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LLS Chapter 293 Part 2 – Taking Down the Enemy, Barging Into the Demon’s Palace

Chapter 293 Part 2 – Taking Down the Enemy, Barging Into the Demon’s Palace
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Sorry for the late release…And for not informing you guys… To be honest, I wasn’t sure I could finish it last night because I was super tired from running around catching pokemons… teehee. Here’s the part 2 of chp 293. Will release 294 at night 🙂 10 Aug morning around 11…

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Duan Mu Long Cheng’s eyes glinted with a cruel, cold expression as his fist flew with the speed of a shooting star, landing squarely in Yue Yang’s chest. Yue Yang had wanted to dodge it in the beginning. Even when facing against Duan Mu Long Cheng’s Speed Boost Inherent Skill, he had the confidence to avoid it completely. However, at this time, there was a sinister shadow that appeared soundlessly at Yue Yang’s back. A huge, ghost claw-like hands suddenly touched the back of Yue Yang’s head.

A strange kind of power that felt like Binding Chains, but slightly different, restricted Yue Yang’s movements.

This was the Numb Inherent Skill. Yue Yang felt his whole body going numb and he lost control of his body.

Although it was only a short 1 second, it was extremely deadly.

“Curse you!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty flew over from afar like lightning, traversing space and time as if time never existed. She, who was hundreds of kilometres away had overcome the flow of space and time, appearing right in front of Yue Yang and saved him. Someone had also arrived, with a speed as fast as hers, and that was the Great Emperor of Zhi Wei, Shun Tian! His hands let out a shining radiance as if they were two stars. His body were also emitting thousands of light rays that were as sharp as swords as he threw his punch towards Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s back and his other punch at Yue Yang’s face.

“Numb.” The dark shadow reached out his ghost claw-like right hand towards Phoenix Fairy Beauty, activating his Numb Inherent Skill.

“Go away!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty shouted angrily.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty sent the Innate Level 6 Duan Mu Long Cheng flying with one kick, and then sent another kick at the dark sinister shadow with her other leg. Her extremely fast right hand had knocked right onto the punch that the Great Emperor of Zhi Wei, Shun Tian, had launched towards Yue Yang. Her left hand hurriedly pulled Yue Yang away, helping him to escape from the controls of the Numb Inherent Skill. However, Phoenix Fairy Beauty wasn’t able to defend herself and suffered the full brunt of Shun Tian’s punch. Pain coursed through her body, making her face distort in suffering as a drip of blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth.

Behind her, the Great Emperor of Zhi Wei, Shun Tian had raised his fists again and was preparing to land another punch at the back of Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s head.

Yue Yang forced himself to ignore the pain and dizziness that he felt from the powerful attack by Duan Mu Long Cheng that he suffered just now. He reached out his hands and hugged the Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s body, then turned around and activated Binding Inherent Skill on the Great Emperor of Zhi Wei, Shun Tian with all that he had.

The Binding Inherent Skill was only strong enough to bound Shun Tian for less than half a second.

Fortunately it was enough to buy them time.

That dark sinister shadow forced himself to endure Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s kick and reached out his ghost claws, pricking the into the back of Yue Yang’s head.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty protected Yue Yang with her beautiful shoulders, blocking the attack just in time.

The ghost claws left 5 bloody holes on her silky shoulders, but Phoenix Fairy Beauty still had the chance to swing her arms and punched the dark sinister shadow’s face, making him retreat in defeat. Shun Tian who had only managed to break free of the Binding Inherent Skill continued to swing his second punch. Yue Yang activated World Exterminating Wheel on his left hand and created a Nirvana’s Flame Sword on his right hand. He did not defend himself at all, he focused on offense instead… Shun Tian’s punch landed right on Yue Yang’s arms as he avoided Yue Yang’s World Exterminating Wheel. The World Exterminating Wheel lost control and swerved into the wrong direction. At this time, Shun Tian had also sent a kick at Yue Yang’s wrist, deflecting the Nirvana’s Flame Sword. At the same time, Shun Tian also headbutted Yue Yang with a force that was akin to a shooting star.

“Uoohhh, I’ll fight you to the death!”

