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LLS Chapter 307 – Dragon Turtle

Chapter 307 – Dragon Turtle
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The Water Palace was an extremely strange place.

When Yue Yang entered it the first time, he realized that the space inside was actually filled with air. There was a water dome on top of the palace, separating the ocean water and the temple.

Entering inside, Yue Yang felt some kind of strong, invisible power that separated the ocean water, forming a distinct space. This place was completely different from above ground. The gravity was weaker, hence a person could easily float into the air inside. They could swim around like fish and walk on thin air. At times, some monster fish would accidentally barge in, but the they would leave immediately. No matter what kind of strong sea monster it was, they seemed to be extremely wary of this unique place. Yue Yang took in a few breaths and realized that the air inside was as clean and fresh as the air in a forest. Although there was no wind, the place didn’t feel hot or stuffy at all.

As Yue Yang waddled downwards, he saw some strange plants that could actually give out light. It looked both like a mushroom and a tree, and there were several vines dangling from it. Yue Yang had never seen this kind of plant before in the Soaring Dragon Continent.

He suddenly thought of something, as if there was some kind of relevant information with regards to the plant in his head…

Using his super memory, he racked his brain and searched for the information.

Was it recorded inside the Medicine Encyclopedia?

Yue Yang, Yue Bing and Yi Nan made their way down and compared the plant with the similar-looking illustration in the Medicine Encyclopedia. Yue Yang realized that he had actually managed to find the relevant piece of information. This was a ‘Dodder Silk Sphere Fruit Tree’, which originated from the Outer Realms in Tong Tian Tower. In Soaring Dragon Continent, only the Ming Kingdom, which had already been destroyed, cultivated it. However, as the Ming Kingdom’s territory became engulfed in the flames of war, the Dodder Silk Sphere Fruit Tree had since become extinct for a few hundred years. Unexpectedly, it still grew here.

The Medicine Encyclopedia recorded that the Dodder Silk Sphere Fruit Tree could produce an effect to slightly reduce darkness energy. If one suffered a wound from demon monsters, one could use the fruit’s juice to heal the wound.

However, the thing that people seek the most wasn’t the healing properties of this plant.

It was its aphrodisiac properties.

The Dodder Silk Sphere Fruit Tree had the same aphrodisiac properties like the Horny Goat Weed. However, the Dodder Silk Sphere Fruit Tree’s effects were slower and its side effects were weaker.
(Shiro: Horny Goat Weed – http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-699-horny%20goat%20weed.aspx?activeingredientid=699&)

The Horny Goat Weed, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. Its effects were quick but it produced very strong side effects. One would experience a very strong sex drive and wouldn’t get tired even after a long time. The herb was extremely favoured by a lot of old nobilities. Of course, its side effects were strong, even to the point that it harms the user’s body. Prolonged usage would risk one’s life. Forget about others, two generations of Emperors ago, it was said that the previous Emperor of the Zi Jin Kingdom, the ‘Golden Wolf’ Emperor Chu Chong Chi who was a mighty Level 7 [Overlord], due to prolonged and frequent usage of the Horny Goat Weed, pleasing over ten women every night, died from exhaustion in the end. A great Level 7 Overlord like him didn’t actually die in the hands of his strong enemies, he died from exhaustion on top of his favourite concubine instead. He had since become a big joke in the Soaring Dragon Continent.

Different from the Horny Goat Weed, in comparison, the fruit juice of the Dodder Silk Sphere Tree were more gentle and mild on the user’s blood. It wasn’t as explosive as the Horny Goat Weed. Unless it was used by an extremely weak person, it wouldn’t harm the user’s body at all.

In the Medicine Encyclopedia, the Horny Goat Weed was rated a Grade 3 poison while the Dodder Silk Sphere Fruit Tree was rated as a Grade 4 herb.

As the Dodder Silk Sphere Fruit Tree had vanished with the Ming Kingdom, those who possessed it were very few. It was extremely rare, hence only influential nobles could possess such a precious herb.

In the Palace, it was even nicknamed ‘Dragon Sleeping With Concubines’ or ‘Son-bearing Dodder’.

The reason was because if a concubine possessed the herb, she would receive the Emperor’s favour and would even acquire the son that she hoped for.

Hundreds of years passed and the Dodder Silk Sphere Fruit Tree slowly disappeared from the Soaring Dragon Continent, going into extinction. Otherwise, Chu Chong Chi, the Golden Wolf Emperor would not meet the tragic end of dying due to overdosage of Horny Goat Weed.

Yue Yang never thought that the Dodder Silk Sphere Fruit Tree actually exist in the depths of the inner ocean in the Despair Abyss.

