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LLS Chapter 292 – Domain of Power, Power Up!

Chapter 292 – Domain of Power, Power Up!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Duan Mu Long Cheng’s expressions turned cold.

Of course he had the power to save Tian Quan, but the danger he felt as a warrior made him hesitate at the last moment.

Was the Yue Clan Third Young Master trying to trap him? When he ambushed Chi Liao just now, he had set him up on a trap. Fortunately his Speed Boost Inherent Skill had fooled the timing of Yue Yang’s defense. However, after exchanging blows, Yue Yang had seen through his Inherent Skills ability. Right now, Yue Yang had turned his back against him again. Could Yue Yang’s action of ambushing Tian Quan be a trap he laid against him?

As an extremely cautious person, Duan Mu Long Cheng would rather let Tian Quan die than put himself in danger.

It was not his way for dying for a friend!

If Tian Quan was killed, it was his own fault… Duan Mu Long Cheng decided that he wouldn’t help Tian Quan no matter what!

with regards to Yue Yang’s rude behaviour, Tian Quan was beyond furious.

He was an Innate, a level 3 Innate at that.

When he rampaged through the Tong Tian Tower, forget about this brat, even his parents were still in their mother’s womb! Did that brat really think that he had no skills at all? As an Innate, he had his own pride and strength that belongs to him.

“Humph, I have been waiting for you for a long time!”

Tian Quan was definitely not someone who would sit still and wait for his death. He laughed coldly and turned his body around, then summoned a brilliant Star Light shining on his hands. He then shoved his strongest move, “Thousand Shooting Stars”, right onto Yue Yang’s chest. His attack that was made up of Star Light had an extremely strong penetration ability, able to break most of his enemies’ defense. Furthermore, it was set to only explode when it had penetrated into his enemy’s’ weakest internal organs. This way, he would be able to destroy his enemies more easily!

This move was the combination between Tian Quan’s Shooting Star Inherent Skill and his own combat techniques.

Last time when he used this move on his enemies, he was simply invincible. Even the Eastern Goblin Tribe who had strong bodies did not stand a chance against him.

Let alone a human’s body.

A human would definitely be finished the moment he landed the attack.

Yue Yang was hit by Tian Quan’s Thousand Meteors.

The Star Light penetrated into his body, pushing him several steps back. However, there was no pain reflected on his face, instead, there was an amazed expression instead, as if he couldn’t believe that Tian Quan managed to land a hit on him. Tian Quan thought that this brat was definitely done for. Although he looked okay on the outside, in reality, his internal organs had been seriously injured. Unless this brat had some kind of unique Inherent Skill, such as Devour Inherent Skill that could nullify this kind of Star Light attack, how could his internal organs withstand such a terrifying attack?

“You are done for!” Tian Quan said in certainty, shaking his forefinger at Yue Yang smugly.

This was his signature move.

Everytime he managed to kill or injure his enemies heavily, he would shake his forefinger at his enemy to show his disdain.

Tian Quan knew what would happen next. Within 5 seconds, this Yue Clan Third Young Master’s body would explode into pieces. At the very least, his chest would explode out. His ribs would be shattered, his heart, lungs, intestines and what not would all explode out and became fragments of flesh, scattered all over the ground!

That was the scene that Tian Quan would want to see the most in his life. Like raping a virgin girl, that scene would make his whole body happy with excitement, so excited that he would have goosebumps all over his body.

“Cough, cough!”

Yue Yang touched his chest and coughed a few times.

There was some blood on his mouth, but this scene was completely different from that kind of gore that Tian Quan had expected, where Yue Yang’s chest would burst open, pieces of flesh would explode out and blood spurting everywhere.

Tian Quan was completely dumbfounded when Yue Clan Third Young Master’s body didn’t show any signs of exploding.

What happened?

Tian Quan waited for a long time. The Yue Clan Third Young Master should have exploded long time ago, how could he still be fine?

