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LLS Chapter 295 Part 1 – Breaking the Cocoon, Rebirth of a New Life

Chapter 295 Part 1 – Breaking the Cocoon, Rebirth of a New Life
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: For once, I posted the chapter before 12… haha.

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The Demon King Statue didn’t move at all. Other than a line of shallow mark, even the crack didn’t grow bigger.

Yue Yang was speechless. This Demon King Statue was obviously not something that can be broken by a piece of blade… If one saw it this way, how strong would that mysterious being sealed inside the Demon King Statue be, if it could cause cracks just by moving its body? If it weren’t for the Crystal Pillar Seal, that mysterious being would definitely destroy the whole Demon King Statue just by turning over in its sleep. Compared to Yue Yang, what kind of special existence would it be?

It wasn’t wise to stay for a long time right now, he should leave soon to avoid more trouble.

Yue Yang decided to use his ultimate move.

Summoning a World Exterminating Wheel in his hand, countless Ancient Runes and Heaven Runes started to spin all over his body, as if they were a sea of runes. Yue Yang swung his World Exterminating Wheel and hit the Demon King Statue right in the middle.

Immediately, half of the Demon King Statue fell down and crashed loudly onto the ground.

The body was destroyed, and the stone carving of demon horns on the Demon King Statue’s head was broken off.

When the statue shattered into pieces, a glimpse of an enormous, crystallized energy shone out with a brilliant and radiant light. Losing the support of the Crystal Pillar Seal, the statue wasn’t able to repair itself again. Yue Yang was overjoyed. He immediately flew over, thinking of taking the enormous crystallized energy away and keeping it for himself.

Unexpectedly, the Crystal Pillar Seal on the ground suddenly shone with a net-like white light. Thousands rays of white light appeared and moved like a living thing, like a girl’s soft arms and twined around Yue Yang’s body. It gracefully, yet unstoppably pulled Yue Yang down, as if it wanted to seal Yue Yang too. Yue Yang was completely stunned. He didn’t manage to rescue the mysterious being, on the contrary, he was about to be sealed as well? Yue Yang hurriedly tossed out his World Exterminating Wheel to destroy the Crystal Pillar Seal. Previously, Yue Yang was even thinking about studying the Crystal Pillar Seal, thinking that it would help him to undo the seal on Empress Fei Wen Li later on. He never thought of destroying it so quickly, but the situation was extremely dangerous right now, so Yue Yang wouldn’t care about so much anymore. He would destroy the Crystal Pillar Seal first with his World Exterminating Wheel.

The World Exterminating Wheel that never failed in subduing his opponents strike right at the Crystal Pillar Seal.

However, completely outside of Yue Yang’s expectation, it didn’t easily slash through the seal. Instead, it was reflected back to Yue Yang.

Within an instant, it returned back into Yue Yang’s body.

Could it be that it was impossible to destroy the Crystal Pillar Seal? Yue Yang was just thinking about this when the Ancient Runes and Heaven Runes on the Crystal Pillar Seal suddenly appeared. The powerful light shone out thousand times brighter, illuminating the whole of the Obsidian Plaza with its bright radiance.

The demon monsters who came to attack Yue Yang screamed out in pain when they were engulfed in the white light.

The weak monsters that were nearest to the Crystal Pillar Seal was immediately vaporized, as if they had just been shot by Luo Hua City Mistress’ Aurora. Those demon monsters that were slightly further away had parts of their bodies melted away, making them scream in pain as they die. The furthest ones, who were also the strongest ones, immediately screamed out in pain as they rolled on the ground. Other than the two Demon Generals who had managed to escape into the sky, and whose body were emitting out smoke slightly, all the demon guards have completely been wiped out.

Even the lowest-ranked demon monster that were at a far distance had started to melt.

The net-like white light continued to pull Yue Yang to the ground. It had also captured Phoenix Fairy Beauty and had started to wrap both Phoenix Fairy Beauty and Yue Yang in its light, like a huge cocoon.

Countless Ancient Runes and Heaven Runes started to float about, falling slowly, one by one, onto Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s body. Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s body turned transparent slightly, as if she was about to be sealed. On the other hand, the Ancient Runes and Heaven Runes did not have any sealing effect on Yue Yang’s body.

Instead, they were like a wave of tsunami, entering into Yue Yang’s body and fusing together with the Runic Circles that had already existed in his body, breaking it down and re-creating a brand new Runic Circle.

After the new set of Runes entered Yue Yang’s body, his World Exterminating Wheel had also improved to a whole new level.

The Runic Circle in his body had become even richer and more profound.

Yue Yang was slightly shocked. He didn’t know that the Ancient Runes in his body could still level up. Furthermore, this kind of improvement seemed to be due to the fact that he had acquired new Ancient Runes.

“My god.” Yue Yang was completely safe, but he realized that the Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s body was about to disappear.

He didn’t know how to stop this kind of sealing process. Would Pheonix Fairy Beauty really end up being sealed here?

There must be a way, there must be… Yue Yang forced himself to calm down and worked hard to sense the energy flow in his surrounding. He wanted to destroy the seal, rescue Phoenix Fairy Beauty and that mysterious being who had been sealed in this place for god knows how long. At this time, in the sky, the furious Demon Marshal Duran had returned, roaring loudly as he rode his Hell Black Dragon.

