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LLS Chapter 294 – Rescuing the Mysterious Sealed Being

Chapter 294 – Rescuing the Mysterious Sealed Being
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Duan Mu Long Cheng was nowhere to be found.

Yue Yang thought that it wasn’t because he was too slow or that fellow had escaped too quickly. It was because he had been teleported to a slightly different place because of some reason.

If he had teleported to somewhere in the Soaring Dragon Continent, this slight deviation in teleportation point might not even be a few hundred metres.

However, teleporting from the Soaring Dragon Continent to the Demon Abyss, the extremely huge continent, a slight deviation in the teleportation point would result in a very wide distance.

If he had appeared in another place, it would have been alright.

But he had actually landed right here in the Demon Abyss Imperial Palace… It was the legendary Imperial Palace where the Demon King resided. If a Great Demon King happened to be at home today, Yue Yang, who was carrying the unconscious Phoenix Fairy Beauty, would really be in great danger. However, that familiar yet distant calling in his heart made Yue Yang unable to stop his curiousity… Why would there be a mysterious being that was calling out to him inside the Demon King’s Royal Palace?

This kind of calling made Yue Yang really feel out of the world. At first, he had even thought that he was merely imagining it. Or maybe it was cause by the black vortex whirling on top of the Demon King Imperial Palace.

However, after observing and sensing the calling more carefully, Yue Yang realized that it truly existed!

“Let’s go and see!” Yue Yang didn’t know whether he made the right or wrong decision, but he knew that he had definitely taken a risky choice. He had entered the tiger’s den with no prior information about the Demon Abyss Imperial Palace at all. He was even carrying the unconscious Phoenix Fairy Beauty, while trying to find that mysterious being that was calling out to him. Even a fool knew that he shouldn’t be doing this.

The problem was if Yue Yang didn’t go, gave up his search and returned back to the Soaring Dragon Continent, he wouldn’t have a peace of mind all his life.

He is an adult. Sometimes, some things might just not be smooth sailing.

Sometimes, one must risk it all and throw caution to the wind. If one was always cautious about everything, that wouldn’t do! Yue Yang’s was completely fired up, and he immediately made his decision.

Yue Yang carried Phoenix Fairy Beauty on his back and tied her to him with a cloth, just like how he used to carry Yue Bing.

He then put on his Gemini Mask and summoned the Gold-ranked Mask’s “Evil Shadow”.

He ordered the Evil Shadow to search the opposite area he was going.

Although its powers were only half of Yue Yang’s and it could only stay for an hour, it was more than sufficient to attract the enemy’s’ attention. Yue Yang felt that the longer he stayed at the Demon Palace, the more danger he would face. At any point of time, a Demon King or some strong enemy could sense his presence in this Palace… Maybe the enemies had already noticed his presence and was rushing over to him.

As Yue Yang carried Phoenix Fairy Beauty and followed in the direction of the spirit calling in his mind, he continued to channel Innate Qi into her to help her heal her injuries more quickly.

Indeed, on the Evil Shadow side, countless demon guards had rushed out, detecting an intruder.

Another demon guard had shouted loudly and started running towards Yue Yang. Seems like they had some kind of Protector Orb security system like the one in the Da Xia Imperial Palace.

Yue Yang had never seen the Protector Orb in the Da Xia Imperial Palace, but he had heard the old fox and Princess Qian Qian talked about it before. It was said that the moment the Protector Orb detected an intruder with killing intent, bad intentions or evil thoughts, the Protector Orb would immediately change colour. Furthermore, it would also emit a special light and activate the security alarm.

Under the State Grandmaster’s [Reveal] Inherent Skill, the Protector Orb could even show the intruder’s location and evaluate his abilities.

Tian Luo Kingdom had Protector Lens. It was said that it was more powerful than the Da Xia Kingdom’s Protector Orb, it could even show the intruder’s appearance.

Since Da Xia and Tian Luo Kingdom both had this kind of Artifact for security, the Demon Abyss Imperial Palace should have it too. Yue Yang’s only hope was that his Counterfeit Inherent Skill could be of use here, tricking his enemy into evaluating his abilities wrongly. Then, they wouldn’t see the need of alerting the Demon King. It would be best if the Demon King was not home. Otherwise, Yue Yang who had disturbed the Demon King’s peaceful life would definitely suffer his wrath… Yue Yang moved even more quickly, teleporting at places where he could hide his body. He would grab at any opportunity to hide for as long as he could.

On the opposite side, the Evil Shadow made the most ruckus he could ever make.

Loud noises and explosions resounded, attracting most of the demon guard’s attention.

In the sky, more than ten demon guards flew in the air as they chased after the Evil Shadow. Two of them were Demon Commanders.

Yue Yang wasn’t interested in Demon Generals now, he wasn’t even interested in Demon Commanders, although he had so much difficulties fighting the Demon Commander Ma Li Ang last time.

Ma Li Ang, the Demon Commander, was extremely famous amongst Soaring Dragon Continent’s warriors. He was even regarded as one of the Three Great Demon Commanders by human warriors. However, in an Innate’s eyes, that fellow was not even worth of mention. They were as insignificant as ants, maybe similar to soldier ants that could fight a little. However, they were still ants no matter what!