He would never imagine that Yue Yang’s Domain of Power was actually [Devour]. His Star Light attack just now was equivalent to tonic for Yue Yang… Yue Yang’s cough was actually because he was healing the injury that Duan Mu Long Cheng had caused him just now. Duan Mu Long Cheng’s Innate power had been amplified with his [Weaken] Domain of Power, hence it was very effective, causing a lot of damage to Yue Yang’s body.

That was why Yue Yang had took this advantage to heal himself and recover his strength.

Yue Yang knew that Tian Quan had misunderstood him. Of course, he wouldn’t care about this fellow’s reaction at all.

Tian Quan’s Star Light power and Inherent Skill was completely ineffective against Yue Yang. Moreover, to a certain extent, Tian Quan’s Star Light was a help to Yue Yang. It has the ability to help Yue Yang charge his Domain of Power [Star Explosion] more quickly.

“You, how could you be completely fine?” Tian Quan really couldn’t understand.

He had obviously landed a hit on his enemy, but his enemy turned out to be completely fine.

This was really too strange!

Yue Yang rubbed the trace of blood on his mouth and laughed evilly like a demon, “That is really a fine attack, it’s just that it’s too weak. If you have put more strength in it, it would have been even better… Previously, I didn’t really understand how my Domain of Power works, but since your Star Light power was kind of a help to my powers, I finally understood how it works. Turns out my Domains of Power is not outside, but inside my body. Or rather, my Domain of Power has not yet reached the level where it can be used outside. Ha, I was actually worried about how my Domain of Power was so different from others? But from your attack just now, I have truly understood how to use it thoroughly! In order to show my appreciation towards you, I have decided to bestow you the chance of becoming the first person to taste the power of my Domain of Power!

“Impossible!” Tian Quan was almost driven mad. Not only was his attack ineffective, he was actually helping this brat?

He roared furiously.

He raised his hands up high, preparing to attack Yue Yang once again.

However, he thought that if his attack had actually helped Yue Yang, wouldn’t he be a fool if he attacked Yue Yang with the same attack once again? He immediately took back his hands and retreated backwards, preparing to escape and hide behind Duan Mu Long Cheng.

Duan Mu Long Cheng stood at a far distance, continuing to watch with a cold gaze.

He didn’t believe that Yue Yang was completely saying the truth, but he understood that the Yue Clan Third Young Master must have some kind of reason when he said these.

Maybe it was another trap…

That Diamond-ranked Level 9 Golden Giant was also extremely clever. Possessing a high intelligence, he had been following Duan Mu Long Cheng’s movements. He would only attack when Duan Mu Long Cheng moved to attack Yue Yang. When Duan Mu Long Cheng stayed still, he also waited silently for an opportunity to make his move. This was not by the orders of Shun Tian, but from the intelligence of a Holy Beast. In this battle of wits, the Golden Giant was definitely smarter than the current Hui Tai Lang. Only Xiao Wen Li who could connect her mind with Yue Yang might be better than the Golden Giant in terms of intelligence.

Of course, Hui Tai Lang’s intelligence was also increasing by the day under Yue Yang’s influence.

Becoming a Holy Beast was definitely not going to be its final evolution!

“Look at the stars I created!”

Tian Quan rushed towards the sky to escape, but no matter how fast he was, he wouldn’t be able to be faster than Yue Yang.

Yue Yang reached out his hand and grabbed tightly onto Tian Quan’s ankles.

Yue Yang’s Domain of Power [Star Explosion] flashed in Yue Yang’s hands. At first, it was only a small ball, but it gradually became bigger and more condensed, turning into magnificent spectacle. Then, countless of Star Light shot outwards, turning into a myriad of shooting stars, that joined together again in the sky to form a star… Although the diameter was not even one-meter wide, the power packed inside it completely terrorized Tian Quan. Even Duan Mu Long Cheng who was watching from far away frowned.

“Save me, save…” When Tian Quan saw that Duan Mu Long Cheng continued to stand without moving, he became panicked. He quickly turned towards the Golden Giant to ask for help.

He tried to unleash an attack towards Yue yang, but it was all completely ineffective. His attacks had only increased the size of that star.

On the other hand, that star’s power could definitely obliterate him.

