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LLS Chapter 284 Part 1 – With daughter in hand, the world is mine!

Chapter 284 Part 1 – With daughter in hand, the world is mine!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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It didn’t matter if Yue Yang had mastered his Domain of Power. Moqi Xu Ling would not let his enemy had the chance to attack.

He roared thunderously as his body charged towards Yue Yang like a meteor.

As a true and real Innate, Moqi Xu Ling was very clear about the weakness of activating the Domain of Power. He had practiced for three whole years to reduce the activation speed of his Domain of Power by a second. Even if this brat knew how to activate his Domain of Power, how could his speed be faster than his? When he fall within his area of attack and received the power of his Domain of Power at full force, Yue Yang would definitely die… He must strike first to gain the advantage, and suffer the consequences later. Moqi Xu Ling had lived by this logic since three hundred years ago.

In a battle against experts, victory or loss was only a matter of one second.

Whichever Domain of Power activated faster, he would be able to attack his enemy faster. That was how victory was made.

“Drop dead!” Moqi Xu Lin believed that within nhis Domain of Power, the Yue Clan Third Young Master would definitely fall and become the miserable loser. How could he even dream of using his Domain of Power with his speed that was as slow as a snail?

A flash of light suddenly erupted from within Moqi Xu Ling’s body and radiated more than thirty metres out, creating a huge halo of light.

Yue Yang who was within the halo of light, suddenly gasped in surprise, “Eh?”

His body that was floating in the sky suddenly fell sharp to the ground.

Although Yue Yang didn’t really drop dead as per what Moqi Xu Ling had said, his body was restrained by an invisible force to the ground. His movements were severely restricted, as if a ten thousand kilograms of iron had been pressed onto Yue Yang’s body. He felt a huge burden all over his body, it was difficult to even walk a step forward.

His originally quick and agile body became very slow. He even needed a long time to move his fingers.

This was Moqi Xu Ling’s Domain of Power – “Heavy Pressure”.

In reality, the Level 5 Innate Moqi Xu Ling was a newbie in terms of mastering his Domain of Power. Hence, the power he displayed from his Domain of Power was slightly lacking in strength… Right now, his “Heavy Pressure” could only make his enemies bear twenty times the weight of their body. This kind of Domain of Power could only be counted as Level 1 Beginner-ranked. Domains of Power were ranked by ranks and levels. There were Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced-rank, and each rank is divided into three sub-levels. It could be said that in terms of mastering Domain of Powers, Moqi Xu Ling was just a newbie who had just stepped into this realm of power. He was only slightly ahead of Yue Yang who had just realized his power.

Domain of Powers such as Heavy Pressure was actually not considered a good Domain of Power.

A truly strong Innate could exert pressure just by releasing his Qi, this would have the same effect as the Heavy Pressure.

However, for an ordinary warrior, the Domain of Power was an invincible existence. An ordinary warrior’s body would have been crushed if they couldn’t bear the force of twenty times their own weight.

“Turns out this is his Domain of Power…” Yue Yang’s Divine Vision could see that there was some kind of force rushing out of Moqi Xu Ling’s body. However, the way that force was released was like a combustible fuel, there should be a limit to it. However, it was extremely effective for his enemies for a certain period of time and area. Yue Yang discovered that there was a halo of light in a radius of thirty meters. He immediately sensed that this was the area of effect of Moqi Xu Ling’s Domain of Power. He immediately turned around and started to leave the halo of light.

“Where are you running away to!” Moqi Xu Ling discovered that this brat was really an indestructible cockroach. Not only did he managed to stay alive bearing the burden of twenty times his bodyweight, he was not even injured. Only his movements become slower.

He immediately summoned a Gold-ranked Level 8 Fishing Net Spider and his Guardian Beast, a Gold-ranked Level 10 Golden Eagle.
(Shiro: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_eagle)

It was a Holy Beast-ranked Golden Eagle!

The Fishing Net Spider was not affected by Heavy Pressure. It easily jumped forward, so lightly as if it was flying.

It spat out white-coloured giant net and trapped Yue Yang’s whole body. It then quickly moved the white-coloured giant net and wrapped Yue Yang inside into a ball, making him unable to struggle free from its trap. In the sky, Moqi Xu Ling who had fused together with the Golden Eagle finally release his strongest power, Innate Level 5…

The whole of Dimension of Duel was almost crushed.

The ground was split, making lava and magma flow through the whole space.

Within the space, Moqi Xu Ling’s body released blasts of shockwaves relentlessly, even his Gold-ranked Level 8 Fishing Net Spider had to escape and hide. The other Gold-ranked Level 8 beast, the Sand Beast, on the other hand, rose up like a tiger that was bestowed with wings, its strength becoming stronger along with the violent shockwaves. It became a giant sandstorm that could sweep away every single thing, turning at a speed that was unimaginable by humans. In the eye of the storm, there were hundred thousands of blades and knives swirling around, able to tear everything into shreds. Whoever was swept away by that giant sandstorm would definitely be torn to shreds and crushed into dust, becoming small particles of flesh swirling in the storm…

At this time, Moqi Xu Ling’s hands suddenly glowed with a bright golden light.

