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LLS Chapter 296 Part 2 – Moe, Natural Airhead?

Chapter 296 Part 2 – Moe, Natural Airhead?
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“You think I want to? They were the ones trying to kill me first, so I’m forced to defend myself. I wouldn’t be so much of a pain in the ass to seek trouble with them first, ya know? They are the ones that are guilty, yet they wanted to pin the blame on me!” Yue Yang was furious.

“The problem now is that there are three Demon Kings and two Lich Kings on the other side. Do you think they would act in their good conscience and recognize their own mistakes?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty continued to giggle as she draped her arms over Yue Yang’s shoulders, pressing her ample breasts onto his back as she whispered in his ears, “It’s a pity that I really have no strength in my body right now, otherwise I will definitely help you fight…”

If it weren’t for the fact that Phoenix Fairy Beauty, the most respectable and widely known Tian Fa, was here, these few Demon Kings would already have surrounded Yue Yang and trample him to death.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty was injured and her strength wasn’t as strong as before, that they could see.

However, they were definitely not going to underestimate her.

Even if Tian Fa was seriously injured, if she fight with all she had, there was still the possibility that she could kill one of them.

Nobody wanted to be the unlucky one. The three Demon Kings and two Lich Kings were secretly communicating with their Demon Abyss telepathy, preparing the best strategu of attack to kill the two of them.

No matter what, they would not let this good chance slip off. If they could kill this young Innate who had so much potential and the extremely strong Ranker Tian Fa here, the human Innates would definitely suffer a huge loss. Furthermore If the Supreme Elder met some kind of mishap in the Tenth Floor of Tong Tian Tower and could not return to the Soaring Dragon Continent, the Soaring Dragon Continent would definitely meet their end, unable to avoid their fate to die and be annihilated…

Under the Black Vortex, the Demon Kings’ and Lich Kings’ powers had increased multiple times.

Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s powers, on the other hand, were being suppressed by the Black Vortex. Although the Black Vortex didn’t really have a huge effect on them, they were still influenced a little. The difference in strength between the two sides had become greater.

Fortunately, Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s injuries had become a little better after Yue Yang channeled a huge amount of Innate Qi to heal her. Furthermore, because she was about to be sealed just now and her body had become slightly transparent, the Nirvana Flame that Yue Yang released just now didn’t really cause any damage to her body… Of course, it might be because of other reasons, but Yue Yang couldn’t really understand how Phoenix Fairy Beauty had gained the ability to withstand his Nirvana Flame at this time.

Could it be that his Nirvana Flame had an awareness? Did it know who was his friends and foes?

Yue Yang didn’t have the time to think much about it, but this thought had flashed across his mind.

“What do we do now?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty could sense that the three Demon Kings and two Lich Kings were secretly discussing their battle strategies. They were going to attack soon.

“If you ask me, who do I ask!” Yue Yang had really ran out of ideas now. They couldn’t use teleportation scroll to escape because of the Black Vortex, which had restricted the space and dimension with the powers of dark energy. If they ran away with their legs, they wouldn’t be able to outrun the Demon Kings. Other than fight them with all they had, Yue Yang really couldn’t think of any other ideas.

If Phoenix Fairy Beauty weren’t here, he could probably hide inside Empress Fei Wen Li’s Black Hole Dimension.

He could train inside the dimension and only come out again when he had become stronger. Otherwise, he could probably try to release Empress Fei Wen Li from the seal. No matter how many Demon Kings there were, she would definitely be able to beat them black and blue.

However, right now, the cruel reality was that not only was Phoenix Fairy Beauty here, she was also seriously injured. Although Yue Yang was afraid of death, he would never abandon an injured woman and escape on his own. He wouldn’t be able to do it, especially when this girl had risked her own life to save him and had even used her body to protect him from a deadly strike… If he abandoned a woman he liked, who had saved his life, and escaped on his own, forget about the others, even Yue Yang would look down on himself.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty suddenly sighed, “Actually, I have an idea!”

She seemed to have an idea to send Yue Yang away, but needless to say, she would have to pay the price of sending Yue Yang away with her own life.