Yue Yang was only worried about Demon Marshals and Demon Kings…

Demon Marshals were not like the Marshals in the Soaring Dragon Continent. Demon Marshals could only attain that title because of their strength and abilities, whereas human Marshals mostly attained that title due to their vast experience serving in the military. Their personal strength and ability did not matter, because human Marshals did not need to lead the army in battles. He must be at the rear and plan the battle strategies. Demon Marshals was the other way around, he would lead the Demon Legion in front fiercely. He would be the first enemy that the opposite party would face.

Forget about Demon Marshals, even Demon Kings were the same too.

The battle style in the Demon Abyss were completely different from human’s battle style.

Even the few Demon Marshals that the old fox had told Yue Yang before were mostly Innates. One of the Great Demon King Baruth’s subordinates, Demon Marshal Duran, was even an Innate Level 5. That was the strongest Demon Commander, his power was more or less equivalent to a Demon King’s… If he appeared as an enemy in a war, no amount of soldiers would be enough to kill him.

Demon Marshal Duran mostly lived in the Tong Tian Tower Level 6 or 7. He mostly would not participate in the battles at the lower levels.

In the higher levels of Tong Tian Tower, he was the only Demon Commander whose name had spread far and wide.

Yue Yang truly hoped that the place he had teleported into was not the Great Demon King Baruth’s Royal Palace. This was because the Great Demon King Baruth was one of the three Great Demon Kings in the Demon Abyss. Baruth’s rank was even higher than the Demon King Ha Xin, who had managed to kill Yue Yang in an instant last time. If Phoenix Fairy Beauty was in good health and Yue Yang was able to fight together with her, he wouldn’t be afraid intruding into the Royal Palace. He could just escape if he wasn’t strong enough to defeat them. But right now, Phoenix Fairy Beauty was unconscious due to her injuries, she still hadn’t woken up yet.

If they met Demon King Baruth and Demon Marshal Duran right now, Yue Yang thought that he would definitely face a difficult battle.

He had just finished fighting against the Great Emperor of Zhi Wei, Shun Tian and the dark sinister shadow, whom he suspected was the Thousand Goblins’ Sect Leader. He had not fully recovered yet. If a Demon King really appeared right now, he would really be in trouble…

After teleporting from a huge flower garden, Yue Yang had teleported into various strange-looking Demonic Towers.

Yue Yang realized the spirit calling’s voice had sounded nearer.

It became clearer, as if it was some sort of call for help.

Yue Yang teleported one last time and arrived at the edge of a huge plaza. He realized that the huge plaza that was covered in obsidian stone was as big as ten soccer field. In the middle of the plaza, there was a huge Demon King statue.

“My god!” Yue Yang realized that what he feared had truly happened.

This Demon King statue was the Great Demon King Baruth.

Previously, the old fox had shown Yue Yang the picture of Baruth, so Yue Yang could recognize him right away. There were a few similarities between Baruth and Ha Xin, but they were distinguishable.

Baruth’s horn was twisted in a wider radius, and he had two tusks on his lower jaw. He also had a pair of bone-like long feelers. His appearance was slightly more intimidating than Ha Xin, bolder and more powerful. In terms of size, Baruth was one metre taller than Ha Xin. Of course, one wouldn’t able to see it from the statue, because it was built much larger to scale. The statue was easily hundreds of metres tall, its height seemingly reaching the cloud. Anyone from all directions could definitely see it.

However, Yue Yang only took a glance at that gigantic statue and then ignored it. The statue couldn’t grab his complete attention.

The one that grabbed Yue Yang’s attention was the crystal pillars that was surrounding that gigantic statue.

There was around a dozen crystal pillars that was different in length.

The tall ones were around ten metres tall, and the shorter ones were around a few metres tall.

They were emitting a radiant light of power and energy. The Ancient Runes and Heaven Runes that were carved on top of the crystal pillar was arranged in various arrangements. They were extremely profound and mysterious.

Yue Yang used his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision and was able to see an anomaly. He felt that the pillars were not merely to revere upon the Great Demon King. Their main purpose was to serve as a seal. Through some kind of sacrifice or prayers, these crystal pillars would continuously grow even more powerful and strengthen the power of its seal

That mysterious being that was calling out to Yue Yang’s soul was sealed right in the middle of the Demon King Statue in the middle of the pillars.

“I know you are there, but how do I save you?” Yue Yang was troubled.

The plaza was filled with different kinds of demon monsters.

They ran in all direction, as if they had suffered a shock. Many demon guards were dragging along various demon monsters and beasts and killing them in front of the Crystal Pillar Seal, offering their’ blood as sacrifice. There were also Evil Liches of the demon race, chanting relentlessly in front of the Crystal Pillar Seal as they waved the skull staff in their hands.

Maybe the mysterious being trapped inside the Crystal Pillar Seal had sensed Yue Yang’s presence and was struggling continuously, wanting to break the seal.

The huge plaza that was covered in obsidian stone continued to shake and tremble.

