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LLS Chapter 290 – The rifle shot the bird that pokes its head out first!

Chapter 290 – The rifle shot the bird that pokes its head out first!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Taking the advantage that the Phoenix Fairy Beauty and Yue Yang were intimately hugging each other, Duan Mu Long Cheng, Tian Quan and Chi Liao immediately released their Innate Power.

Tian Quan was a little stronger than Yao Guang and Kai Yang.

When he released his Innate Power, he reached Innate Level 3. His qi exploded out, turning into a shockwave that shook the whole ground. However, the Demon Innate Ranker Chi Liao was stronger than Tian Quan. Although he was also at Innate Level 3, it was obvious that Chi Liao was much stronger than Tian Quan. The Hellflames that he released spread out and collided with Tian Quan’s qi, producing a deafening sound… The place where the two people’s qi collided with each other seemed to break apart. The black and burning Hellflames sputtered across the sky while the ground had turned into a sea of fire as the Hellflames burnt everything, including the sand, gravel and stones on the ground.

Duan Mu Long Cheng, the cunning fellow had also released his Innate Powers soundlessly.

There wasn’t a shock wave blast nor a sea of fire.

A silent light yellow light radiated out soundlessly, forming a hundred meter radius around Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

Shun Tian didn’t release his Innate Power, instead, he summoned a sparkling crystal diamond grimoire that was radiating with rainbow coloured light.

Placing his hand softly on the diamond grimoire, he summoned his Guardian Spirit Beast.

It was a Diamond-ranked Level 9 humanoid beast, a gold-coloured giant that was almost five-meters tall. He wore a crown on his head and a platinum-coloured armor on his body. There was a golden sword at his waist and he wore a pair of silk boots. “Tai, go on rampage!” The Golden Giant that looked like a Great Emperor clapped his hands together in one thundering sound and swung them downwards. Its tyrannical Emperor’s Aura swung down like a gold-coloured storm, pressuring down onto Yue Yang with a power that was even stronger than Moqi Xu Ling’s Domain of Power, [Heavy Pressure], that made his enemies bear twenty times of their own weight.

“Woof!” Hui Tai Lang and Thorny Flower Demoness sensed danger, they hurriedly hid behind Yue Yang.

The ground on which Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty was standing on became concave soundlessly.

Although Yue Yang immediately summoned his Silver Grimoire and erected his protective shield, he was still kind of unable to defend against the enormous power pressuring down on him from the sky.

The shape of his protective shield became a little concave.

Yue Yang was extremely shocked.

The extremely strong Demon Ha Xin still needed his own finger to poke through the grimoire’s protective shield

However, this Great Emperor Zhi Wei, Shun Tian, didn’t even need to lift a finger. He simply needed to summon his beast and ordered him to attack, With an attack that was still separated by air, he was able to unleash a force that could almost damage a grimoire’s protective shield… Seems like the Diamond-ranked Level 9 Golden Giant was an existence that was Holy Beast or stronger, an extremely strong opponent. The thing that made Yue Yang speechless was that the Golden Giant was also a Guardian Spirit Beast who would never die unless his master died. Under the pressure of the Emperor’s Aura from this Diamond-ranked Level 9 Holy Beast, Yue Yang was unable to protect himself. Seems like he was still not strong enough to fight against that Great Emperor of Zhi Wei, Shun Tian.

“Lord Shun Tian, we should probably go to some other wide open space to fight. It’s inconvenient to fight in this narrow space.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s killing intent flashed across her beautiful eyes.

She ignored the pressure from that Diamond-ranked Level 9 Golden Giant, floating through the sky effortlessly.

Before turning into a streak of meteor and disappearing, she waved her hands towards Yue Yang.

She then smiled with a smile that could probably make others crazy about her and said, “Little rogue, you dared to be act misappropriately towards me. I shall teach you a lesson later when I return!”

Yue Yang laughed, “I will definitely wait for your return. By the way, I don’t mind being on top or bottom!”

Phoenix Fairy Beauty laughed out when she heard this.

Her red lips, white teeth, clear eyes, rosy cheeks and that dimple at the corner of her smile made Yue Yang choke with emotion. Her shoulders shook slightly as she laughed, she was definitely a sight to behold. Yue Yang was completely transfixed, his saliva almost dripping from the edge of his mouth. Upon seeing this, Phoenix Fairy Beauty became even happier as she threw him a wink and a hot flying kiss, “If you are not defeated by your enemies… I shall consider it!”