Looking at it closely, these Dodder Silk Fruit Trees were all grown, big trees. The largest one was so thick that ten people wouldn’t be able to put their arms around it. It was obvious that it had existed for at least thousands of years… Yue Yang had one other superpower that was as abnormal as his martial arts talent. The sickly beauty alone couldn’t satisfy him at all… Despite this, Yue Yang still wanted to collect these Dodder Silk Sphere Fruit Trees.

The tree sap of the Dodder Silk Sphere Fruit Tree had darkness dispelling properties and its fruit juice had aphrodisiac properties. Other than these, Yue Yang knew a secret property of the tree that no one knew. It was not even recorded in the Medicine Encyclopedia.

Yue Yang had found a secret prescription within the memories that the tragic guy’s mother had passed down to him.

Rebirth Pill!

One of the variable ingredients needed to make Rebirth Pill was the Dodder Silk Sphere Fruit. If one mixed the Dodder Silk Sphere Fruit juice and the sap of the Lustrous Tree Branch and used it as the variable ingredient, the effects of the Rebirth Pill would be much stronger.

Yue Yang already had the Goddess’ Tears and God’s Dew right now, he was about to start making the Rebirth Pill.

With this Dodder Silk Sphere Fruit juice in front of him, it was like giving a pillow to someone who had consumed sleeping medicine.

He obviously wouldn’t mind it at all.

Furthermore, there was a special kind of fruit in the Tong Tian Tower, called the ‘Youthful Fruit’. It allows a normal person to recover some of their youth, and if an Innate consumed it, his lifespan would be extended. However, this Youthful Fruit contains strong poison, it couldn’t be easily consumed straight away. One would first need to consume the ‘Heart Protection Pill’ that had antibody properties to fight against the poison. Only then would one be able to fully absorb the medicinal properties of the Youthful Fruit… One of the important ingredient needed to create the Heart Protection PIll was the Dodder Silk Sphere Fruit juice.

If one reached the Innate Realm, even if one didn’t consume any kind of godly medicines, a real Innate would live a long life of more than a thousand years.

Of course, this was with the exception of Innates like Yao Guang and Tian Quan who became Innates quickly through someone else power levelling them.

Yue Yang never worried about himself or Xue Wu Xia and the others, but Fourth Mother didn’t know martial arts at all. She would definitely not be able to remain youthful, hence he wanted to create the Rebirth Pill or gave her the Youthful Fruit so that she would live a long life and maintain her youthfulness… Although Yue Yang never said it before, this had been his wish all along.

“What is this?” Yue Bing and Yi Nan didn’t have Yue Yang’s knowledge or the knowledge he inherited from the tragic guy’s mom. They only thought that the trees looked kind of weird.

“Medicinal herbs.” Yue Yang didn’t explain in detail as the two girls had no interests in medicinal herbs.

If it were Yue Yu instead, she would definitely ask for a full, thorough in-depth explanation of the tree from him.

This Water Palace contained several other plants other than the Dodder Silk Sphere Fruit Tree. Yue Yang gathered a lot of other medicinal herbs, recognizing them through his hyper memory and the knowledge inheritance from the tragic guy’s mom. All the plants here were species that didn’t exist in Soaring Dragon Continent. It was a pity that Yue Yang couldn’t find the Snow Lotus Herb here, otherwise he could have created another Martial Arts Pill. When Elder Yue Hai and Jun Wu You returned, he could give them one each as a surprise present… Elder Yue Hai, Jun Wu You and the others were stuck in their level for many years, unable to level up. If the consumed the Martial Arts Pill, even though they didn’t become Innate in the end, they would still acquire a huge boost in power.

Once their powers increased, they would have the power to protect themselves. Yue Yang would worry less about them when he go to the Tong Tian Tower in the future.

After walking forward for more than two kilometres, Yue Yang suddenly felt a mysterious kind of energy in front.

Bypassing the thickets, he discovered a huge stone pillars.

From the outside, it looked very similar to the Crystal Pillar that the Qilin girl was sealed in. It’s just that it was not made of crystals, and there weren’t many pillars, there was only one mysterious-looking, gigantic stone pillar. On top of the ten metres-tall giant pillar, there was a statue of a creature that looked very much like a demon king. There were rows of inscriptions on the pillar, but Yue Yang could only recognize some of them.

These inscriptions were in Ancient Language. Although Yue Yang had the knowledge inheritance, he still had difficulties in reading them. Seems like it was the description and introduction of the Demon King statue.

At the bottom of the pillar, there was a row of Heaven Runes inscription.

There was also an Ancient Rune that represents “Suppress”.

