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LLS Chapter 283 – Yue Yang’s Domain of Power

Chapter 283 – Yue Yang’s Domain of Power
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: I think there will be a lot of grammar/sentence structure mistakes in this chapter… too long and too tired to edit >.> Sorry for the delay guys…

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“The secret of the summoning grimoires?” Of course, Yue Yang wouldn’t know anything about the secrets of the summoning grimoire.

For example, where did it come from?

These summoning grimoires, who created them? Is it created by humans or gods?

How could beasts be recalled into the summoning grimoire? How did his Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man use the Golden Bell, bracelet and weapon? How could Xiao Wen Li and the Bloody Queen Red move to their house to the Celestial Grimoire? How did the summoning grimoire gave their owners their Inherent Skills? Where did the grimoire’s owner’s Guardian Beast that could never truly die come from? How could beasts level up from battle experiences?

There were countless of questions that Yue Yang had never truly thought of carefully.

The reason was because no one knew the answer.

Until now, when Empress Fei Wen Li decided to share him this secret, Yue Yang finally realized that the answer to all his questions had actually always been by his side.

“The summoning grimoire had countless of secrets that even I was unable to know of.” Empress Fei Wen Li hugged Xiao Wen Li as she fixed her eyes at Yue Yang, “However, according to my knowledge, the summoning grimoire, similar to the Ancient Runes and Immemorial Runes, first appeared ages ago; no one knows when. There is a very close relationship between the summoning grimoire and runes. It was said that they were first created by the Deities during the Immemorial Era. The summoning grimoire was a heavenly book that was created to allow humans to become stronger, a ladder for humans to reach the Heaven Realm.”

“Is there a limited amount to grimoires?” Yue Yang wanted to know how many grimoires are there, or whether there were an unlimited amount of grimoires.

“Yes.” Empress Fei Wen Li nodded with certainty. “I’ve never seen the document records, so I am not 100% sure. However, from the rumours, in this whole world, including Tong Tian Tower, Heaven Realm and Outer Realm, there were only 10,000 Bronze Grimoires, 5,000 Silver Grimoires, 1000 Gold Grimoires, 500 Platinum Grimoires and 100 Diamond Grimoires. This number is fixed, so if you have one Diamond Grimoire, that means that there are only 99 Diamond Grimoires left. If the 100 Diamond Grimoires quota has been met, even if someone has met the requirements to level up their grimoires to Diamond-ranked, they wouldn’t be able to rank up, unless they killed a Diamond-ranked Grimoire owner. Of course, not everyone can rank up to Diamond-rank, it is on a whole other level than Platinum-ranked Grimoires and below. It will not rank up just from accumulation of battle experience, it requires special conditions. One of them is Blood Link.”

“I see…” Yue Yang had an understanding. No wonder all the Innate Rankers he met until now only had Platinum-ranked Grimoire. No one had a Diamond-ranked Grimoire before.

According to the numbers that Empress Fei Wen Li mentioned, Yue Yang could calculate.

In reality, the number of grimoire owners in the Soaring Dragon Continent were extremely low. Only the Four Great Clans, Four Great Sects, Three Royal Kingdoms and a handful of elite talents possess summoning grimoires. There were not even 200 Bronze Grimoires in the Soaring Dragon Continent. That was only around 1% of of the quota of Bronze Grimoires. The number of Silver, Gold, Platinum Grimoires were even less than that.

The Demon Abyss was slightly stronger than the Soaring Dragon Continent, not to the point that they were able to completely crush the Soaring Dragon Continent. Yue Yang reckoned that the there wouldn’t be that much grimoires in the Demon Abyss than in Soaring Dragon Continent.

Just looking at the number of grimoire owners, it was apparent that the Soaring Dragon Continent was extremely weak.

Seems like the most powerful place in this world must be the rumoured Heaven Realm!

As for the Eastern Goblin Tribe and Demon Abyss, although they were a little better off than the Soaring Dragon Continent, they were still way below the Heaven Realm.

However, Yue Yang was the most curious about his own Celestial Grimoire.

What’s up with that Celestial Grimoire?

Yue Yang hesitated a little before asking Empress Fei Wen Li this question.