Yue Yang felt that his current heartbeat must have shot up to 500 beats per minute, almost exploding from too much stimulation.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty not only have a sexy body, she was also extremely seductive.

With regards to Yue Yang’s advances, she didn’t reject him like other girls. Instead, she teased him back. Yue Yang started to imagine in his heart, if he teased Phoenix Fairy Beauty even further, would she push him down instead?

“My blissful sex life, I really can’t wait for it!” Yue Yang swallowed his saliva in secret as he watched Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s figure turning into a streak of light, quick as lightning as she disappeared towards the nearby forest. Yue Yang couldn’t stop his daydream even after she disappeared. That Great Emperor of Zhi Wei, Shun Tian, had also followed her along. Before he left, he shot a last glance towards Yue Yang, then whispered something to Duan Mu Long Cheng. He also left his Golden Giant to help out here, before chasing after Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

With regards to Shun Tian and Tian Fa’s fight, it might be difficult to even determine the victor if they fought for day and night.

The two people were more or less had equal strength.

Even if he, as the Great Emperor of Zhi Wei might have been stronger a little, he wouldn’t be that much stronger than her. The real battle was between Duan Mu Long Cheng and Yue Yang. As long as Duan Mu Long Cheng could kill Yue Yang, it wouldn’t matter what the result of the fight between him and Tian Fa was.

There were Duan Mu Long Cheng, the Innate Level 6 Ranker and Green Summit Sect Leader, and two Innate Level 3 Rankers Tian Quan and Chi Liao fighting against Yue Yang. If they were still unable to beat that Innate Level 3 Yue Yang, then Duan Mu Long Cheng and the others should just commit suicide. Shun Tian believed that his battle plan would not fail regardless of other factors. No matter how crazy, cunning, or abnormal Yue Yang was, he would definitely be defeated without a doubt!

Different from Yue Yang who was still daydreaming even after Phoenix Fairy Beauty was gone, the Acetic Practice Saint and Scholar had started fighting against the two short and tall Heavenly Imperial Guardians from the Kingdom of Zhi Jin. They were all Heavenly Imperial Guardians, their strength were more or less the same, of an Innate Level 5.

Without the help of a third party, even if they fought for one whole day and night, it would be difficult to decide the winner.


The mountains at a distance was destroyed into pieces from the Ascetic Practice Saint’s attack.

The Scholar who was on the other side of the mountain created a whirling tornado and attacked the enemies in front of him. His opponent was the taller Heavenly Imperial Guardian of the Zhi Jin Kingdom. As the Scholar’s opponent, he didn’t seem to feel nervous at all. This was because he knew that the longer he stall for time, the better the whole situation would be for him.

At this time, Tian Quan and Chi Liao started summoning their beasts, preparing to kill Yue Yang. They didn’t care about whatever rules of the Innate Alliance anymore.

Tian Quan’s summoned beasts were all flying-type beasts.

Gold-ranked Level 7 “Storm Griffin”, Gold-ranked Level 7 “Red-crowned Wyvern King”, Gold-ranked Level 6 Giant Bat and Gold-ranked Level 6 Harpy. His plan was to use his flying beasts’ speed and flexibility to attack the Thorny Flower Demones on Yue Yang’s sie. With the support of Duan Mu Long Cheng’s [Weaken] Domain of Power, even the Diamond-ranked Thorny Flower Demoness wouldn’t be able to avoid the attacks from his flying beasts. She was fated to die tragically… Furthermore, that Thorny Flower Demoness who seemed very strong was actually only Diamond-ranked Level 1!

The Thorny Flower Demoness was an expert in land fight. She could summon a sea of flowers on the ground, hence it wouldn’t be weird that the King of Black Light who couldn’t get off from the ground was defeated under her hands.

However, facing against four flying beasts, what would the Thorny Flower Demoness do?

Duan Mu Long Cheng’s [Weaken] Domain of Power was able to affect every single organism, including Innate Rankers who were weaker than Duan Mu Long Cheng. Their strength would be decreased tenfold. How could the Thorny Flower Demoness reverse the situation under this kind of conditions?

That was an impossible feat to do!

Chi Liao’s goal was to kill Hui Tai Lang.

The Demon Innate had summoned Gold-ranked beasts with fire attributes.

