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LLS Chapter 289 – Hey, Can You Stop Drooling!

Chapter 289 – Hey, Can You Stop Drooling!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Sorry for the late post guys… and uh, 290 postponed to tomorrow sorry >.<
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The fake Yue Yang had a sullen expression, but he didn’t say anything.

Yue Yan looked around the surrounding and realized that no one dared to stood up. He furiously shouted, “I’ll go! Even if you are a good-for-nothing loser who plays trick, I’m not afraid of you!”

“Go away!” Yue Yang glared at him coldly.

“What did you say?” Yue Yan was bewildered. Why did this abnormal loser not want him to take the blood test again?

“I say you are an idiot! Should I allow an idiot to take the test? Nobody stood up to take it, why are you standing up for? Are you worried that your low IQ is not embarrassing enough that you want to make a spectacle of yourself even further?” Yue Yang slapped Yue Yan hard, making the Fourth Young Master’s head spin and fell to the ground. Yue Yang pointed at Yue Bao and the fake Yue Yang, then commanded with an icy voice, “You two, come up and test your blood.”

The people around started to understand what was going on.

Seems like the Third Young Master had the ability to see through his enemies’ blood test tricks. Although Yue Yan was extremely hostile towards him, he didn’t suspect Yue Yan, he only suspected Yue Bao and the others.

There was only one true Yue Clan Third Young Master… This Third Young Master on Yue Qiu’s side, no matter if he’s real or fake, he must be tested once again.

However, why did Yue Yang still pointed towards Yue Bao for a second blood test?

Could it be that there was a problem with Yue Bao too?

Everyone was bewildered. They started looking at Yue Bao, and discovered, to their surprise, that his face was pale as death. Under Yue Yang’s icy gaze, Yue Bao’s body was trembling unnaturally, as if he was trying to tamper down some kind of fear. Yue Bao shifted his gaze and took glances at the fake Yue Qiu, as if signalling to him to speak out and save him. The fake Yue Qiu had difficulties saving himself too, hence he didn’t bother to pay attention to him. The fake Yue Yang wanted to speak out, but immediately shut his mouth when the fake Yue Qiu glared at him, signalling to him not to speak out and save Yue Bao that easily.

Yue Bao became panicked, he started screaming out, “I am a Yue Clan’s descendant, I shouldn’t be suspected at all. I have already tested myself just now, I don’t have to be tested again, i don’t want to be tested again. He is a demon, everyone shouldn’t believe in his words!”

Hui Tai Lang charged out from beside Yue Yang and pinned Yue Bao to the ground.

Its huge mouth opened wide and grabbed Yue Bao, dragging him and throwing him right under Yue Yang’s feet. Its movements were faster than lightning.

Fatty Hai and Ye Kong cooperated harmoniously, one of them pressing Yue Bao down and the other used a the silver dagger to cut Yue Bao’s arms.

When the blood was dripped into the middle bottle from the silver dagger, the demon’s blood reaction appeared… Although it was a small reaction, everyone could clearly see that Yue Bao’s blood test result was completely different from his previous one. Could it be that he was actually not Yue Ling’s son?

“No, no, I’m a Yue Clan’s descendant, I’m not a demon, you guys are just playing tricks!” Yue Bao was so scared that he started crying.

“I don’t think you are worthy enough to be a demon… Tell me about the dark energy you are hiding inside your body. Who gave it to you? Where did you get your beast? What did that person tell you to say?” Yue Yang started questioning Yue Bao coldly. Yue Bao’s father, Yue Ling, had wanted to come out and speak out for his son. However, when he saw his young son Yue Feng started to tremble in fear, he sighed and picked him up, tightly hugging him, and did not give Yue Bao a second look. Yue Ling was not a fool either, he could see through a lot of things, but he couldn’t speak out because he had to protect himself, his wife and his little son. He could only choose silence.

“Fourth Brother asked me to do all of this!” Yue Bao clenched his teeth and pointed at Yue Yan, shouting out.

“What?” Yue Yan was dumbstruck. How did the responsibility fall onto him now?

“Fourth Brother said that we must kill you no matter what. He asked me to cooperate with him, and even said that the evidence would definitely be against you. I have been listening to his orders all along, that’s why I did what I did. This blood test to identify familial relations, it was also all Fourth Brother’s idea! Everything was his plot!” Yue Bao cried out loudly.

“You, you, I…” Yue Yan looked around the surrounding in hopelessness.