When the star burst out, it shot out brilliant Star Lights that could easily tear Tian Quan’s body into shreds, or even destroy him into pieces. Tian Quan’s Innate defense was completely ineffective against this Star Explosion that became bigger with time.

In the sky, the Golden Giant who had swooped down, prepared to save Tian Quan, immediately abandoned his plans when he saw the bright Star Explosion that Yue Yang had exploded. He turned around and immediately escaped. He could clearly sense that the destructive power of this explosion was in no way less than the World Exterminating Wheel. The World Exterminating Wheel was small in size, hence it was easy to dodge. However, this star on the other hand, would probably be able to obliterate everything in an area hundreds of meters in radius the moment it exploded.

Duan Mu Long Cheng and the Golden Giant immediately shot up to the sky.

Flying at top speed to escape.

However, Yue Yang had actually dragged Tian Quan along as he chased after the two of them.

“AHHH!” Tian Quan was obviously not a fool.

He could sense that his life was in danger. If that Star Explosion really exploded, then he would definitely be destroyed to dust. He was cunning and prompt in making decisions. Immediately, he released a light sabre on his hand and slashed at his right leg, cutting it off with no second thought. Losing that bloodied leg, he escaped frantically, hoping to escape from the Star Explosion’s area of effect… As for his plan of escaping towards Duan Mu Long Cheng and cooperating with him to fight against Yue Yang, it was completely out of the question now. Duan Mu Long Cheng’s cold, heartless expression just now had deeply wounded Tian Quan’s heart.

Tian Quan gasped for breath to calm himself down and summoned his grimoire, raising his protective shield to protect himself.

Just now when he was in the hands of his enemy, his Spirit Qi was suppressed, hence he was unable to summon his grimoire. Now if he still did not summon his grimoire, he would probably not have any chance of escaping all of this…

“I’ll send you off to your journey!”

A sound that sounded like a Death Reaper’s call suddenly resounded from behind.

I’m done for… Tian Quan’s head was drenched with cold sweat. He had not managed to summon his grimoire, yet his enemy had already caught up to him.

Yue Yang released Star Explosion towards Duan Mu Long Cheng. He didn’t need to use Binding Inherent Skill to bind Tian Quan, he only let the ball of star pass through Tian Quan’s body. This was because its speed and power would be increased this way. The Star Explosion would not explode on Tian Quan’s body, it would only create a huge hole on his chest… Duan Mu Long Cheng was extremely crafty, he knew how to teleport. However, against Yue Yang who had Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, teleport or disguise would not be effective at all. Forget about Duan Mu Long Cheng, Yue Yang could even sense some traces of the extremely strong enemy that had been hiding here all the time.

That extremely strong Innate had been hiding his presence all along, watching the situation secretly.

Yue Yang had already discovered that fellow long ago. He had arrived the moment Phoenix Fairy Beauty left. Yue Yang didn’t know why he didn’t attack him. Maybe he wanted to know his true strength and power… Yue Yang felt that Tian Quan was simply the bait that that hidden ranker had set up!

That hidden ranker was about to make use of Tian Quan, even Duan Mu Long Cheng, to get a sense of the strength that Yue Yang was hiding.

Who on earth was this hidden ranker?

According to Yue Yang’s guess, this hidden ranker’s powers were probably not inferior to the Great Emperor of Zhi Wei, Shun Tian. Then who could he be? Thousand Goblins Sect Leader?

Yue Yang couldn’t understand his enemy’s identity and goal for coming here at this moment. However, right now, the most important thing was to kill Tian Quan and injure Duan Mu Long Cheng heavily. He should pretend not to know about the hidden ranker’s existence now and try to think of ideas to ambush him later… Maybe Zhi Zun and Elder Nan Gong had returned from the Tenth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, hence the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader had not made any move towards them. Or maybe it was for some other reason.


As Yue Yang continued to think, his Star Explosion had already released an extremely shocking, world-shaking huge explosion.

Its power was ten times more than what Yue Yang had used to kill Moqi Xu Ling just now!

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