The Runes covering the whole of Yue Yang’s body suddenly lighted up as his Nirvana’s Flames soared. He gathered his greatest power to headbut against Shun Tian with all he had.

A thunderous sound resounded as Yue Yang felt excruciating pain on his forehead, as if his head was about to burst out.

Blood slowly dripped from his mouth.

Shun Tian’s powerful strength was not something that Yue Yang could defend against at this point of time.

However, the strange thing was that Shun Tian was actually more injured than Yue Yang… There was a small hole on his forehead, where blood continued to flow out relentlessly. On the other hand, there was only some redness on Yue Yang’s forehead. Actually, if it wasn’t the Great Emperor of Zhi Wei, if it was Duan Mu Long Cheng instead, he would probably have died on the spot.

When Yue Yang reached Level 5 of Innate Invisible Sword Qi, he wasn’t restricted to releasing the Sword Qi from his fingers or legs anymore. He was able to release it at any of the blood acupoints on his body. The Yin Tang Acupoint on his forehead had unleashed a Sword Qi at the instant when he headbutted Shun Tian, at the point where Shun Tian’s offense was at the highest and his defense was at the lowest. Yue Yang’s Sword Qi had pierced through Shun Tian’s forehead and into his skull.

Furthermore, Yue Yang’s Nirvana’s Flame had burnt off the layer of Innate Qi that was protecting Shun Tian’s body, preventing him to take out the Sword Qi pierced into his skull right away.

This gave Yue Yang the chance to brutally trash around Shun Tian’s head with the Sword Qi that had penetrated deep into his skull. Even though Shun Tian was a very strong warrior who was equal to Phoenix Fairy Beauty in strength, he couldn’t help but to writhe in agony.

Seeing Shun Tian falling into Yue Yang’s trap, Phoenix Fairy Beauty immediately attacked, taking advantage of the situation.

“[Sky’s Law]!”

A purple-coloured lightning suddenly appeared in lightning speed, under Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s summon. With a power that could annihilate everything, it exploded right at Shun Tian’s head.

This kind of terrifying, destructive power was in no way weaker than Yue Yang’s Star Explosion. It might even be stronger.

Only World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana’s Flame, those kind of cheat-like skill that was unrivalled in terms of destructibility! Of course, there was also the fact that Yue Yang had not yet fully mastered the World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana Flame yet. If he could master the World Exterminating Wheel to the point where it could truly exterminate the world and master the Nirvana Flame to the point it could burn the whole earth, then there would be no other skills in this world that could truly match to them… Yue Yang had only started his path as an Innate not long ago, hence the amount of skills that he had experimented and comprehended was very little. He had only taken the first step into the world of Innate. Obviously, he couldn’t compare to Phoenix Fairy Beauty and Shun Tian, those thousand-year-old geezers at this point of time.

Yue Yang was able to succeed in his trick and pierced Shun Tian with his Sword Qi just now, this alone was enough to shock everyone present… What kind of Sword Qi was that, how did it have so much power?

After suffering a shot of Innate invisible Sword Qi and another shot of Tian Fa’s Purple Lightning, Shun Tian was almost unable to endure it anymore.

He screamed out in pain.

He didn’t care about Yue Yang or Phoenix Fairy Beauty anymore. He escaped at the first chance.

When the dark sinister shadow saw this, he also wanted to leave and escape. His claws that was enveloped in green, ghost-fire like aura flashed away from Phoenix Fairy Beauty as he turned around and left, escaping quickly. Yue Yang ignored his pain and grabbed onto the dark sinister shadow… The two of them activated their Inherent Skills at the same time, the dark sinister shadow unleashed Numb onto Yue Yang while Yue Yang unleashed Binding Inherent Skill in order to completely stopped the dark sinister shadow’s plans of escape.

The two party were only unable to move for a second, but as far as Phoenix Fairy Beauty was concerned, that was more than enough to beat the dark sinister shadow black and blue.

“[Original Sin], [Resentment], [Redemption]!”

Phoenix Fairy Beauty unleashed three moves in one go, her hands shining bright like suns.

