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LLS Chapter 285 – Thorny Flower Demoness VS Tong Tian Beast

Chapter 285 – Thorny Flower Demoness VS Tong Tian Beast
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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After Xiao Wen Li level up, she grew taller a little. However, she was still a cute and adorable loli.

Yue Yang was very patient, he didn’t mind if she was still a little loli. Take your time growing up, I will be able to indulge my inner Queer Uncle a little more. He then thought about Empress Fei Wen Li. When he could finally rescue Empress Fei Wen Li out of the Black Hole Dimension, he would then be able to hold an Empress in his left, a little loli in the middle, and a Sword Goddess in his right. That kind of blissful life… He would become very happy just by thinking about it!
(Shiro: Queer Uncle – referring to a young to middle-aged male pedophile (Internet slang) https://chinese.yabla.com/chinese-english-pinyin-dictionary.php?define=guai+shu+shu)

Carrying the sweet little loli, he gave those rosy cheeks a few fierce kiss.

Seeing her smile that was filled happiness, Yue Yang had this feeling of accomplishment in his heart. Would Queer Uncle attack just anyone under the sun? Of course not!

“I have decided, I will become a respectable Queer Uncle… No, I mean, I want to be happy!” Yue Yang declared his great ambition.

“Unn, unn!” The little loli nodded spiritedly, not realizing her own fate when she grew up.

Next, it was time to clean up the battlefield.

The Gold-ranked Level 8 Sand Beast’s magic core was already at hand, and Yue Yang had already refined it with his Nirvana’s Flame. The other Gold-ranked level 8 Fishing Net spider’s corpse were completely shredded and scattered. Yue Yang had to search for a long time before he could finally find a magic core buried beneath all the sand and dust. The Stone-element Medusa seemed to be very interested with the magic core. She kept on looking at it, waiting impatiently. Yue Yang was speechless. This is a spider’s core and you are a Medusa, you guys are completely of different species, you know… However, Yue Yang wouldn’t be stingy about a Gold-ranked Level 8 magic core. He threw the magic core to the Stone-element Medusa.

The Stone-element Medusa immediately fuse the magic core into her Golden Bow, then absorbed the Fishing Net Spider’s Poison Sac into her stomach.

A pillar of dark golden light shot up to the sky.

Purple, green and white light, three kinds of different coloured light shone out from the Stone-element Medusa’s Golden Bow.

In the end, the light turned into three different-coloured arrows.

Yue Yang could see with his Level 5 Divine Vision that the Stone-element Medusa had levelled up. Furthermore, it had also evolved. After absorbing with the fake Nirvana Flame in Gemini Temple, the Stone-element Medusa had a kind of fire-element attack. Although it was incomparable to the real Nirvana’s Flame, it was still extremely powerful for normal enemies. It was the Nirvana Flame that the Gemini Temple had created after all, the imitation Nirvana Flame was also quite terrifying! Right now, the Golden Bow had also absorbed the magic core of a Gold-ranked Level 8 Fishing Net Spider and completed the requirement of an evolution. Other than stone and fire-element that the Stone-element Medusa had previously, a poison and spider net element attributes were also added… The Stone-element Medusa was unmistakably the weakest one amongst the four Guardian Beasts that Xiao Wen Li had, but right now, her powers had shot through the roof, overtaking the Storm Mermaid and getting closer to the Thunder Naga.

The old fox’s experimental Dimension of Duel had been completely destroyed.

The whole sky and ground were all covered in dust.

There were no more hills, rocks or magma. Everything had been crushed into fine powder.

When Yue Yang packed Moqi Xu Ling’s body, the Golden Eagle Holy Beast ‘Sha Sha’ that had transformed into human had completely disappeared, as if she had never appeared before.

The moment its master die, a Guardian Beast would turn into nothingness. It wouldn’t be able to be resurrected anymore!

The Storm Mermaid might not fancy the Dimension of Duel that was filled with fire and dust, hence she blew into her Storm Conch and summon a rainstorm and giant tsunami, sweeping through the whole Dimension of Duel.

In less than two minutes, the rainstorm and tsunami had submerged the whole of Dimension of Duel under water.