Empress Fei Wen Li never imagined that Yue Yang would have a Celestial Grimoire. She smiled, “Celestial Grimoires are divided into Holy Grimoire and Divine Grimoires. The two of them had similar names and appearance, but they have different potential in strength and power. There are a total of 100 Holy Grimoires, but there are only 10 Divine Grimoires. No matter if it is Holy or Divine Grimoires, they are all unique existences, each has their own special power and abilities. Holy Grimoires would never be able to rank up to Divine Grimoires, but a Diamond Grimoire will be able to rank up to a Holy Grimoire. As long as the Diamond Grimoire owner kills the Holy Grimoire owner and fuse their grimoires together, a new Holy Grimoire will be created… As for Divine Grimoires, it is not possible to rank up a normal grimoire to Divine Grimoire. Theoretically, other than gods and deities, a Divine Grimoire is not something that lower beings could possess. However, it was said that it could be snatched away, as long as one has powers that surpassed Gods. A Divine Grimoire can be snatched away when one kills a God…”

“Kill a God and snatch his Divine Grimoire? Do Gods truly exist?” Yue Yang was completely speechless.

“No one has ever seen Gods, no one could prove the existence of Gods. However, according to ancient rumours, there was once a God that had been killed by human warriors. He fell from the highest realm in the world, the Heaven Realm, and fell onto Soaring Dragon Continent. At the place where the God had fallen, humans decided to build a huge God Sealing Shrine. However, the God Sealing Shrine was ruined during the Great Hundred Tribes War. The later generations of mankind then called these ruins the “God’s Ruins”.” When Empress Fei Wen Li said this, Yue Yang started sweating profusely.

Turns out God’s Ruins had such a history.

No wonder, it was located in the most secluded place in Tong Tian Tower. Turns out it was a place where a God was sealed… But, do Gods really exist?

Yue Yang really couldn’t be so sure.

Maybe Gods are just stronger versions of Innate Rankers.

The picture of the Sword Goddess and the Old Taoist Priest flashed across Yue Yang’s mind. The Sword Goddess had the ability to destroy heavens and earth with just one move. Yue Yang had seen many strong Innate Rankers, but they were as insignificant as ants compared to her. If the Sword Goddess could appear in this world, then would she be a God-like existence? Or the Old Daoist Priest, seems like that fellow was an even stronger existence than the Sword Goddess.

With regards to Gods and whatsoever, Yue Yang decided not to think about it anymore. He had not reached that level yet, so it was no use to think about it now.

“I have only heard Divine Grimoires from rumours, I have never seen one before. Hence, I am not that knowledgeable about Divine Grimoires, I only know that it exists… However, if you want to ask about Holy Grimoires, this grimoire in my hand is a Holy Grimoire.” Empress Fei Wen Li tapped on the crystal coffin lightly as she smiled sweetly towards Yue Yang.

“What special powers does your Holy Grimoire has?” Yue Yang had already guessed that she possessed a Holy Grimoire. He asked this because he wanted to compare it to his own Celestial Grimoire.

Yue Yang highly suspect that the Celestial Grimoire in his hands was actually the legendary ‘Divine Grimoire’.

He wanted to compare it to Empress Fei Wen Li’s Holy Grimoire.

If the two Grimoires were different, then his grimoire must be a Divine Grimoire. If he had the Divine Grimoire, he would have more beauties… Yue Yang felt that his future sexual life were filled with good prospects.

How could Empress Fei Wen Li know that this boy had a Celestial Grimoire? She only thought that he was curious, hence she showed it to him.

Yue Yang was ecstatic.

This was because he realized that his Celestial Grimoire was a little different from Empress Fei Wen Li’s. There was a high chance that it was a Divine Grimoire. Of course, before he could be sure of that, he decided that would not say that he possessed a Celestial Grimoire at the mean time. He would research about it in secret first. Maybe Empress Fei Wen Li was afraid that she would hurt Yue Yang’s confidence if she spoke too much, so she didn’t discuss this any further.

After understanding Yue Yang’s current situation, she told him all the secrets regarding Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum grimoires.