Fire Hydra, Cerberus, Lava Giant, Magma Wyvern and a Fire Witch who wielded a flaming whip on her hands.

Within the [Weaken] Domain of Power and a ground covered with a sea of blazing flames, Hui Tai Lang had to fight against 5 Gold-ranked Level 6 or Gold-ranked Level 7 fire-attribute beasts from the Demon Abyss… Forget about Chi Liao who thought that Hui Tai Lang would definitely not be able to win, even Yue Yang thought that it would be a very difficult fight for Hui Tai Lang. Hui Tai Lang would probably win on one-on-one, but against a crowd?

It’s really hard to say!

Yue Yang’s enemies were both higher in numbers and stronger.

His strongest opponent was the Innate Level 6 Duan Mu Long Cheng, the Sect Leader of Green Summit Sect who possessed the [Weaken] Domain of Power. His powers might even surpass a Demon King’s.

Yue Yang was unable to comprehend the real strength of Demon King Ha Xin, because he did not have Divine Vision Level 5 at that time.

However, Demon King Ha Xin’s power displayed superficially at that time was more or less the same as what Duan Mu Long Cheng had displayed currently. If the Demon King Ha Xin didn’t purposely hide his strength, then he might not even be able to defeat this Duan Mu Long Cheng who possessed the [Weaken] Domain of Power. Yue Yang didn’t even bother to consider Tian Quan and Chi Liao. These two Innate Level 3 fellows could not even compare to Shun Tian’s Diamond-ranked Level 9 Golden Giant. Yue Yang would never acknowledge their existence… The pressure from the Golden Giant’s Emperor’s Aura seemed to intensify under Duan Mu Long Cheng’s [Weaken] Domain of Power. It became even more powerful!

With regards to this Diamond-ranked Level 9 Golden Giant, Yue Yang had no other choice but to regard him seriously.

“Alright, since you guys are bullying us with numbers, I won’t be courteous anymore.” Yue Yang then immediately summoned five more beasts in one go… and those beasts were: the Quintet Golden Puppet Mice.

“Pfft!” Tian Quan spurted out his saliva.

He almost fell straight to the ground from the sky

Normal-ranked Level 1 Puppet Mice that had no fighting abilities? What use would they have? Tian Quan immediately burst out in laughter the moment he saw them, he felt like he was about to die from laughter.

The Fire Mouse from the Quintet Puppet Mice scampered out of Yue Yang’s protective shield unhurriedly, completely unaffected by the [Weaken] Domain of Power and the Emperor’s Aura at all. This was because it was not a living organism, it didn’t had fear nor living body, hence it would not be affected by any mental, spirit or flesh injuries. The hellflames was also ineffective against it. Even the Fire Hydra didn’t bother to attack it as it watched the Fire Mouse with its eyes.

The Fire Mouse scampered out slowly, its little head turning left and right, searching for something.

It felt like the Fire Mouse was simply a normal mouse seeking for food.

Five seconds later, the Fire Mouse found out about the Dynamite Trap that Chi Liao had secretly created with his hellflames. Furthermore, it also succeeded in activating it…


A thunderous sound shook the whole ground.

The whole ground shook uncontrollably from the huge explosion, but that Fire Mouse had actually continued to climb forward slowly and unhurriedly, searching for the next Dynamite Trap. When it succeeded in activating the second Dynamite Trap and managed to blow the nearby Cerberus away. Chi Liao finally realized that this Fire Mouse was actually his Dynamite Trap’s weakness! His expressions completely changed as he roared furiously, shooting down to the ground from the sky. He clenched his fist, prepared to destroy the annoying little puppet mouse with one move.

“Let me give you a word of advice: The rifle shot the bird that pokes its head out first!” Yue Yang appeared behind Chi Liao’s back in a flash with a World Exterminating Wheel in one of his hand and Nirvana’s Flame on the other.

He had waited for this opportunity for a very long time.

As long as he matched his enemy, he would be able to counter-attack the moment they show a weakness.

Yue Yang’s counter-attack would be deadly, ultimate attack.

He would definitely not do a sloppy job.

He would kill his enemies in a single move!

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    Alright, since you guys are bullying us with numbers, I won’t be courteous anymore.” Yue Yang then immediately summoned five more beasts in one go… and those beasts were: the Quintet Golden Puppet Mice.


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