Yue Yang didn’t even want to hear it, he immediately shook his head and rejected it, “I’m a man, you have to listen to me in crucial times like this. If I say go, we go. If I say fight, we fight!”

Phoenix Fairy Beauty hugged Yue Yang as she happily kissed his cheeks, “Aww, little Yue Yang, you are so manly~! If you become more manly than this, I will really fall for you!”

The three Demon Kings and two Lich Kings didn’t care about Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s touching moment, they all had hearts of stone.

Together with Demon Marshal Duran, the six extremely strong warriors surrounded Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty from six directions and condensed their powers at the same time.

They were about to attack together and kill the two people in the middle in an instant.

However, in the sky, a white light suddenly flashed.

The Qilin who had ran away just now had actually returned. It tilted its head and looked at Yue Yang for quite a while, and suddenly, to Yue Yang’s surprise, asked in human language, “Why aren’t you running away?”

“Eh?” The voice that Yue Yang heard didn’t sound like a male, but a female’s. He immediately felt much better and asked, “Why did you come back?”

“I got lost. I wanted to ask for directions to return back to Tong Tian Tower or the Heaven Realm.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty, the Demon Kings and Lich Kings almost fell to the ground when they heard this.

“A naturally-born airhead?” Yue Yang thought that the greatest personality a girl could have is airheadedness.

“I said Heaven Realms, not airhead, stupid. You don’t know how to go to Heaven Realms? You are really an idiot!” The Qilin’s girly voice made Yue Yang burst into laughter. For a talking beast, other than humanoid beasts, Yue Yang really have never seen a beast with a beast appearance that could talk. Furthermore, she sounded so cute. The most moe thing was that she was a naturally born airhead.

“I don’t know how to go to the Heaven Realms, but I know how to go to Tong Tian Tower!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty replied. Looking at her smiling appearance, Yue Yang knew that her foxy side was about to act up again.

“No, mommy said that girls are hypocritical, selfish and they get jealous easily. They can’t be trusted.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty was speechless when she heard the Qilin’s words.

“You are definitely right!” Yue Yang clapped his hands and praised it.

“Those weakling demons should know where Tong Tian Tower is… It’s a pity that I haven’t fully recovered yet. Otherwise, I would have already captured one of them and make him show me the way out from here.” The Demon Kings felt like banging their heads on the wall when they heard the Qilin’s words. They were weakling demons?

“Did you come from the Heaven Realm?” Even the Demon Kings actually wanted to know the answer to Yue Yang’s question.

The Heaven Realm had only existed in legends. What was it like?

Right now, nobody knew.

If this Divine Beast who lost her way really came from the Heaven Realm, she would definitely knew a lot about the Heaven Realm! At the very least, she could prove that Heaven Realm truly existed!

The airheaded Qilin answered Yue Yang’s question negatively instead , “I’m definitely not from the Heaven Realm. The Heaven Realm is so boring, there’s no fun places to visit there. The people there are also very fierce and unreasonable. I don’t like the Heaven Realm! If it wasn’t for the fact that I have to go through the Heaven Realm to get back home, I would definitely not go to that kind of place. It’s a super boring place!”

Yue Yang then pointed at the Great Demon King Baruth, and asked the Qilin, “Look at this demon who sealed you. If he goes to Heaven Realm, how strong would he be on Heaven Realm’s standard?”

The Qilin thought for a moment, then gave an answer that made everyone break out in sweat, “I don’t know… I only stayed in the Heaven Realm for a few hundred years, so I’m not very familiar with the situation there. But if you compare his strength, I think he is more or less on the level of those foolish mercenary soldiers who does random errands here and there?”

Baruth almost cried. He was only at the level of mercenary soldiers in the Heaven Realm?

Lich King Grun gave the Great Demon King Baruth a hand signal, indicating that they must re-capture this Mythicall Beast whose strength had not fully recovered yet and seal her again. They could slowly research her later. Maybe the key for them to go to the Heaven Realms lies on this Divine Beast.

“Is there a realm higher than the Heaven Realm? If there is, is there any Old Daoist Priest that likes to fly around on a sword?” Yue Yang asked again.