“Anyone who possessed a grimoire actually possessed a storage space. No, it should be called a realm. The higher the rank of the grimoire, the more perfect the world inside it would be! The space inside a Bronze Grimoire is only a dark, empty space, there is completely nothing inside. A beast can only sleep when it enters into a Bronze Grimoire. On the other hand, the space inside a Silver Grimoire is filled with light and earth while the Gold Grimoire is filled with mountains and rivers. Beasts can continue to live when they enter the grimoire, they don’t have to sleep. The space inside a platinum grimoire was even wider and more complete. There are birds and butterflies, flowers and trees, amongst many other things. Beasts can live very happily inside.” Hearing Empress Fei Wen Li’s words, Yue Yang thought that it was quite similar to his Dream Realm.

At first, there was nothing in his Dream Realm, only light and clouds.

Afterwards, it slowly turned into a beautiful world with flowers and trees, mountains and rivers.

Yue Yang knew that it wasn’t his doing, it was the Sword Goddess’ powers…Who would know that inside the summoning grimoire, the same thing also happened.

When he was dreaming and entered his Dream Realm, could it be that he was entering the space of his own grimoire?

“Can I enter the space inside my grimoire?” Yue Yang asked.

“Ordinary warriors can only enter the space inside a Platinum grimoire, but an Innate Ranker can enter into the space inside a Gold grimoire, or even a Silver grimoire. If an ordinary warrior wanted to enter into the space inside a platinum grimoire, he must first acquire the grimoire owner’s agreement. There must also be a Holy Beast to receive him, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to leave once he entered. If you want to enter the space inside your grimoire, you have to learn how to use the special teleportation rune circle that is unique to your grimoire. I think it shouldn’t be very difficult for you…” Other than teaching Yue Yang about how to enter into the space inside his grimoire, Empress Fei Wen Li had demonstrated it personally, pressing her hand onto Yue Yang’s forehead.

A brilliant rainbow-coloured light started radiating brightly.

Yue Yang could feel that his body had not moved, but his soul had quickly and mysteriously teleported into another place.

In that moment, he could sense a boundless, desolate world that was in ruins.

The whole world was frozen in ice, every living thing and buildings were all frozen in ice.

This was a completely dead world…

When Empress Fei Wen Li moved her hands from Yue Yang’s forehead, Yue Yang felt his soul returning to his body. Everything that he saw just now seemed to be a dream.

“Due to the Black Hole Seal, I don’t have the ability to send you into the space inside y Holy grimoire. I could only show you how just now so that you can have a sense of how to do it yourself. The space inside the Holy Grimoire is actually a beautiful world. The reason why everything is frozen is because there is not enough power to sustain it. As long as I can leave this Black Hole Dimension and recover my powers, everything will return back to normal.” Empress Fei Wen Li sighed lightly. She knew that although Yue Yang improved very quickly, he was still far from being able to rescue her out of the seal… She would be grateful if he could come inside the space every now and then to chat with her and give her some energy.

“Are you tired?” Seeing Empress Fei Wen Li’s tired expression, Yue Yang knew that the Black Hole Dimension was affecting her greatly. It would be best for her to return to her crystal coffin, continue to sleep, and recover more of her powers. He had learnt a lot of secrets from her and he had the confidence that he could enter the Black Hole Dimension again. He was not in a rush to ask more questions, there would be chance to do that in the future anyway.

“Little boy, have you learnt how to think about others in the one year that we didn’t see each other?” Empress Fei Wen Li chuckled lightly, but she didn’t refuse when Yue Yang carried her intimately into the crystal coffin.

“One last question. Why is it that the Innate Rankers that I have met so far are so different?” Yue Yang asked his doubt.

Amongst the Innate Rankers that Yue Yang had seen, they were mostly divided into two types.

One was the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader, Shun Tian, Elder Nan Gong, Phoenix Fairy Beauty, Night Empress and the others. These Innate rankers were all strong beyond compare. Even Yue Yang, who had reached this kind of level, was unable to see through the depths of the powers they have hidden. The second type was innate rankers like Tu Cheng, Kuang Zhan, Duan Mu, Liu He, Yao Guang, Kai Yang and the others. Although they were innates, their powers were simply too insignificant.