After many great battles, the Storm Mermaid’s summoning ability had also levelled up, becoming even more powerful. When the Dimension of Duel was submerged in water, the Stone-element Medusa had even summoned the Gold Tiger Shark that she had contracted, letting it swim freely inside for a while. It had been a while since the Gold Tiger Shark came out to play, it cheerfully swallowed the Fishing Net Spider’s corpse remains. Although there were no magic cores, the Gold Tiger Shark was more than satisfied to be able to eat a Gold-ranked Level 8 Fishing Net Spider.

“Leave this fellow here, let’s go out now!” Seeing the Gold Tiger Shark enthusiastically enjoying his meal, Yue Yang thought to simply leave this greedy fellow that couldn’t fight at all behind.

On the mountainous road towards the Yue Clan Castle.

When Yue Yang was busy secretly meeting Empress Fei Wen Li in the Black Hole Dimension and killing Moqi Xu Ling, Princess Qian Qian, Luo Hua City Mistress and the others were fighting a deadly battle with Kai Yang of the Seven Great Bears. As for Hui Tai Lang, Thorny Flower Demoness and the Golden Beast, they were as powerful as their masters, completely overpowering their enemies.

The Gold-ranked Level 9 King of Black Light, Gold-ranked Level 6 Giant mammoth, and the Gold-ranked Level 6 One-eyed Giant had completely met their tragic end.

The King of Black Light was originally very powerful.

Before that cute, adorable and innocent-looking Thorny Flower Demoness appeared, it was an invincible existence in the battlefield, no other beast was its match. If one were to use a phrase to describe it, it would be described as – “He whose fist is bigger will be the big boss.” The Gold-ranked Giant Lightning Mammoth, the One-eyed Giant who knew combat skills, the Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle whose defense was number one under the sky, the two menial work slaves puppets, Fatty Hai who could turn into a Behemoth Monster and Xue Tan Lang who was as cold as ice were all not the King of Black Light’s match at all.

The King of Black Light only needed to bash around, its thirty-metre tall body and its house-sized fists were more than enough to make him the big boss of the whole battlefield.

However, when the slender, beautiful Thorny Flower Demoness appeared, the arrogant fellow finally met its tragic end.

From the outside, it seemed like it didn’t even need to use more than its little finger to squash the Thorny Flower Demoness.

However, the moment the King of Black Light saw the Thorny Flower Demoness, it immediately retreated in fright.

As a Gold-ranked Level 9 beast, although it wasn’t a Holy Beast that had intelligence, it understood who was its nemesis and what was dangerous… If it could choose its enemies, the King of Black Light would rather fight a human Innate than fight against this Thorny Flower Demoness.

A flower-like wings appeared on the Thorny Flower Demoness, and she floated to the sky.

With a movement of her hand, countless giant thorny flower vines and trunks shot out from the ground. There were more than thousands of vines, easily drowning the whole mountainous road with sea of flowers. The vines then grew and interweaved together to form an enormous vine giant. It had a body and a head, hands and legs, and was as tall as the King of Black Light, maybe even slightly bigger.

The appearance of the vine giant announced the start of the tragic life of the King of Black Light.

Firstly, this vine giant was immune to physical attacks. The King of Black Light’s fists had no effect smashing onto the vine giant’s body at all.

On the other hand, the King of Black Light had to struggle with all of its life’s worth in order to break free of the vine giant’s vines the moment it coiled around the King of Black Light.

From the ground, countless vines continued to shoot out, destroying the ground as they wrapped around the King of Black Light’s feet, dragging its feet and making its body tumble down onto the ground. The King of Black Light tried to break free, but its legs were wrapped around thousands of thick vines, completely bound within its thorough coiling. Although the King of Black Light possessed a powerful strength, its might was useless in front of this twisting and coiling vines.

“My god, that girl is simply too scary!” Fatty Hai was completely frightened by the Thorny Flower Demoness. Fortunately she was Yue Yang’s beast. If she were their enemy, Fatty Hai couldn’t even imagine the consequences.

“…” Forget about Fatty Hai, even Shun Tian, who was watching the battle from afar, the Emperor of Zhi Wei, had a complex expression on his face.

Right now she wasn’t a Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen yet, but it could easily defeat the King of Black Light.

