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LLS Chapter 293 Part 1 – Taking Down the Enemy, Barging Into the Demon’s Palace

Chapter 293 Part 1 – Taking Down the Enemy, Barging Into the Demon’s Palace
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Sorry guys… part 2 will be released tomorrow…

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The Star Explosion shook the whole heaven and earth.

The whole of Yue Clan Castle quaked from the explosion. The grounds in front of the castle split apart, the soil crumbling down the crevice. A pit dozens over meters wide and a few metres deep shockingly appeared at the position where Duan Mu Long Cheng was standing just now. The previously neatly laid out road had been completely destroyed. In the center of explosion, Duan Mu Long Cheng had already disappeared, it was unclear whether he was alive or dead. The Diamond-ranked Level 9 Golden Giant at the side of the explosion was drenched in blood, his clothes torn and tattered. It seemed like he had been injured quite badly.

He held his golden longsword in front of his chest. The blade of his sword was still shaking from the impact of the attack.

This emperor-like Holy Beast could actually use Sword Qi to strengthen his defense and protected himself from the destructive Star Explosion.

Even though he was standing quite a distance away from the center of explosion, and that his body had an extremely high defense of a Diamond-ranked Level 9 beast, Yue Yang was quite amazed that he was able to withstand the impact of the Star Explosion Domain of Power.

Other than Hui Tai Lang and the Thorny Flower Demoness, the beasts on the ground were all either blown away or escape hundreds of meters away.

Long before Tian Quan was completely destroyed by Yue Yang’s Star Explosion, all of his summoned beasts had all abandoned him and escaped…

The Gold-ranked Level 7 Storm Griffin had died on the spot. It was Tian Quan’s Guardian Beast, and it was also the only beast that didn’t betray Tian Quan. The Gold-ranked Level 7 “Red-crowned Wyvern King”, Gold-ranked Level 6 Giant Bat and Gold-ranked Level 6 Harpy had all flew into the sky, doing their best to avoid the powerful impact of the Star Explosion.

Yue Yang had started his counter-attack.

In the sky, the Bloody Queen Red rushed down.

She let out a blood-curdling Banshee Scream. The Giant Bat who had the sharpest sense of hearing immediately fell unconscious, whirling down to the ground from the sky.

The giant Red-crowned Wyvern King flapped its wings desperately, trying its best to shake off the Thorny Flower Demoness behind it.

The Harpy had the fastest speed.

However, no matter how fast she was, she would only struggle in vain in front of Xiao Wen Li.

Xiao Wen Li shot out her Binding Inherent Skill and slashed her Dual Icicle Blade, sending making the Harpy’s head flying in the air… On the ground, the Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man and Hui Tai Lang had already started their killing competition. Ah Man fought against the Fire Hydra while Hui Tai Lang picked the Cerberus as its opponent. There was also the Reaper Mantis whose level was hardly enough to fight against the Magma Wyvern, however, when the Magma Wyvern saw the Reaper Mantis, it had immediately turned around and ran with all it had… Reaper Mantis had always been the mortal enemies of the dragon race. Even the Fluorescent Bone Dragon, Ruthless Scarlet Dragon, Hell Black Dragon all scampered away when they saw a Reaper Mantis, how could a Magma Wyvern stand a chance?

The Lava Giant came over to help the Magma Wyvern, but its speed was simply too slow.

The Fire Witch who held a Flame Whip on her hands prepared to whip Barbarian Cow Shadow who was nearer to it. A long, flaming whip whirl down from the sky as it landed hard on Ah Man’s body.

The Bloody Queen also had a Flaming Whip ability. Although she wasn’t as skillful at it compared to Banshee Scream, it was definitely still a strong ability.

Holding the Dragon Slaying Dagger and Eye Destroyer Dagger in her hands, she instantly killed the Giant Bat who had fallen unconscious and was gravely injured just now.

Her second target was the Fire Witch.

The Lava Giant raised its scorching fists and was about to smash them hard onto Hui Tai Lang who was biting onto the Cerberus. However, without the Lava Giant realizing, the Golden Beast had managed to jump onto its head. It ignored the burning flames and immediately dug in to eat.

Even the King of Black Light’s body which was made of obsidian, its hardness unrivalled in the world, was unable to withstand the Golden Beast.

Obviously, this Lava Giant who only used lava and magma to protect its body wouldn’t stand a chance.

On the other side, after getting bitten a few times, Hui Tai Lang finally exploded in anger. Its Demon Qi exploded as it turned from Bronze-ranked Level 3 straight to Platinum-ranked Level 5… It was too lazy to fight with its full force just now, who would know that it would be bullied by the Cerberus instead… Hui Tai Lang was furious, its black Hellflames rose up to the sky as its Demon King-like Qi burst out. Initially, the Cerberus had an easy time biting Hui Tai Lang and creating multiple bloody wounds, but when Hui Tai Lang rose up to Platinum-ranked Level 5, the teeth in all three of the Cerberus mouths were immediately shattered into pieces, unable to withstand the hardness of Hui Tai Lang’s flesh.

Their sharp teeth completely did not stand a chance against Hui Tai Lang’s defense!

This was the Defensive Technique that Yue Yang had taught Hui Tai Lang. It originated from one of the most low-classed combat technique, “Hammer Crushing Stone Technique”.

Yue Yang had changed it a little, turning the offensive moves into defensive instead.

