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LLS Chapter 305 – Weapon Level Up, Luring the Smoky Flame Girl

Chapter 305 – Weapon Level Up, Luring the Smoky Flame Girl
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The “Iron Essence of the Meteorite” that was refined from the King of Black Light’s corpse were mostly used by Yue Yang to create the Totem Pole.

The rest of them were used to reforge the Crescent Blade.

The Bronze-ranked Crescent Blade was unable to withstand Yue Yang’s strength as an Innate. Even the Hui Jin Magic Blade that had levelled up and reached Gold rank had to be levelled up even more or Yue Yang would fall into the awkward situation of not having any weapon to use in battle. Of course he would be able to use the Dragon Slaying Dagger, but the Bloody Queen Red who uses assassination techniques to fight would need that piece of good dagger more than him.

Yue Yang had mastered a lot more Heaven Runes now. Coupled with good materials and his Nirvana’s Flame ability, he was more than able to forge a weapon that best suit his needs himself.

After adding the “Metal Crow Obsidian” and “Iron Essence of the Meteorite” and reforging the Crescent Blade, its quality rose to become Silver rank.

The Crescent Blade’s appearance looked like Hui Jin Magic Blade.

However, it was bigger and heavier.

Yue Yang had also poured several Gold-ranked Magic Crystals into the new Crescent Blade. Furthermore, he had also used his Nirvana’s Flame to meticulously carve the Ancient Rune “Permanent Hardening” and Heaven Rune “Frost”, “Sharp”. After working hard to carve them for three days and night, the new Crescent Blade’s quality rose up another rank again, to Gold rank. Now, it had the ability to withstand Yue Yang’s innate level attack or defense.

Since the new Crescent Blade had levelled up in quality, Yue Yang decided to give it a name, “Crescent Moon”.

With regards to Hui Jin Magic Blade, Yue Yang didn’t need to modify it too much. There were already the Flame Lord’s Molten Core and Demon Dragon’s Crystal inside, it would continue to level up as long as it could absorb flame and darkness power. After countless battles, the two cores had absorbed a lot of power. Yue Yang had let the Hui Jin Magic Blade absorb the Magma Wyvern’s Magic Crystal and the Demon General’s Demon’s Heart, making it evolve even further… Yue Yang had even wanted to let it absorb the Demon Pearl that he acquired after killing the Dark Golden Spectre. The Demon Pearl that contained an extremely destructive power would definitely increase the rank of the Hui Jin Magic Blade further after it was absorbed into it.

It’s a pity that the Flame Lord’s Molten Core and Demon Dragon’s Crystal were afraid of this Demon Pearl.

Even until now, the two cores were still resisting the Demon Pearl.

Yue Yang was worried that the Flame Lord’s Molten Core and Demon Dragon’s Crystal, these two low-levelled cores that had awareness would be destroyed the moment he put the Demon Pearl in. He even suspected that the Dark Golden Specter didn’t truly die, and was hiding inside the Demon Pearl.

Hence, Yue Yang could only put the matter of combining the Demon Pearl on hold.

Yue Yang had been levelling the Hui Jin Magic Blade’s grade long before he turned the Crescent Blade into Crescent Moon.

At first, Yue Yang didn’t dare to expose the Hui Jin Magic Blade to his Nirvana Flame directly. Having the ability to burn everything in the world, the Hui Jin Magic Blade would definitely not be able to withstand the Nirvana Flame. He chose to use the kind of ‘Fake Nirvana’s Flame’ that was burning on the Stone-Element Medusa’s head instead. After the Flame Lord’s Molten Core adapt to the heat of the fake Nirvana’s Flame, it turned into Flame Lord’s Blazing Core. Its flame ability became much purer, but as the Demon Dragon’s Crystal didn’t become stronger along with the Flame Lord’s Blazing Core, the Hui Jin Magic Blade was still Gold rank, unable to rise to Platinum Rank.

When Yue Yang pursued Duan Mu Long Cheng, he had teleported to the Demon Palace.

When he was destroying the gigantic Demon King Statue, Yue Yang had acquired a huge Magic Crystal.

This Magic Crystal might be a high quality demon core that was refined for hundreds of years, used to safeguard the Demon King Statue. Although Yue Yang was surrounded by three Great Demon Kings and two Lich Kings at that time, he didn’t forget to greedily steal the Magic Crystal and brought it back home.

With the power from the huge Magic Crystal, the Demon Dragon’s Crystal finally managed to receive enough power up.

When the Hui Jin Magic Blade level up to Platinum Rank, Yue Yang carefully used his Nirvana Flame to purify the Flame Lord’s Blazing Core again. In the end, the evil awareness inside the Flame Lord’s Blazing Core had almost been destroyed completely, but because Yue Yang tried to control the evil awareness, half of it was preserved. The Flame Lord’s Blazing Core was almost destroyed, but it had levelled up to become “Flame Lord’s True Flame Core”, which had the ability to produce flames like the Nirvana Flame. The Hui Jin Magic Blade was now even more powerful than the Dragon Slaying Dagger which had absorbed a huge amount of darkness energy and Demon King’s evil intention.

