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LLS Chapter 306 – Water Palace, Ancient Structure

Chapter 306 – Water Palace, Ancient Structure
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Last time, it was extremely exhausting for Yue Bing to explore the Despair Abyss.

The endless waves of spiders, various snake monsters, demon eagles, giant bats, fire ants, goblin wasps, and so on and so forth made Yue Bing suffered a lot.

After bravely challenging the Twelve Zodiac Temples Quest and the Hundred Schools Elite Competition, rescuing her mother, returning to the Yue Clan Castle and experiencing several great battles continuously, Yue Bing had grown up. Due to Yue Yang’s meticulous teaching and rewards from the Twelve Zodiac Temples, Yue Bing’s power had already surpassed Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, and even the Three Great Killing Stars. Xue Tan Lang who possessed beasts that were Yue Bing’s beasts’ natural nemesis might be slightly more powerful than her, but with regards to the other members like Feng Qi Sha and Yan Po Jun, they had completely lost their advantage when Yue Bing’s Treant evolved to Thousand Years Old Treant General.

With regards to combat skills, other than Yue Yang’s coaching, Xue Wu Xia, Princess Qian Qian and the other girls had also taught her their experiences.

Yue Bing’s abilities improved greatly day by day.

Yue Yang , the competent brother, had even thought of a good combat skill that best suit his sister.

After reflecting on the Hundred Schools Elite Tournament and several other battles afterwards, it was obvious that Yue Bing’s strength was in agility and attack power. Her Treant’s [Coiling Roots], [Tree Thorns] and [Intense Poison] were also very effective. Her only flaw was in the lack of defense… Yue Yang debated on whether to give her an extremely high-quality armour, just like the armour that the Qilin girl was wearing.

It was a pity that the Qilin girl was still wary towards Yue Yang, she didn’t allow him to touch her clothes. Otherwise Yue Yang would really love to study her heavenly clothes.

With Yue Yang beside her and Yi Nan supporting her with mental skills, Yue Bing ordered the two Thousand Years Old Treant Generals to trash around in all direction, stomping deeper into the Abyss unstoppably.

The Bloody Queen Red didn’t need to attack at all, she was only responsible for collecting the magic crystals and loot left behind.

As for the Thorny Flower Demoness, she was trying to quickly evolve into Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen. She was in deep sleep right now, hence the corpses could only go to waste.

The Reaper Mantis flew around in the air, scaring away monsters that could fly…

Although it wasn’t as strong as its mother, the current Reaper Mantis was still a Gold King Beast.

The Reaper Mantis, who had just evolved into Gold-ranked Level 4, still didn’t know how to conceal its Qi like the Bloody Queen Red. Its Gold King Beast’s Qi spread around the surrounding, scaring away the low-levelled flying monsters in the Despair Abyss. Those monsters immediately scurried away the moment they saw the Reaper Mantis.

On the ground, there were also different kinds of monsters that ran away the moment they saw the Thousand Years Old Treant General.

Only strong monsters that were Bronze-ranked Level 6 and above, Gold King Beasts, a colony of starved beasts or beasts like the Fire-red Ants that lacked intelligence dared to attack the Treant General.


Several Horned Pythons that were as thick as water jars fell under the two Thousand Years Old Treant Generals’ attack.

Their cause of death was Yue Bing’s [Intense Poison] Inherent Skill and [Antiaris] ability.

The Horned Pythons’ flesh was extremely thick and its scales was as hard as steel. Several of them attacked all at once. With just the abilities of the Treant Generals, although they would win in the end, they would need to spend a lot of effort for a long time.

Seeing that the Treants were having a difficult time, Yue Yang secretly added two of his [Giant Phantom Shadows] onto the two Treants. With the power up from Yue Yang’s [Giant Phantom Shadows], although the Treant Generals weren’t be able to power up as much as Yue Yang did when he used the [Giant Phantom Shadows], their abilities had increased tenfold at least.

With a series of strong punches, the Horned Pythons were immediately pummeled into meat paste.

Yue Bing had also activated her [Intense Poison] Inherent Skill at the same time. With the activation of her [Antiaris] ability, the battle very quickly come to an end…

Entering into the centre of Despair Abyss, the party encountered strong beasts everywhere. In swamps and marshes, there were Swamp Crocodiles, Horned Pythons, Dog-headed Fish Monsters and Water Spiders. In the skies, there were Giant Bats, Demon Eagles and Flying Goblin Jackals. Furthermore, there were Marsh-spitting monsters everywhere disguised as puddles of water.

There were even the poisonous Water Scorpions and Quicksand Dogs that were hard to deal with hiding between rock slits.

