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LLS Chapter 297 – Phoenixes, Colourful Immortal Phoenixes

Chapter 297 – Phoenixes, Colourful Immortal Phoenixes
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Changing Eastern Fairy Tribe to Eastern Immortal Tribe

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They were phoenixes. Two phoenixes glowing in golden light.

They were not the kind of red, fiery bird they have in the west, they looked more like the immortal, colourful Phoenixes from the East. Their body was decorated with a rainbow of colours. The Nirvana’s Flame coming out from their bodies were ten times denser and more powerful than Yue Yang’s Nirvana’s Flame. It glowed a little with golden light, making it look holy and beautiful.

From the outside, these two Phoenixes looked exactly the same no matter which angle one was looking from.

The Nirvana Flame Pillars that they were emitting twined with each other.

Only then did Yue Yang finally realize.

Turns out that the soul-penetrating bird call that he heard before was these Phoenixes’ voices.

However, he had never contracted them before, so how did he manage to possess these two Phoenixes? Xiao Wen Li was given to him from Empress Fei Wen Li. Hui Tai Lang was picked up from the side of the road. Bloody Queen made contract with him voluntarily. Each of his beasts had their own history, but these Phoenixes appearance was completely out of the blue.

Where were they from?

Could it be that these Phoenixes were the Guardian Beasts from the Celestial Grimoire? Just like his [Phantom Shadow]?

However, long before he had contracted the Celestial Grimoire, Yue Yang had already heard those bird calls that sounded like the sounds of nature. Furthermore, it had happened more than once.

Could it be that… could it be that these Phoenixes were the same as Heavenly Sword Goddess?

Yue Yang’s thoughts flashed around. Could it be that these Phoenixes lived inside the Universal Pouch, just like the Heavenly Sword Goddess? Or could it be that they were Phoenixes’ eggs inside the Universal Pouch before, but they had hatched for some reason and belonged to him now?

If it was really like that, then would there be any other precious stuff inside the Universal Pouch?

The three Great Demon Kings and two Lich Kings retreated a little when they saw the two Phoenixes rising to the sky.

When they looked again and thought that these beasts that they never saw before didn’t look very strong, that they looked more like beautiful, decorative pets, they immediately worked together to attack once again. This time, their target was to capture Yue Yang. This was because even though the Phoenixes were just decorative pets, they were still able to bathe in Nirvana Flame. That was not an easy feat to do. They didn’t want to change their plans anymore and decided to take Yue Yang down, then question him slowly later.

If it were a minute ago, Yue Yang would definitely carry Phoenix Fairy Beauty and ran away immediately.

However, the situation was different right now.

When the Phoenixes appear, Yue Yang immediately felt a surge of Nirvana Flame power in his body, as if they were about to erupt and explode.

Before, the three Great Demon King’s speed of attack was too fast for Yue Yang to see even when he uses his Level 5 Divine Vision. However, he was able to easily see the three Great Demon Kings and two Lich Kings movements and trajectory right now. Before they managed to get to him, Yue Yang’s body reacted automatically, moving by instincts, as if there was some kind of secret strength that guided him in his heart. His body moved to intercept the Demon Kings and Lich Kings’ attacks automatically.

The Nirvana Flame that filled his body, the kind of fire that could burn away everything, powered up by the two Phoenixes, erupted from his body like a volcano.

Yue Yang first swung his punch towards the Great Demon King Baruth’s claws.

He stopped his opponent’s punch with his punch. At first, Yue Yang thought it would be very difficult for him to do so, but turns out it was extremely easy to stop the Demon King’s punch.

“Eh?” The Great Demon King Baruth was completely dumbstruck. This brat did not even have a hundredth of his strength, how could he stop his punch so easily?

“Go away!” Yue Yang was obviously very happy. He ignited his left fist with Nirvana Flame and stopped Demon King Ha Xin’s punch with his other hand. At the same time, he even sent a kick towards the Lich King Grun who had tried to ambush Phoenix Fairy Beauty. He could actually endure the concurrent attacks from the three strongest warriors in Demon Abyss. This kind of result, forget about the Demon Kings and Lich Kings, even Yue Yang couldn’t believe it himself.