The Hell Black Dragon felt an inexplicable fear from the bright, dazzling light on the ground.

It completely refused to land as it let out a pitiful whine.

Demon Marshal Duran had also felt a little unwell. He knew how terrifying the sealing power of the Crystal Pillar Seal was. It was an Artifact that an extremely strong warrior from the Demon Abyss had brought here from the Heaven Realms ten thousand years ago. They were thinking of using it to seal Zhi Zun before, it was a pity that that plan was never realized.

The Crystal Pillar Seal had become a treasured Artifact of this Demon Palace, passed down from generation to generation.

Three hundred years ago, the Great Demon King Baruth and Demon Marshal Duran was at Level 7 of the Tong Tian Tower when they met an injured, peculiar beast. Thrilled with the unexpected prey, they invited various Demon Abyss Rankers and brought several Demon Kings and ten Demon Marshals to subdue the peculiar beast. Who would know that unexpectedly, although the peculiar beast was injured, it could still kill 2 Demon Kings and 8 Demon Marshals in the battle. Even the Great Demon King Baruth was heavily injured. Furthermore, they were unable to subdue or capture it. In the end, Demon Marshal Duran had used the Crystal Pillar Seal to seal it instead.

If this peculiar beast ever broke free of the seal, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Black Vortex…”

Demon Marshall Duran was forced to use the strongest defensive mechanism in the Royal Palace, the Black Vortex that had stored the energy of the Demon Moon and blood of demons for thousands of years. It was one of the treasures of the Blood Prison Demon Abyss.

Only that would surpass the bright energy of the Crystal Pillar Seal, that would in turn seal the terrifying white light.

The Black Vortex in the sky slowly descended to the ground under Demon Marshal Duran’s orders.

In the whole of the Demon Palace, other than the Great Demon King Baruth, the Demon Marshal Duran was the only Ranker with the ability to control the Black Vortex.

This was not a matter of summoning abilities, it was a matter of honor and trust. The Great Demon King Baruth didn’t even authorize his children to control the Black Vortex, including the current heir to the throne, the Crown Prince of the Demon Palace. Instead, he conferred the authority of controlling the Black Vortex to his most trusted friend and battle comrade, Demon Marshal Duran! He was someone who would rather give up his chance to be promoted into a Demon King in order to serve and help his friend as a Demon Marshal!

Demon Marshal Duran took out a Dark Demon Pearl and exerted a huge amount of Demon Qi as he chanted Heaven Runes continuously, controlling the descent of the Black Vortex to suppress the white light.

It was the start of a great battle between light and darkness.

Both were each other’s nemesis.

Both powers melt the other side away, clashing against each other relentlessly.

The Black Vortex that had stored thousands of years of dark energy was at a better position. It was able to suppress the energy coming out from Crystal Pillar Seal and covered the whole sky of the Demon Palace with darkness.

Bathed in the dark energy of the Black Vortex, the Hell Black Dragon’s powers increased multiple times.

It confidently swooped down this time, charging towards the white light below and breathing out a long, terrifying Dragon Breath. Its goal was to attack Yue Yang who was enveloped inside the cocoon.

More demon guards, Demon Generals and Liches started to appear from the Demon Palace, offering their slaves and low-ranked demon monsters as sacrifices into the Black Vortex like crazy. As the demon blood turned into energy, the power of the Black Vortex quickly overpowered the power of white light coming out from the Crystal Pillar Seal, returning the Crystal Pillar Seal into its former state.

At this time, in the Ancient Battlefield, the three Demon Marshals and Duan Mu Long Cheng had heard about the news.

They immediately abandoned their plans of attacking the Soaring Dragon Continent and hurriedly returned back.

Compared to their plans of attacking the Soaring Dragon Continent, the mysterious beast sealed within the Crystal Pillar Seal in the Obsidian Plaza was more important. The moment it broke free from the Crystal Pillar Seal, the whole of Demon Abyss would be engulfed in catastrophe.

The Demon Abyss Blood Prison was a distinguished place, home of three Great Demon Kings and six Demon Kings.

Right now, there was only three Great Demon Kings and one Demon King. Not counting the number of Demon Marshals that died, they have already lost five Demon Kings.

This was all done by the mysterious holy beast.

Even human warriors were not able to kill these five Demon Kings in a thousand years… Alas, this mysterious holy beast had only needed one day to kill five Demon Kings, even seriously injuring the others. The whole of Demon Abyss were quaking in fear from this mysterious beast!

Furthermore, when it killed all those Demon Kings, it was suffering from heavy injuries.

If it wasn’t injured and was fighting against them in its peak condition, the consequences would be really unthinkable.

“Quickly! That brat Yue Yang is actually trying to release the holy beast. Stop him quickly! Don’t spare him at any cost!” Duan Mu Long Cheng was obviously a human warrior, but he was extremely concerned with the matters of Demon Abyss. It was really peculiar. Duan Mu Long Cheng and the three Demon Marshals abandoned all their soldiers and returned back to the Demon Palace with the fastest speed they could muster, arriving at the Obsidian Plaza.

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