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LLS Chapter 287 – Blood Test to Identify Familial Relations?

Chapter 287 – Blood Test to Identify Familial Relations?
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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At the front gate of the Yue Clan Castle.

Like how Yue Yang had brought Fourth Mother to the Yue Clan Castle last time, history repeats itself.

The only difference was that Yue Yang had many followers behind him this time, instead of being accompanied by only his sister last time. Currently, there were Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and Li Brothers, Yue Yang’s blood-soaked brothers-in-arms that could give up their lives for him. There were also Yue Bing and Yue Yu, whose life or death were interdependent with him. There were Prince of Tian Luo and Xue Tan Lang, the two warriors who were unafraid of strong enemies, voluntarily lending their hands to help their future brother-in-law. There were also two other guards from the Yue Clan Branch Families, Lin Lei and Lin Miao… Of course, the most supportive ones were still the determined and united beauties. Yue Yang who had fought his war alone that time was now accompanied by Princess Qian Qian, Luo Hua City Mistress, Xue Wu Xia and Yi Nan. There were also the Phoenix Fairy Beauty who was extremely interested in him and would rather see him than explore the Tenth Floor of Tong Tian tower with the other Inmates. She was also none other than one of the Great Sky Demons of the Demonic Palace, Tian Fa!

Previously, Yue Yang’s enemy was the substitute clan master Yue Shan.

This time, his enemy had become the fake Yue Qiu, who had easily defeated Yue Shan.

This fake Yue Qiu had come prepared with the backing of various Innates behind him. There was also the extremely strong Great Emperor of Zhi Wei, Shun Tian, on their side. That was why Yue Qiu had dared to challenge the guy who had become an Innate at twenty-years old, Yue Yang, who was talented beyond compare.

If Yue Yang, the guy from another world had not come to the Soaring Dragon Continent, if the Yue Clan did not have a descendant like Yue Yang, everything would have completely changed.

Jun Wu You and the other protectors of the Soaring Dragon Continent would have been held captive by the Easter Goblin Tribe, and died in the midst of the chaotic war between the Goblin Tribes. As for the Yue Clan that had thousands of years of history, it would completely collapse under the hands of the fake Yue Qiu… Yue Yang realized that he had inadvertently changed everything. The plan that their enemies had planned for decades or even centuries were completely changed because of his appearance!

Today was the turning point for the future that they would have.

If the fake Yue Qiu won, the Yue Clan would never recover. If Yue Yang won, the Yue Clan would be revived, and the Soaring Dragon Continent would see justice prevailed!

The front gate of the Yue Clan Castle was tightly closed.

Just like a year ago.

“Seems like the Great Emperor of Zhi Wei had a grand plan prepared!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty revealed a cold laugh.

“Since that is the case, we shall wait outside…” Yue Yang was a little shaken. Previously, he had never been able to strongly feel his enemies’ strength. However, after mastering the Fifth Level of Innate Invisible Sword Qi, other than his heightened five senses, his sixth sense had also become much sharper. Princess Qian Qian who had the Six Records Inherent Skill also agreed with Yue Yang’s decision.

Her Six Records Inherent Skill could sense that the current Yue Clan Castle was like a colossal, man-eating prehistoric monster.

If they were really to blindly charge inside, they would definitely fall into their enemies’ trap.

Rather than being injured this way, they should just wait outside for their enemy’s reaction and followed through. At least, they would be able to take control of their own situation this way.

Yue Yu and Yue Bing had been following Yue Yang’s warning, they did not leave the horse carriage no matter what happened. They would definitely not give their enemies the chance to attack them. Yue Yang believed that his enemies would try to kidnap the two ladies, because the two of them were the most effective weapons to be used against him… However, Yue Yang would definitely not let his enemies succeed. Especially since the Phoenix Fairy Beauty had also arrived, Yue Yang had the confidence to handle the whole situation at hand.

“We are fine, don’t waste your spirit qi.” Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and Li Brothers were all suffering from different extents of injuries. Amongst them, Ye Kong’s injuries were the most serious, he had some ribs broken.

Ye Kong felt that he wouldn’t be able to help much in the upcoming battle, hence he didn’t want Yue Yu to waste her energy to heal him.

There would definitely be harder battles ahead. Yue Yu was the only summoner with healing abilities. She must only use her Healing Water Ball at the most critical moments. Ye Kong tried to advise her, but how could Yue Yu sit still and do nothing? She insisted on summoning her Healing Water Ball and healed Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the Li Brothers.

