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LLS Chapter 296 Part 1 – Moe, Natural Airhead?

Chapter 296 Part 1 – Moe, Natural Airhead?
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Shiro: The “moe” in the title refers to the Japanese moe, which means something along the line to describe a cute character. I know it’s a Chinese novel, but the Chinese culture is quite heavily influenced by Japanese mangas, so they actually have slangs in Chinese that means moe, onee-sama, loli, etc. I will try to minimize using such terms, but I will use it if I can’t find other words to replace it.

The mysterious being had a dragon head with deer-like horns. It had a pair of beautiful lion’s eyes, coupled with a tiger’s back, snake’s scales all over its body, and an ox’s tail.

Isn’t this the legendary mythical being Qilin? The only different thing was that the Qilin’s legs was adorned with four beautiful claws instead of horse hooves that were often described in fairy tales. Yue Yang stared for a few seconds as he vaguely recalled that the male Qilins, ‘Qi’ had claws while female Qilins, ‘Lin’ had horse hooves… Could it be that this fellow was male? But no matter what, it was still a Qilin. How could it take a bath in his Nirvana Flame?
(Shiro: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qilin)

Hmm, maybe this fellow is a Fire Qilin?!

As the Qilin bathed in Yue Yang’s Nirvana Flame, its previously dark green body slowly melted away, turning into white jade in colour that sparkled magnificently.

A mysterious white-coloured light exuded out from its body, bright like a star yet soft like the moonlight.

Baruth had wanted to attack again, but the Qilin immediately opened its mouth and shot out a beam of light.

When the Great Demon King Baruth, who was so powerful that he almost killed Yue Yang in an instant saw this, he immediately scampered away to avoid the enemy’s attack.

On the surface, the beam of light that did not require any charging time looked like it did not had any combat power. It looked like a holy, healing, white light. However, less than a second afterwards, Yue Yang changed his opinion. That was because as the light beam collided onto the palace walls, it completely shattered the palace walls that was made of obsidian stone into pieces, leaving an extremely deep hole on the ground that was easily hundreds of metres deep. The power of this white light was even stronger than Baruth’s Demon King Light Pillar! The only difference between the Demon King Light Pillar and this white light beam was that the white light beam wouldn’t explode. It would only annihilate anything on its path, quite similar to Luo Hua City Mistress’ Aurora Light. It’s just that they were completely different in terms of power and the distance it could extend to.

This Qilin was really very powerful. Could it be that it was a Divine Beast?

But it was a male…

Yue Yang was extremely disappointed. He had risked his life to save a male Qilin, not a female Qilin! This is really sad.

Before Yue Yang managed to throw the World Exterminating Wheel and Star Explosion in his hands to the enemies, suddenly, he felt a sharp pain on his arm. His body was suddenly jerked away, and the scenery in front of him looked like he was flying in the sky. Yue Yang was startled to find that the Qilin had actually grabbed his arm with its mouth and escaped… What the heck… He thought that the Qilin could show its mighty power and kill the Great Demon King and the others on the spot the moment he rescued it, who turns out that it was actually a wimp!

Fortunately he was still carrying Phoenix Fairy Beauty on his back. Otherwise Yue Yang would really beat it up with all he had.

Escaping from its enemy although it was a Divine Beast.

Isn’t this Qilin too incompetent!

Yue Yang grabbed onto the Qilin’s neck and climbed onto its back. How could he endure hanging by his arms on its mouth for an extended period of time?

When the Qilin realized that Yue Yang had climbed onto its back, it immediately became hostile and bucked Yue Yang off from its back, completely not seeing him as its life saviour at all. This Qilin really had no loyalty, it had abandoned Yue Yang and escaped on its own. When Yue Yang fell hard onto the ground, he realized that Baruth and Duran had surrounded him from the front and back, leaving him no path to escape.

Why didn’t they chase after the Qilin? Why did they surround him instead? What kind of logic is this… Yue Yang’s head hurts. He had worked so hard to rescu the Qilin, who would guess that it actually had no loyalty at all!

In the sky, Demon King Ha Xin and another Demon King had appeared.

Yue Yang started to sweat profusely.

As expected, the Demon Abyss was a tiger’s den… He had truly poked the hornet’s nest this time, Demon Kings were appearing before him one by one.

“What the heck happened here?” The only thing that made him happy was that the Phoenix Fairy Beauty had finally woken up. Looking at the scene before her, she asked in surprise, “Has the Demon Abyss invaded the Soaring Dragon Continent? Have all the Great Demon Kings had come to attack?”

“No, this is the Demon Palace.” Yue Yang hurriedly replied her.

“What the heck are you doing in the Demon Palace?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty was completely shocked. They had just finished fighting with Shun Tian, why would he go to the Demon Palace and pick a fight with Great Demon Kings?

“A holiday trip!” Yue Yang answered full of certainty.

“…” Phoenix Fairy Beauty was speechless.