“What is this now?” Yue Bing and Yi Nan felt unwell the moment they saw the pillar, as if there was something evil hiding inside it.

“In the ancient times, human warriors had defeated the Fallen Warriors and sealed them here… Seems like this is the graveyard for Fallen Warriors. This pillar is not the only one.” Yue Yang led Yue Bing and Yi Nan and walked forward, discovering a similar-looking pillar nearby.

As they walked forward further, they discovered more giant pillars representing the sealed Fallen Warriors.

After tallying in the end, Yue Yang felt that there were at least hundred over Fallen Warriors trapped here. Although they might be sealed on different years, they had been sealed here for a very long time.

Those that had been sealed since the ancient times didn’t emit any evil energy at all. The stone pillars were also worn out from wind erosion. Seems like the Fallen Warrior trapped inside had completely vanished. There were some pillars that were more intact, and they exude so much evil aura. There were some extremely potent evil auras that seemed to be able to break the Stone Pillar Seal at any moment. At the centre of this disarrayed arrangement of sealed Fallen Warriors Stone Pillar Seals, there was a huge Hall.

Yue Yang led Yue Bing and Yi Nan as they entered the palace hall together.

They discovered that the palace was extremely big. There was a staircase that seemed to have thousands over steps leading towards the hall. When they reached the huge palace hall, they discovered that it was as big as a football field.

The palace hall looked like it had seen glorious days before, but after several years, the splendorous paint had faded. Other than some statues that had eroded away, the palace hall was completely empty. Looking around the palace hall, they discovered that the building majestic and awe-inspiring.

Going down a few hundreds steps and walking forward for one kilometre, they arrived at a hundred metree tall building made of white stone. The tower that was covered in dust stood tall before them, as if it were a giant looking down on people.

To the left, there were a few houses of different sizes.

To the right, at a far distance, there was a small hill and a pond on the foot of the hill… Walking nearer to it, Yue Yang and the others realized that the ponds were actually quite big, ranging around hundred metres in length. And inside the pond, there was some kind of gigantic shadow. It seemed to be sleeping inside the water.

“It’s the Dragon Turtle, Dragon Turtle! We finally found the Dragon Turtle!” Yue Bing cheered out happily.

“It’s body is too big…”Yi Nan thought that Lightning Mammoths and Herculean Rhinoceros Beetles were already considered huge. The thirty-metre tall King of Black Light was the largest existence she had ever seen, no other beast could compare to it. However comparing the gigantic shadow inside the pond with the King of Black Light, it was simply insignificant in comparison, not even worthy of mention. Looking at the dark shadow that seemed to fill up the whole pond sleeping, Yi Nan even felt that the pond was too cramped for it.

Yue Yang had wanted to throw a stone inside to wake the slumbering Dragon Turtle.

However, before he managed to throw a stone, the pond water slowly begin to tremble and overflow… In the end, water splashed everywhere and a whirlpool appeared suddenly as the dark shadow wiggled and moved the huge body of water. Its head that was several metres long burst forth from the water, almost drenching Yue Yang completely.

The ground shook violently.

Along with an extremely loud howl, the dark figure started to surface, creating raging waves all over the pond.

A huge head and a hard shell surfaced from the water.

Yue Yang saw it very clearly. It was indeed the Dragon Turtle.

It had a dragon head and a body of turtle.

It looked like it was Platinum-ranked Level 6, but to his surprise, Yue Yang realized that the Dragon Turtle was injured to the point that it was on the verge of death. If it was allowed to recover its maximum strength, wouldn’t it be the end for them? It was so strong even though it was on the verge of death. If it fully recovered, would there be anyone in the Soaring Dragon Continent who would be able to stop it?

Of course this Dragon Turtle was originally from the higher floors of Tong Tian Tower. It only escaped here to nurse itself because it was injured.

If it wasn’t injured so seriously, this Dragon Turtle wouldn’t even come to the Soaring Dragon Continent, the newbie village.

“Old turtle, I have received the mission to heal you. But allow me to speak rudely… Other than the Black Turtle Pearl, do you have any other rewards? No matter what, you should give me some tip reward for running this errand right? It was so difficult for me to reach this place. If it wasn’t for the Night Empress, I wouldn’t even come to such a desolated place.” Yue Yang purposely spoke out the Night Empress’ name, trying to see the old turtle’s reactions.

“Is the little missy Night Empress the one who sent you? What proof do you have?” Yue Yang had guessed correctly. The huge Dragon Turtle could speak indeed. That fellow’s voice sounded very old, sounding as if it was over ten thousand years old. Yue Yang secretly sweated when he heard the Dragon Turtle. The Night Empress was actually a ‘little missy’ to this old turtle…

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