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LLS Chapter 298 – If sluts act like they’re all mighty, they’ll get struck by lightning!

Chapter 298 – If sluts act like they’re all mighty, they’ll get struck by lightning!
Translated by: Sephillia
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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When Yue Yang and the Great Demon King fought, at the Yue Clan’s castle, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others were fighting furiously too.

Within the crowd, the one who had the easiest time was Xue Tan Lang.

Although that fake Third Young Master was a Level 6 [Elder], his levels were raised unnaturally by Innates. It was not something that he had cultivated himself. Against Xue Tan Lang, this genius who had trained hard since young, not only could he not win the upper hand against him, he was also restrained easily. He could not even use half of his power. If the fake Third Young Master did not have two generals from the Zi Jin Kingdom assisting him, he would have suffered a great loss under Xue Tan Lang’s hands.

It was impossible for the fake Third Young Master to win. No matter whether it was in terms of strength, techniques or beasts, Xue Tan Lang completely dominated him.

Due to Yue Yang’s appearance, as the supreme genius and the hope of the Xue Clan, the pressure on Xue Tan Lang was tremendous.

After a long and hard year’s worth of cultivation that was close to being self-torture, Xue Tan Lang was able to make tremendous progress in his strength. Along with the tutoring given from his older sister, the fake Third Young Master was not even Xue Tan Lang’s opponent at all. If not for wanting to capture this fake Third Young Master alive, and clear the name of his future brother-in-law, Xue Tan Lang would have achieved victory long ago.

As for the two generals that Zi Jin Kingdom had dispatched, their strengths were not even at the level of the fake Third Young Master. They were exhausted by the high-speed blizzard that Xue Tan Lang had made, and was unable to catch up.

Fatty Hai and Ye Kong had the hardest fight.

The two of them had attacked the fake Yue Qiu in a pincer attack. They were suffering against the fake Yue Qiu’s technique 《Armageddon Slash》.

Although this Yue Qiu was fake, the techniques he learned were real.

If not for their beasts having incredible defense along with the newly contracted Thunder Mammoth, a Golden Devil Ape that had become Gold-ranked from Bronze-ranked having great improvements in strength, they would have been beaten black and blue by the fake Yue Qiu. The Li brothers were trying to help, but they were too busy to. This was because some of the Demon Generals that had come out of the teleportation portal were attacking them from all sides. Thankfully, one of the strongest Demon Generals were instantly defeated by Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress. Otherwise, the Li brothers would not be able to fight against the reinforcements who were pouring out unceasingly.

“Kill, kill!” The Li brothers killed until their eyes were red. The loot that they seized just now, the Gold-ranked weapon Dual Arrow Blade, allowed them to fight like tigers with wings attached.

The number of demons that the two had slain were approaching a hundred. However, there were even more demons coming out from the teleportation gate. They had not kill enough at all.

Although some Yue Clan’s guards could not understand the situation, not knowing whether to help Yue Qiu or Yue Yang, they knew that the invasion of the demons was a disaster. There were many people who took up their arms and fought against the demons. They had decent strength and could kill some low-ranking demons.

The Yue Clan Castle’s martial arts plaza was in a complete mess. There were many people who were fighting obliviously.

Aside from the Yue Clan’s guards, there were also very few elite soldiers from the Zi Jin Kingdom who took up their weapons to fight against the demons. The reason could be because once the demons came out, they had disregarded friend or foe and killed on sight. Therefore, the Zi Jin soldiers were also forced to battle to protect their lives. Lin Lei and Lin Miao’s strength could at most bully the weakest Green and Yellow Goblins. Any stronger and they would not even be able to cause one to budge. Lin Miao was especially scared. Once Lin Miao saw a strong demon appearing, he would flee far away, even rolling, crawling and screaming to draw the attention of the demons towards the elite soldiers of the Zi Jin Kingdom.

In fact, this plan on bringing trouble to others had really caused many deaths of Zi Jin elite soldiers.

Princess Qian Qian was fighting against the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder.