These Quicksand Dogs looked like spiders, but they had dog heads.

They could neither make spider nets nor produce spider threads. They also swayed a lot when they walked, they had a very slow speed. However, they could drill into sand very quickly. They were experts in creating flawless quicksand traps. The moment their prey fall onto their trap, they would immediately drill out of the quicksand and suffocate their prey inside the quicksand. Before their preys enter their traps, they could even imitate an injured dog’s howl to attract them.

This type of Quicksand Dogs were cunning monsters. With his Level 5 Divine Vision, Yue Yang could see that the Quicksand Dogs were actually a variant of a bat. It was actually neither a spider nor a dog.

Their wings had degenerated. Unable to fly, the wings bones had evolved into drills.

Their previously four claws also evolved and split into eight, hence they looked like spiders on the surface.

The level of these Quicksand Dogs were low, most of them were Normal-ranked. A handful of them were Bronze-ranked, but Yue Yang had never seen a Silver-ranked one before.

However, Yue Yang felt that their magic crystal had special attributes… Yue Yang thought that these kind of magic crystals from monsters that had strange abilities would be useful to Hui Tai Lang, Smoky Flame Girl and Barbarian Cow Shadow. The reason was because these magic crystals held the power of earth attribute inside.

More accurately, it was the power of transforming earth into quicksand.

If Ye Kong and Fatty Hai made use of these crystals, they might be able to improve their body transformation.

Yue Yang had even wanted to analyse these crystals and make some kind of “Transformation Pill”. Due to his desire and goal to study these crystals, Yue Yang and the two girls killed more than hundreds of Quicksand Dogs and collected a huge amount of magic crystals.

The central area of the Despair Abyss was humongous. Without a map, Yue Yang could only explore it step by step. The deeper they explored, the lower-lying the ground became.

Most of the ground were covered by big bodies of water.

The water pooled into a lake, and fall like a waterfall from the steep cliff in front. The bottom of the cliff couldn’t be seen at all.

As the three people reached at the edge of the cliff, the Treant Generals were unable to continue. A waterfall-like wall covered the edge of the cliff all the way to the bottom. Countless drops of water splashed down through the air. If one didn’t have flying-type beasts, one might not even be able to reach the bottom after walking for a fortnight through the wall of water. However, Yue Yang, who had reached Innate, didn’t have to toil with his legs at all. Releasing some of his Innate Strength, he carried Yue Bing and Yi Nan and floated down to the bottom leisuredly… The Bloody Queen and Reaper Mantis led them in front, trying to find a path that would reduce the distance Yue Yang needed to fly, hence saving his Innate Qi.

Previously, they could still see a slit of sky above, but it completely disappeared now.

Going several miles downwards, that slit of sky had completely disappeared, and the abyss turned extremely dark. As they went deeper, it became pitch black.

Countless monsters hid their killing intent in the darkness. Some of them could produce light to attract their preys. The moment preys who approached their light appeared, they would open their big mouth and swallow them whole.

Of course, this kind of situation wouldn’t happen to Yue Yang.

The moment an Innate appeared, all the monsters became scared stiff and kept quiet out of fear.

There were a few monsters who didn’t manage to hide in time and tried to fight, risking their lives, but they were easily killed by the Bloody Queen Red and the Reaper Mantis.

Yue Yang carried Yue Bing and Yi Nan and traversed down the gigantic waterfall twenty kilometres deep. At the end, he realized that the pitch black bottom of the abyss was actually an “Abyss Ocean”.

Yue Bing and Yi Nan didn’t have Yue Yang’s [Night Vision], hence they were unable to see anything.

They were only able to use the “Night Pearl” that Princess Qian Qian gave them and see a limited area of their surrounding. When they saw that there were ocean waves beating against the shores at the bottom, they were extremely shocked. They never thought that the centre of the Despair Abyss was actually this kind of place. In the sky, a strike of lightning flashed and heavy rainfall started to rain down… Very faintly, the two girls could see that there was a gigantic monster on the surface of the ocean which was extending its long neck and twisting it around.

If there was only one, they would think that that monster was the Dragon Turtle.

However, there were more than a dozen of gigantic monsters extended their long necks, shocking them so much that they immediately asked Yue Yang to leave this place and find another place without monsters to land.

When Yue Yang killed the Ten Thousand Years Old Giant Crab in the Cancer Temple before, he had acquired the “Tidal Pearl” from its body.

The Tidal Pearl could create a gigantic bubble that would protect its user to dive underwater, nullifying the effects of water pressure.