If he let her evolve into Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, wouldn’t she be even more terrifying? Shun Tian wasn’t able to eliminate the Thorny Flower Demoness with Phoenix Fairy Beauty glaring beside him like a tiger, he felt really gloomy inside. He had the confidence to eliminate the Thorny Flower Demoness right now, because she had not truly mature yet. If he waited until she evolve into Golden Crown Thorny Queen, she would definitely be a thorn in his plans!

The Thorny Flower Demoness battle against the King of Black Light continued.

The vines were effective in smothering the King of Black Light’s movements, but they were not enough to kill it.

The King of Black Light was a Rock Giant, it didn’t need to breathe and its body was as hard as a meteorite, unrivalled in its hardness. Its special attribute made it immune to physical attacks and coiling attack. Even siege equipments that would normally be used to attack castles wouldn’t have any effect on it. It would probably only feel a tickle from that, it was completely immune to physical attacks.

Then how could the King of Black Light be killed?

If Fatty Hai were to think about the answer to this question, he wouldn’t be able to answer even after ten years.

Ye Kong, Xue Tan Lang, Prince of Tian Luo were also thinking about the question. They knew that the Thorny Flower Demoness was the nemesis of the King of Black Light, but they were not able to think of a good idea in a short time.

The Thorny Flower Demoness was also nibbling her thumb cutely, tilting her head slightly to the side as she thought for a way out.

Her thinking expression made Shun Tian felt really jealous.

A beast that could think… How far was it from becoming a Holy Beast? Even if the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen was not an intelligent Holy Beast, she would still be a terrifying existence. If she could become a Holy Beast, her powers would not only be two or three times more powerful, she could even be ten times more powerful than right now! At that time, it would definitely be very difficult to kill her then!

Phoenix Fairy Beauty continued to stare at him, her face full of smiles. However, an intense killing intent was hidden behind that smile, as if she was ready to attack any time.

Shun Tian had no other choice, he could only repress his killing intent.

The Thorny Flower Demoness suddenly seemed to have thought of a way. The King of Black Light finally met its tragic end.

Countless vines rose from the ground, growing high up to the sky, creating a lush and dense forest. The King of Black Light which was bound on the ground was suddenly lifted up to the sky by the ten thousands of vines rising from the ground. Then, there were a number of vines pulling at its four limbs…

“Great idea!” Xue Tan Lang smiled as he praised her out loud.

“What is it?” Fatty Hai still couldn’t understand.

“Fool, the King of Black Light is an earth-attribute beast. On the ground, its powers were far stronger, and it could absorb the earth’s power endlessly. Although it wouldn’t be able to absorb much, the Thorny Flower Demoness wouldn’t be able to squash it and kill it because of that, hence they would continue to be in deadlock.” Ye Kong had a great revelation.

“Away from the ground, she had cut off the King of Black Light’s ability to absorb earth energy. The King of Black Light wouldn’t be able to replenish its energy, and since the Thorny Flower Demoness was its nemesis, she would be able to absorb the energy on its body and hasten the exhaustion of King of Black Light’s energy. Seems like the King of Black Light’s defeat is only a matter of time now.” The PRince of Tian Luo knew that the King of Black Light was destined to die, but he thought that as a Gold-ranked Level 9 beast, the King of Black Light was still a mighty existence, it would probably be able to endure for quite a long time.
(Shiro: Chinese beliefs of five elements – water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Wood conquers earth, hence Thorny Flower Demoness is the King of Black Light’s nemesis.

Countless thorny flowers started to drill into the King of Black Light’s body.

Giant, ugly flower mouths also sprouted out from the vines, absorbing the energy of the King of Black Light little by little.

This kind of attack was very slow and had a weak effect, but it was enough to terrify the King of Black Light. It startled to struggle with all of its might, doing its best to struggle free from the entanglement of the vines. However, its struggles were fated to be futile. Maybe it would still be a long time before it die, but in the end, this kind of struggles would be useless!

In the Yue Clan Village ruins.

Gold-ranked Level 6 One-eyed Giant was shouting in pain miserably.

Its only eyes had been clawed out by Hui Tai Lang. The One-eyed Giant was rolling on the ground, holding its eyes in pain as it let out a miserable wail that made others’ hairs stand on its ends.

