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LLS Chapter 288 – Yue Yang’s Big Comeback!

Chapter 288 – Yue Yang’s Big Comeback!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The blood test to identify familial relations was fairly easy.

On the table, there were three bottles filled with Holy Water. That Demon Innate Ranker Chi Liao dripped his blood into the bottle in the middle and set it as the standard. Then, the fake Yue Qiu and Yue Yang, Second Uncle Yue Ling, Yue Yan, Yue Feng, Yue Yang, Yue Yu and Yue Bing could choose the bottle in either left or right to drip their blood. If the reaction was similar to the demon’s, then it was obvious that they were not of Yue Clan’s descendant.

From the outside, this blood test to identify familial relations seemed to be perfectly fair, no problems at all.

However, as the guy from another world, Yue Yang know that this extremely simple blood test was very easy to manipulate.

The biggest mystery was that why was Yue Qiu so sure that Yue Yang, Yue Yu and Yue Bing’s blood would have the same reaction as Chi Liao’s blood?

This invisible expectation made them greatly suspicious… If he had not played any kind of tricks, why would he be so sure that everyone not on their side was a Demon? Couldn’t it be a human trying to disguise as the Third Young Master? Why must they be of Demon race? If he was using the Demon Innate Ranker Chi Liao’s blood as an example, wouldn’t that mean that the fake Yue Qiu had already foreseen that Yue Yang and the others’ blood would have the same reaction as that Demon Innate Ranker?

“…” Luo Hua City Mistress and Princess Qian Qian shot each other a glance. They thought that Yue Qiu had definitely set up some tricks, but they still didn’t understand his real reason.

“Since it’s that way, we’ll participate in the test.” Yue Yang made a decision.

Refusing the test would give his enemies the excuse to capture him.

As long as he managed to see through this despicable, shameless fakers’ schemes during the test, he would be able to turnaround the situation.

Of course, Yue Yang felt that no matter what, there would be no avoiding a falling out with Yue Qiu. The only difference was that whether the Heavenly Imperial Guardians of Da Xia and Tian Luo, the Ascetic Practice Saint and the middle-aged Scholar, would have a reason to fight on their side.

The Demon Innate Ranker walked forward and cut a small wound on the palm of his left hand with his sharp nails, dripping his demon’s blood into the bottle of Holy Water. The moment the demon blood dripped into the bottle, the originally clear Holy Water inside the bottle immediately boiled, as if a monster was trashing the water inside. The Holy Water inside quickly boiled and formed some steam that rose up to the air…

Everyone had seen it clearly. The demon’s blood was not unable to mix with the HOly Water, it would be boiled away the moment it was mixed.

Following that, the fake Yue Qiu came forward.

He cut his finger with a dagger and dripped his blood onto the left bottle. Other than shining slightly, there was no other reaction.

The fake Yue Qiu had also set a very good example, proving that a Yue Clan’s descendant’s blood would not have any reaction with the Holy Water. Even if there was a reaction, it was only a slight light… Other people would think that Yue Qiu’s blood was extremely pure!

Following that was the fake Yue Yang. He dripped his blood on the bottle at the right. His blood also produced a little bit of light.

What does this mean?

This meant that the three Holy Water bottles were all the same, there will be no problem choosing whichever one.

“Next, we would like to see Yue Shan’s son, Yue Tian’s blood reaction. My older brother Yue Shan had been killed by a demon twenty years ago. When I heard about the news in the Demon Abyss, I thought that no matter what, I will stay alive and return to the Soaring Dragon Continent. This is because I can’t let the Yue Clan fall into a demon’s hand. I can’t let the Yue Clan be destroyed by people of my generation! Previously, when Elder Zu Zhong and I captured Yue Shan, a demon had appeared and rescued him away… Right now, I want to show everyone the evidence for that!” The fake Yue Qiu clapped his hand as the fake Yue Yang and Yue Yan dragged Yue Tian, whose body had been weakened out. Yue Bao cut a long wound on Yue Tian’s finger with a silver knife, and dripped his blood into the left bottle.