That hundreds of metres tall Demon King Statue was also shaking, cracks continued to form all over the statue. The cracks became bigger overtime and the huge statue looked like it could shatter anytime. More evil liches participated int the sacrifice dance ceremony as dark, terrifying black aura flashed out from their skull staves. Transforming the demon blood on the ground into more dark energy, they concentrated their powers into the Demon King Statue… Yue Yang realized that the more sacrifice was offered and the more blood was shed, the more dark energy could be created to fix the cracks on the gigantic statue, continuing to seal the mysterious being trapped inside.

Of course, the main reason was because the Crystal Pillar Seal had received more energy. After absorbing more energy, the seal would be more secure, hence it would be able to restrict the movements of the mysterious being inside.

“The enemies have come to ambush. You guys, bring in more sacrifice quickly! We must definitely not let ‘it’ escape, otherwise, you would all turn into my Hell Black Dragon’s food!” Demon Marshal Duran riding on a Hell Black Dragon suddenly appeared in the sky. His shout was loud as thunder, alarming the demon monsters below until they started to tremble. Demon Marshal Duran could sense something out of the norm. He felt that the plaza was a little different than normal today, but that might be because of the effect of the seal weakening… As there was already the Evil Shadow who was wrecking havoc on the other side, Damon Marshall Duran didn’t think about his doubt too much. Otherwise, he would definitely be able to find Yue Yang who was holding his breath and hiding in a corner.

Demon Marshal Duran never imagined that a human would have the COunterfeit Inherent Skill and was able to conceal himself from him.

Riding on a Diamond-ranked Level 6 Hell Black Dragon, the Demon Marshal Duran started flying towards the direction of the Evil Shadow.

He knew that there were two or three invaders. However, he thought that one of them was extremely strong, and the other two was nothing much by comparison. Demon Marshal Duran guessed that the strongest one out of the invaders had purposely made a ruckus to attract the demon guards attention. He never thought that the ones hiding were Yue Yang and the unconscious Phoenix Fairy Beauty. Otherwise, he would definitely search for them until they were found.

At this time, Duan Mu Long Cheng was standing in an ancient battlefield. Countless demon monsters were waiting to be teleported.

According to the rules, the more offering that was made, the more number of people they could teleport… Almost thousands, or even tens of thousands low-ranked demon monsters or beasts were thrown into the black hole as sacrifices. However, the teleportation gate was still unable to teleport so many demon monsters into Soaring Dragon Continent. The thing that frustrated the three Demon Marshals the most was that the two teleportation portal they have created had failed as they faced a few small technical issues. Hence they wouldn’t be teleported to the place they had targeted at first.

“A twenty year old innate? Did he chase after you? Your Excellency Sect Leader Duan Mu, we never heard of a twenty-year old Innate before! Alright, we won’t doubt you, but where is he?” The three Demon Marshals were extremely respectful towards Duan Mu Long Cheng. Seems like they were not only well-acquainted, they were also quite close.

“I’m sure he had chased after me. But that brat is an expert in hiding, I think he is hiding at some kind of place right now.” Duan Mu Long Cheng replied determinedly.

“Since you have said so, we will report it to the Demon King.” The three Demon Marshals decided to report the news.

“There is an invader… in the Great Demon King’s Royal Palace… He is a human ranker… That human ranker is running towards this place at a very fast speed, he is around hundred metres away!” Suddenly, a lich had received a very strange report from his beast. The Lich immediately shouted out.

“That’s him!” Duan Mu Long Cheng immediately confirmed Yue Yang.

“Demon Marshal Duran is chasing after him…” That Lich’s beast had received some other news, and the Lich quickly shouted out the news.

At this point of time, in the Obsidian Plaza, Yue Yang felt completely relieved when he saw that Demon Marshal Duran had left.

Since the Great Demon King Baruth was not home and Demon Marshal Duran was chasing after his Evil Shadow, he would definitely not stand on ceremony to them anymore. Every second here means more danger for him. Yue Yang took out his Hui Jin Magic Blade and released his purple flames, slashing his blade down from the sky and killed two Liches that were dancing for the offering. He then slashed his blade again, and countless demon monster fell to the ground dead, as if Yue Yang was cutting wheat with a sickle.

When the demon monster finally rung the alarm, Yue Yang had already finished killing all the Liches and demon monsters around the crystal Pillar Seal.

Yue Yang released First Slash: Earth Splitting Slash and cut at the gigantic statue with full strength. Yue Yang wanted to destroy the statue and rescue the sealed mysterious being inside. Although he didn’t know what the mysterious being was and what relations it had to him, Yue Yang had this kind of strange feeling that he had to save it no matter what.

The Demon King Statue didn’t shattered into pieces, but the crack on the statue had greatly widened.

At the same time, the sealed mysterious being also let out a happy cry and continued to struggle. The whole ground trembled like crazy as it rumbled thunderously.

“Dammit!” Demon Marshal Duran seemed to have sensed what was going on. He immediately took action as he furiously roared, his terrifying voice deafening everyone’s ears. He rode his Hell Black Dragon and turned around, flying with a speed faster than before as he rushed back to the Obsidian Plaza.

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