The Great Demon King Baruth obviously recognized Phoenix Fairy Beauty. Forget about him, even Demon Marshal Duran and the other two Demon Kings recognized Phoenix Fairy Beauty. Seems like they have fought on the higher levels of Tong Tian Tower before. The Great Demon King Baruth suppressed his anger and spoke, “I was thinking who it is that invaded us, turns out it is you, Tian Fa. You, human Innates, have broken the Ancient Oath and invaded our Blood Prison Demon Palace. Since that is the case, we will not comply with the Ancient Oath either, we will invade your Soaring Dragon Continent now…”

Phoenix Fairy Beauty immediately denied it when she heard him, “What are you saying? I just woke up from my sleep, I didn’t even know that this little fellow had brought me to the Demon Palace. Furthermore, your place is so dark and terrifying, I wouldn’t want to come here even if you invited me!”

When Demon King Ha Xin saw Yue Yang, he immediately recognized him, “It’s you!”

Yue Yang was speechless. He was wearing the Gemini Mask on his face, yet he could still recognize him. Isn’t this Demon King Ha Xin’s ability to sense other’s Qi and power too powerful?

With regards to Demon King Ha Xin’s furious reaction, everyone was completely baffled. Ha Xin had not stepped into the Soaring Dragon Continent for more than a hundred years, how could he get acquainted with a young human warrior? This young human’s Life Energy Flow didn’t even seem to be over twenty years old, and he definitely never appeared on the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower before. How could Ha Xin had met him before? Amongst them, Phoenix Fairy Beauty was the most baffled of all. She didn’t understand how Yue Yang could have enemies that bore a grudge towards him even in the Demon Abyss. How many people had this brat offended? With regards to Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s questioning gaze, Yue Yang could only smile apologetically towards her. He also didn’t want to incur the Demon King Ha Xin’s wrath…

Who would be so tired of life that he made a Demon King his enemy? But at that time, there was really no other way!

“This human boy was the one who cut off my arm a year ago.” Demon King Ha Xin’s words made everyone speechless. Seems like this brat had caused a great trouble.

“A young person who had the talent to control World Exterminating Wheel is really a talent in a thousand years!” The other Demon King sighed, “Could it be that another Supreme Elder will appear in the Soaring Dragon Continent? Seems like we have to kill that boy even if we have to give it our all.”

“Don’t misunderstand, I don’t have any interest in the Supreme Elder position. My only aspiration in life is to have a happy sexual life.” Yue Yang hurriedly pretended to be an incompetent guy.

“My dear Baruth, my friend, why didn’t you introduce the honored guest who had come to visit you to your old friend? Could it be that you were afraid that I would embarrass you because I’m old and useless now?” On the other side of the sky, in the southeast direction, another two shadows appeared. Those were great warriors from the other race in Demon Abyss, the Netherworld Undead Race. They were Lich Kings.

The Demon Abyss was ten times larger than the Soaring Dragon Continent, but there were only three great powers.

One of the most powerful powers that often wage wars against humans was the “Blood Prison” Demon Race. With Demon King as their leaders, the Demon Legion’s name was notorious throughout the world. The second power was the “Netherworld” Undead Race, with Lich Kings as their leaders. This power was made up of zombies and undead, and they were also mankind’s nightmare. The third power was called “Eternal Night”, Fallen Beings Race. It was said that ten thousands of years ago, there was a fallen angel from the Heaven Realms that came to the Demon Abyss to establish a new power. They rarely fought with humans in the lower levels of Tong Tian Tower, much less try to invade the Soaring Dragon Continent. However, from the Fourth Level of Tong Tian Tower onwards, even residents on the Outer Realms Continent, all knew about the Fallen Beings Legion. Their powers were not any weaker than Demon Legions and Undead Legions.

Different from humans, the beings in Demon Abyss lived in a culture where the strong preys on the weak. Hence, there were massacres everywhere.

However, King-ranked warriors that were at the top of the food chain were very united with each other.

On the other hand, in comparison, if it weren’t for the Innate Alliance that created a treaty to maintain peace and stability, human Innate Rankers would have already waged wars between each other.

The Three Great Kingdoms, Four Great Families, Four Great Sects, Demon Palace, Thousand Goblins Sect and various other organizations had all operated separately, going on their separate ways. It’s just that due to the Innate Alliance, coupled with Elder Nan Gong’s mediation between rankers and the enforcement to follow the Innate Alliance Treaty had finally brought peace for everyone.

Yue Yang recognized one of the Lich Kings as Lich King Grun.

This fellow was his enemy.

Previously, Yue Yang had fought with Grun before, and he had even killed the Flame Lord that he released. Right now, even the Hui Jin Magic Blade that he was wielding was made from the Flame Lord’s heart and the Bone Dragon’s Magic Crystal. He didn’t know whether this Grun was the kind of warrior who forgets small things easily. Yue Yang was just a small, insignificant matter to him then. Yue Yang hoped that the Lich King Grun would not remember him, but obviously, that was not quite possible.
(Shiro: Chapter 78)

When Lich King Grun saw Yue Yang with his green ghostly eyes, he started laughing uncannily, “By the way, I recognize this young Innate. He killed one of my followers in the Battlefield of Death before. I have tried to attack him before, but he easily avoided the whole thing and escaped.”

“He had some kind of Binding ability to restrict our movements for a second.” Demon King Ha Xin supplied.

“My god, how could you have enemies EVERYWHERE?” In spite of the situation, Phoenix Fairy Beauty couldn’t help herself as she burst out into laughter.

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