The dark sinister shadow’s body shook hard as three huge bloody holes suddenly appeared on his chest, left rib and right leg respectively. One could even see to his bones. Phoenix Fairy Beauty hugged Yue Yang with one hand and turned around, swinging her other arms and landing a punch on the dark sinister shadow’s face, causing his nose to dislocate as blood flowed out continuously from it, “Take this back!”

She then sent a kick towards the dark sinister shadow’s stomach, just as he was about to escape again, “And this is the interest!”

The dark sinister shadow quickly retreated.

However, he wasn’t able to retreat very far away when the World Exterminating Wheel that Yue Yang had released with his right hand spun quickly towards him.

That dark sinister shadow seemed to be a warrior on the same level as Phoenix Fairy Beauty. Even though he had been heavily injured, he could dodge the World Exterminating Wheel easily. However, he didn’t predict that Yue Yang would suddenly stabbed his back with a spear made out of Nirvana’s Flame, piercing deep into the dark sinister shadow’s stomach… The dark sinister shadow screamed out in pain. Although his body wasn’t burnt completely by the Nirvana’s Flame, the place where the spear had pierced his body had completely melted away. His skin and flesh had been completely destroyed, making him scream out in pain. His screams resounded throughout the whole mountain.

Almost at the same time, two rays of laser-like light ray shot out from the dark sinister shadow and Shun Tian’s fingers.

The two light rays intersected right on top of Yue Yang’s face. So close! He was almost destroyed by the shots!

If he had really been hit, Yue Yang’s little life would be gone!

The Phoenix Fairy Beauty had saved him once again.

She pinned him to the ground, her ample breasts pressing against his chest as she studied his face. In that crucial moment, she had snatched him back from the grips of the Grim Reaper… The dark sinister shadow and Shun Tian saw that they did not manage to kill Yue Yang even with the best timing and scheme. When they saw that Phoenix Fairy Beauty had started to condense her Sky Law’s power, they immediately escaped to different ways. They didn’t want to fight Phoenix Fairy Beauty to their deaths or suffered more damage to their bodies.

The dark sinister shadow disappeared without a second word.

Shun Tian flew to thousands of meters away. The injury on his forehead that was continuously bleeding out made him look a complete wretch, but it also made him look sinister. He was a complete change from the respectable look he had as the Great Emperor just now.

“Brat, don’t be too smug for long. Our next meeting will be your funeral.” Shun Tian’s words implied that Yue Yang was lucky this time because the Phoenix Fairy Beauty had protected him. If she hadn’t, Yue Yang would have been dead long ago. Yue Yang knew that it was too early for him to fight against Shun Tian right now, but he believed in his quick growth. The next time they meet, he might be strong enough to be Shun Tian’s opponent. Just like the Marquis of Zhi Jin, the first battle they had was extremely difficult, but in less than a year, he had surpassed him by leaps and bounds… In the future, he might even surpass Shun Tian, the Great Emperor of Zhi Wei by leaps and bounds too. Shun Tian would definitely not be his last boss, he was probably only one of Yue Yang’s stepping stones that was a little harder to climb!

“You sure talk big!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty shouted furiously as she swung her hands, unleashing the Sky Law’s power of Purple Lightning towards Shun Tian. Shun Tian didn’t wait for the attack to reach him, he immediately disappeared into thin air.

When Phoenix Fairy Beauty saw that Shun Tian had left, she de-activated her Sky Law’s power and fell weakly right into Yue Yang’s arms.

In reality, it wasn’t that she didn’t participate in clearing the Tenth Floor of Tong Tian Tower. She had discovered that something was wrong and was afraid that something would happen to Yue Yang, hence she returned back halfway through the expedition. She was already injured at the Tenth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, but fortunately, she managed to hide the fact from Shun Tian. She had even managed to team up with Yue Yang and defeat Shun Tian and the dark sinister shadow, injuring their enemies heavily.

When the crisis was over, she immediately lost all of her strength and fell into Yue Yang’s arms.

Yue Yang quickly channeled some Innate Qi into he body and healed her wounds.