Its eyes was the One-eyed Giant’s greatest weakness… Hui Tai Lang’s methods were ruthless! However, the Golden Beast was even more ruthless. Definitely not a vegetarian, it immediately gnawed at the One-eyed Giant’s skull, making a huge hole. The One-eyed Giant’s skull split open as the sound of skull crushing resounded through its ears.

The little Golden Beast didn’t care whether the One-eyed Giant was dead or alive, it only cared about using the shortest way to get its magic core.

It was not the first time that it ate through an enemy’s skull to get into its magic core.

Bone Dragon, Giant head… it would bite everything under the sun, regardless of race!

Hui Tai Lang was happy teaming up with this little Golden Beast. The Golden Beast was in charge of eating the One-eyed Giant’s skull while Hui Tai Lang savoured its four limbs, hence, it wouldn’t disturb the little Golden Beast from devouring the One-eyed Giant’s skull.

The little Golden Beast wanted to eat the magic core, but without its master’s approval, Hui Tai Lang knew that it would vomit it out again.

They would get reward based on their merit.

Hui Tai Lang heard Yue Yang saying this phrase before, and it understood its meaning. He meant that the more work they do, the happier their master would be and the more rewards he would give them!

Under the situation of trying to garner more merit, Hui Tai Lang was more than happy to team up with the little Golden beast. The One-eyed Giant had really met its tragic end, becoming the first sacrifice to be offered to Yue Yang. At the same time, the Gold-ranked Level 6 Lightning Mammoth was frightened to death. It wanted to escape, but it was blocked by the Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle, who was trying to prove to it that Normal-ranked beast could also be awesome too!

The Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle stopped the Lightning Mammoth.

Although its powers were way below the Lightning Mammoth, its unrivalled defense was still enough to stop the Lightning Mammoth at the mean time.

Of course, there were also the two menial work slaves, Optimus Prime and Megatron.

Although they didn’t have any attacking power, they were quite suitable to be named “Human Walls”.

Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, Li Brothers, Xue Tan Lang, Prince of Tian Luo and the others saw that they had an opportunity to show off their strength. All of them didn’t stand on ceremony and showed off their moves.

The Lightning Mammoth was heavily outnumbered, it was already its fate to suffer a defeat.

Its master, Kai Yang of the Seven Great Bears, was extremely furious. He was about to fly over and save his beast, but with his innate sense, he suddenly sensed danger from behind him. Turning around, he saw a terrifying, deadly white aurora shooting straight towards him.

Shun Tian didn’t care about Kai Yang, the One-eyed Giant or the Gold Mammoth’s life and death. The only one that he cared about was the Thorny Flower Demoness.

The Thorny Flower Demoness couldn’t defeat her enemy even after a long time.

Suddenly, she nibbled her fingers and started to think again.

As Shun Tian continued to watch her, his eyes turned colder and colder. She suddenly clapped her hands in happiness, as if she had thought of a good idea. She flapped her flower-like wings, flying beautifully towards the One-eyed Giant’s head and caught the little Golden Beast that was still violently gnawing at the One-eyed Giant’s skull.

The little Golden Beast turned into a sharp dark golden blade in her hands.

When the Thorny Flower Demoness held the dark golden blade, flapped her wings, and flew towards the King of Black Light, Shun Tian’s poker face finally crumbled down. He showed a surprised expression as he asked, “Transformation? That beast that is sharing one body with its master, that little Golden Beast, could it actually be the ‘Tong Tian Beast’?”

Phoenix Fairy Beauty laughed coldly and said, “Lord Shun Tian, don’t you think changing ‘Tong Tian Beast’ to ‘Tong Tian Divine Beast’ would make it sound more appropriate for it?”

At this time, Shun Tian’s face had completely changed. Jealousy and greed flashed across his eyes. He turned around and looked at the Phoenix Fairy Beauty as he asked in surprise, “What did you say? Did you mean that that little Golden beast had already contracted a grimoire? Has it fulfilled the criteria to become a Divine Beast already…? No, this is impossible!”

“Of course it has not right now, but who would know what will happen in the future!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty revealed a dimple in her smile, but her eyes were filled with killing intent that became more intense with time.

She was waiting for the right time to attack.

For example, at the time when Yue Yang finally return.

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