The Holy Water in the bottle revealed the same reaction that had happened when the Demon Innate Ranker Chi Liao had dripped his blood. Steam immediately rose up into the air.

According to this test, there was no doubt that Yue Tian was a devil’s spawn.

Yue Tian’s face went pale as he fell to the ground disappointedly, as if someone had just pulled his spine out.

Yue Yan, Yue Bao and even Yue Feng, the three Yue Clan descendents then dripped their blood onto the left and right bottles one bye one. Everyone of their blood did not have any reaction with the Holy Water at all, only a slight light was produced. Amongst them, Yue Feng’s light was the strongest. Yue Yan’s blood produced some reaction, but Yue Bao’s blood almost didn’t have any reaction at all. Everyone could see that amongst the three people, Yue Feng had the most potential as his reaction was the strongest. Seems like the strength of his lineage was also the best.

Yue Yan laughed coldly at Yue Yang and said, “Son of a bitch, it’s your turn now!”

Yue Yang looked up 45 degrees to the sky leisuredly, completely ignoring his arrogant, vile cousin.

“Aren’t you just someone else’s dog? You are so happy becoming someone’s dog, that’s really rare! Yue Yang is too lazy to bother with an idiot like you. As his big boss, it’s really annoying for me to watch you. Yue Yan, you fool, if you have the guts then come out and fight me, see if i don’t beat you up black and blue. If you have no skills then just sit in the corner and wait, don’t be an embarrassment to others. Exposing yourself like this, do you think you are so cool?!” Fatty Hai couldn’t bear hearing Yue Yan’s insult.

“Fatty Hai, do you have an itch in your body? This is our family matters, what business do you have here? If you make me angry, I swear I will cut your flesh and feed it to the dogs!” Yue Yan shouted back furiously.

If Fatty Hai dared to say that kind of words to him a year ago, he would have killed him immediately.

However, the current Fatty Hai was not someone that Yue Yan could kill easily. Forget about Yue Yan, even one of the three Great Killing Stars, Yan Po Jun, could not deal with Fatty Hai. if Yue Yang knew that Fatty Hai had also just contracted a Gold-ranked Level 6 Lightning Mammoth, he would definitely not challenge Fatty Hai for a duel.

That fake Yue Yang assumed the actions of a future Clan Master and stopped Yue Yan, “Fourth Brother, why do you have to lower yourself to the likes of him? With everyone watching, no matter how much ruckus they make, they wouldn’t be able to deny their relations with the demons!”

Yue Yu walked out, her teeth biting her lips.

She firmly spoke with a determined voice, “I’m not a Demon, I’m definitely not. I’m a Holy Water Healing-type summoner!”

Yue Yu definitely would not believe that she was a demon, and she would also not believe that her father was a demon. Although his father was crazy about gaining power and conquering the Yue Clan, he was definitely not a demon… She had also seen Yue Tian’s blood test result just now. Even though the reaction showed that he was a demon, she would definitely not believe that her older brother Yue Tian was a demon. Their enemies had definitely played some kind of tricks.

Although she knew perfectly well something was wrong, she couldn’t see any holes in the situation. The only thing she could do was to use her own blood to prove her father’s innocence.

How could a healing-type summoner with Holy Water attribute be a demon too?

This was definitely impossible!

Yue Yu dripped her blood into the bottle confidently.

At first, there was absolutely no reaction at all… However, a few seconds later, the water in the bottle slowly boiled and produced some steam that almost overflowed out of the bottle.

“Impossible!” Yue Yu was completely dumbstruck. She never thought that her blood would give out the same reaction as the demon’s blood. In that instant, she felt as if her soul had been broken. Was she truly a demon too? Was she truly a demon’s daughter? Like her older brother Yue Tian, was she also a demon’s spawn?

“Haha, let’s see what you have to say now!” Yue Yan laughed out loud.

Yue Yu’s body started to tremble as her tears flowed out unstoppably.

She wanted to deny him, to rebut him.

But her lips trembled unstoppably, she had no way to prove her innocence.