Yue Yang carved a few Heaven Runes on the Hui Jin Magic Blade that had already levelled up, including “Blood Absorb” and “Ability Absorb”. As for Ancient Runes, Yue Yang felt that the Hui Jin Magic Blade would probably still be able to level up higher to Diamond Rank, so he decided to not use “Permanent Hardening” on it first.

Moreover, maybe there would be a better Ancient Rune than “Permanent Hardening” in the future. Yue Yang didn’t want to fix the direction of Hui Jin Magic Blade’s growth.

The Platinum-ranked Hui Jin possessed two great spirits’ remnants.

In the world, it was definitely amongst the ranks of the “Holy Weapons”, an extraordinary existence. Moreover, it was unique and unmatched, only Yue Yang was able to use it. If it were another person, they would be engulfed by the two spirits’ remnants inside the Hui Jin Magic Blade. The two Heaven Runes “Blood Absorb” and “Ability Absorbed” might be used against the person holding the blade instead.

Only Yue Yang could use it.

And only Yue Yang could truly bring out the terrifying power within the weapon.

“What a terrifying demonic blade. It couldn’t be called a “Holy Weapon”, it’s more suited to be called a “Demonic Weapon”!” Princess Qian Qian evaluated the powered up Hui Jin Magic Blade this way.

“This Hui Jin should be able to level up to Diamond Rank in the future. At that time, you could add the “Iron Essence of the Meteorite” and“Obsidian Emperor Heart” from the King of Black Light’s body, and carve an Ancient Rune, or even an Immemorial Rune. I think it could become a “Mythical Weapon” in the future!” Xue Wu Xia also thought that the Hui Jin Magic Blade still had a huge growth potential.

The Crescent Moon didn’t have any spirit remnant, and it was also unable to absorb energy. Seems like no matter how hard Yue Yang tried to reforge it again, it wouldn’t be able to be upgraded much.

Platinum Rank was the limit for the Crescent Moon.

But Hui Jin was different. It’s potential was equivalent to beasts like Hui Tai Lang, it was unlimited.

Hui Tai Lang had continuously absorbed flame, metal and darkness energies. In particular, demon race’s demon’s heart had given it endless source of energy. It could get energy from Demon Soldiers, Demon Generals, Demon Commanders, Demon Marshals and even Demon Kings. If Hui Tai Lang continued to eat this way, it would continue to evolve. Its potential became even more unlimited. If Yue Yang could kill more Easter Goblin Tribesmen in the future, the Eastern Goblin Tribesmen’s Dan would become a great tonic for Hui Tai Lang.

Compared to Hui Tai Lang, who could fight its own battles, devour magic crystals and evolve, Hui Jin Magic Blade wouldn’t be able to move much, hence its evolution speed would definitely be much slower.

Most importantly, although there were two spirit remnant’s inside the blade, the two spirit’s were merely remaining consciousness, and the two spirits were still faintly fighting against each other.

Furthermore, no matter how aware Hui Jin Magic Blade was, it wouldn’t be as smart as Hui Tai Lang.

Hui Jin would definitely be incomparable to Hui Tai Lang and other beasts. It could only be the big boss of weapons, but that was only if it didn’t need to fight it out with Xue Wu Xia’s Ancient Book that also contained spirit’s remnant and could also continue to level up.

After Yue Yang finished forging his weapons, he planned to bring Yue Bing and Yi Nan to Despair Abyss to look for the injured Dragon Turtle that the Night Empress told him.

He needed to find the Black Turtle Pearl, one of the Four Pearls that the Night Empress required him to find.

Before that, Yue Yang decided to kidnap a certain Smoky Flame Girl.

She was obviously his Guardian Spirit Beast, yet she always hid herself inside the Dimension of Duel. This shouldn’t continue.

The Spirit of Flame and Smoke was originally a big-breasted tavern girl. After losing her life, she had also lost her memories. Only a tiny remnant of her awareness remains.

Yue Yang had brought Yue Bing and the others to meet her for a few times, but he realized that she only recognized him at the most. She couldn’t remember anything from the past at all. Maybe because she had turned into a beast, she didn’t have her “person’s” thoughts anymore.

After not meeting her for a period of time, the Spirit of Flame and smoke had actually levelled up from Silver-ranked Level 1 to Silver-ranked Level 3.

Seems like Tu Cheng and Kuang Zhan’s hidden volcanoes and magmas had become a good source of nourishment for her. Her smoke was thicker right now, and the temperature of her fire had become hotter. When she transformed, her appearance had also looked more human-like. At first, she didn’t show any kind of reaction to Yue Yang’s arrival, however, after she tried to sense him carefully, she realized that it was Yue Yang, and immediately become overjoyed. Her smoky body (in literal sense) floated over in the air, creating a long plume of smoke. Huffing flames everywhere, she rushed towards Yue Yang.

