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LLS Chapter 281 – Shun Tian, Great Emperor of Zi Wei

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Chapter 281 – Shun Tian, Great Emperor of Zi Wei
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Guys, allow me to explain something… Remember Yue Yang’s Introducer? I have been referring to her as Zhi Zun for all this while, but Zhi Zun is actually her TITLE, which means Supreme One. After extensive googling, I found that the author did not specify Zhi Zun’s name at all even until the end. So I’m just going to use Zhi Zun and Supreme One interchangeably.

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Shun Tian focused and discovered that this girl with a flower wreath on her head had not become a Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen yet. It was still a Thorny Flower Demoness.

However, her potential… Even Shun Tian, an Innate Ranker, felt jealous of Yue Yang. He actually couldn’t possess such a terrifying killing machine. Even though Shun Tian possessed five Holy Beasts in his arsenal, it was still difficult to constrain the feeling of greed and desire in his heart. Especially after looking at the Thorny Flower Demoness’ intelligent and emotional looking eyes, which was almost nearing a human’s. Shun Tian’s heart was slightly shaken, he knew that this beast would definitely rise to become a Holy Beast in the future… It would be really unwise for him to allow this Thorny Flower Demoness to evolve into a Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen and become a Holy Beast.

Shun Tian’s killing intent surged.

His terrifying killing intent surfaced from his heart, breaking out like a sudden flash flood.

He raised his arms and was prepared to take advantage of this moment when the Thorny Flower Demoness had yet to mature, to kill her in an instant.

“Eh? Isn’t that the most honorable Great Emperor of Zi Wei? Lord Shun Tian, one of the emperors of the Fourteen Stars Innate Alliance. Why would you come to the Soaring Dragon Continent, such a poor, secluded place? You seemed to have come out of malice. Are you about to unleash your attack and let thousands of people die?” Suddenly, from behind Shun Tian, an extremely seductive voice resounded. It was the Phoenix Fairy Beauty, Tian Fa. Along with a breath of fresh air, she appeared in the air, in a position slightly higher than Shun Tian.

“Turns out it’s the great enchantress Tian Fa. Haha, please do not joke around… The whole of Innate Alliance know that I am just an Emperor in name, I don’t possess any throne or significant position. With Zhi Zun’s existence, how can I, Shuntian, dare to call myself Emperor? The title of Zi Wei Fourteen Stars is also only an inside joke that others use to call me. I didn’t want to be called that at all. Today, I have come with my friends Yao Guang and Kai Yang to attend the ceremony for the new Yue Clan Substitute Clan Master Yue Qiu’s son to become Tian Quan’s disciple. I heard that Yue Qiu’s son is extremely gifted, he managed to become a Level 6 Elder at the age of 21. I was so happy when I heard that there was such a talented junior that I came down from the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower.” When Shun Tian discovered the Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s arrival, his expressions were immediately filled with caution.

His killing intent disappeared without trace like snow melting in the heat of spring. He was filled with amicability instead.

As he explained with a smile, he turned around and bowed slightly at the Phoenix Fairy Beauty, “This is such a coincidental meeting. May I know why the Great Sky Demoness has come to this place?”

Even if he was an idiot, Shun Tian finally understood everything now.

Why did Yue Yang went into the Dimension of Duel with Moqi so fearlessly?

It was because the Great Sky Demoness Tian Fa had arrived!

Although Shun Tian wasn’t present during the great Innate Battle between Yue Yang and Tu Cheng, he had heard about the whole story.

It was said that Tian Fa was extremely biased against the Yue Clan Third Young Master, helping him time and time again. She had even seduced his hidden strength with her Inherent Skill right in front of the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader, allowing Yue Yang to kill Tu Cheng and Kuang Zhan from the Thousand Goblins Sect smoothly.

The Thousand Goblins Sect Leader was extremely furious, but he was afraid of fighting both Tian Fa and Night Empress together, hence he didn’t make his move.

However, it seemed like this Yue Clan Third Young Master might just be Tian Fa’s little lover.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t help him time and time again like this!

Although Shun Tian was one of the few Policy Makers of the Innate Alliance and had the title of Emperor of Zi Wei, he was even more low-profile and cautious than the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader. He always kept a low-profile when handling stuff, and would completely erase his trace. He would definitely not let anyone had the excuse attack him back.

Amongst the Innates in the Innate Alliance, Zhi Zun was at the top. She was an existence that no other person could surpass nor overtake.

Zhi Zun’s title of Supreme One represented her existence that was unrivalled in the world.

Only the strongest warrior could be referred to as the Supreme One!

The Supreme One liked to cultivate the most. At normal times, she wouldn’t even care about the matters of the Innate Alliance.