With the buff from the Phoenixes Nirvana Flame, he could actually have enough power to defeat three Demon King-ranked warriors in the Demon Abyss?

What kind of logic was that?

If Yue Yang had not received the Phoenixes’ buff, he wouldn’t be able to endure a single attack from the Demon Kings. At the very most, he could only support Phoenix Fairy Beauty in battle. Otherwise, he would probably only be able to use Binding Chains and Innate Invisible Sword Qi combo as an ambush.

His Yin Yang Ability, Spherical Beheader, Ice Arrow, First Slash: Earth Splitting Slash and other combat techniques were all effective against Demon Generals, Demon Commanders and Demon Marshals.

It could even be used against warriors of Innate Level 3 and below.

However, it seemed like it was ineffective against Demon Kings, who were at least Innate Level 8 and above. It could even be a mistake for him to launch those attacks against them. Baruth, Ha Xin and Grun were definitely not inferior to Shun Tian or Thousand Goblins Sect Leader. Previously, when Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty had worked together, they had to use up all their moves before they managed to defeat Shun Tian and the dark sinister shadow. Furthermore, Phoenix Fairy Beauty was the main attacker at that time. Afterwards, Yue Yang had fought Baruth alone, and although he had to protect the Qilin and wasn’t able to avoid the attack, he understood that he wouldn’t be able to defeat Baruth even if he were to fight him in the optimum condition.

Furthermore, right now, the three Demon Kings and two Lich Kings were powered up from the Black Vortex buff, their abilities increasing multiple times.

Yue Yang had defended himself against two Demon Kings’ and one Lich King’s attack, making the Phoenix Fairy Beauty, who was prepared to attack with all she had and die, stare blankly in shock, completely dumbstruck.

This brat was abnormal, that she knew. But she never knew that he was abnormal to this extent… Being able to stand against three Demon King-ranked warriors all alone… She might be able to do it in her peak condition, but it wouldn’t be so easy for her.

If she fought against three Demon Kings, she would suffer serious injuries the moment she let down her guard. That was certain.

She would definitely not be able to be like that brat, being able to stop the Demon Kings attacks just by extending his arms and legs. This, this was really too unbelievable.

Other than Zhi Zun, no other human warriors could so easily stand against three Demon Kings alone.

The other Great Demon King who didn’t attack Yue Yang was called Ou Gen. When he was in the state of shock, he was forced to retreat by Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s punches. As for the other Lich King that Yue Yang didn’t recognize, he had a rather tragic fate compared to the others. He, who had the highest-ranked existence amongst the Undead Race had been sent flying with the Qilin’s headbutt. Yue Yang could even hear the sound of his ribs and bones breaking as he flew.

In the eyes of weak human warriors, he was an extremely strong existence, a Lich King.

However, in the eyes of the airhead Qilin who got lost, he was only a skeleton that was slightly bigger than the rest.

Baruth, Ha Xin, Ou Gen and Grun were completely shocked. They weren’t shocked by the fact that their comrade had been sent flying by the Qilin, but because Yue Yang had actually managed to stop three of their cooperative attacks alone. They all knew Yue Yang’s abilities. Even with World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana Flame, this youngster would definitely not be able to fight against a Demon King-ranked warrior. As he had not fully mature yet, with his potential, he might even surpass the Supreme Elder in the future. However, he was only at Innate Level 3 currently. If he weren’t so abnormal, an Innate Level 3 warrior would immediately be killed in an instant if they ever meet a Demon King.

However, he could actually stand against three Demon Kings right now. This was definitely not his own power.

This was the power of those two mysterious beasts!

Those two mysterious beasts, what on earth are they actually? Where did he get them from? If they could obtain a beast that could increase their strength to this extent, their dream of going to the Heaven Realm would not be a dream anymore…

The three Demon Kings immediately retreated. Lich King Grun rushed to his comrade’s side and asked, “Ma Fa, are you okay?”

“I just broke a few ribs, my demon heart is alright.” That Lich King called Ma Fa shook his head with a serious expression, “Grun, I remembered a legend I heard before.”