Yue Bing wanted to run down the horse carriage and hug her older sister, but Xue Wu Xia shook her hand, telling her not to come out. Yi Nan hugged her tightly, afraid that she would do something rash and affect Yue Yang’s concentration.

Princess Qian Qian, on the other hand, was worried about her best friend. She immediately rushed out and hugged Yue Yu’s trembling body as she comforted her.

Right now, everyone’s gaze was fixed right at Yue Yang.

There was no meaning to proving that Yue Tian and Yue Yu were descendants of a demon. Only when Yue Yang was proved to be a demon would this matter truly be settled.

Would Yue Yang agree to the blood test? There was Yue Tian and Yue Yan’s blood as sample before him, and then there was the reaction of Yue Yu’s demon blood. A lot of people thought that Yue Yang would be very foolish if he agreed to the test, he would just earn himself the name of a demon. Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the others all thought this way. Prince of Tian Luo and Xue Tan Lang glanced at each other and was about to stop Yue Yang from having the blood test. They had understood that this was a scheme set up by their enemies. It didn’t matter if Yue Yang agree or disagree, there would be a trap laid for him. He wouldn’t be able to escape his enemies’ scheme.

“You don’t have the guts to go through the blood test, do you? I already said before, you are the son of a bitch! You are the bastard son of a demon!” Yue Yan mocked Yue Yang ruthlessly.

“Shut up, you retard. There’s no place for you to speak here. You are like a fool, becoming someone’s lackey so easily. Do you think you can earn your food by becoming a fool? Go away from me, otherwise I’ll kill you in one move!” Yue Yang glared at him with Heaven Eyes Divine Vision and blasted Yue Yan away with his Qi.

“You, you…” Yue Yan and Yue Bao were shocked by Yue Yang’s glare until they fell to the ground. They were completely scared off. They wanted to refute him and rain curses on him, but they were afraid that Yue Yang would really kill them in one move.

They were very clear about Yue Yang’s temperament.

This brat would not be influenced by force or persuasion. In the whole of Yue Clan, other than his grandfather, the Clan Master Yue Hai and the Fifth Elder that had always protected the Fourth House, he didn’t care about anyone else at all. When he said he would fight, he would really fight; and when he said he would kill, he would really kill. Even the substitute Clan Master Yue Shan had almost been killed by him at that time. At the New Year’s Tournament, in front of the Da Xia Emperor Jun Wu You, he had acted nonchalantly, even stepping on a Southern Floating Mist Sect Elder’s head.

Ever since he knew that Yue Yang was an Innate, Yue Yan decided not to provoke this brat any longer.

If Yue Qiu had not returned, brought strong evidences with him and support from many Innates, Yue Yan would definitely not dare to provoke Yue Yang at all.

The fake Yue Yang’s gaze turned cold when he saw Yue Yang blasting away Yue Yan and Yue Bao with just the power of his gaze alone.

There was a hint of jealousy that crossed his eyes.

In comparison, this Level 6 Advanced Elder was really incomparable to the Innate Yue Yang…

Yue Yang didn’t bother with Yue Yan anymore as he unhurriedly strolled over to the table.

He took the silver knife on the table and observed it, then sniffed it a little too. Then, he threw the silver knife back to the ground. The fake Yue Qiu revealed a mocking smile on his face. Was he trying to find a clue on the silver knife? That was impossible, he obviously knew that Yue Yang would be suspicious about that. However, he believed that Yue Yang would never understand the real trick behind this scheme.

“All of my life, this is the first time I heard that I am actually a demon!” Yue Yang took out his Eye Destroyer Dagger and carefully pricked a wound on his finger, oozing out a drop of blood.

He only let out a drop, then he quickly took back his finger and put it into his mouth, sucking the blood back into his body, as if he was reluctant to lose anymore blood.

Fatty Hai and the others all came in closer, nervously watching for the reaction in the bottle.

At first, there was no reaction inside the bottle at all.

Just as Fatty Hai and the others were about to sigh in relief, suddenly, the bottle exploded. However, not a single drop of water had flowed out, all the water had instead turned into steam. The white steam rolled as it rose up, just like a white-coloured demon rising up to the sky… Everyone was completely speechless. Wasn’t this reaction too strong? This brat’s blood had actually gave a stronger reaction than the Demon Innate Ranker Chi Liao. Could it be that this brat was a Great Demon King?