Under Zhi Zun, there were the Innate Invitor Elder Nan Gong, Night Empress from Tian Luo Kingdom, Tian Zhu and Tian Fa, the two Great Sky Demons from the Demonic Palace, the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader, the Sect Leaders from the Four Great Sects as well as Shun Tian, the Great Emperor of Zi Wei. These ten people were the real Policy Makers of the Innate Alliance, the highest ranked of all Innates. Other Innates such as the Green Summit Sect Leader Duan Mu Long Cheng, Vice Sect Leader Moqi Xu Ling and the other Heavenly Imperial Guardians from the Three Kingdoms were at the second rank, they could only follow the Policy Makers’ orders. If it wasn’t related to their own country, they didn’t have the authority to make any kind of decision… The third ranked Innates were like Yao Guang and Kai Yang from the Seven Great Bears, or Tu Cheng and Kuang Zhan from the Thousand Goblins Sect. They didn’t even have the right to attend discussions or meetings at normal times.

Shun Tian’s goal was to climb onto the position of the Supreme One.

He definitely would not fight against an Innate that had the same level as him. That was because it was an action that could possibly harm him. His enemy might even take advantage of him.

Especially this terrifying Tian Fa, the demoness. Her abilities couldn’t be belittled… Although Shun Tian thought of his abilities highly, he wouldn’t belittle Tian Fa’s. Furthermore, with the risk of fighting against the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and Tian Zhu looming above him, he wouldn’t act impulsively and start a fight with her!

People who wanted to be successful in the long run must learn how to conceal one’s strengths and bide one’s time. He must endure silently, be accommodating to others and be well prepared.

Shun Tian would definitely not fall easily into Tian Fa’s provocation.

He had even asked Phoenix Fairy Beauty back with a question, his face full of smiles, as if he didn’t know that she was here because of Yue Yang.

“I have no home, no fixed place to live, so I wander from place to place, unlike you, the Great Emperor of Zi Wei, who owned your own Heavenly Palace in the Seventh Floor of Tong Tian Tower. It’s not very strange for me to come to the Yue Clan Castle, because I know a little friend here. I was just passing by and making sure that he wasn’t bullied by others.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty replied indifferently, then asked Shun Tian again, “Did I hear wrongly? Isn’t Yue Qiu dead? How did he come alive again?”

“I didn’t know that Tian Fa is so concerned about this matter. Yue Qiu was taken as prisoner of war after he lost his battle. Afterwards, he was ransomed by a girl who was infatuated with him, and was forced to exile in the Demon Abyss. Then, he had received the Seven Great Bear’s Tian Quan’s help and could finally return back to the Yue Clan. After the Yue Clan encountered the attack from the Eastern Goblin Tribe and was about to be destroyed, Yue Yang had stepped up and was determined to revive the Yue Clan. I heard that his son was extremely intelligent and had an unrivalled natural talent. At this time, it just so happens that Tian Quan had invited me down. Hence, I decided to come down to express my good wishes for Tian Quan who was about to accept a disciple.” Shun Tian had completely revamped the whole story, emphasizing that he was only a passer-by with no business here at all.

“Tian Quan is receiving a disciple? Yue Qiu’s son?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty started laughing, “Is Yue Qiu’s son called Yue Yang?”

“Yes.” Shun Tian nodded.

“If I didn’t remember wrong, didn’t Elder Nan Gong personally come down to invite Yue Yang to join the Innate Alliance a few days ago? Tian Quan from the Seven Great Bears is only Innate Level 2 at the most, what kind of abilities did he have to dare receive an Innate as his disciple? Isn’t this the world’s greatest joke?” The Phoenix Fairy Beauty laughed enchantingly. However, an endless stream of killing intent was hidden between her smile.

‘Yue Qiu’s son, Yue Yang, is an innate?” Shun Tian’s acting skills were definitely of the Innate rank!

“That little kid is my young lover, I am very familiar even with each strand of his hair. How would I not know that he is an Innate?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty asked him back, “Don’t the Great Emperor of Zi Wei know that Yue Qiu’s son, Yue Yang, is an Innate? That day when Yue Yang killed Tu Cheng and Kuang Zhan from the Thousand Goblins Sect, more than a dozen of Innates had witnessed it themselves. Zhi Zun had even said that she was Yue Yang’s Introducer, and that he had a very high potential to improve. She said she wouldn’t allow anyone to try finding excuses to kill him… Great Emperor of Zi Wei, you really didn’t know that?”

“I only heard that Yue Qiu’s son is a Level 6 Elder. Did he really manage to reach the Innate realm before reaching his 21st birthday?” Shun Tian seemed to have never seen Yue Yang before.

“With regards to how he managed to reach the Innate realm, you can ask him yourself, it’s no use asking me. Right, below, what on earth happened to Yao Guang? Who is so audacious, daring to kill him right under the Great Emperor of Zi Wei’s nose?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty pointed at Yao Guang corpse and asked.

“An extremely strange youngster. He was quite strong, and an Innate. However, I have never seen him amongst the Innate Alliance.” Shun Tian replied.

“Seems like the son of Yue Qiu that Lord Shun Tian knew is different from the son of Yue Qiu that I knew.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty laughed, “Amongst the two of them, one of them must be an impostor. May I ask which Yue Yang is Lord Shun Tian supporting? The real one, or the fake one?”

“What’s real couldn’t be faked, what’s fake would eventually be known.” Shun Tian laughed out, replying and answering her smoothly.

