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LLS Chapter 284 Part 2 – With daughter in hand, the world is mine!

Chapter 284 Part 2 – With daughter in hand, the world is mine!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The powerful shockwave from the explosion made Yue Yang and Moqi Xu Ling both unable to hear anything.

At this moment, both of their ears had completely lost their ability to hear.

Moqi Xu Ling felt a buzzing in his head and felt like he was about to faint. Even if he was an Innate Level 5, he was thrown several meters back from the shockwave.

In front of him, a fist suddenly shot out towards him, hitting him square in his face. Drips of blood flowed from his nose…

Moqi Xu Ling was unable to open his eyes, he couldn’t see at all, but he could feel that his enemy was storing his destructive Star Explosion again.

“Summon grimoire.” Right when the second punch was about to hit him, he chose to summon his grimoire and raise his protective shield for defense.

The punch was deflected by the protective shield.

However, one finger had actually pierced inside the protective shield soundlessly. It was pointing right between Moqi Xu Ling’s eyebrows.

Once again, the Golden Eagle come to rescue and reacted right in time, moving its owner’s body away… Sst! The Sword Qi that was able to instantly kill an Innate shot through Moqi Xu Ling’s scalp, cutting his skin and leaving a terrifying bloody scar. If he was just a thousandth of second late, Moqi Xu Ling’s head would have been split open.

The Golden Eagle-shaped body of energy shot towards Yue Yang. It was affected by the huge explosion, its powers has been greatly reduced. However, it was still very strong.

Under the orders of the Golden Eagle Holy Beast, it continued to charge right at Yue Yang.

Or maybe, the Golden Eagle wasn’t even hoping of killing Yue Yang, it just wanted to survive!

At a far distance, the Sand Beast that had turned into a gigantic sandstorm became even bigger from the huge explosion. It carried a whole sky full of sand and stormed right at Yue Yang. Moqi Xu Ling realized that the young man in front of him was looking at his beast full of killing intention, and was deeply alarmed in his heart… He didn’t manage to recall the Sand Beast when he saw Yue Yang’s body flashing straight at the eye of the sandstorm.

In the eye of the sandstorm, everything was calm.

Yue Yang shouted as the Nirvana’s Flame on his body shot towards the sky, forming a ten-meter tall Nirvana’s Flame… This was one of his Domain of Power, “Nirvana Flame Pillar”.

The Sand Beast might have been able to kill anyone in the world with a physical body. Its power could indeed destroy the heavens and the earth.

However, as a element-type beast, it would never be able to fight against the strongest element attack in the whole world – the Nirvana Flame. Under the flames of Nirvana Flame Pillar, its inner core immediately melted down..

Instant Kll!

The Sand Beast’s magic core was refined by the Nirvana Flame. It became smaller suddenly, as all of its impurity was removed, leaving only the purest sand element energy inside.

The magic core slowly floated onto Yue Yang’s hands.

The Golden Eagle-shaped body of energy also didn’t seem to be effective under Yue Yang’s Nirvana Flame. It caught fire and immediately burnt into nothingness.

Moqi Xu Ling’s knees felt weak and he immediately fell to the ground… His enemy was simply too strong. This kind of enemy, he would definitely not be able to win against him. His provocation towards him just now was really an extremely foolish thing to do. His plan of going into the Dimension of Duel to hide his own abilities, turned to be digging his own graveyard… These two Domain of Power that Yue Yang had, only someone with the powers of Innate Level 7 and above could master them. However, this young man in front of him that was barely Innate Level 1 could actually use them easily…

Could he even fight against this kind of enemy?

Moqi Xu Ling watched in horror as Yue Yang drew a circle with his hands as he chanted a chant. Countless dark golden, gold and silver runes started to appear and shone mysteriously and radiantly like the Milky Way. In Yue Yang’s hands, a World Exterminating Wheel that was revolving non-stop slowly took shape… When Moqi Xu Ling saw all these, he felt complete despair and hopelessness.

His expressions turned ashen and his whole body couldn’t stop trembling.

Three types. This brat actually had three kinds of unrivalled Domain of Power.

It was not that there wasn’t any Innate who could use the World Exterminating Wheel. However, there was definitely no Innate who could form it with the power of so many runes. That was definitely his Domain of Power!

Star Explosion, Nirvana Flame and World Exterminating Wheel. These three Domain of Powers, every single one of them was capable of instantly killing anyone.