Right now, no matter if it was the fake Yue Qiu’s side or Yue Yang’s side, he was an enemy to both of them.

Yue Yan discovered that he was all alone. The comrade that he had risked his life to believe in had actually abandoned him without hesitation. They had even pinned all the blame onto him. At this time, even his father did not dare to put up a good word for him. Only then did Yue Yan discovered that he was a piece that everyone could abandon anytime, a pawn, a stepping stone.

He had only been naively hoping for Yue Yang to fall, wanting to step on the person he hated the most in the world under his feet.

He didn’t care about anything else, and didn’t care which side was wrong or right. He just wanted him to die.

He only realized how absurd he was in the end.

Turns out that the thing he wanted the most had become some other person’s bait.

Because of his grudge, he had become some other person’s pawn… Moreover, he had become a pawn with a tragic end…

When Yue Yan turned around and saw the fake Yue Clan Third Young Master’s mocking gaze, an indescribable agony etched deep inside his heart. This guy who was mocking him behind could not even compare to that abnormal trash. At least that abnormal trash still recognized him as a descendant of the Yue Clan without even looking at the blood test result. On the other hand, this heartless impostor from the Demon Abyss had actually abandoned him at the time he needed him the most. Yue Yan was filled with hate, regret, fury and sadness as he shouted out in pain, “Die, let’s all just die together!”

Yue Yan didn’t charge at Yue Yang. Instead he attacked the fake Yue Yang.


Yue Yan whose fury had filled his heart was not the fake Yue Yang’s match at all. Forget about winning against him in this kind of crazed mental state, Yue Yan would not be able to win against the Level 6 Elder fake Yue Yang even under normal circumstances. With just a punch, Yue Yan was sent flying away and thrown to the ground, his ribs broken and internal organs injured, making him vomit blood and was almost dying.

He struggled and tried to stand back up.

However, he fainted in the end due to his injuries.

Fallen on the ground, blood continued to trickle out of his mouth. His consciousness started to fade, and he fainted.

Yue Yang clapped his hands and praised, “Good attack, nice punch! This guy who tried to be my impostor, how should I address you? Don’t think that you can disguise as me just by looking like me. Yue Bing, tell this idiot what’s your brother’s Inherent Skill!”

Yue Bing nodded emotionally when she heard that it was finally her turn to speak up.

She took a deep breath and tried not to be nervous, forcing her voice to be steady and not tremble, “All of you listen. All tricks are useless in front of brother, because brother’s Inherent Skill is [Conceal]! He is able to see through other people’s concealed secrets. My brother has long known whatever secrets you guys are hiding!” Yue Bing’s words made everyone present speechless.

Turns out this brat had such an abnormal Inherent Skill!

No wonder he could easily expose such a strange blood test. Turns out this brat had an Inherent Skill that could see through concealed secrets.

Fatty Hai immediately moved away from Yue Yang the moment he heard that, afraid that Yue Yang would discover his secret.

“You don’t have to stay so far away from me. I’m not interested in your secret hobby of wearing flowery underwears.” Yue Yang kicked the fatty away and made the audience speechless once again. No wonder the Yue Clan Third Young Master was so abnormal. Having the Conceal Inherent Skill, having the ability to search through other’s secrets and weakness, it would be strange if he’s not strong!

“Be quiet, shush!” Fatty Hai jumped up and tried to cover Yue Yang’s mouth nervously. Ye Kong and the others started laughing at his futile attempts.

“I think everyone is now more or less aware of the situation. There is only one conclusion. You guys are pot calling the kettle black. You guys are the demons, but you are trying to turn me into one instead. As the reputable Third Young Master of the Yue Clan, I hereby issue an order: From today onwards, all of the descendants of Yue Clan, be it from the branch family or the main family, must leave the fake Yue Qiu’s side. Otherwise, I will treat you all as a traitor. The fake Yue Qiu and and Yue Yang are the main offenders for the Yue Clan troubles. Demon Innate Ranker Chi Liao, please leave this vicinity immediately, otherwise, I will treat you as an enemy of the Yue Clan… Tian Quan from the Seven Great Bears, as the teacher of the fake Yue Yang, I order you to sever one arm right now and announce that you will sever all relations with the fake Yue Yang. Only then will I let you leave this place alive…”

“How about us?” the two Heavenly Imperial Guardians from the Kingdom of Zhi Jin asked coldly.

