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LLS Chapter 280 – King of Black Light

Chapter 280 – King of Black Light
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Hearing Yue Yang’s answer, that Innate ranker whose name was Shun Tian was not angered. Instead, he continued to smile.

“Brilliant choice.”

Shun Tian turned around and started floating back to the Yue Clan Castle, mumbling at the same time, “I know a lot of youngsters who are extraordinarily talented but arrogant and ambitious at the same time. I like youngsters’ spirit and pride, but in some moments, being rational would be better than being impulsive. What a pity… Yet another bright star is about to fall!”

Sir Moqi, who looked like he was the oldest of the three, descended in front of Yue Yang calmly, with no sign of surprise at all.

Although Yue Yang’s Fire Bow and Ice Arrow had instantly killed Yao Guang just now, this Sir Moqi seemed to still be full of confidence.

He even thought that he would definitely be able to kill Yue Yang.

Under Shun Tian’s “Five Transformations Skill” analysis, Yue Yang, who had just stepped into the Innate Realm, was only at the level of Innate Level 3 or 4 at the most. Although Yue Yang had considerable power, especially amongst his peers – he was practically an unimaginable existence, Sir Moqi had full confidence in bringing Yue Yang down. On the outside, Sir Moqi looked like he had the power of Innate Level 4, which didn’t seem to be very far off from Yue Yang. However, only Sir Moqi himself knew that his abilities were way more than that. In order to make his enemies belittle him, he had practiced hard to hide his abilities since two hundred years ago. In reality, his ability was that of an Innate Level 5!

Amongst the levels of Innate Rankers, a person one level higher would be ten times more powerful.

He was two levels higher than Yue Yang, hence he was a hundred times more powerful! This difference was not something that could be made up for by Yue Yang’s combat skills. It also couldn’t be made up with Yue Yang’s determination or defense…

Most importantly, Moqi felt that he could still definitely defeat the Yue Clan Third Young Master not only by the difference in their levels, but the difference in their strengths too. Before stepping into the realm of Innate Level 5, Innate Rankers would have to comprehend their own “Domain of Power”.

When an Innate Ranker had comprehended their “Domain of Power”, they would be an existence similar to Gods, omnipotent.

Moqi never told anyone before, but five years ago, he had comprehended his “Domain of Power” and possessed his own little Domain Area… In other words, as long as the Yue Clan Third Young Master entered his Domain Area, he would be able to kill the Yue Clan Third Young Master in an instant.

This was because, he was the God in his Domain Area!

Forget about Innate Level 3, even an Innate Level 4 would miserably be instantly killed by an Innate Level 5 Domain of Power. They didn’t have any chance of defending the attack.

Sir Moqi continued to hide his strength selfishly, with the goal of using it when challenging Shun Tian to a battle in the future.

Because it was still too early to challenge Shun Tian, he must defeat even more strong enemies to improve himself in order to be able to catch Shun Tian off guard. Sir Moqi thought that Yue Clan Third Young Master was actually a very good stepping stone. He would definitely be able to increase his confidence by defeating such a talented youngster.

As for Yao Guang and Kai Yang, Moqi didn’t care about their life and death at all.

He pretended to be furious only to deceive Shun Tian.

Yao Guang and Kai Yang from the Seven Great Bears were only fit to become their lackeys. Their lives were only useful to measure the Yue Clan Third Young Master’s true strength and be made as an excuse to take revenge at the Yue Clan Third Young Master. Although Zhi Zun, Elder Nan Gong and the others were exploring the Tenth Floor of Tong Tian Tower right now and might not return to the Soaring Dragon Continent, there were still the people from Demonic Palace, such as Tian Zhu, Tian Fa and the others. These people were neither friends nor foe, they must not provoke them at all cost.
(Shiro: Tian Zhu, Tian Fa and Tian Qian was translated as Sky Pearl, Sky Law and Sky Wrath at chapter 159. I’m changing it to their Chinese name instead.)

“If you don’t mind, we can fight at another location, for example, in the Dimension of Duel. I hope to truly fight with you inside the Dimension of Duel instead of being constrained by the limitations of Innate Alliance Contract in the Soaring Dragon Continent.” Moqi was also a very cautious person. He had always lived behind Shun Tian’s shadow. Even his speech, actions and various habits were similar to the strong Shun Tian.

He possessed an ability to defeat Yue Yang easily, but he was still worried that he would be heavily injured by Yue Yang. He was also worried that Shun Tian would discover that he possessed the power of an Innate Level 5.