Now that he was facing against these three kinds of Domain of Power, how could Moqi Xu Ling not feel despair and utter hopelessness?

“Go!” Yue Yang raised the World Exterminating Wheel in his hands and was prepared to throw it towards Moqi Xu Ling’s protective shield… Moqi Xu Ling saw his protective shield caving in under his enemy’s attack. It seemed to have the defense of a tissue paper against the onslaught of the World Exterminating Wheel. Just now, the mysterious Sword Qi had already broken through his protective shield once. Now, with the World Exterminating Wheel coming at him, he would definitely meet his tragic end.

‘No, no…” Moqi Xu Ling released his greatest strength. However, he wasn’t trying to counter-attack, he was only trying to escape.

He was completely terrified by Yue Yang’s killing intent.

In that instant, he was no longer an Innate Level 5 warrior, he was only a terrified, panicked loser who was scared witless.

Moqi Xu Ling had already escaped a hundred metres away in just a tenth of a second, moving even faster than teleportation.

Yue Yang wouldn’t be able to chase after him even with teleportation.

However, Yue Yang’s World Exterminating Wheel that he had thrown could travel faster than any kind of time, speed or space. Moqi Xu Ling watched in fear as it slashed through his body… Moqi Xu Ling completely lost all hope, he slowly closed his eyes and waited for his death. Just as he was about to be slashed in two, his Golden Eagle Holy Beast had actually saved his life the third time. It blocked the attack with one wing and cushioned its master’s body with its other wing. The World Exterminating Wheel slashed across the Golden Eagle Holy Beast’s wing and cut across Moqi Xu Ling’s body from his left shoulder to his right abdomen… What the Golden Eagle Holy Beast could do was merely use all of its abilities and keep its master alive.

Moqi Xu Ling lost half of his body, but his head was still preserved due to his Golden Eagle Holy Beast’s sacrifice.

He was still alive!

The Gold-ranked Level 10 Golden Eagle Holy Beast voluntarily came out of Moqi Xu Ling’s body. It raised its broken wings and blocked right in front of Yue Yang.

Even at the last second, it was still protecting its master.

This is what Guardian Beast is!

This is the Guardian Beast that would never betray its master!

If Yue Yang didn’t have Star Explosion, Nirvana Flame or World Exterminating Wheel, three kinds of Domain of Power that was impossible to defend against, the Golden Eagle Holy Beast would have continued to fight… However, right now, there was no more meaning to fighting. It was only hoping to protect its master until its final breath. It wanted to die before its master.

Xiao Wen Li suddenly floated out of Yue Yang’s body, bathed in rainbow light.

Her eyes that could speak a thousand words looked unblinkingly at the Golden Eagle Holy Beast’s wing that had been slashed off on the ground.

Her little hands were cupped together as she bowed towards the Golden Eagle Holy Beast, like a warrior greeting another warrior. Similarly, that Golden Eagle Holy Beast bent its wings and bowed, bowing respectfully at Xiao Wen Li.

It turned around and looked at Moqi Xu Ling who was nearing death.

Its eyes were filled with a human’s complicated feelings, it looked like love, or pity…

“I’m sorry, Sha Sha, I was wrong!” hot tears flowed out of Moqi Xu Ling’s eyes as he cried out towards his Golden Eagle Holy Beast, “My wild schemes has caused your death. If only I have agreed with you and returned home at that time, all of this would not have happened. It was my fault for craving the Emperor of Zhi Wei’s seat. I was too jealous of Shun Tian who possessed everything. My greed has harmed you to die! I’m sorry, Sha Sha, I’m so sorry…”

Bathed in a golden light, the Golden Eagle Holy Beast slowly changed its appearance to become a beautiful woman who looked to be in her thirties.

One of her arms had been slashed off, fresh blood flowed out endlessly out of her wounds.

She first shook her head at Moqi Xu Ling, then bowed to Xiao Wen Li the second time.

She then pierced her right hand deep into her heart.

Her long and sharp fingernails pierced straight through her heart… She fell down right into Moqi Xu Ling’s arms. She looked at him emotionally at her last moment, not saying anything, before she slowly closed her beautiful pair of big eyes.

Moqi Xu Ling wailed painfully, his voice was beyond bereaved.

Tears of regret continued to flow down.