“If you guys want to stay, I think the cemetery behind the mountain will make a good place for your accommodation. Otherwise you can just let our pet Hui Tai Lang have a feast of its life and send you both on your journey.” Yue Yang knew that the real moment of a conflict break-out had come.

“Great Emperor of Zhi Wei, my apologies. You guys are in the wrong. If you guys couldn’t prove that Yue Qiu is the real deal, we will choose to believe in Yue Yang’s words. As the true descendant of the Yue Clan, Yue Yang had the power to expel you guys. Even if you are all Innates, you shouldn’t help the evil.” The Ascetic Practice Saint stood up and supported Yue Yang determinedly.

“The fake Yue Qiu and Yue Yang are suspected of being demons. Please prove your real identity immediately, otherwise I will assume that you guys are demons!” The Tian Luo Kingdom’s Heavenly Imperial Guardian, the middle-aged scholar stood up and shouted loudly. When the two Heavenly Imperial Guardians of Zhi Jin Kingdom strode forward towards him, the middle-aged scholar Heavenly Imperial Guardian’s expressions changed as he shouted furiously, “If you two are helping them to fight, this means a declaration of war between Zhi Jin versus Tian Luo and Da Xia Kingdom!”

“We just wanted to remind you that there are people who had opened the gateway to the Demon Abyss in the capital of Tian Luo and Da Xia. Hundred thousands of demons were pouring into Soaring Dragon Continent relentlessly, swallowing both soldiers and civilians. They are even marching to your Imperial Palaces as we speak. As the country’s Heavenly Imperial Guardians, I believe you two will not simply standby and watch, right?” One of the Zhi Jin Kingdom Heavenly Imperial Guardian that was slightly shorter coldly laughed, “Do you know why we set up this blood test to identify familial relations thing? It is to keep you guys here. Your State Grandmaster has already gone to the Eastern Goblin Tribe with his troops. The Night Empress is also not here. Since the two of you are also here, the capital is now empty. No one is there to protect the capital. Who is to blame for this? It’s your own faults for trying to meddle into other’s business!”

“I understand.” The Ascetic Practice Saint was completely furious as he nodded, “Before going back to destroy the Demon Legion, I will first kill you guys and take revenge for our country’s citizens!”

“With just the two of you?” The taller of the two Zhi Jin Kingdom Heavenly Imperial Guardians started laughing loudly, “Our powers are more or less equal, it would be difficult to decide the winner even after sparring a thousand times. How can you guys say such things?”

“Ascetic Practice Saint, if you are forgetful, I can remind you again. Other than the Great Emperor of Zhi Wei, on my side, there are still myself, and Tian Quan, two other Innates.” The Demon Innate Ranker Chi Liao pointed at the Ascetic Practice Saint, “Actually, I have been wanting to kill you guys for a long time now. The relations between Da Xia and Tian Luo had always been very close, you guys have been helping each other since forever. We had waited for so long for this chance today, this is really an opportunity sent to us by the heavens…”

“Little Yue Yang, run away from here now!” The Ascetic Practice Saint suddenly turned around and looked at Yue Yang, “If there’s an opportunity in the future, please take revenge for us!”

“Since I have come here, I have no wish to return.” Yue Yang shook his head and pointed at the Yue Clan Castle, commanding at Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others, “There must be some kind of huge teleportation portal circle inside, the enemies will use human lives as an offering. Your job is to attack the Yue Clan Castle and destroy the teleportation portal circle!

“Understood. Do you have any other orders? Destroying teleportation circles is a piece of cake!” Fatty Hai crushed his fists together, his fighting spirit soaring to the sky.

As long as he didn’t have to fight an Innate, Fatty Hai thought that his current strength could turn the whole castle upside down.

Yue Yang chuckled a little when he heard him, “Then after you destroy the teleportation circle, could you please try to kick the Blood Prison Demon King who might have already teleported here back to the Demon Abyss?”

Fatty Hai immediately shuddered when he heard that.

He immediately howled in fear and rushed madly towards the Yue Clan Castle, bypassing the Innate Rankers on the other side.

Of course, the ones who were faster than him were Ye Kong, Prince of Tian Luo, Xue Tan Lang, and the Li Brothers, who broke into a dash the moment they heard Yue Yang… In the sky, the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder, fake Yue Qiu, Yue Yang and other warriors quickly followed after them to stop their advancement… The fake Yue Qiu took one last glance towards Yue Yang before he went, his expressions filled with smugness. Maybe he was smug because this whole plan was carried out by him, and although Yue Yang had seen through it, he wasn’t able to do anything.

