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LLS Chapter 291 – As a minor character, you shouldn’t be too arrogant!

Chapter 291 – As a minor character, you shouldn’t be too arrogant!
Translated by: Sephillia, Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Chi Liao was stupefied. The shadow of death loomed over his head.

He knew the terrifying strength of the Third Young Master. First, Yao Guang had been killed. Following that, even Moqi Xu Ling had died by his hands. With regards to fighting against him, Chi Liao did not dare to act even a little bit carelessly. However, he never expected that Yue Yang’s attacks would be this fast. At the moment when the World Exterminating Wheel flew out, Chi Liao had immediately summoned his Platinum Grimoire, hoping that its barrier would be sufficient enough to protect himself. As long as he could survive for at least a second, he would have ten ways to escape.

Unfortunately, he could not summon his grimoire out.

This was because Chi Liao had been bound in mid-air by the [Binding] Inherent Skill.

Everything, including his body, spiritual qi, mind, consciousness, and even his soul, was completely bound for three seconds. He had no way to resist!

After Xiao Wen Li had risen in level, her [Binding] Inherent Skill had improved as well. Even when it had not improved, it had successfully bound Moqi Xu Ling who was a Innate Level 5 Ranker. Of course, it wouldn’t have any problems to bind Chi Liao right now.

If Yue Yang needed it, he could increase the duration of the [Binding] to beyond three seconds.

By doing this, Yue Yang was only trying to confuse Duan Mu Long Cheng.

He had wanted to misled this Green Summit Sect Leader. He wanted to give the impression that his [Binding] Inherent Skill could only bind Innates like Chi Liao or weaker, but not Innate Level 6 Rankers like Duan Mu Long Cheng. When the best opportunity arose, then he would kill Duan Mu Long Cheng off. Of course, Yue Yang’s ambitions did not stop there. He wanted to team up with the Phoenix Fairy Beauty to kill off the Great Emperor Zhi Wei, Shun Tian.

Shun Tian would definitely be able to find out about the [Binding] Inherent Skill through his Golden Giant. Yue Yang thought that he should use it sparingly to fool the Great Emperor Zhi Wei, in order to secure the best opportunity.

Three seconds…

Forget about Yue Yang, who was the kind of guy that was proficient at sneak attacks, even normal warriors could slap Chi Liao a few times over that duration.

During a battle, even if you lost control of the momentum for just a second, it was enough to cause your death!

The World Exterminating Wheel sliced across Chi Liao’s neck.

The Demon body which could withstand even Gold-ranked weapons was sliced apart like tofu in the face of the World Exterminating Wheel.

There was no hint of resistance as the World Exterminating Wheel spun across!

Yue Yang’s right hand, blazing with Nirvana’s flame, thrust deep into the abdomen of Chi Liao, pulling out his demon heart with sheer force and immediately refined it.

Behind him, the space seemed to almost shatter.

Duan Mu Long Cheng had come attacking.

This was the so-called “mantis stalking the cicada, unaware of the bird behind”.

Ever since Yue Yang summoned the Quintet Golden Puppet Mice, Duan Mu Long Cheng had a feeling and guessed that Yue Yang would kill Chi Liao. However, he did not tip off Chi Liao, but rather watch him fall into Yue Yang’s plans… He borrowed Chi Liao, and made him into the “cicada”, to cover himself and act as a decoy. This allowed him to become the “bird” that would kill Yue Yang from behind!

Duan Mu Long Cheng was very clever. He was definitely a clever little bird.

With a single move, his Innate Level 6 power was sufficient to level a small mountain. Such terrifying amounts of strength was gathered in his right fist.

Without revealing any presence at all.

When Yue Yang killed Chi Liao, his sneak attack from behind had succeeded, landing a heavy blow on Yue Yang’s chest.

Duan Mu Long Cheng sacrificed Chi Liao, using his companion’s life as decoy and successfully hit Yue Yang… With a cry, Yue Yang vanished, teleporting away instantly. His body fell a few hundred metres away.

Even though he tried his best to escape, but the fist of an Innate Level 6, still left a deep mark behind his back. Duan Mu Long Cheng’s terrifying fist almost caused Yue Yang’s spine to break into pieces. Fortunately, Yue Yang had learned the [Space Teleportation] Technique from the old fox and practiced it to the point where he could transfer himself by a quick thought. Moreover, he had the “Elegant Sword Dance” that he had cultivated, one of the “Mysterious Three Stances”, which was extremely useful against sneak attacks. If not for these two things, he would have been heavily injured by this blow.

Yue Yang’s mouth was full of blood. However, he was neither upset nor angry.

He had even laughed.

Towards Duan Mu Long Cheng’s sneak attack, he was not surprised at all.