“I have a magic crystal that you will definitely like.” Yue Yang took out a sand beast’s magic crystal that had been refined by his Nirvana’s Flame.

The sand beast was a Gold-ranked Level 8 ‘Storm King’.
(Shiro: sand beast Storm King – Moqi Xu Ling’s beast, chapter 282)

The Spirit of Flame and Smoke looked at the magic crystal as if she was a little kid looking at candy.

As long as she absorb this Gold-ranked Level 8 magic crystal that had been refined by Nirvana’s Flame, the spirit of Flame and Smoke would definitely be able to evolve to Gold-rank. It might evolve to Platinum-ranked. This magic crystal, forget about the Spirit of Flame and Smoke, even the Blood Queen Red wanted it badly. However, Yue Yang felt that it would be better for the Spirit of Flame and Smoke to absorb it. In the end, he chose to give this pure, element-type beast core to the Spirit of Flame and Smoke… Yue Yang didn’t mention it on the surface, but he was thankful for the tavern girl’s help previously. He was especially touched by the fact that she and her friends had sacrificed their lives to help Fourth Mother.

Although he couldn’t save the tavern girl and make her return to her original appearance, Yue yang still hoped that she would evolve into a Holy Beast. She could then lead a new life with new wisdom.

The Spirit of Flame and Smoke was extremely excited when it saw the magic crystal, wanting to swallow it whole immediately.

It didn’t have any human reservations, she was only reacting by her instincts.

“Do you want it?” Yue Yang enticed the Spirit of Flame and Smoke evilly, just like how a pedophile would kidnap little girls. He raised the Storm King’s Core and dangled it in front of the Spirit of Flame and Smoke, whispering, “Follow me, do you understand?”

Yue Yang summoned took out his Silver Grimoire which had levelled up to Advanced Silver Grimoire after so many battles. He signalled to the Spirit of Flame and Smoke to accept his summon.

After his grimoire levelled up from the battle, Yue Yang’s Inherent Skills had also levelled up.

Actually, what Yue Yang hoped for the most was Thorny Flower Demoness becoming his Guardian Spirit Beast too… Or a new skill for Barbarian Cow Shadow, Bloody Queen and the others. It was a pity that Yue Yang’s wishes were unrealized, only his Inherent Skills, “Counterfeit” and “Gemini” levelled up. His Level 5 Divine Vision didn’t even level up. With the level up of his Gemini Inherent Skill, Yue Yang acquired a “Spirit Pacifier” ability. Currently, he could only use it on his own beasts. Through Spirit Pacifier, he could free his beasts from a negative mental state.

Right now, Yue Yang was using the ‘Spirit Pacifier’… He tried his best to bring the Spirit of Flame and Smoke’s guard against him down, erasing her feelings of hostility.

It’s not known whether it was due to the enticement of the Storm King’s Core or the usage of Spirit Pacifier, when the Spirit of Flame and Smoke received the Storm King’s Core, she also accepted Yue Yang’s recall. Turning into a plume of smoke, she returned into the grimoire. This was the first time she listened to Yue Yang’s orders.

Seeing that Yue Yang succeeded in recalling the Spirit of Flame and Smoke, Yue Bing and Yi Nan who had been keeping quiet, afraid to alarm the Spirit of Flame and Smoke, immediately burst out in cheers.

As long as the Spirit of Flame and Smoke managed to absorb the Storm King’s core, it might become a Gold-ranked Smoky Flame Girl the next time it was summoned. Yue Yang didn’t have any element-type beast, so the Smoky Flame Girl fits the vacancy perfectly. After getting the Smoky Flame Girl, Yue Yang took Yue Bing and Yi Nan to Despair Abyss, returning to the Camp which was besieged by the Demonic Palace at that time. Yue Yang planned to make this place their base before they go deeper into the Despair Abyss to search for the injured Dragon Turtle.

The second time they came to Despair Abyss, not only Yue Yang, Yue Bing had also greatly improved.

The three people didn’t care about the other adventurer’s curious gazes, they only cared about moving forward.
(Shiro: In case you guys didn’t read the TLN last chapter, I decide to change mercenaries to adventurers)

Yue Bing summoned her Treant and sat on the Treant’s shoulders with her brother as they advanced deeper towards the center of the Despair Abyss. Yi Nan didn’t summon her Flying Pegasus as per normal, but sat beside Yue Yang instead, her arms twining around Yue Yang’s like Yue Bing. She sat there as she chatted with Yue Bing.

Yi Nan and Yue Yang’s relationship had advanced greatly, but Yi Nan was still a little shy in front of Xue Wu Xia, Princess Qian Qian and the others.

However, in front of Yue Bing, she had already assumed the status of becoming her sister-in-law.

“Silver-ranked Level 5 Treant General?” An adventurer platoon leader who knows his stuff stared at the gigantic treant that thudded away as it walk, completely stupefied.

“Mount…” Yue Yang had been thinking of mounts all the way. The Qilin girl definitely would not be willing to become his mount, otherwise everything would be perfect. How should he persuade that lost little girl with no home to return to? This was really a problem!

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