“I can’t talk anymore, mommy said that my throat hasn’t fully matured yet, so I can’t talk too much. Otherwise, if I hurt my throat, I won’t be able to sing anymore.” The Qilin seemed like an obedient child, always listening to her mother’s words.

“…” Yue Yang suspected that the Qilin was actually teasing him. Couldn’t she just answer him with a yes or a no?

“I’m tired, lend me your house to rest for a while.” The Qilin then flew over quickly and knocked Yue Yang to the ground. Yue Yang hadn’t had the time to shout out in pain when she looked at him as if she felt wronged and said, “Hey, just say it if you don’t want to welcome me to your house. Do you know that rejecting a guest to enter one’s house is extremely rude? Forget it, I don’t care if you don’t welcome me, I’ll just go in myself!”

The Qilin didn’t wait for Yue Yang’s reaction. It immediately turned into a flash of rainbow light and entered Yue Yang’s body.

Yue Yang was completely speechless. It’s fine if she didn’t want to help him in battle, but she also wanted to borrow his body to rest. Who taught this girl her rude manners?

The Great Demon King Baruth immediately made a condition with Yue Yang, “Brat, if you and Tian Fa agree to stay here, we can forget about the matter just now and treat you guys as VIP guests. If you guys try to leave, we will invalidate all of our promises and immediately kill you guys on the spot. I will give you guys 1 minute to think, go and discuss it with Tian Fa!” If the three Great Demon Kings and Lich Kings didn’t consider the fact that the Qilin from the Heaven Realm was inside Yue Yang’s body, they would definitely not let Yue Yang and the Phoenix Fairy Beauty off. But right now, this brat was a hot commodity, it wouldn’t be bad if they put him on house arrest now and slowly questioned the Qilin about Heaven Realm later.

Before Demon King Baruth even finished speaking, a rainbow coloured light suddenly flashed from Yue Yang’s body.

A young girl with antlers on her head suddenly appeared in front of Yue Yang as she pitifully pointed at him with her little finger, “The little kid in your house is a real bully! She had actually kicked me out… Ah, I forgot to change my appearance!” As she spoke, she returned to her Qilin appearance with a flash of rainbow light.

The three Great Demon Kings felt like this was a golden opportunity, they immediately charged forward to attack.

They charged down from the sky, and cooperated together to capture this Divine Beast that could easily change her appearance. The two Lich Kings targeted Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty, but they focused their attack more on Phoenix Fairy Beauty. Demon Marshal Duran who was floating at a far distance took out his Dark Demon Pearl and continued to enlarge the Black Vortex in order to increase his comrades strength. With the power of the five strongest warriors in Demon Abyss, coupled with the buff from the Black Vortex, it wouldn’t be impossible to subdue the enemy.

Suddenly, a clear-sounding bird call that sounded even more soothing than sounds of nature resounded, reverberating through everyone’s soul.

A pillar of Nirvana Flame suddenly blasted up to the sky.

Yue Yang realized that the Nirvana Flame didn’t come from his body. To his surprise, two mysterious, yet familiar beings that he had never seen before had floated out of his body and ignited a magnificent pillar of Nirvana Flame that blasted all the way to the skies above…

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    • Countrymage says:

      In the legends of his world, where they are myth, a male Quilin has claws, while female have hooves, but this world may be different, or she may have changed them for some reason.

        • metazoxan says:

          It’s either that or she changed them herself because of something like “I can’t grab things with hooves.

    • Cyclloid says:

      I had the same thought. Though that being said, Yue Yang’s knowledge of a non-existant creature on earth may not apply to this world. So I’m thinking the qilin is female as it has both a “girly voice” and appeared as a young girl with antlers.

  2. RedDragonX says:

    Thanks for the chapter! lol Xiao Wen Li kicked her out of her “house” looks like she’s a protective little loli

  3. Joseph Lowe says:

    “Aww, little Yue Yang, you are so manly~! If you become more manly than this, I will really fall for you!”

    Yang x PFB is my favorite. It’s actually a lot more development than I remember the other pairings having!

    Thank you TL. I disabled Addblock. I love you!

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