Long before he had killed Chi Liao, Yue Yang already thought that Duan Mu Long Cheng would sneak an attack on him as he killed Chi Liao. So, he had 30% of his concentration remaining to take notice when Duan Mu Long Cheng would move. The only thing he did not expect was that Duan Mu Long Cheng was much faster than he had imagined. This cunning Green Summit Sect Leader was actually a speed-type Innate with speed as his focus, and not a long-range attacker Innate who had power as his advantage.

Yue Yang was not willing to miss the opportunity to kill Chi Liao. He would rather take the blow and kill Chi Liao.

Even if Chi Liao and Tian Quan were not dead, they would not pose much of a threat to him.

However, they were incredibly potent threats against Fatty Hai, Ye Kong, Xue Tan Lang and the others. Once Chi Liao and Tian Quan knew that they were unable to match up against him, they would definitely switched their targets to kill Fatty Hai and the others. In that case, the situation would be very bad.

Duan Mu Long Cheng was extremely powerful and could not be easily killed.

On the other hand, that Diamond-ranked Level 9 Golden Giant that looked like a Great Emperor was a Guardian Beast. There was no meaning in killing it at all. Shun Tian could just spend a little bit of qi for his Guardian Beast to recover his full strength and summoned him again… Therefore, Yue Yang’s targets could only be Chi Liao and Tian Quan!

At this point in time, Tian Quan and the Golden Giant, who were watching the battle situation from above, moved at the same time.

Although they were not as fast as Duan Mu Long Cheng, but there seemed to be a great deal of harmony between them.

The two of them splitted up in the skies.

Tian Quan from the Seven Great Bears charged towards Hui Tai Lang and Thorny Flower Demoness.

He knew that the moment the grimoire owner moved, the grimoire’s protective shield would immediately disappear. Without the protection of the protective shield, he would definitely be able to kill Hui Tai Lang and the Thorny Flower Demoness in one move.

Hence, Tian Quan rushed forward and attacked Hui Tai Lang and the Thorny Flower Demoness in full force.

He didn’t think that Yue Yang would be such an abnormal existence, whose grimoire’s protective shield would not disappear even if he moved. It would only disappear if the time limit was reached or when Yue Yang recalled his grimoire back.

Otherwise, the protective shield would continue to exist as long as Yue Yang’s Silver Grimoire still existed.

This was completely different from other people.

On the other side, the Golden Giant shot down from the sky and attacked straight at Yue Yang.

He was a Holy Beast, so he was extremely clever. He knew that Yue Yang was injured right now, and it seemed like he was not about to give Yue Yang any time to catch his breath,


The Diamond-ranked Level 9 Golden Giant’s charged at Yue Yang, his pressure immense like a tsunami. Before Yue Yang had the chance to avoid it, Duan Mu Long Cheng’s punch had reached him again. Yue Yang was extremely shocked as he failed to see through Duan Mu Long Cheng’s sudden acceleration in speed even with his Level 5 Divine Vision. Yue Yang had the confidence to avoid his punches, but due to his sudden acceleration, he wasn’t able to dodge them in time. Although Yue Yang couldn’t manage to avoid it on time, he had already prepared Innate Qi in his body. He created a vortex with his Qi and nullified the force of Duan Mu Long Cheng’s punch that was about to hit his right side.

Yue Yang counter-attacked at the same time.

The World Exterminating Wheel that had killed Chi Liao instantly earlier swerved like a boomerang towards Duan Mu Long Cheng’s back under Yue Yang’s will.

The Nirvana’s Flame on his right hand shaped into a sword of flame, piercing straight into Duan Mu Long Cheng’s chest.

“Too late.”

Duan Mu Long Cheng twisted around like a snake.

His punch swung fast as lightning at Yue Yang’s right side, shocking Yue Yang’s whole body.

He didn’t manage to feel the pain before Duan Mu Long Cheng kicked him hard again on the knee.

If Yue Yang had not avoided the kick quickly, his little brother below might have also been kicked by Duan Mu Long Cheng… Duan Mu Long Cheng turned, his body twisting like a fried dough twist, avoiding the dangerous World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana Flame. At the same time, his other leg turned and flew towards Yue Yang’s face. His movements were extremely quick. If Yue Yang did not have Heaven’s Eyes Divine Vision to see his attacks, he would have been beaten black and blue.

It was only then that Yue Yang finally realized.

This cunning Duan Mu Long Cheng had an Inherent Skill that gave him speed boosts.

With this Inherent Skill, even if Yue Yang thought that he could defend on time, he would still be wide open for attack.