The victors become kings, and losers become slaves.

As long as they killed Yue Yang, the Ascetic Practice Saint and the others, who else would ever know of this truth?

Only the Marquis of Zhi Jin and the Great Emperor of Zhi Wei Shun Tian started to frown almost at the same time.

The two of them felt that since Yue Yang had seen through their plans, they wouldn’t be able to proceed with their plans so smoothly. Yue Yang might have been trying to gain the Ascetic Practice Saint’s and the Scholar’s support when he expose the blood test trickery just now in order to gain their help. But how about now? He obviously knew something was wrong. Why didn’t he force his way into the Yue Clan Castle?

He was even not surprised nor fearful at all. Facing against such an overwhelming plot against him, he was still so confident and unperturbed.

Was he pretending to be calm?

Or did he really have the confidence to turn things around?

The Phoenix Fairy Beauty had been resting inside the horse carriage all along, as if having her beauty sleep.

Until now, when everyone was about to fight, she slowly walked out of the horse carriage, smiling seductively, “Aih, seems like you guys are going to start fighting. It’s been a long time since I watch Innates fight, I also want to participate. By the way, Sect Leader Duan Mu who has been hiding in the corner silently watching the others, I don’t know that you have such a hobby. Aren’t you going to come out and say hi to everyone?”

It was as if some kind of space distorted in the air, before it quickly returned back to normal.

A middle-aged man wearing a crane-robe floated down to the ground, appearing in front of the crowd. The aura he brought with him was not ordinary.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty introduced him to Yue Yang, “This is an almost immortal Innate, his name is Duan Mu Long Cheng. He is the current Sect Leader of Green Summit Sect. Right, the Moqi Xu Ling you killed just now was his Vice Sect Leader. Be careful or he might cause you troubles, okay!”

“Hmm, great timing. We can finally resolve the thousand years debt between the Green Summit Sect and the Yue Clan.” Yue Yang nodded.

“Be careful!” Xue Wu Xia personally carried Yue Bing while Princess Qian Qian carried Yue Yu and Luo Hua City Mistress carried Yi Nan. They were preparing to leave and advance towards the Yue Clan Castle. They wouldn’t be able to display their full strength staying here. Their goal was to go into the Yue Clan Castle, destroy the teleportation circle and foil the attempt of their enemies getting reinforcements from the Demon Legion. The Marquis of Zhi Jin looked at Yue Yang seriously before he waved his hand and lead the Zhi Jin the soldiers of Zhi Jin who disguised themselves as the Yue Clan guards to chase after Xue Wu Xia and the others.

In the Marquis of Zhi Jin’s heart, the most frightening one amongst their enemy was Yue Yang while the second one was Phoenix Fairy Beauty. However, the third one wasn’t the Ascetic Practice Saint nor the Scholar, it was the mysterious female thief that had once injured him very badly and made him suffer huge losses. He could recognize her with one look, and he had also recognized her identity. It was the Young Mistress from the Xue Clan!

Second Uncle Yue Ling also looked at Yue Yang.

He didn’t speak, he only carried his seriously injured son Yue Yan away while holding his little son Yue Feng with his other hand.

Seems like no matter who was right or wrong, he wasn’t about to die in the midst of the great war.

The Yue Clan must not be without an heir… He was willing to be branded a coward in order to keep a descendant of the Yue Clan. Otherwise, the Yue Clan would be completely destroyed…

“I leave the Great Emperor of Zhi Wei to you. As for that Duan Mu, Tian Quan and Chi Liao, leave them to me!” Yue Yang didn’t forget to take advantage of Phoenix Fairy Beauty before the war started, hugging her tightly and burying his face into her abundant breasts that could drown men in ecstasy. He breathed in the fragrance satisfiedly, “If I could hug you like this everytime I get into a fight, I am willing to fight everyday!”

“Why don’t you consider my feelings a little? Don’t lick, hey, can you stop drooling…” Phoenix Fairy Beauty shouted out in surprise.

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      Doesn’t he only have 3 domains them being Nirvana flames, world exterminating wheel and star explosion???

      • metazoxan says:

        No because apparently he gained star explosion by using his devour domain to absorb it. Remember when he tried to tap into his domain a star tried to attack him but then something else ate it and so now bang he had star power. I think it was implied devour was his true domain with the others being obtained or eaten one way or another.