Hui Tai Lang, Bloody Queen, Barbarian Cow Shadow, Reaper Mantis and the rest of the beast hurriedly came towards their master and protected him, so that Yue Yang, who was also injured, would not be disturbed.

Duan Mu Long Cheng was both happy and fearful. He was happy because now that Tian Fa had fainted, it was the best opportunity for him to attack. However, he was fearful because the Yue Clan Third Young Master had actually been able to inflict such serious damages onto Shun Tian and the dark sinister shadow. If he suffered a blow of Nirvana’s Flame Spear onto his stomach or a Sword Qi on his forehead, he wouldn’t get away with just serious injuries…

“Come!” Yue Yang channeled his Innate Qi into Phoenix Fairy Beauty with one hand while he beckoned at Duan Mu Long Cheng with his other hand.

“Humph!” Duan Mu Long Cheng wanted to attack him in his heart, but he was afraid of falling into Yue Yang’s trap.

If Tian Fa was only acting unconscious, then he would be foolishly charging towards his death!

Duan Mu Long Cheng stamped his feet in frustration as he abandoned the thought of attacking Yue Yang and Tian Fa. He decided to escape far away, hide in a place that Tian Fa would never find and only come out when it was safe enough to do so. Yue Yang also knew that this was his chance. If he didn’t kill Duan Mu Long Cheng now, he would probably come back and find him in the future. When Duan Mu Long Cheng started to escape, Yue Yang carried Phoenix Fairy Beauty and pursued him relentlessly. Right now, the situation had turned around, and the more time passed, the more advantage Yue Yang would gain… As long as Phoenix Fairy Beauty woke back up, then Duan Mu Long Cheng would definitely meet his tragic end!

Of course, Duan Mu Long Cheng suspected that Tian Fa wasn’t really unconscious. She might have suffered a serious internal injury, but she should still have some power to kill him.

She might kill him in an instant if he dared to make his move.

The moment he thought about this, Duan Mu Long Cheng ran away ever more quickly.

In an instant, he had teleported to the Yue Clan Castle. He was even faster than lightning as he charged into the chaotic battlefield of the Martial Arts Plaza.

He didn’t care about the surrounding battle. Before Yue Yang succeeded in catching up to him, he had jumped into the huge, blood red, strange-looking teleportation gate in the middle of the Martial Arts Plaza. Yue Yang didn’t have the time to think, he carried Phoenix Fairy Beauty and followed Duan Mu Long Cheng immediately.

As Fatty Hai, Ye Kong, Xue Tan Lang, Prince of Tian Luo, Princess Qian Qian, Yue Yu, Luo Hua City Mistress, Yi Nan, Xue Wu Xia and the others watched, Yue Yang entered the teleportation gate like a shooting star. Other than Xiao Wen Li who had turned into a rainbow light and was inside Yue Yang’s body, Hui Tai Lang, Bloody Queen, Thorny Flower Demoness, Barbarian Cow Shadow and the others didn’t manage to follow him…

The moment Yue Yang entered, he realized that he had teleported into a completely different world.

A blood-coloured moon shone down from the sky. There were splendorous and majestic palaces everywhere, and the whole place was decorated with rocky gardens and flowing water. Demon King statues could be seen everywhere. However, the thing that worried Yue Yang was that on top of this Demon Abyss Imperial Palace, there was a black vortex that spun continuously. Evil, sinister Demon Qi endlessly burst out from it from time to time.

“My god, this is the Imperial Palace where the Demon King lives!” Yue Yang never thought that he would arrive at this place chasing his enemy. He had thought that he would only be teleported to some random parts of Demon Abyss.

Just as Yue Yang was about to abandon his pursuit and return to the Soaring Dragon Continent, he heard a strange calling from the bottom of his heart…

It seemed familiar yet distant at the same time… This, who was calling him actually? Yue Yang was completely amazed. In this Demon Abyss Imperial palace, how could there be a friend of his?

Also, what does this calling even mean? Was it real or was it his mere illusion?

Yue Yang hesitated slightly. Right now, he was in a dire situation. It would be difficult to even protect himself, do he really need to follow the calling that he heard?

In the end, he gritted his teeth and made a big decision.

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