He had originally possessed a power that ordinary people would envy him for. He had a woman who would rather die in his arms than anywhere else. He had love and happiness that other people could only hope for, but everything was destroyed because of his greed.

“Kill me now… I can’t let Sha Sha wait for me too long. I owed her too much!” Moqi Xu Ling cried out loudly.

Xiao Wen Li’s Dual Icicle Blades slashed like falling snow.

With one slash, she cut off Moqi Xu Ling’s head.

After killing off Moqi Xu Ling, she turned around and hugged Yue Yang who was waiting for her tightly, hot tears flowing out of her big eyes. Yue Yang slowly wiped it away from her face. Hugging her tightly, he kissed her forehead and said, “We must remember today. We must learn from other’s mistakes, don’t let our happiness slip away from our hands. We must become stronger and defeat all of our enemies. We must not let others stop us…”

“Unn!” Xiao Wen Li nodded obediently before she raised her Dual Icicle Blades to the sky, shouting loudly.

Her voice showed her bottomless fighting spirit, as if she was responding to Yue Yang’s words.

Become stronger and defeat all of their enemies!

Her Diamond Grimoire suddenly appeared and the Stone Element Medusa, Storm Mermaid, Thunder Naga, and a Serpent Demoness General that Yue Yang had never seen before also appeared in front of them. The Serpent Demoness General was also carrying a Dual Icicle Blade, but the Serpent Demoness General’s Dual Icicle Blade was ten times larger than Xiao Wen Li’s. The icy coldness that it emitted was terrifying. The moment she appeared, the ground that was still burning in flames immediately become frozen, turning the whole space into a blizzard hell.

This Serpent Demoness General looked like Xiao Wen Li in terms of appearance, but she looked more mature and dignified, as if she was a great general in a war.

Her body was covered in a platinum armor that was engraved with Heaven and Ancient Runes.

This mighty-looking Serpent Demoness General was actually one of Xiao Wen Li’s Guardian beast, the Ice Serpent Demon.

Following Xiao Wen Li, the Stone-element Medusa, Sorm Mermaid, thunder Naga and Ice Serpent Demon all raised their weapons and shout out to the sky.

A ray of multi-coloured light suddenly rose up from Xiao Wen Li’s body. On the Diamond Grimoire and the four beasts’ body, five pillars of similar-looking dark golden light suddenly rose up, surrounding the multi-coloured light pillar in the middle. The group of light formed a giant pillar of light that shot endlessly towards the sky.

“Did she level up?” Yue Yang discovered in surprise that Xiao Wen Li had finally levelled up.

Xiao Wen Li had not shown any signs of levelling up no matter how many strong enemies had been defeated. Xiao Wen Li had only levelled up once when they were trying to pick the Starlight Indigo Grass and accidentally activated a Runic Circle. After such a long time, she finally levelled up again and become Diamond-ranked Level 3.

Although this was a level up, it was extremely slow.

However, Xiao Wen Li’s powers would greatly increase every time she levelled up… Yue Yang was really curious whether this Xiao Wen Li was actually a Divine Beast. She could even be a Transcending Divine Beast. She must have a different requirements for levelling up than other beasts, which was why it took her so long to level up! She was Empress Fei Wen Li’s precious daughter, it would really be unbelievable if she was like an ordinary beast!

Yue Yang wasn’t able to see clearly how Xiao Wen Li looked after she levelled up, because she immediately jumped into his arms and kissed his cheeks happily. It was as if she had scored 100 in her test and couldn’t wait to tell her father about it.

Yue Yang was so touched that he almost cried. With daughter in hand, the world is mine!

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    • han says:

      Love u know, clearly they are lovers like those romeo x juliet type so its understandable that bird named sha sha want to do when her lover near death, she rather die with her master than clinging to live, not to mention she also fatally injured, and of course dimension of duel rules no both chalengers can get out until one side die so its impossible for yue yang to forgive and let them live.

  1. drahu says:

    She was Empress Fei Wen Li’ daughter??! Wasn’t she her guardian beast that reverted to an infant like existence when dying protecting her? Im confused

    • Cyclloid says:

      IIRC, she was the Empress’s best general, not a summon/guardian beast. At the fall of her empire, she was able to preserve her general’s spirit. Xiao Wen Li is treated as yue yang’s and the empress’s daughter as she was resurrected by yue yang’s blood and the empress’s ki/life force.

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