The Thousand Goblins’ Sect’s Hundred Transformations Demon Elder’s strength was extremely high. She was a Level 8 [Emperor] and her strength was already near the level of a mini-Innate. If it were Fatty Hai and Ye Kong, they would probably be beaten nearly to death within ten blows. However, after Princess Qian Qian’s body was purified by Nirvana’s Flame, coupled with training her body with Ancient Runes and [Body Fusion] with Yue Yang, although she had not broken through to the Innate realm, she dared to fight against Innate Rankers even though she was not an Innate. Not only that, she had the ability to seriously injure the opponent. It could be seen that her offensive abilities was incredible.

The Hundred Transformations Demon Elder won in terms of speed, moving up and down to dodge blows. She would definitely not take Princess Qian Qian’s greatsword head on.

At the same time, her claws were smeared with deadly poison, hence Princess Qian Qian had dealt with her carefully.

Luo Hua City Mistress, Yue Yu and Yi Nan were fighting together against the newly promoted Hundred Wings, Hundred Eyes and Hundred Claw Demon Elders. These three Demon Elders had a huge gap in strength compared to the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder. They only had the strength of a [Elder]. If Luo Hua City Mistress’ [Aurora Light] hit the target, one of them would definitely be instantly killed.

Although the three Demon Elders’ names were great, their strength were only sufficient to take down Yue Yu. They could not even gain an upper hand against Yi Nan, who possessed the Gold-ranked beast “Spirit Mirror”.

Yi Nan’s special ability, once used, would probably cause any Demon Elder to go insane.

She was finding the best opportunity to do so, especially against Hundred Eyes who used mainly “cat-eyed” beasts. They had slowly walked into the death trap that Yi Nan had set up, who was preparing to create a dream of death for them. It would cause the fears from the bottom of their heart to surface, causing them to slowly lose their sanity…

Within the foes, the strongest was none other than Marquis of Zi Jin.

Xue Wu Xia personally fought against this formidable opponent.

Aside from her, nobody else could fight against Marquis of Zi Jin.

With regards to this opponent of hers, Xue Wu Xia would rather fight against a Level 1 Innate than this fellow with all sorts of devious and underhanded tricks up his sleeves. Marquis of Zi Jin, the Demon Abyss Prince who hid his strength was the future successor of the Demon King. A few months ago, after winning against Grandma Chi and suffered serious injuries from the battle, he had fought against Yue Yang and Xue Wu Xia. In the end, he had almost killed Yue Yang and Xue Wu Xia that day… It was from him that Yue Yang had learned the technique [Space Teleportation].

“I’m not interested in fighting against you!” Marquis of Zi Jin teleported out of the Yue Clan’s Castle.

“Then scram!” Xue Wu Xia used [Light Wind Teleportation] in the same way, chasing after him closely.

Marquis of Zi Jin dodged the attacks from the Bloody Queen. Before Hui Tai Lang could, Marquis of Zi Jin had picked up the head of the demon Innate Chi Liao after he blew up.

Hui Tai Lang was so angry that its fur stood on end.

It was not easy for to scare the enemies away just now. Before the loot even had time to be digested in its stomach, it had been picked up by a demon. That was its nourishment, after all. The enraged Hui Tai Lang pounced towards Marquis of Zi Jin. In the sky, the Reaper Mantis and Bloody Queen rushed down at the same time. The Barbaric Cow Shadow and Thorny Flower Demoness also came in from the sides…

If it were another enemy, they would definitely be in their graveyards by now.

However, this Marquis of Zi Jin had a plan to escape.

He did not rush to teleport away. Instead, he summoned his grimoire and raised a barrier to block Hui Tai Lang’s pouncing attack.

Beasts were summoned one after another, drawing away the attention of Hui Tai Lang and the Reaper Mantis who were chasing to kill him. Xue Wu Xia noticed that this fellow did not summon through his grimoire, but had rather took out summoning crystals. Her heart shook. She recalled the Thought Transmission that Yue Yang had sent her before the battle begun. This fellow Marquis of Zi Jin might not be here to assist the fake Yue Qiu in battle. He might be here to cause trouble, or perhaps he was close to becoming an Innate, but lacked something necessary. Perhaps he required an item or needed to learn some kind of special technique meant for Innate Rankers.