Hence, he had cunningly suggested a request to fight at the Dimension of Duel instead.

“…” Yue Yang was speechless.

Even if this fellow thought that he was clever, he shouldn’t have assumed that others were foolish, right?

Yue Yang was 100% sure that there was something up this fellow’s sleeves. He was definitely not inviting Yue Yang to the Dimension of Duel only because he wanted to honor the Innate Alliance Contract.

He definitely had some tricks up his sleeves!

With regards to Moqi’s trickeries, Yue Yang still couldn’t figure it out yet, but he felt that it must be related to this fellow’s beast or Inherent Skill. The moment he entered the Dimension of Duel, Yue Yang thought that he would fall into Moqi’s trap, becoming his prey.

“Very good.” Yue Yang suddenly agreed, unexpectedly, his face was filled with a bright smile.

He took out a black coloured magic ball that would allow them to be transported into Dimension of Duel. It was the normal magic ball the Demon Abyss warriors would usually use, created by the old fox himself. Yue Yang smashed the ball between Moqi and himself and the ball burst into a black pillar of light, engulfing both him and Moqi inside, teleporting the two of them into the Dimension of Duel. At this time, a cold smile appeared on Moqi’s lips. To him, it didn’t matter whose Dimension of Duel they were in as long as he could hide his Domain of Power from Shun Tian.

As long as he could activate his Domain of power, this brat would definitely die in his hands. It didn’t matter what kind of attacks, be it fire bows or ice arrows, they would all be rendered useless.

In that instant where his body was teleported, he had also summoned his beasts to kill Yue Yang’s comrades outside. He wanted to show that he was helping Kai Yang from the Seven Great Bears, so that he may be grateful to him in the future.


A thirty-metre tall Rock Giant whose body was as big as a small mountain burst out from the ground, splitting the earth.

This Rock Giant was a mighty Gold-ranked Level 9 beast. Amongst the beasts in Tong Tian Tower Level 5 and below, it was definitely a peerless existence.

It was a Gold-ranked Level 5 Gold King Beast, King of Black Light. Its body was more than 30 metres tall, and its whole body was covered with Black Light Rock Meteorite that was even harder than metal. Its two agile fists and head were covered with black coloured thorns, intimidating its enemies at first glance.

Even a giant dragon would meet its tragic end facing against this King of Black Light.

This was because the King of Black Light’s defense was extremely high. Furthermore, it was resistant to fire and possessed the “Earth Shattering”, “Rock Dust Meteor” and other skills. It had the ability to fight both short-ranged and long-ranged, it was an existence that a warrior of Innate Level 2 and below would find it difficult to handle. Moqi had secretly chanted his summon when he floated to the ground just now, making use of his “Telekinesis Inherent Skill” to hide the King of Black Light secretly under the ground. Before Yue Yang and Moqi entered into the Dimension of Duel, he ordered the King of Black Light to come out from the ground, eliminate every single enemies, no matter friends or foe, and flatten everything onto the ground.

“My God!” When Fatty Hai saw the King of Black Light, he was frightened to death.

Gold-ranked Level 6 Lightning Mammoth was already a terrifying foe, now they even had to face this thirty meters tall, Gold-ranked Level 9 King of Black Light, the Rock Giant.

How could they survive?

Compared to this King of Black Light, the Gold Mammoth and One-eyed Giant were simply kid’s toys, completely insignificant.

Lin Lei was so scared that his whole body trembled. Beside him, Lin Miao had gone ahead and fainted from fright… Faced against such a strong enemy, would there be even any use for them to continue the fight?

Hui Tai Lang felt that it was finally the right time for it to move. Although this King of Black Light whose body was covered with rock did not seem to be very delicious, its magic crystal might still be tasty enough. It had just started to stand up when a girl suddenly flew out from inside the horse carriage, stepping on Hui Tai Lang’s head and jumping outside. Like a little kid who had just seen her most beloved toy, she jumped towards that thirty meter tall King of Black Light.

She turned out to be the girl who had yet to finish eating Duan Mu, Liu He, Dream Eater, Zi Diao, Nine-headed Goblin Marshal and other Innates, the Thorny Flower Demoness who had not evolved into a Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen… Of course, due to time constraints, she was still unable to digest all of her food, otherwise she would definitely have no problems to evolve into a Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen.

This little girl received a lot of its master’s love, so Hui Tai Lang decided not to fight over some King of Black Light with her. That rock monster seemed to be hard to eat anyways.