At first, Fatty Hai was heavily injured, but after contracting the Gold-ranked Level 6 Lightning Mammoth, he was able to draw support from the Lightning Mammoth’s great vitality and healed most of his injuries.

Fatty Hai was very happy, a wide smile spread across his face.

Finally, finally he managed to own a Gold-ranked beast… As for the foolish words he had said last time, about how he would only contract Gold-ranked, beautiful female beasts, Fatty Hai decided to forget about it first. Ye Kong also did not tease him in the light of the upcoming great battle. Instead, he found a big rock and sat down to rest. He wanted to recover his strength in order to fight in the next battle. Yue Yang approached him and quietly threw him a magic crystal… Ye Kong was extremely shocked. He discovered that it was the magic crystal of the Gold-ranked Level 6 One-eyed Giant. Furthermore, Yue Yang had refined it with his Nirvana’s Flame, hence the energy inside it was extremely pure.

Yue Yang’s Level 5 Divine Vision discovered that Ye Kong’s Bronze-ranked Level 5 King Kong Demon ape was in the midst of evolution. If it could eat and digest the energy of a pure magic crystal, it would definitely improve greatly.

The King Kong Demon Ape that was carrying the corpse of the One-eyed Giant suddenly dropped the corpse to the ground.

A waterfall of drool almost flowed out of its mouth.

Its gaze locked onto the Gold-ranked Level 6 magic crystal in its master’s hand, not moving even a single inch.

Ye Kong finally snapped back to his senses and gave the magic crystal to the King Kong Demon Ape. Since Yue Yang had given it to him, he wouldn’t stand on ceremony and immediately received it.

The King Kong Demon Ape immediately swallowed the magic crystal in one gulp when it received it. Thinking that it could not show its appreciation enough, it excitedly jumped up and down and beat its chest, as it screeched happily. Hui Tai Lang was annoyed when it saw the King Kong Demon Ape, it barked, “Woof woof!”, at it a few times. It felt that the big gorilla was really foolish. Isn’t it just a Gold-ranked Level 6 Magic Crystal? That thing was completely incomparable to the Eastern Goblin Tribesmen’s Orbs… For the first time, Hui Tai Lang felt that it was much stronger than that foolish ape. It was not the matter of levels or abilities, it was the difference between their intelligence and experience.

Hui Tai Lang felt that its ambitions were far greater than the ape.

Its dream was to eat a Demon King. Could an ordinary beast even dream about that?

As for intelligence, Hui Tai Lang suddenly thought of something that had never crossed its mind before when it looked at the King Kong Demon Ape. This gorilla seemed stupid to it, does it mean that it had become smarter?

Hui Tai Lang didn’t understand how a dog could become smarter than an ape. It looked at Yue Yang and decided that it might be because it had chosen to follow the right master.

Hence, it happily approached Yue Yang and rubbed itself against him.

“If you want to eat an Orb, put up a good fight later, kill all of our enemies!” Yue Yang threw an exceptionally alluring bait to his beasts.

“Unn, unn!” The Thorny Flower Demoness finally learnt how to act obedient and fawn on her master.

“Woof woof woof, meow, awoo…” Hui Tai Lang didn’t know how to speak, otherwise it would definitely replied its master “I guarantee all the work done” confidently. It knew a lot of foreign languages, but human’s speech and voice were too difficult to imitate. On the other side, the King Kong Demon Ape had levelled up from the magic crystal of the Gold-ranked Level 6 One-Eyed Giant. It had skipped Silver-rank completely and became Gold-ranked straight away. It had also levelled up to Gold-ranked Level 3… Two minutes later, due to the the extremely pure magic crystal that had been refined by Yue Yang’s Nirvana’s Flame, the overly pure energy made the King Kong Demon Ape level up again to Gold-ranked Level 4.

It was a pity that its body could only endure an evolution to Gold-ranked Level 4. Otherwise it could definitely level up even more.

Prince of Tian Luo and Xue Tan Lang were jealous to death when they saw this.

However, since Yue Yang had the ability to refine magic crystals, they were in no hurry.

In the future when there was another beast’s magic crystal that was exceptionally suitable for their beasts, it wouldn’t be too late to find this brother-in-law and asked him to refine it for them… Gold-ranked beasts were definitely going to be deadly baits forever, no warriors could ever say no to them… Of course, that was with the exception of Yue Yang, the abnormal guy whose beasts were either Platinum or Diamond-ranked!

Beside the horse carriage, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and Li Brothers were shouting in joy, rejoicing for the fact that the King Kong Demon Ape had levelled up to Gold-ranked Level 4.