Xue Wu Xia felt that what Yue Yang said was very logical, especially after seeing Marquis of Zi Jin picking up Chi Liao’s splattered head. This action confirmed her doubts even more.

The head of the demon Innate Chi Liao was definitely something necessary for Marquis of Zi Jin to become an Innate.

“I will take my leave now. I’m happy for the gift you sent me. When there’s an opportunity later on, I will pay you back a hundred times for it, I swear on my name as the future Demon King.” Marquis of Zi Jin opened a golden teleportation scroll, then scratched out a few bloody scars on his chest and face.

“Eh?” The Bloody Queen Red had sufficient intellect to make judgements about the movements of the enemy. However, she could not think of the underlying meaning of Marquis of Zi Jin’s actions.

The little golden teleportation portal opened, and three men came out from it.

One of them was a ferocious-looking Innate Ranker. Xue Wu Xia could identify at first glance that he was one of Zi Jin Kingdom’s Five Enshrined Elders. This Innate, called “Lou Wei”, was the Zi Jin Kingdom Palace’s Chief Official. Originally, he was born in the small country called Yue Zhi. He was one of the officials under Yue Zhi Kingdom. Later on, he betrayed his King and defected to the Zi Jin Kingdom. Afterwards, he led the army himself, and crushed the whole of Yue Zhi Kingdom flat, taking all of the king’s women for himself. He became one of the most infamous, most ungrateful rebel who sided with the enemy.

Because one of the daughters of the king of Yue Zhi was a secret disciple of the Northern Moon Fairy Pavilion. The public did not know of her special identity. Later on, she was raped and murdered by Lou Wei, causing the Northern Moon Fairy Pavilion to send two great elders to kill Lou Wei.

Under the obstruction of the Zi Jin Kingdom’s and Lion Pagoda’s Rankers, the two great elders were heavily injured. However, they still forcibly castrated Lou Wei before allowing him to escape with his life.

Due to this, the Northern Moon Fairy Pavilion announced that they would never take in a female disciple from the Zi Jin Kingdom.

The public did not know the reason, and thought that the king of Zi Jin had once disrespected the Northern Moon Fairy Pavilion. Nobody knew that he was actually protecting shitty people like Lou Wei. Therefore, the Northern Moon Fairy Pavilion held endless wrath towards him. The public thought that Lou Wei had been punished, but the pseudonym “Palace Moon” was given to him, and he became the chief official of the Zi Jin Kingdom’s Palace.
(Shiro: Palace Moon is “Gong Yue/宫月” in Chinese. On the other hand, “Gong Xing/宫刑” means castration. The chinese character Gong/宫 on its own means Palace or temple, but chinese characters can completely change meaning when grouped with other characters. So I’m guessing the Gong was taken from Gong Xing, while the Yue was taken from the Northern Moon Fairy Sect. Technically the pseudonym Gong Yue can also mean Castrated Moon, haha.)

Behind Lou Wei, the second person had pale white skin. He held a androgynous appearance, and was Lou Wei’s most beloved male pet, following him wherever he went.
(Shiro: Androgynous – partly male and partly female in appearance; of indeterminate sex)

After being cultivated for a long time under Luo Wei’s efforts, these two male pets of his had the strengths of [Elder]s. Their killing methods were extremely cruel and vicious. They would frequently slaughter everyone. The warriors in the world secretly called them the “Two Chrysanthemum Spear Dogs”. Of course they would not dare to call them that outside, and they were only called the “Two Chrysanthemum Spear Generals”.
(Shiro: Sorry for the repeated interruptions… Chrysanthemum is also slang for “anus” and is often associated with gays in Chinese. Why? http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=chrysanthemum)

“My Lord, why is there blood dripping from a wound? Who was the one that was so audacious to hurt your million dollar body, uncle?”