“Eastern Immortal Tribe.” Demon Marshal Duran was the first one to react.
(Shiro: For those who are confused, there is Eastern Goblin Tribe, and Eastern Immortal Tribe. Eastern Goblin Tribe are the Flying Tiger Ambassador and the others who attacked Yue Yang during the tournament. Eastern Immortal Tribe are the two Dragon Girls who were with the Elder Nan Gong when Yue Yang was offered a position in the Innate Alliance. Eastern Goblin Tribe is the sub-race of the Eastern Immortal Tribe, which is much more powerful.)

“Right.” Demon King Ha Xin’s demonic eyes glared at Yue Yang furiously and nodded, “Only the legendary Eastern Immortal Tribe would be able to exert so much effect for their power up. I know an Osprey from the Eastern Immortal Tribe. He told me before that there is a special kind of holy power inside every Eastern Immortal Tribesmen’s body. It has the ability to increase one’s strength and also contained purification abilities. It would be an extremely terrifying ability if each member of the tribe activated their ability and buffed each others’ strength in stacks… It was said that the humans of the Soaring Dragon Continent actually came from the same place as the Eastern Immortal Tribe. During the Ancient Times, the Eastern Immortal Tribe had exiled some of their member to the Soaring Dragon Continent. They were different from humans of the Mysterious Orchid Continent, Heaven Wind Continent, Coro Continent and other continents in the Outer Realm… I daresay that this brat had inherited the blood of Ancient Humans, awoken his Ancient Blood and obtained the powers of the Ancient Humans. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to reach Innate at twenty years old, let alone being able to stand against us.”

“Is that really true?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty looked at Yue Yang as if she wanted to peel off his skin layer by layer to find out what’s inside.

“Maybe, possibly, probably that’s true.” Yue Yang replied.

Of course he wouldn’t be able to say that he was from another world. He also couldn’t deny completely that he had not awoken any kind of Ancient Blood before. Forget about others, even he himself wouldn’t believe himself if he said those words.

Right now, he should just let the misunderstanding about Ancient Blood, Ancient awakening and whatever shit continue. Maybe these Demon Abyss bosses would hesitate in attacking him that way.

Yue Yang didn’t know how long the Nirvana Flame Buff could last on his body, but if it disappear, Phoenix Fairy Beauty and he would have to escape no matter what. Indeed, with his words, the three Great Demon Kings, two Lich Kings and Demon Marshal Duran immediately turned pale.

Guessing and getting the positive reply was two different things.

Indeed, this brat had awakened his Ancient Blood and obtained the hidden potential of an Ancient Human.

“…” Baruth knew that right now, the best course of action was to risk it all and eliminate this brat with all they had. However, the biggest problem was not how to defeat him who had gained super strength from the buff, nor how to defeat Tian Fa who was protecting him, nor how to trick that airheaded Qilin to join their side… Instead, it was how to deal with those two beautiful Phoenixes, who didn’t look like they had any combat power but whose gaze was actually so deadly that they felt they were going to be killed instantly anytime!

Baruth didn’t know why these two beautiful creatures were not attacking them, but he had discovered with his extremely sharp senses of a Demon King that as long as he harbored killing intention in his heart and thought of attacking, he would feel extremely terrified, as if he was in a life-threatening danger.

He felt as if he was going to be killed by his opponents in the next instant.

If he didn’t have any killing intention at all, then those two beautiful creatures looked like they were completely harmless!

Baruth felt like he wouldn’t be able to image the hidden powers that these two beautiful creatures were hiding. They were creatures completely outside of this world. They probably belonged to the world that was even higher than the Heaven realm. That’s why they were such a magical existence.

The Qilin returned back to her horned young girl look. She looked like she was 14 or 15 and had an extremely cute appearance. There was a golden horn on her light green hair.

Her horns weren’t long nor sharp, it looked short and harmless.

However, Lich King Ma Fa’s ribs who were a hundred times stronger than Bone Dragons had broken with just a ram from these horns.

If he had not avoided quickly enough, Lich King Ma Fa’s injuries wouldn’t simply be a few broken ribs…

She wore a light-green coloured gown. There were drawings of clouds on the gown making it look extremely beautiful. Her smooth shoulders were revealed, along with her slim and tender arms. Yue Yang felt like kissing those arms when he saw it. Her snow-white legs were covered in red shoes, which were decorated with pink little balls at the front. The shoes looked exactly like the ones that those little chinese children in New Year Pictures wore.

