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LLS Chapter 286 Part 1 – Innate? Nothing Wrong in Killing Them!

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Chapter 286 Part 1 – Innate? Nothing Wrong in Killing Them!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Hey guys, uhh, I’ve decided to split long chapters to 2 parts for my survival… Because translating 1 long chapter simply sucks the life out of me. I will only do this for chapters that are longer than 4000 words, so each part will be around 1900-2100 words long. Donation wise, the 2 parts will still be considered one chapter. Hope it is okay with you guys!

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Kai Yang of the Seven Great Bears was squarely hit by Luo Hua City Mistress’ Aurora sneak attack.

Although his face became filthy with grime, he was still an Innate Level 2 warrior, hence his body quickly recovered from his injuries. Only his clothes were destroyed, making him looking dishevelled. With regards to Luo Hua City Mistress sneak attack, Kai Yang was extremely furious. He immediately summoned a Sinister Spitting Worm Beast. Its extremely long and thick body looked like an oversized maggot. It opened its ugly mouth and let out a black ball.

Ye Kong accidentally saw that there was something wrong over there and quickly ran over. Seeing that the black ball did not look like an energy ball, but look like a normal ball, he tried poking it courageously.


A loud explosion resounded.

The black ball exploded loudly right at Ye Kong, sending him flying away.

“Have a great journey in your afterlife!” Kai Yang from the Seven Great Bears flew down from the sky quickly and caught up with Ye Kong who was thrown in the air. He clutched Ye Kong’s chest and burst his Innate Qi.

“No!” Fatty Hai saw Kai Yang’s movements, but he wasn’t fast enough to save Ye Kong. When he finally reached Ye Kong, Ye Kong had already been shot to the ground by Kai Yang’s Innate Qi. Fatty Hai knew that an Innate Ranker’s attack was not something an ordinary warrior could defend against. Even if Ye Kong’s body had the enhancement of his King Kong Demon Ape, getting hit by an Innate Ranker’s attack would definitely not bode well for him… Fatty Hai was filled with grief and indignation as he shot his Hippo Meteor Punch right at Kai Yang’s back.

“Annoying bunch of ants!” Kai Yang felt a slight pain at his back. He was completely angered by Fatty Hai’s attack.

If he wasn’t an Innate, if he was a Level 8 Emperor instead, he would probably be heavily injured internally and vomiting blood.

Fatty Hai looked like he was only a Level 6 Elder at the most, but he was able to let out a Level 7 Overlord’s punch. Other than becoming furious, Kai Yang was also quite curious. How could a fatty have such a quick speed and strength?

Kai Yang’s reactions were very quick, he immediately swept a turning kick right at Fatty Hai’s chest.

Fatty Hai flew to the ground like a cannonball, smashing with a loud explosion.

In the sky, Princess Qian Qian’s great sword heavily smashed at Kai Yang’s head.

Her sword qi was like a giant white tiger, fiercely smashing on Kai Yang’s head. At this time, her Emperor Sword Qi, White Tiger Power and Heaven Runes all joined together, exploding right at Kai Yang’s head. Even if he was an Innate Ranker with an extremely high defense, he felt disoriented and saw stars in his eyes. This slash of sword was filled with the energy that Princess Qian Qian had stored for a long time.

Princess Qian Qian’s White Tiger Power, Emperor Sword Qi and Heaven Runes combination attack broke Kai Yang’s defense and sent him flying.

Kai Yang vomited blood.

However, he still had energy to counter attack.

He used his right hand to support himself up from the ground, then flew at lightning speed back at Princess Qian Qian.

“Summon grimoire!” Prince of Tian Luo rushed to Princess Qian Qian’s front and summoned his grimoire. His protective shield appeared and blocked Kai Yang’s attack. Princess Qian Qian picked up her great sword and jumped over the protective shield, slashing at Kai Yang at the moment when he had missed his attack.

“Twenty-fold Snowstorm!” Xue Tan Lang also rush forward to kill. He joined hands together with the giant snowman that he summoned, smashing the force of a twenty-fold snowstorm onto Kai Yang’s right chest. On one side, there was the White Tiger Power, and on the other, there was Twenty-fold Snowstorm. Kai Yang’s impatience for revenge had resulted in him being attacked by Princess Qian Qian, Prince of Tian Luo and Xue Tan Lang… However, his body that had suffered heavy blows was still enduring fine. Bursting his Innate strength, he flew over Xue Tan Lang and Princess Qian Qian, laughing out loud as he beat his own chest, roaring madly, “I am an Innate! Ants, can you even do anything to me? Worms who overestimated your own abilities, come! Show me whatever moves you guys have! Before you die, I shall give you guys the last chance to show off how weak you guys are!”


A loud shout resounded from his ears.

Following that, a lightning shock that was even more terrifying than a bomb exploded right at Kai Yang’s left ears.

“[Ice Frost]!”

At the same time, another attack exploded at Kai Yang’s right ears. It was [Ice Frost], an attack that was even more powerful than [Thunderbolt]

These was Xue Wu Xia’s attack.

Kai Yang’s face distorted in pain as he held both of his ears that were bleeding profusely, screaming out miserably. Xue Wu Xia immediately followed with [Crane Dance] and [Swallow Shears] when her attack succeeded, and finally finished with one of her three ultimate moves, [Swan Tread].

