Yue Yang brought Yue Bing and Yi Nan and teleported back to the Little Flower Garden.

Attacking the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace should be much more difficult than attacking the Twelve Zodiac Temples.

Yue Yang felt that he should discuss it with the girls first and listen to their opinions. Maybe they would be able to think of a good idea.

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Shiro’s Afterthoughts: Muahaha I think this chapter is purrrfect, it’s one of the rare chapters that I truly edit after i translate (lol). Isn’t it of really high quality? (Praise meeee) That gigantic paragraph in the middle though… I almost puked blood sorry guys i’m high



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