Why was their powers so vastly different, although they were all innates?

Was it because of each person’s different cultivation method?

Or the depths of the comprehension?

Or was it because of other reasons?

Empress Fei Wen Li was slightly shocked when she heard Yue Yang’s question. However, she quickly reacted and smiled, “I see, turns out the Innates in Soaring Dragon Continent could actually be faked. Little Yue Yang, what you have seen might just be ‘fake Innates’… They didn’t become Innate through hard work and cultivation, they become innates through external powers, for example with another Innate’s help or with the help of some secret pill, pulling them into the Innate realm immaturely. These fake Innates, although they were innates, their powers would be extremely weak and they wouldn’t be able to improve in their lives. They ought to be pitied… The real innate would have a Holy Beast that grew together with them and would possess their own Domain of Power that is unique to their own.”

When Yue Yang heard her explanation, he finally understood.

Why would the Thousand Goblin Sect not care about him killing Tu Cheng and Kuang Zhan? Why don’t Kuang Zhan and Tu Cheng possess Holy Beasts?

Seems like Tu Cheng and Kuang Zhan became innates through the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader’s help.

They were probably created because the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader wanted a loyal subordinate. There wouldn’t be any problems if they died, the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader would still be able to create another fake Innate if he wanted to. Hence, he wouldn’t harbor a grudge for Yue Yang just because he had killed Tu Cheng and Kuang Zhan.

Yue Yang continued to think. It seemed like he didn’t have a Holy Beast or Domain of Power.

Maybe Xiao Wen Li and the Bloody Queen could be counted as a Holy Beast forcibly. However, this was the first time Yue Yang had heard of ‘Domain of Power’.

What is thiss Domain of Power?

“Your Domain of Power…I also can’t see through it. It’s hidden deep inside your mind. It seems like something related to fire, but it also seems to be something else. I can’t be sure.” Empress Fei Wen Li’s words completely shocked Yue Yang.

Could it be that his Domain of Power was the mysterious power that appeared whenever he was unconscious?

He remembered when he was fighting against the fake Elder Tian Suo, the sealed demon Dark Golden Sceptre had appeared. He couldn’t fight it and had fainted on the spot. When he awoke, he discovered that the Dark Golden Specter had been instantly killed by him. Yue Yang had always been confused with this matter. He only knew that there was a mysterious power in his body that continued to help him everytime he was in trouble. Could it be that that was his Domain of Power?

Yue Yang realized that there were actually a lot of secrets inside his body.

Forget it, he would understand it slowly.

The guy from another world was too lazy to think about it too much. He was about to give Empress Fei Wen Li some Innate energy so that she may recover some strength and exit this place.

“If you want to use your Domain of Power, it’s actually pretty easy. Try to feel it in your heart, feel the power inside of you… give it a try!” Empress Fei Wen Li lied down inside the crystal coffin as she spurred Yue Yang to try activating his Domain of Power.

“Okay!” Without her telling him, Yue Yang even thought that he had not have ‘Domain of Power’ inside his body yet.

At first, Yue Yang had many thoughts in his head, he was unable to calm down.

He was also unable to sense his Domain of Power.

However, along with Empress Fei Wen Li’s pointers, teaching him along like a teacher, Yue Yang slowly concentrated and could finally enter his Inner Realm for the first time. It was his first time being able to come into contact with the power inside his body when he was awake. He was able to grasp onto his Domain of Power, which was unique to him alone.

It was like a huge door of knowledge had slowly opened inside his mind.

Through his Inner Realm, Yue Yang discovered countless and mysterious powers inside his body, like a lustrous river of stars.

The closest power to him was the Nirvana Flame and World Exterminating Wheel that he was familiar with.

As for the powers furthest from him, Yue Yang was still unable to feel it clearly.

He only knew that it was as vast as the Milky Galaxy…

Yue Yang first tried to touch the Nirvana Flame and World Exterminating Wheel, before trying to probe deeper. Suddenly, there was a mysterious power that discovered his presence. Like a meteor, it shot towards him, as if it was trying to attack and enter into his body… However, Yue Yang discovered that that power was extremely destructive and terrifying. He was so afraid that he started trembling. At this moment, there seemed to be a mysterious being coming out from his body. It opened its mouth and swallowed that mysterious power whole.