Previously, Xue Wu Xia had observed how swans flew over water flawlessly, stepping gracefully on the water surface as they flapped their wings and flew to the sky. By watching this, Xue Wu Xia had an idea of improvising one of the Xue Clan’s combat technique and created her own move, [Swan Tread]. Furthermore, under Yue Yang’s advice, she had improved it further, making it a stronger kicking move. When Kai Yang of the Seven Great Bears was about to counter-attack in fury, Xue Wu Xia’s body floated high, her beautiful swan-like pair of legs flew with a power that was as strong as princess Qian Qian’s slashes. She kicked at Kai Yang’s face eighteen times at one go..

As Kai Yang’s face burst open and his teeth fell out to the ground, she beautifully fly to the sky.

This was Xue Wu Xia’s [Swan Tread], the one and only swan dance in the whole world.

Kai Yang was furious. He pushed the ground with his hands, prepared to shot towards Xue Wu Xia like a bullet.

He was an Innate Ranker. If he was beaten to the point that he fell to the ground, he would definitely be the world’s greatest joke.


A Demon King-like presence suddenly burst out as a Platinum-ranked Level 5 World Exterminating Demon Wolf pushed Kai Yang to the ground forcefully. Its gigantic mouth bit at Kai Yang’s head relentlessly as its sharp teeth dug into Kai Yang’s throat. Fresh blood bleed out profusely. This was obviously Hui Tai Lang who had been eyeing its innate ranker meal for a very long time.

Kai Yang released his innate qi as he struggled with all he had.

However, Hui Tai Lang was similar to Yue Yang in terms of behaviour. It wasn’t afraid of Innates.

It bit him firmly, not even yielding a little bit. Kai Yang tried punching it ten times, and it returned him ten slashes from its claws. Hui Tai Lang’s body was heavily injured from the punches, but Kai Yang’s chest had also became badly mutilated, some parts of his chest was even clawed to the point his ribs were revealed. Fatty Hai charged forward as if he wanted to throw away his life, tangling his hands and legs around Kai Yang’s right arm, with the sole purpose of stopping Kai Yang’s right arm movement… On the other side, Ye Kong whose ribs had been broken and was vomiting blood, also charged forward as he roared out loud.

Xue Tan Lang wasn’t able to stop them, hence he decided to help by kicking Kai Yang’s lower body.

At this point of time, Xue Tan Lang didn’t care about dignity or respectability anymore. Following Yue Yang’s words, he aimed for the place where guys would feel the most pain!

Being compassionate to enemies is equivalent to being cruel to yourself!

Kai Yang felt an excruciating pain that almost made him pass out. Fortunately, Fatty Hai and Ye Kong who were injured were unable to stop him. Kai Yang struggled with all of his worth to free himself from the two people and Hui Tai Lang who refused to yield no matter what. When Kai Yang finally managed to tear Hui Tai Lang away from him, it even tore a part of his face and swallowed it into its stomach, treating it as an appetizer before the main course.

At this time, Kai Yang who had lost half of his face, body drenched in blood, ears smashed into pieces, skull broken in and a few broken ribs stood up miserably.

If he wasn’t an Innate Level 2 warrior, he would have died long ago.

But he had never been so badly injured in his whole life.

More than that, he had never experienced such an embarrassment in his whole life!

He was a great and respectable Innate, yet he was beaten so badly and miserably…

“All of you, I will definitely kill you!” Kai Yang roared out furiously.


From the sky, there was a meteor that was summoned by the Prince of Tian Luo. It fell at an alarming speed and smashed right into Kai Yang’s body. In that instant, the whole ground shook and dust scattered all around.

When the dust settled, they found that Kai Yang of the Seven Great Bears was actually still alive.

He stood up straight on top of the shattered meteorite, bleeding out from every part of his body.

Although he had been hit by a meteor attack, he was only heavily injured, he did not immediately die. He even had some energy left to counter attack. On the other side, Princess Qian Qian who had just finished killing the Sinister Spitting Worm raised her great sword, and with flickers of her sword flash, she shot forward, her sword splitting the air apart. A ten-meter long sword qi, enhanced by her White Tiger Power and Heaven Runes split the air apart and slashed on top of Kai Yang’s head ruthlessly… Kai Yang’s body twitched a little, his hands were still storing up energy, as if he was prepared to unleash one last ultimate attack and die together with everyone.

Xue Tan Lang was about to rush forward to attack, but Xue Wu Xia suddenly floated back down to the ground and shouted, “Everyone get away from here, I’ll finish him!”

In the sky, heavy snow rained down, along with her descent.

Even Xue Tan Lang wouldn’t be able to summon a Fifty-fold Snowstorm, but Xue Wu Xia summoned it easily, smashing it right onto Kai yang’s head. Kai Yang raised his right hand and forced his innate strength to collide against the Snowstorm. His face that was dripping with blood revealed a sinister looking expression as he laughed maniacally, “If I should die, all of you must accompany me to die! All of you, none of you will live!”

Kai Yang was completely in despair, he was prepared to commit suicide bombing. He increased his innate strength relentlessly, so much that even his stomach started rumbling.

Everyone immediately retreated.

However, this shameless Kai Yang had actually charged towards the horse carriage.

In the horse carriage, there were Yue Yu, Yue Bing, Yi Nan and Luo Hua City Mistress… Princess Qian Qian and the others were shocked, they immediately charged forward to stop him. Before Princess Qian Qian managed to arrive, suddenly, the Li Brothers who had not spoken at all during the battle appeared from the sides of the horse carriages.

They had never forgotten their responsibility of protecting the horse carriage. Unless they die, Kai Yang would never be able to go past them. They stood right in front of the horse carriage!

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