Lou Wei looked to the sky, as if he was ignoring everything else around him.

With regards to Marquis of Zi Jin, he had only greeted him slightly, as a salute to Marquis of Zi Jin. Then, he asked with a kind of voice that was as soft as a woman’s but sounded absolutely repulsive.

Although Xue Wu Xia was a girl, she shivered as she heard his voice.

Thankfully she had already digested the food that had went into her stomach. Otherwise, she would puke them all out hearing this kind of voice.

There were veins popping out of Marquis of Zi Jin’s temples as well, as if he could not stand this fellow. However, he still acted as if he was hurt, and coughed twice. “This lord has been hurt and needs to recuperate urgently. It’s hard to battle anymore, I’ll leave it all to you, Chief Official.”

Lou Wei smiled and nodded. “Relax, this Chief Official already has plans. I’ll definitely complete the task beautifully, and not let my lord feel disappointed!”

With a sway of his body, Marquis of Zi Jin almost fell.

Thankfully his legs supported him on time. He quickly opened a teleportation scroll and left as if he were escaping.

“How would you like to die? You should all know that the one thing this Chief Official hates the most are pretty girls. If they’re prettier than this Chief Official, they all have to die! Little Ju, Little Hua, what are you waiting for?! These are all good dogs! When this Chief Official finished defeating them, you guys can contract all of them. As for those women, those that should be skinned will be skinned, those that should be broken will be broken. You two, do the job beautifully! If you dare to cheat on me, I won’t be agreeable to it you know… “ Lou Wei’s words caused Hui Tai Lang to puke instantly, until its entire body cramped.
(Shiro: Ju Hua means chrysanthemum)

“This… Could it be that this fellow was the slut that the Master told us about?” The Bloody Queen Red was pointing at Lou Wei as if she had suddenly realised this, and asked her future mistress, Xue Wu Xia.

“Slut? Un, are sluts tasty?” The Thorny Flower Demoness did not speak. However, the expression that came out from her eyes had this meaning.

“It’s not like this. A slut, a slut is the kind of thing that you would hit with all your might. No, it’s not a food! Ah, who cares! Just go eat him later!” The Bloody Queen did not like how the Thorny Flower Demoness ate people. However, she felt that if the Thorny Flower Demoness ate this fellow Lou Wei, then the disgust in her heart would subside a little. Therefore, this was the first time that she did not object to the Thorny Flower Demoness eating people.

“I agree.” Xue Wu Xia nodded. This was also the first time ever since she was born that she thought eating someone up was not a bad idea.

“Woof, woof woof!” Hui Tai Lang refused. It felt that this kind of slut, once eaten, could cause the stomach to go haywire. It refused to eat Lou Wei.

Boom boom boom boom boom…

It was still the Barbaric Cow Shadow Ah Meng’s movements that were the most practical. She erupted in vigour, stamping on the ground as she rushed towards Lou Wei.

She waved her fists and punched at him.

Of course, nobody was slower than her.

In the air, the Reaper Mantis and the Bloody Queen had arrived at the same moment. From the ground, innumerable thorns lashed out. That was the masterpiece that Yue Yang had devised for the Thorny Flower Demoness, “The Great Thorny Flower Treant”. It had once destroyed the 30-metre tall Obsidian King without breaking a sweat. Again, it moved, comprising of thousands upon thousands of thorny vines.

Hui Tai Lang was at the left flank while the Golden Beast was at the right. Their future mistress, Xue Wu Xia, held thunder in one hand and ice in another. She clasped them together, filling the whole terrain with hail, going with Ah Meng to attack from the front and behind.


How many Innate Rankers had everyone helped Yue Yang to kill? Were all Innates absolutely powerful?

Could an Innate say disgusting words?

Just because a person was an Innate, can they be slutty?

Hui Tai Lang had regrets in his heart. If only he could speak like the Bloody Queen, then he would definitely tell this slut, so that he would not be too arrogant. Just like his master said: Don’t act all mighty, or you’ll get struck by lightning!

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