“What’s actually happening below? Yao Guang from the Seven Great Bears died tragically and Kai Yang didn’t seem to be in a good position either. Shouldn’t you, as the Great Emperor of Zi Wei, help them to attack the enemies?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s killing intent was faintly discernable, her breathtaking, beautiful face smiled even more sweetly.

“It’s not appropriate for an Innate to get involved in the matters in Soaring Dragon Continent. Kai Yang wanted to take revenge for Yao Guang, I was unable to stop him although I have tried to advise him.” Shun Tian also smiled wider.

“So, Lord Shun Tian meant to say that you will follow the Innate Alliance Contract and will not bully those little friends below?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty asked.

“If they did not try to attack me…” Shun Tian smiled.

“Where is that strange youngster you are talking about?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty asked.

“He had gone to the Dimension of Duel with Sir Moqi Xu Ling. They seemed to have an old grudge between them, I was unable to stop them too.” When Shun Tian said this, he was particularly attentive to Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s reaction. If her expression changed when she heard this news, then there might be a higher chance for Moqi Xu Ling to defeat Yue Yang… However, Shun Tian saw that Phoenix Fairy Beauty revealed a looking down expression instead. He immediately felt a chill in his heart. Seemed like Moqi Xu Ling had been outwitted. Fighting against Yue Yang in the Dimension of Duel had guaranteed his tragic death.

Being able to be recognized by Zhi Zun, Night Empress, Tian Fa and Elder Nan Gong, becoming the source of fear of the Thousand Goblin Sect Leader to boot, Yue Yang was really not your ordinary brat!

However, he was definitely not like that foolish Moqi Xu Ling who was too confident on himself.

No matter how talented that brat was, no matter how fast he improved, it would still be too early to challenge Shun Tian in a hundred years!

Other than Zhi Zun, Night Empress and that terrifying Tian Zhu, as the Great Emperor of Zi Wei, Shun Tian had the confidence to defeat everyone else, including the Innate Invitor Elder Nan Gong, the Strange Hundred Transformations Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and this Tian Fa in front of him. Of course, he, who was aiming for the Supreme One’s position, would not easily reveal his real strength. With regards to fighting against other Innates in order to help Yue Qiu seize his position in the Yue Clan, that was a very foolish move. Shun Tian would definitely not do it… Unless Tian Fa started to attack him first, or if there were other high levelled Innate Rankers on his side, such as the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader, Floating Mist Sect Leader Bai Cang Yuan and Western Lion Pagoda’s Li Chong Xuan to fight together with him against her, Shun Tian would never initiate an attack against the Sky Demoness Tian Fa. He would only attack when there is a hundred percent chance of winning!

A Sky Demoness like Tian Fa would require an all-out attack even when he had three other high-levelled Innates ganging up against her. Only then would they had the chance to kill her.

For Shun Tian, if Yue Yang was still not a threat to his position yet, he wouldn’t risk making an enemy out of Tian Fa because of Yue Yang.

That brat was Tian Fa’s lover…

The grudge for killing a love was more or less equivalent to the grudge of killing husbands or stealing wives, it would definitely not be resolved easily.

Furthermore, Yue Yang’s Introducer was Zhi Zun.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty also knew that she wouldn’t be able to defeat the Great Emperor of Zi Wei alone. This fellow was even more cautious than the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader, he wouldn’t leave a single trace of him when he commit crimes. If she forced her way to attack, they would only be at stalemate. There might not be a winner even if they fought each other for days. Phoenix Fairy Beauty didn’t have the patience and the time to waste fighting him, she was only here to cheer for Yue Yang. She just didn’t want Shun Tian to use shameless, underhanded methods to launch a sneak attack on Yue Yang.

Of course, if Shun Tian had really attacked Yue Yang just now, Phoenix Fairy Beauty wouldn’t be so friendly and amicable. She would definitely not let him go and attack. However, she didn’t have any reason to attack now, so Phoenix Fairy Beauty could only tamper her killing intent down for the moment.

Below, Kai Yang whose strength had increased to Innate Level 2 was indeed much stronger than ever.

Princess Qian Qian couldn’t fight him at all, she could only hide inside her protective shield and wait for an opportunity.

Kai Yang released a powerful shockwave blast, it was so strong that even the King of Black Light was pushed a few steps back… Of course, it could also be pushed back because of the Thorny Flower Demoness’ attack, because the Thorny Flower Demoness had woved her thick thorny vines into a thirty-meter tall Thorny Flower Demon and was prepared to swallow the King of Black light in whole.

Facing against this Thorny Flower Demon, the King of Black Light couldn’t defeat it easily like it had with its other enemies. It couldn’t finish it with one move and became an invincible force anymore.

It was pushed step by step back, almost as if it was afraid of the Thorny Flower Demon.

Inside the Dimension of Duel, Moqi Xu Ling was trying to find Yue Yang.

Originally, in the Dimension of Duel, one would never be able to escape if the other party was not dead yet. However, the strange thing was that Yue Yang had disappeared in the moment Moqi Xu Ling and him was teleported into the Dimension of Duel! Where on earth did he go to?

Was he hiding himself?

Or had he escaped?

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