        Where did the star explosion that he ate come from? Who knows the author is too busy thinking up plots a pre schooler could come up with to worry about minor details like that.

      • Gautham StarShadow says:

        Nah he only showed us that. The other domain he didn’t use but he mentioned that the devour domain was the natural ability in his body and the other abilities he got from the innate realm which he opened and that was where the devour ability ate the star and gave him the star explosion ability!

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    haha, i thought the title “Hey, can you stop drooling” was going to be aimed at the multi-lingual dog. Turns out it was yue yang haha.

  3. alu says:

    Good trick: he made Yue Bing say what his Inherent Skill is, so no one can feel he is lying about it.
    He still did not tell anyone about having a dual Inherent Skill, didn’t he?

  4. metazoxan says:

    seriously? they left TWO kingdoms defenseless to take part in this farce? WHY!?!

    It’s already a known fact that the invasion during the tournament has the backing of that Zhi jin guys and the green summit guys are also known bad guys. So why the hell would they just come and participate in a farce those guys arranged?

    I’m still reading because it’s hard to drop something after 289 chapters but this is really the problem with this guys writing a lot of the time. Things just happen for no god damn reason and with no proper foreshadowing like “Oh BTW while this was going on a full scale invasion started. lol” and people are complete morons by design for the sake of plot.

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    I mean seriously if you think about it all that was happening was some dumbass claiming to be the MC’s father showed up and called the MC a fake. Given the MC’s status as an innate was a fact and given all his connected you’d think the kingdoms would just go “who cares. real or fake I’m just going to trust the guy basically engaged to our/our allies princess rather than some sketchy rank 6 brat and his idiot sketchy father.

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    Sorry for the rant I’m just getting super tired of all this forced nonsense.

    • Light says:

      I pretty much agree with you. That being said, this has NEVER been a serious series. There are bound to be a lot of plot holes from now on. I think we can assume that since the Yue Clan is a major clan and that they already dealt with the vast majority of the demons that got through the innate ranker there, who is now the highest ranking person in the kingdom, judged that he had to give face to the clan for a day. They never once said that Innates are particularly intelligent, only that they have much longer lives than normal people and that they’re extremely talented in understanding the laws of the universe. Sort of like Linley from Coiling Dragon, he’s EXTREMELY talented at training, but he’s not particularly good with people. These Innates are also likely training most of the time, not dealing with strategies and matching wits with people. Also, if Yue Yang is a fake, then the next response would be “why is he pretending to be Yue Yang” and from there it becomes a concern of betrayal in the future. Considering Yue Yang is an Innate who’d infiltrated the clan, it’s also reasonable to think he’d have a method to overwrite people’s memories, or else the connections to make his story more plausible.

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        My problem is that while it’s reasonable for innates to not be strategist geniuses but with the exception of the MC and a few on lookers these are all high ranking members of sects or armies. They should at least have the bare minimum of awareness of things like “don’t leave your home lame defenseless when you know an enemy kingdom and traitorous sects have been causing trouble lately.

        Another problem I have is while it’s reasonable to call the MC’s identity into question under normal circumstances the people calling him a fake and their story are far too far fetched. A major issue I mentioned a few chapters ago is after Yue Qin comes back he says nothing about his famous son who is an innate. Only a significant time later does his “real son” suddenly show up despite having apparently been with him the whole time. There is also the issue that it’s a known fact Yue Qin’s son has been living with his aunt and treated like trash all his life. The claim that he had been a fake all along is absurd. At the very least no one should believe this at all without them providing serious proof first. Letting the sketchy guy making wild claims test people on his own terms is stupid and the fact his backers were all people from evil sects is like screaming “I’M LYING!!!”.

        Again it’s not that I exected brilliance from this series and I’m not saying these problems are new. But I feel they are getting worse.

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    I agree with your skepticism, but I see this chapter and the one before as a drop in the story and possibly something happened to the author and he wasn’t able to convey these parts correctly. I read them and vaguely understood that most of the skeptic yue clan were killed, all the yue guards are kill/replaced, most of the dumber/evil yue are under “fake” yue qiu’s watch while he is under the evil innate control.

    these evil innate have been causing major strife and subversion of the human kingdom for a long time. MC came along and under the radar became a superpower house which made the evil innate target his clan.(excluding the fact of their subversion tactics to weaken all famous clans in the first place)

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