It wasn’t because his reaction was not quick enough, nor was it because his defense was not strong enough. The reason he kept getting hit was because the timing of the attack that he had calculated had been messed up due to the Speed Boost Inherent Skill.

Duan Mu Long Cheng’s punches and kicks had suddenly accelerated during motion, landing straight onto his body. The defense that Yue Yang had been preparing became ineffective.

“I see!”

When Yue Yang understood his opponent’s pattern of attack, he immediately smiled.

His smile was extremely mysterious.

Duan Mu Long Cheng’s kicks continued to rain down on his face, but Yue Yang wasn’t in a hurry to dodge. Instead, he took the initiative to face the attack.

He moved his hands slowly, drawing a big circle and used his flow to break through Duan Mu Long Cheng’s speed…

His Innate Qi spinned around like a whirlpool,

This time, even when Duan Mu Long Cheng’s kicks suddenly accelerated, they were useless against Yue Yang’s hands that were moving in a slow, circle-like motion. Like clouds, the energy packed onto his attacks dispersed quickly. Not only had his speed decreased, it was even difficult to move an inch forward. At first, his hands moved quick as lightning, but in the end, he was moving at snail’s speed.

Yue Yang’s revolving hand had succeeded in defending this attack… Duan Mu Long Cheng’s expressions changed. He wanted to withdraw from Yue Yang, but it was too late.

He felt his body still trying to kick Yue Yang, although he willed his body to withdraw.

This weird phenomenon was definitely caused by the Yue Clan Third Young Master.

Duan Mu Long Cheng knew the reason but he didn’t have any idea how to break the spell. Within the effects of the slow-motion circle, he was completely helpless.

Yue Yang’s Twin Fish formed a huge circle as his Yin and Yang ability fused together, easily dispeling the kinetic energy of Duan Mu Long Cheng’s heavy punch and converting it potential energy that was transferred onto Yue Yang’s legs.
(Shiro: To be honest, I don’t really understand what I’m translating in the past few paragraphs…I imagine it’s something like this – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfaY0KH76nU Fun fact: for some reason, that non-sensical movie is one of the highest grossing movies in Hong Kong lol)

Yue Yang bent his body backwards like a bow, his hands touching the ground.

He threw his body upwards and shot out his legs like an arrow.

He flipped his body upside down, sending an upwards kick.

A crescent-shaped Sword Qi mysteriously appeared right in front of Duan Mu Long Cheng’s chest, chin and face.

Although Duan Mu Long Cheng managed to roll away in time and avoided Yue Yang’s powerful counter-attack, he wasn’t able to dodge it completely. He felt a sharp pain on his chin, which was Yue Yang’s target, The moment a crescent-shaped Sword Qi appeared on Yue Yang’s leg, Duan Mu Long Cheng’s beard, skin and flesh were immediately cut off from his face.

Duan Mu Long Cheng felt like his chin was about to be broken into pieces. He felt a sharp pain in his head, making him almost fell to the ground in pain.

However, his senses told him that he was in danger of being killed by his opponent in an instant if he stayed there for more than a second.

He forcefully bounced his body and rushed back to safety.

Yue Yang shot out an Innate Invisible Sword Qi from his feet and almost killed Duan Mu Long Cheng… A long scar appeared at the right side of Duan Mu Long Cheng’s face, from his chin all the way to his ears.

If Duan Mu Long Cheng had not avoided in time, there would have been a hole through his head. There would be a window on his head, exposing his brain matter to the outside!

He used his Innate Level 6 strength to strengthen his defense and protect his body, but he was still unable to defend against that Innate Invisible Sword Qi.

Duan Mu Long Cheng retreated hundreds of metres back.

Fear crept into his heart.

World Exterminating Wheel, Nirvana’s Flame, and this mysterious Sword Qi. These three things were all weapons that could eliminate that brat’s enemies in an instant. They wouldn’t even realize it when they die. No wonder Moqi Xu Ling couldn’t even last half an hour fighting against this brat. From just now, the fight had not even lasted a minute, yet his life was already in danger, almost dying by Yue Yang’s three weapons. If he had not known that Yue Yang was strong at the beginning and fought him with 100% of his abilities, he would perhaps have… If he had just been careless for a moment, he would probably ended up like Moqi Xu Ling, tragically dying under Yue Yang’s feet.

“Not bad.” Duan Mu Long Cheng praised Yue Yang for the first time.

“You are really abnormal!” Tian Quan, on the other hand, cursed at Yue Yang instead.

The reason was because at first, he thought that the moment Yue Yang left, the protective shield would also disappear. He had happily swooped down like a great eagle, prepared to attack Hui Tai Lang and Thorny Flower Demoness with a heavy blow.