Using its Qi to envelope its whole body, Hui Tai Lang would mold its Qi into a hammer whenever its enemy tried to attack it, and smash it at its enemy instead… This was Yue Yang’s wish, but of course, Hui Tai Lang was still unable to do this yet.

It could combine its Demon Qi with the metal element in its body and channel them all over its whole body. The moment it received an enemy’s attack, it would be able to strengthen the part of the skin that was attacked immediately, then use its Demon Qi to attack its enemies back.

Although it was still not able to reach the results that Yue Yang had wished for him, it was more than enough to stop the Cerberus’ attack.

Hui Tai Lang who had suddenly rose to Platinum-ranked Level 5 had a dramatic increase in both of its offense and defense.

With one it slash, it tore open the Cerberus’ chest, while its sharp teeth bit at the Cerberus’ poisonous dog head on the left, tearing it away forcefully. Immediately, the three-headed Cerberus became a two-headed Cerberus. It rolled on the ground wailing in pain. Seeing its opponent weakened, Hui Tai Lang didn’t show any mercy and pinned it down with its claws as it bit it mercilessly and turned it into food, clawing its flesh to find its demon crystal and swallowed it whole.

However, the fastest one to win their battle was obviously not Hui Tai Lang.

Other than Xiao Wen Li who had killed her opponent in one move, the Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man had activated its Doom Eyes and instantly killed the Fire Hydra… Even the demon Innate Ranker Chi Liao who only had his head left and was hiding behind his protective shield was also killed on the process.

It was the Bloodeye Double Kill. When the Doom Eyes was activated it had a small probability of activating Bloodeye Double Kill, which would kill another nearby enemy.

Previously, at the Aquarius Temple, Ah Man had ever used the Bloodeye Double Kill to kill both the Aquarius Temple Guardian and the beast goddess hadow. If it weren’t for Yue Yang’s good luck that Ah Man had accidentally activated Bloodeye Double King, Yue Yang would never be able to pass the Aquarius Temple! Right now, Yue Yang’s luck had turned around once again. Chi Liao who was hiding behind his protective shield and thought that he was safe, was actually killed by the Bloodeye Double Kill because his beast had died from the Zoom Eyes…

The moment Chi Liao died, his beasts all exploded.

However, it was only the Magma Wyvern and Lava Giant.

The Fire Witch’s head had been pierced by the Dragon Slaying Dagger and died… As for the Cerberus, its magic crystal was already inside Hui Tai Lang’s stomach. Hui Tai Lang had even burped a few times.

Yue Yang’s beasts weren’t only better in terms of speed and abilities. Living under Yue Yang, they had to learn how to fight for kills and merit.

Everything must be done quickly, otherwise they would only have other’s leftovers.

In this kind of terrifying condition that was even worse than hell, Yue Yang’s beast had to learn how to kill quickly.

It can be said that currently, the slowest beast to kill its enemy right now was the Reaper Mantis, which was famous for its high speed, agility and deadliness!

Duan Mu Long Cheng had already disappeared. Yue Yang stood quietly in the middle of the fighting ground.

With his Level 5 Divine Vision, he swept his gaze across the surrounding.

“That was a really quick escape!” Yue Yang realized that Duan Mu Long Cheng who was hiding himself had soundlessly escaped to a nearby hill. That fellow was completely uninjured. He had immediately escaped the moment he saw his companion dead. Yue Yang also discovered another person hiding who had moved a little. Yue Yang wasn’t able to see his movements with his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, but he was extremely certain that this fellow was actually Duan Mu Long Cheng’s bait for him so that he could kill him.

In a place further away, two spheres of light that was shining brightly like a star was chasing at each other.

That was the Phoenix Fairy Beauty and Shun Tian who were battling.

There wasn’t any changes between the two people’s situation right now, they had only been trying to find each other’s weakness. If only one of them could find the other party’s weakness, it would mark the turning point of this battle.

As for the Ascetic Practice Saint and the Scholar versus the two Heavenly Imperial Guardians of the Zhi Jin Kingdom, the four of them were engaged in such a heated battle to the point that Yue Yang couldn’t see where they had gone anymore.

In the sky, Xiao Wen Li threw the Golden Giant down, then turned into a rainbow coloured light and returned back to Yue Yang’s body.

Immediately afterward, Yue Yang teleported to chase after Duan Mu Long Cheng who was in hiding.

The Bloody Queen, Thorny Flower Demoness, Golden Beast and Reaper Mantis took over Xiao Wen Li and fought together against that huge Diamond-ranked Level 9 Golden Giant. On the ground, Hui Tai Lang, Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man also exerted their strongest power to kick the Golden Giant’s huge body back to the sky, ambushing the Golden Giant and cooperation with the Bloody Queen and the others, attacking the Golden Giant from the top and the bottom… As their opponent was a Guardian Beast, there was no meaning to killing it. Hence, the Bloody Queen and Hui Tai Lang only attacked it to annoy it, stalling for time so that the Golden Giant wouldn’t disturb Yue Yang’s fight. They didn’t go for the kill like the usual.

Just as Yue Yang managed to catch up with Duan Mu Long Cheng, he suddenly burst out in laughter.

His laughter was extremely sinister.

As if his evil plan had succeeded, his whole face was filled with smugness and accomplishment.

He activated his Weaken Domain of Power the second time and activated his Speed Boost Inherent Skill at the same time, punching straight at Yue Yang…

“You are doomed!”

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