Every warrior would always long for the time when their beasts levelled up.

From the Yue Clan Castle afar, the sound of huge chains resounded as the drawbridge was lowered. With a loud booming sound, it thudded to the ground. The Yue Clan Castle Front Gates were then pushed open by puppet beasts that wouldn’t get tired. Following that, a stream of endless elite Clan Guards started pouring out.

Although Yue Yang was not close to these Clan Guards, he could recognize in first glance that these people were from the Yue Clan Branch Families!

Amongst the guards, there was a man of around forty years old who looked like Yue Yang. However, he looked more mature and dignified. The scar on his face added to the rough and staunch look that he gave off. From the outside, this man had a dragon-like presence. He was mature, earnest, ,dignified, intelligent and had all the good qualities of a leader under the sun. He was indeed a Clan Master material. Most importantly, he gave this indescribable charm that he was a natural-born leader. He attracted others to follow him just by standing there.

On his left, there was a younger man who looked very similar to Yue Yang. However, his skin was slightly tanned.

This young man was also definitely not ordinary. It was obvious that he was one of the elites amongst the younger generation. He gave off a kind of heroic-feeling to the others.

“Seems like they are the fake Yue Qiu and Third Young Master…” Fatty Hai humphed lightly. He discovered that the two fakes had disguised themselves really well. If this fake Yue Yang stand beside the real Yue Yang, other than the difference in their skin tones and the fact that the fake Yue Yang looked a little more mature, they really looked quite similar, no big difference at all.

Other than their behaviour, the greatest difference between the real and fake Yue Yang was their powers.

The fake Yue Yang’s abilities were merely of a Level 6 Elder.

In other people’s eyes, by comparison, the existence of this fake Yue Yang was actually more logical. After all, it was really unbelievable for a person to reach the Innate Realm by twenty years old, like this abnormal Yue Clan Third Young Master! Being able to reach Level 6 Elder at twenty years old was already an impressive feat. Even Yan Po Jun, Feng Qi Sha and other talented younger generations could not reach that level! Only talented younger generations such as the Prince of Zi Jin and Junior Sect Leader Bai Yun Fei could reach the level of Level 6 Elder when they were only twenty years old… Xue Tan Lang looked at the fake Yue Yang and suddenly humphed in a low voice, “He is a Level 6 [Advanced]-Elder with the power of darkness and flames. Leave that fellow to me!”

Fatty Hai and Ye Kong wanted to try out their newly gained abilities too, but hearing that the fake Yue Yang was a Level 6 [Advanced]-Elder with powers of darkness and flames, they immediately shut off their mouths.

An enemy like that was indeed best left to Xue Tan Lang, the ice cube guy.

Ice is the opposite of fire, Xue Tan Lang is the best person for the job.

Other than the fake Yue Qiu and Yue Yang, there was also the Great Emperor of Zhi Wei Shun Tian behind them, and Heavenly Imperial Guardian representatives that had come to be judges. There was only one from Da Xia, and that was the Ascetic Practice Saint, one of Da Xia’s Heavenly Imperial Guardian. Beside him, there were also Heavenly Imperial Guardian from the Tian Luo Kingdom. There was also only one Heavenly Imperial Guardian. The middle-aged man wore a white long robe and looked like a scholar instead of a Heavenly Imperial Guardian.

On the right and left of the two people, there were two Heavenly Imperial Guardians from the Zhi Jin Kingdom. One of them was tall and and the other one was skinny. The two of them looked like they were as strong as the Ascetic Practice Saint.

In addition, there was also the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder from the Thousand Goblins Sect.

Her appearance made others shiver in fear.

Since the Hundred Transformations Demon Elder from the Thousand Goblins Sect had appeared, wouldn’t the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader be somewhere near?

Behind them, there was still a demon-like Innate whose body was covered in flames. Yue Yang had seen him before, this demon-like Innate had called himself a Demon Abyss Traitor. He was very friendly with humans and was willing to stay behind in the Soaring Dragon Continent to live. Yue Yang wasn’t very interested in that guy, instead, he was interested in the Marquis of Zhi Jin, who was trying to hide himself behind the demon-like Innate… Yue Yang was never afraid of strong enemies before, but in his mind, he was always more wary of someone with a clever mind than someone with brute strength… The Marquis of Zhi Jin was extremely intelligent and cunning, Yue Yang would rather fight against another Innate than see him again for the second time.

Marquis of Zhi Jin’s presence was definitely not a good thing!