He never thought that even after Yue Yang left the perimeter of the protective shield, that damned shield still existed.

His heavy blow shook the shield greatly, making it wobble unstoppably.

However, Hui Tai Lang and the Thorny Flower Demoness inside were completely safe and sound.

Two pairs of eyes looked at him as if he was an idiot… This kind of feeling of being looked down by beasts deeply hurt Tian Quan’s heart.

No matter what, he was also an Innate.

Furthermore, he was a part of the Seven Great Bears Alliance!

But he was actually being looked down upon by two meager beasts right now. How could he not be furious?

Tian Quan had put in all of his strength into the attack, but turned out that the protective shield did not break under his force. He was so angry that he could vomit blood.

The worst thing was that Hui Tai Lang had taken advantage of the time when Tian Quan was catching his breath. It turned around, raised its butt and moved it outside the shield. Shoving its butt towards Tian Quan’s face, it relaxedly let out a huge, loud, and stinky fart before quickly withdrawing back inside the shield.

As one of the honorable Seven Great Bears, Tian Quan was actually forced to sniff a dog’s fart. His blood boiled so much that he felt like he could explode any moment.

He met annoying dogs before, but he never met such an aggravating dog in his life!

But Hui Tai Lang had just had to be out of his reach right now. He couldn’t hurt even a strand of its hair.

Tian Quan was unable to kill Hui Tai Lang and the Thorny Flower Demoness, hence he could only direct all of his anger towards, Yue Yang, their master.

But Yue Yang ignored his existence.

Yue Yang didn’t even sweep him a glance, as if Tian Quan of the Seven Great Bears had never existed in this world before.

That level of disregard completely drove Tian Quan mad.

He was a respectable, honorable Innate, and yet he was actually looked down upon?! He was unable to take revenge on his humiliation after being bullied by a dog, and when he wanted to seek revenge on its master instead, he was actually looked down upon and was humiliated even more! All of his life, Tian Quan had never suffered such humiliation before! If he didn’t destroy Hui Tai Lang and Yue Yang into smithereens, then Tian Quan wouldn’t be able to soothe the grudge in his heart. Even if he die, he wouldn’t die in peace!

Yue Yang was actually really ignoring that fellow. Although Tian Quan was a little stronger than Yao Guang and Kai Yang, if not for Duan Mu Long Cheng, Yue Yang could kill that fellow who overestimated his abilities any time.

The thing that confused Yue Yang was that Chi Liao, whom he had killed just now was actually still alive.

Chi Liao only had his head left. He had suffered serious injuries and was nearing death, but that Demon Innate Ranker was actually still alive.

Chi Liao’s head in the sky summoned a Advanced Platinum Grimoire and raised his protective shield. He then immediately summoned fire to replenish his strength and recover his body. Yue Yang could see with his Level 5 Divine Vision that the reason that Chi Liao did not die was because he had not used damaged him enough. Furthermore, that fellow had a unique Inherent Skill that allowed him to avoid death. Yue Yang only paid attention to Duan Mu Long Cheng’s attacks just now, he was unable to deliver the killing blow… If Yue Yang didn’t choose to use his Nirvana’s Flame to reine Chi Liao’s demon heart and ignited his head with Nirvana’s Flame instead, Chi Liao would probably be dead.

The problem was that Yue Yang needed that demon heart.

If he had burned Chi Liao’s head with Nirvana’s Flame instead, the moment he died, his demon heart that was filled with energy would also be destroyed.

That way would be too wasteful…

Yue Yang looked at the ugly Chi Liao’s head. Other than having only one life, what else do this fellow have? He was completely not a threat. It’s just that those Gold-ranked beasts that he summoned didn’t die from his death, hence it was quite unfortunate. Seems like Hui Tai Lang needs to work hard for a while more.

“Hui Tai Lang, what are you waiting for? Are you just going to eat for free without doing any work?” Yue Yang was definitely a worse dictator than Hitler.

“Woof!” Hui Tai Lang was actually getting bored of waiting.

“Damn dog, you finally came out. See if I don’t tear you to shreds!” Tian Quan felt that he should first kill the dog, roast it and eat it whole, then gave its remains to its master… Or perhaps should he first kill its master, then watch it die as he chopped off this dog’s four limbs so that it would die from bloodloss. Otherwise, he could perhaps look for Mad Devouring Ants to eat this damned dog alive until only its head was left, then send its head back to its home.

However, before Tian Quan prepared to make a move on Hui Tai Lang, there was a sudden breeze on his back.

There was an unbridled, extremely furious voice resounding from his back, “You, why are you still here? You should have died long ago! Letting someone like you live is simply a waste of space and food! Remember, as a minor character, you shouldn’t be too arrogant!”

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