He had condensed a ball of energy in the shape of a Golden Eagle.

Only an Innate Ranker who possessed a Holy Beast would be able to condense a ball of energy that had shape.

This kind of body of energy contained the willpower of the Holy Beast. Not only would its abilities become ten times stronger, it would also be able to move according to the Holy Beast’s order. It would be able to automatically target its enemies and maintain its form for longer periods of time. Once it was released, as long as the Holy Beast was still alive, the body of energy would definitely hit its target.

“Golden Eagle Blast!” Moqi Xu Ling raised his hands that were carrying the Golden Eagle body of energy high and threw it right towards Yue Yang who was trapped inside the white-coloured ball of net.

“I’m right here.” Yue Yang suddenly appeared right behind Moqi Xu Ling.

Maybe the Fishing Net Spider’s net would be a difficult problem for other people. But for an Innate who knew how to manipulate space and teleport, it was extremely easy for Yue Yang to escape from the spider’s net trap. Yue Yang condensed a Sword Qi in his right hand while he condensed one of his Domain of Power “Star Explosion” in his left. Yue Yang’s Domain of Power was completely different from Moqi Xu Ling’s Domain of Power, which was an Area-of-Effect attack. Yue Yang’s Domain of Power was a bomb, before it explodes, it would not have any effect to his enemies.

However, as long as it hits its target, it would explode with a power that was as destructive as an exploding star.

Yue Yang then joined his hands to combine his attack.

The Innate Invisible Sword Qi on his right and Star Explosion on his left exploded right at Moqi Xu Ling right and left ears respectively at the same time. Yue Yang had actually copied Xue Wu Xia for this attack.


However, the thing that shocked Yue Yang was that his Innate Invisible Sword Qi sneak attack had actually missed!

This was the first time it happened amongst all of Yue Yang’s battles…

Yue Yang’s attack was not exactly too slow, it was also not because the sneak attack was not launched at the right timing. He had completely seen through Moqi Xu Ling’s attack pattern and launched a sneak attack right after Moqi Xu Ling was releasing his ultimate move. However, his sure-kill Innate Invisible Sword Qi had actually missed. This was beyond Yue Yang’s expectations. Just now, right before Yue Yang’s Sword Qi exploded at Moqi Xu Ling’s head, a Golden Wing had appeared right behind Moqi Xu Ling’s back. It pulled him away quick like lightning, making Yue Yang fail at his sneak attack.

Yue Yang’s Sword Qi could only cut a few of its golden feathers.

“…” Moqi Xu Ling who had just barely escaped death felt his heartbeat rose up to 300 bpm. Without his Holy Beast’s help, his head would have been exploded to bits by this brat.

He rubbed the fresh blood on his face, his heart filled with fury and fear.

Fortunately he had the help of his Holy Beast.

That Golden Eagle-shaped body of energy that had been thrown towards the white-coloured spider net turned around under the orders of the Golden Eagle Holy Beast, continuing its attack towards Yue Yang. Moqi Xu Ling stomped his feet angrily and leapt high up above the ground. He reached out his hands and pointed with his fingers, preparing to crush Yue Yang again within his Domain of Power. He would push him to the ground and let the burning lava burn this Yue Clan Third Young Master alive.

With his Golden Eagle Holy Beast, his speed was more or less the same as Yue Yang.

In terms of strength, as an Innate Level 5, he had confidence to crush Yue Yang down.

“Ssss…” That Fishing Net Spider was also quite loyal. When it saw that Yue Yang had escaped, it immediately leapt to the sky and emitted white-coloured giant spider net to trap Yue Yang all over again. As for that Sand Beast that still continued to revolve in its giant sandstorm, it had also slowly moved in closer towards Yue Yang.

“Die.” Yue Yang shot the ‘Star Explosion’ in his hands.

A streak of meteor shot out as fast as lightning and pierced into the Gold-ranked Level 8 Fishing Net Spider’s body… In that instant, a horrifying loud explosion reverberated through the whole space!

Like a star that had just exploded, the whole ground, rocks, mud, lava and other things disappeared without a trace. The whole of Dimension of Duel was filled with the aftermath of the blast, covered in a sea of fire. Everything had turned into dust! Forget about Moqi Xu Ling, even Yue Yang, the person who activated his Domain of Power, was trembling like crazy. He was terrified, it was like he had just seen the end of the world. He was almost exploded into dust inside this Dimension of Duel by his own move…

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    • Gradient says:

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