Then, like a star, it exploded inside Yue Yang’s body.

In that instant, that mysterious power turned into a new power inside Yue Yang’s body, it became one of the components of his Domain of Power.

Yue Yang could now clearly fell the existence of his Domain of Power…

And that was “Devour”, a power that was even stronger than the Black Hole Dimension!

If he could use this “Devour” Domain of Power that could devour any kind of living things, why would he even be worried about the Thousand Goblins Sect or Shun Tian that were outside? Even Yue Yang was completely shocked by his own terrifying Domain of Power.

In front of Empress Fei Wen Li’s eyes, Yue Yang was completely entranced as his body suddenly ignited in Nirvana’s Flame.

The Nirvana’s Flame flared up in an instant and turned into a huge pillar of Nirvana Flame. It rose and immediately broke through the seal of the Black Hole Dimension, then disappeared without a trace like an exploding star. Empress Fei Wen Li was dumbstruck as she mumbled, “He possessed such a strong Domain of Power the moment he awakened it… This boy… Nirvana’s Flame, World Exterminating Wheel, Star Power… What other power does this boy possess?”

“The stronger he is, the faster I will be able to leave this place. This is a good thing!” Enpress Fei Wen Li happily closed her crystal coffin and continued her deep sleep, waiting for Yue Yang’s next arrival.

At this time, inside the Dimension of Duel.

Moqi Xu Ling was scratching his scalp hard, almost going crazy. He really wanted to cry out loud.

His enemy had disappeared, and under the rule of the Dimension of Duel, he was unable to leave this goddamned Dimension of Duel.

If the Yue Clan Third Young Master had left this Dimension of Duel, then he would have to stay in this place forever… He really couldn’t imagine such an ending. Whenever Moqi Xu Ling thought about how he would be staying here alone his whole life until he starved himself to death or died of old age, he felt an impulse of committing suicide.

The only thing that stopped him from committing suicide was the hope of seeing Yue Yang again.

He felt that this extremely cunning Yue Clan Third Young Master must be hiding at some place. It might be his Inherent Skill or his beast’s ability. In any case, Yue Yang wouldn’t be able to leave this place before he killed him.

“Lich Ring?” The sand beast that had almost overturned every single place inside the Dimension of Duel finally found the Lich Ring that Yue Yang had left behind after entering the Black Hole Dimension. When Moqi Xu Ling saw the ring, he became even more sure of his theory. He even guessed that the Yue Clan Third Young Master had secretly entered into the Lich Ring. However, the Lich Ring could only store inanimate objects… Could it be that the Yue Clan Third Young Master is actually a zombie?

Moqi Xu Ling wouldn’t be able to understand it even if his head exploded from the thinking.

Just as he was observing the Lich Ring, trying to understand it, suddenly, a pillar of Nirvana Flame shot out of empty air, revealing Yue Yang who had appeared like a meteor.

He was completely naked, without clothes covering his body.

When he saw Yue Yang’s appearance, Moqi Xu Ling almost cried with relief. Heavens, this boy finally appeared!

Moqi Xu Ling was afraid that Yue Yang would try to hide again. He didn’t care about trying to hide his real abilities anymore, he immediately unseal his Level 4 Innate strength, then released his Domain of Power, “Brat, go and die! Dying under my Domain of Power, it’s not too bad for you!”

However, he had not even managed to attack when he discovered that the Yue Clan Third Young Master’s body was also releasing Domain of Power, however faintly. Moqi Xu Ling was thoroughly shocked.

This brat, how could he master his Domain of Power?

Wasn’t he just a Level 3 Innate junior?

“Which Domain of Power should I use? Forget it, I should just use the “Star Explosion” skill that I just mastered!” Yue Yang mumbled to himself, as if he was vexed about which Domain of Power to use. Moqi Xu Ling almost vomited out blood when he heard him. He had never seen such an abnormal person as this brat. How could he survive fighting against someone with different kinds of Domain of Power?

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