“Turns, turns, turns out that you are really a demon!” Yue Yan screamed out emotionally. Being able to prove that Yue Yang was a demon meant that they have won!

“Shut up. I haven’t finished testing…” Yue Yang didn’t tremble nor panic, it was as if he thought that this was normal. His facial expression was extremely calm, as if he had never seen the bottle shattering to pieces and water turning into steam.

“Even if you try again, you are still a demon!” Yue Bao had also become so excited that his face turned red. He was also hoping for Yue Yang’s downfall.

“The two of you, come up here. Drop some blood in this bottle. You guys, try it too!” Yue Yang gestured to Lin Miao and Lin Lei to drip some of their blood. The fake Yue Qiu’s expression immediately changed, and the fake Yue Yang immediately stopped Yue Yang from doing that with the reason that Lin Miao and Lin Lei were not Yue Clan’s descendants. Yue Yang laughed coldly, “Not only them, I want you guys to try it all once again. Do you think you can play tricks with me? Do you think you can set me up in a trap with that underdeveloped brain of yours?”

Hearing Yue Yang’s confident tone, Fatty Hai immediately became confident too.

He became smug and immediately drip his blood into the right bottle of Holy Water.

In the end, unfortunately, his blood showed the reaction of a demon blood… Fatty Hai stare dumbly before bursting out into a loud laughter, “Turns out not only the Yue Clan, the Hai Clan’s blood is also contaminated with demon’s blood. Haha, this farce of a blood test, do you want me to laugh to my death?”

Ye Kong’s blood also had the same reaction as the demon’s blood.

Lin Miao and Lin Lei who were trembling in fear had also showed the demon’s blood reaction.

Even Li Brothers, Prince of Tian Luo, and Xue Tan Lang’s blood showed signs of demon’s blood… Yue Yan wanted to argue that they were all really demons at first, but then Princess Qian Qian stepped up and drip her blood, and the result was that she had a very strong and potent demon’s blood. Yue Yan immediately shut his mouth. He couldn’t say that Princess Qian Qian was also a demon, could he? Her father was Jun Wu You after all. If he accused the Emperor of being a demon, Jun Wu You would probably sentence them all to death!

The most surprising thing was that Yue Yang had dripped his blood into the the middle bottle afterwards.

The result was: An explosion of bright, radiant light.

It was beautiful beyond compare, there was even a tinge of rainbow light within the bright light.

This kind of result was really the complete opposite of the Demon Chi Liao’s blood test result… Yue Yang then took out his Eye Destroyer Dagger and cut a small wound on Hui Tai Lang’s body. He dripped some of its blood into the battle, and immediately the demon’s blood reaction started again.

“My dog grows by eating Demon King’s meat. This Iron Backed Demon Wolf with flame and dark metal attribute showed the same reaction with Mr. Chi Liao’s blood.” Yue Yang’s word made Fatty Hai burst out laughing, because Yue Yang had inadvertently likened Chi Liao to a dog. The Demon Innate Ranker Chi Liao was immediately angered when he heard it, and he furiously glared at Yue Yang. Yue Yang didn’t care about him and pointed at the fake Yue Qiu, Yue Yang and Yue Yan instead, “Can you guys test your blood one more time? If this time, your blood has the same reaction as my dog’s blood, I’m sorry, you’ll have to explain why in front of everyone here. Didn’t you say that your blood is a pure Yue Clan’s descendant’s blood? My dear gentlemen, what are you waiting for? Come up here and test it out quickly. Everyone will soon be able to see who is the real Demon, and who is the real Yue Clan’s descendant…”

The fake Yue Qiu and Yue Yang stared dumbstruck at Yue Yang. They knew that Yue Yang would not back down easily, but they never thought that Yue Yang’s counter attack would be so sharp.

Could they refuse him in front of all their witness?

If they were really going to test it again, then how could they be able to hide the truth from these Innate Ranker’s eyes?

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