The Qilin girl looked very cute, domestic and harmless, very suitable to be kept as a small pet cat. At night, she could also be used as bed warmer.

But she was extremely strong.

If she got angry and threw a tantrum, Yue Yang thought that all of his bones would probably be completely broken.

“It’s those two girls who kicked me out just now! As their dad, why didn’t you teach them manners?” The Qilin girl pulled at Yue Yang’s sleeves in annoyance, complaining to him. She looked like she would cry if Yue Yang ignored her.

“Two girls? Mine?” Yue Yang started to sweat profusely. When did he start having two Phoenix girls? Could it be that the Old Daoist Priest kidnapped other people’s daughters and shifted the blame to him? If the Phoenixes’ parents came to find him, he would probably be turned into ashes with a blow of their breath. He was definitely not these two girls’ dad. Even if he was, he couldn’t do anything about them.

Furthermore, the one who was wrong was not those two Phoenixes, but this lost Qilin who barged into other people’s house as she liked.

The two dazzling, colourful immortal Phoenixes were twirling in the sky calmly at first, but it seemed like they had understood what the Qilin was complaining about. They immediately cried out in protest.

Their voices that sounds like the sound of nature resounded out, resonating with everyone’s soul.

They looked as if they were about to swoop down and teach that complaining Qilin a lesson…

Before those two Phoenixes swoop down, that Qilin immediately escaped and disappear, so quickly that even Yue Yang couldn’t see it with his Level 5 Divine Vision.

“Greetings, your honours Demon Kings and Lich Kings. We apologize for disturbing you today. If you have free time in the future, please invite us for afternoon tea…” Yue Yang swooped Phoenix Fairy Beauty up in his arms in one move and immediately turned around to leave, rushing to catch up to that airheaded, lost Qilin with all he had. He didn’t know if he could use her as a bed warmer in the future, but he thought that he should pick this Qilin girl up first. In any case, she couldn’t return to her home anyway. He could raise her like her mother for this period of time.

“Shall we chase after them?” Lich King Grun noticed that the two Phoenixes were still twirling in the sky, as if they were watching them attentively. It seemed like if any of them had the thought of chasing after Yue Yang and the others, they would feel some kind of terrifying fear and threat that they would be attacked.

“Forget it.” Demon King Ha Xin who was usually the most courageous in battles gulped his saliva as he shook his head and reject the stupid idea.

Fighting against beasts that were way out of their league was definitely not a good idea.

Furthermore, the other party didn’t have any intention of attacking. If they forced their hand, it would be equivalent to seeking their own death.

Indeed, with Demon King Ha Xin’s words, those two Phoenixes immediately turned into rainbow coloured light and disappeared quickly, with a speed that even put those three Demon Kings who ruled over the Tong Tian Tower to shame. Compared to those two beautiful beasts, the three Demon Kings would only be able to eat dust at their backs even if they tried with all their efforts. Their speed were completely at a whole new level, it was as if the difference between their speed was like between a meteor and a snail.

The thing that made them more speechless was that when they came back to their senses, the Demon Marshals that were accompanying Duan Mu Long Cheng just now had arrived and had news to report.

Their ally, Duan Mu Long Cheng, had been killed.

“Who killed him?” Baruth noticed that the Demon Marshal looked panicked. Weird, was it Tian Fa?

“The ones that killed him were two extremely beautiful flying beasts that looked completely harmless!” One of the Demon Marshals thought that Baruth wouldn’t believe their story, hence he had even added some description of the beasts. Of course, although the story that he described later on was quite long, what happened was actually quite simple. Duan Mu Long Cheng had seen some enemies and was about to attack them and helped the few Demon Kings, but he was killed in an instant instead.

“Where’s his corpse?” Ha Xin wanted to give their ally a proper burial.

“His body has been completely burnt away. Forget about his corpse, even his soul was completely destroyed by the Nirvana Flame. There’s completely nothing left.” The Demon Marshals replied.

“…” The Three Demon Kings and two Lich Kings looked at each other in dismay. They knew how strong Duan Mu Long Cheng was. He was at least Innate Level 6, but he was instantly killed. Fortunately they did not try to attack and those two beautiful beasts also did not initiate an attack on them. Otherwise, the consequences would be too horrible to bear.

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