The furthest one inside was the only Innate from the Seven Great Bears left, Tian Quan.

His expression was extremely grieved and sorrowful. Two Clan Generals beside him carried a memorial tablet that was created in the last minute each, with the names of “Yao Guang” and “Kai Yang” written on them.

The other side had more than seven Innates… Although Ascetic Practice Saint and the middle-aged scholar would remain neutral or even help Yue Yang, the other side would definitely still have some moves up their sleeves. For example, the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader that had been hiding himself. The presence of Shun Tian and the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader alone would already be enough to overwhelm Yue Yang and the others, let alone fighting against so many other Innates…

This battle, forget about ordinary people, even the Phoenix Fairy Beauty was scowling, thinking that it was really unlikely to win.

Yue Yang belonged to that awesome group of people who wouldn’t feel an itch even if he was covered in fleas.

He didn’t mind facing against many Innates on the other side. The only ones who made Yue Yang felt threatened were three people, the self-titled Great Emperor of Zhi Wei – Shun Tian, the fake Yue Qiu and Marquis of Zhi Jin!

These three fellows were formidable opponents in Yue Yang’s heart.

This was because these three people possessed the kind of high intelligence that a normal person wouldn’t have. You can’t tell whether a person is smart from their face, but a smart person is different from a fool. Of course, Yue Yang wouldn’t be able to tell his enemies’ IQ with his Level 5 Divine Vision. He was able to tell it by his feeling. The fake Yue Qiu had the ability to bring him so much problems although he wasn’t an Innate. The other one was the Marquis of Zhi Jin who was hiding his strength, he must never ignore him even for a second… Of course, the most frightening one was the Great Emperor of Zhi Wei, Shun Tian. This Great Emperor of Zhi Wei was simply too frightening. If he had even the slightest chance, he would definitely kill him with all he had!

The two sides stand on opposite, daggers drawn.

Although Yue Yang’s side was weaker, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others were filled with fighting spirit. They definitely would not balk away just because their opponents were Innates.

Even Lin Miao and Lin Lei, the two relatives from the Branch Family were doing their best to stand upright. They stood beside Ye Kong and the others in front of the horse carriage. After the battle just now, they had understood a few things.

No matter if they were Innates or not, anyone from the opposite side had the ability of killing them in an instant with one move.

Rather than being a coward and be instantly killed, they would rather stand proud and be instantly killed. They would become a great man who could laugh at their deaths!

If they wanted to be cowards, there would be many opportunities for them to be cowards in their lifetime!

But if they wanted to be heroes, there would only be one moment for them to be heroes… They had made their decision.

“Today, I have invited eight distinguished guests here in order to bear as witness for our Yue Clan.” The fake Yue Qiu started bowing respectfully at the few Innates and three Heavenly Imperial Guardians. “The Yue Clan was truly unfortunate. I, Yue Qiu, as the Substitute Clan Master, reluctantly assumed power in the midst of crisis to bring stability. I will definitely capture anyone who wants to rebel or disguise themselves as fakes. I will protect my Yue Clan so that it will not fall for another thousands of years! Right now, based on the three Heavenly Imperial Guardians’ suggestions, in order to distinguish between real and fake, I, Yue Qiu, under everyone’s approval, will perform a blood test to identify familial relations!”

“Blood test to identify familial relations?” Yue Yang was speechless when he heard that. Does ancient people play with this kind of stuff too?

“I don’t know, will the Substitute Clan Master Yue Qiu agree to a blood test? Mr. Yue Qiu, you have lived in the Demon Abyss for more than a decade, could it be that your blood has been contaminated by the demon race? Are you still Yue Clan’s descendant?” Princess Qian Qian who had the Six Records Inherent Skill would never be fooled. She would be able to tell immediately if someone was sincere or being fake. It would be hard to even conceal a half real and half fake plot from her extremely sensitive observing power.

“Of course. In order to be fair, I have especially invited a friend who was born in the Demon Abyss but was actually a human warrior, Mr. Chi Liao. The blood of a Yue Clan’s descendant is completely different from a Demon’s blood. We will use Mr Chi Liao’s blood as the standard. Every single Yue Clan descendant would need to drop their blood into this Holy Water Bottle. If there is any kind of abnormal reaction, everyone will be able to bear witness to it, fair and square!” Before the fake Yue Qiu had finished speaking, Yue Yang had completely understood everything.

This was a huge, great conspiracy.

And using blood test to identify familial relations was only the first part of the plot…

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