At the same time, a skill called “Breathe Underwater” could also be activated three times daily by the Tidal Pearl. If one could endure the water pressure under the water, one could use the skill and swim around underwater like a fish.

The Bloody Queen and the Reaper Mantis were kings of the sky, but their fighting abilities were severely reduced underwater. They could even be easily killed by a Bronze-ranked fish monsters underwater… This was the power of beasts that were their natural nemesis. It was the same logic similar to the situation when the extremely strong Flame Lord met the Storm Mermaid. It met its tragic end very quickly.

If Magma Giants or Magma Wyverns were to go underwater instead, they wouldn’t even need enemies to kill them, it would be instant suicide.

Hence, the Bloody Queen Red and Reaper Mantis were recalled back into the grimoire. Yue Yang then summoned Xiao Wen Li, who entered the water and dispersed the surrounding monsters. Then, she summoned Stone Element Medusa, Storm Mermaid and Thunder Naga. As for the strongest Ice Serpent Demon, she didn’t summon it. Maybe Xiao Wen Li thought that there were no use for her to summon the Ice Serpent Demon now.

The Stone Element Medusa could also summon beasts, hence, she summoned the Gold Tiger Shark which had just eaten the remains of the Gold-ranked Level 8 Fishing Net Spider and was about to level up. She then ordered it to work hard and open the path in front.

The moment these three beasts, who were ‘overlord’-level underwater, appeared, countless starved ocean monsters immediately scurried off.

Even the Gold Tiger Shark was also a powerful existence in the ocean.

“Brother, do you think that the Dragon Turtle is inside this ocean?” Yue Bing thought that with an ocean this vast, how are they going to find the Dragon Turtle?

“It should be. We should go this way, wait, let’s go that way!” Yue Yang knew that searching a Dragon Turtle in the ocean was like looking for a needle in a haystack. If it was before, he would definitely not do something so strenuous. However, after reaching the Fifth Level of Innate Invisible Sword Qi, he could faintly sense the life force of the strongest existence here… It might not be one hundred percent accurate, but he felt that he could roughly determine the direction of the Dragon Turtle.

Yue Yang used “Breathe Underwater” skill on himself and stayed outside of the water bubble, while Yue Bing and Yi Nan hid themselves inside the water bubble.

Stone Element Medusa and Thunder Naga protected them in front while Storm Mermaid controlled the water flow to slowly move the water bubble, following closely behind Yue Yang.

Yue Yang rode on top of the Gold Tiger Shark, advancing forward following the sense he felt from his heart.

The injured Dragon Turtle should be sleeping right in front.

Seems like it was different from the Qilin girl. If it was the Qilin girl, she would definitely sense him coming from afar. She could even send him a thought wave asking for help when she was sealed. Seems like this Dragon Turtle… still couldn’t be compared to the Qilin girl. However, since it possessed the Black Turtle Pearl, its original strength must be quite strong.

The deeper they went, the more powerful, ugly-looking ocean monsters appeared. There were even some that were Gold-ranked.

When they saw Yue Yang, they didn’t immediately attack like usual.

Instead, they sensed danger and escaped far away.

Yue Yang was anxious to look for the injured Dragon Turtle, so he didn’t pursue to kill them. Otherwise, he could have acquired a lot of Gold-ranked magic crystals…

After swimming quickly underwater for a long time, they still couldn’t find anything.

Yue Yang was also a little tired from trying to sense for a long time, hence he stopped to rest for a while. He felt that he didn’t sense wrongly, but he just couldn’t find the place. The two girls were also a little bored inside the water bubble, hence they swam to the surface to take a breather and eat some snacks. Yue Yang then thought to give something a try and summoned the water attributed Quintet Golden Puppet Mice, trying his luck. Yue Yang felt that although this inner ocean was not a real ocean, it was as big as a real one. Ordering a little mouse to find an injured Dragon Turtle in this big ocean might be quite a tall order.

He just wanted to try, so he didn’t hope too much.

Unexpectedly, after half an hour, when Yue Yang and the two girls finished resting and was about to continue their search, Yue Yang’s grimoire suddenly flipped opened on its own. The water attributed little puppet mouse had found something…

The words “Discovered water temple, ancient structure” appeared on the grimoire page.

“This can’t be…” Yue Yang sweated profusely. He had searched for more than half a day, yet he was actually unable to compare to a little mouse. Had he known earlier, he would have ordered the mouse to search for the Dragon Turtle, then he wouldn’t need to spend so much effort.

The Ghost Genius Yue Gong was indeed an extraordinarily awesome person. How many more secrets could Yue Yang dig out from the Quintet Golden Puppet Mice that he created?

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