Hui Tai Lang had also seen the Golden Beast jumping out of the horse carriage and charging straight towards the One-eyed Giant. Hui Tai Lang immediately gave up.

What a smart boy, it pretended to be an obedient kid when its master was here just now.

The moment its master left, it started to snatch preys!

Hui Tai Lang didn’t care about whatever brothers’ ethics or loyalty anymore, snatching preys depends on each individual’s power anyway!

As the Thorny Flower Demoness, Golden Beast and Hui Tai Lang charged out to snatch monsters, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and Li Brothers hurriedly ran back to hide, otherwise they would definitely be turned into meat paste by the King of Black Light.

The Gold Mammoth also tried to hide from fright, but it didn’t manage to avoid in time before it was grasped by the King of Black Light’s hands and thrown into one side. The One-eyed Giant was even more tragic, it was kicked by the King of Black Light and sent flying over ten metres away. As for the two block-headed menial work slaves, Optimus Prime and Megatron, they were about to try moving this small mountain that could move, but they were immediately smashed into the ground by the King of Black Light’s fists….

Gold Mammoth, One-eyed Giant and the two menial work slaves were all not the King of Black Light’s match.

Fatty Hai was so scared that his legs were trembling like crazy. He felt that even if he transformed, he would also be swatted away immediately by the King of Black Light’s slap.

“I shall transform and fight to my death with it! The three of you, quickly pull the horse carriage back. We can’t fight against this fellow, only Yue Yang can do it.” Although Fatty Hai was terrified, he still had his loyalty. He only ran until the horse carriage, he didn’t abandon his comrades and ran away.

“Nonsense, you’ll just run to your death if you go out there!” Ye Kong was completely speechless when he saw his Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle being overturned by the King of Black Light.

Suddenly, from the sky, a huge meteorite fall straight onto the King of Black Light’s head.

With a loud explosion, the meteorite shattered into thousands of pieces, scattering all over the place into rain of fire.

However, the King of Black Light did not seem to be injured at all.

The Prince of Tian Luo and Xue Tan Lang who were coming from afar was also dumbstruck. How could a meteor do no damage to it at all?

“Roarrr!” The King of Black Light raised a huge rock that weighed thousands of kilograms and threw it to a far distance, smashing right into the Prince of Tian Luo and Xue Tan Lang. The speed and power of the rock being thrown was comparable to a meteorite falling from the sky.

The Prince of Tian Luo and Xue Tan Lang hurriedly avoided it in the sky, each of them dodging to the opposite side.

As a result, the rock missed them and smashed right into the Yue Clan Village ruins at a far distance. When the rock smashed on to the ground, an ear-splitting sound could be heard as the earth quaked and split apart. It was even more frightening than an earthquake.

Seeing the Yue Clan Third Young Master had left, Kai Yang of the Seven Great Bears immediately felt relieved of a huge burden in his heart. He laughed out loud and flew into the air, starting to store his Innate Level 2 power in his hands to launch an ultimate move at Princess Qian Qian. Although he was on the winning side, Lord Shun Tian who was the strongest amongst the three Innate rankers in terms of power, was still frowning, as if he was unhappy with the current situation, confused over a certain matter.

Even after Yue Yang left, he still felt that the biggest threat had yet to be eliminated.

Inside that horse carriage, there were definitely more powerful enemies hiding inside.

Moqi had tricked to fight Yue Yang inside the Dimension of Duel so that they could fight to their deaths. This seemingly clever move might just be a foolish move that would completely destroy him!

The Yue Clan Third Young Master was definitely not an idiot. He would definitely not abandon his comrades and pretended to be a hero, fighting against Moqi in the Dimension of Duel alone… The fact that he had done this showed that he had seen through Moqi’s tricks and was confident of his victory. At the same time, he had also left some beasts behind to fight against Moqi’s King of Black Light!

Shun Tian who was floating over the Yue Clan Castle deeply frowned his brows.

Yue Clan Third Young Master, what sort of tricks would he use to deal with Moqi?

Also, what kind of powerful beasts would he leave behind to deal with that Kind of Black Light?

Below, the King of Black Light was completely invincible, not even a single beast was his match. All beasts immediately ran away the moment they saw the King of Black Light!

That was, other than this girl who was wearing a flower wreath on her head and looked extremely innocent… Shun Tian was deep in his thoughts just now, hence he had not noticed her presence. However, now that he had seen her, his eyes immediately popped open wide. It was the first time a surprised expression crossed his face.

Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen?

The Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen who had disappeared for three thousand years had re-appeared again?

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