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LLS Chapter 279 – My choice is to KILL YOU!

Chapter 279 – My choice is to KILL YOU!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Before Fatty Hai summoned his Iron Rhinoceros and Hippopotamus to strengthen his body, Ye Kong who had summoned his King Kong Demon Ape to strengthen his body had charged forward towards the Lightning Gold Mammoth along with his Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle who had matured into an adult. No matter the level or rank, the Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle was way below the Lightning Gold Mammoth. However, the Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle had an unadulterated defensive abilities with its super hard shell that was as hard as iron. Even when facing against the Lightning Gold Mammoth, it could still stand its ground… Although it had been knocked back by the Lightning Gold Mammoth, the Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle was not injured, it was only slightly stunned.

In the sky, Ye Kong who had strengthened his body with his King Kong Demon Ape raised his long rod and smashed it down, crushing the Gold Mammoth’s head hard.

However, Ye Kong felt the impact of the attack instead, his hand almost became numb as he was sent flying away.

Behind, Fatty Hai who had borrowed the strength of the Iron-skinned Rhinoceros and Hippopotamus threw a Hippo Meteor Punch right at the Gold Mammoth’s back.

This move was not very effective, but it did annoy the Fold Mammoth. Its tail that was charged with lightning slashed Fatty Hai into the sky. Below, the Li Brothers with the support of Gold Ant Guards brandished their swords and slashed forward like a wind, attacking at the Gold Mammoth’s legs.

Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and Li Brothers had perfect coordination with each other. Under the eagle-eyed Xia Hou Wei Lie’s hell-like training, they had killed countless strong beasts together.

However, right now, they were actually unable to injure the Gold Mammoth in front of them at all.

This Gold Mammoth’s skin was really too thick…

It had a very high vitality. Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others were extremely shocked after they tried to attack it once.

“What the heck? This idiot elephant’s defense is really high, we couldn’t injure it at all!” Fatty Hai felt that it was time for him to show the results of his secret cultivation. Otherwise, if they failed at this, he might even be trampled into meat paste by this Gold Mammoth!

“This way it would be more meaningful when we beat it.” Ye Kong’s eyes was burning with fighting spirit.

“…” The Li Brothers didn’t say anything, but they had also trained very hard, just as much Ye Kong and Fatty Hai. Although they were not as powerful as Ye Kong and Fatty hai, they had also improved greatly.

On the other side, the Gold One-eyed Giant was charging towards the horse carriage.

It raised its gold-ranked weapon high in his hands, a gigantic, heavy square-shaped hammer that seemed to be able to pulverize anything on earth!

The One-eyed Giant started to fight against ‘Optimus Prime’ and ‘Megatron’ that Yue Yang had created. However, their situation was completely the other way around compared to Ye Kong and the others.

The One-eyed Giant waved its hammer and smashed at Megatron and Optimus Prime’s body, as if it wanted to smashed them into bits with one blow.

If it were other puppet beasts, even if it was the Rock Puppet Beasts that could storm through thousands of soldiers forth and back, they would definitely be smashed to bits under this mighty hammer blow. However, the Giant Hammer was completely ineffective against the Bronze-ranked Level 6 mechanical puppet beasts that Yue Yang had created.

The two enormous puppets whose name was comically ‘Optimus Prime’ and ‘Megatron’ were unable to utilize any sort of combat skills. They were thoroughly puppet beasts that could only be used for menial work. They could only walk, carry, pull, push, grasp and smash at something, they were unable to do any kind of skills, nor dodge an attack… Of course, the crazy idea of learning combat skills and dodging attacks could only be thought of by Yue Yang’s crazy imagination. In reality, other than the Ghost Genius Yue Gong from the Yue Clan, no one had ever succeeded in creating puppet beasts that could use combat skills and tactics.

Although Yue Yang had failed his experiment of creating puppet beats that could use combat skills, he managed to create two slaves.

Of course, Optimus Prime and Megatron, the two slaves who were meant to do menial work, were equipped with defenses so high that people would pull out their hair in frustration!

The reason was because Yue Yang was too lazy. He didn’t like training, especially when Optimus Prime and Megatron were only Bronze-ranked Level 6. To Yue Yang, these kinds of ‘scrap metal’ was not worth his time to train them.

Hence, the lazy Yue Yang had installed an Ancient Rune with his Innate Qi onto Optimus Prime and Megatron’s body. This had also frustrated the old fox to the end when he heard it.

That Rune was called “Permanent Hardening”.

Other than this “Permanent Hardening” Rune protecting both Optimus Prime and Megatron’s nucleus, Yue Yang had also carved their outer surface with various Heaven runes, such as “Auto Recovery”, “Metal Comprehension”, “External Bones” and “Honeycomb Skin”. The old fox thought that carving dubious runes such as “External Bones” and “Honeycomb Skin” onto the mechanical puppet’s body was the biggest joke on earth… Why would metal puppets need bones? Alright, bones might still make a little bit of sense, but why would they need skin then? Could it be that Student Titan was still dreaming of turning these 10-meter tall menial work slaves into female giant beauties?

Of course the old fox didn’t understand at all, but after he tried to attack them a little, he finally understood how abnormal Yue Yang was.

Turns out that Yue Yang had installed insect’s exoskeleton onto the two menial work slaves, allowing them to be equipped with a layer of metal exoskeleton outside their body. In addition, there was also the Honeycomb Skin that was able to endure great force and high temperatures. With the combination of the two runes, these two menial work slaves’ defense became so high that it could make their enemies go to despair…

The old fox felt that he wouldn’t be able to break these two menial work slaves even if he attacked them straight for three days and three nights.

The thing that made him really mad that he wanted to vomit blood was that these two menial work slaves still had “Auto Recovery”.

This was because their nucleus was “Permanently Hardened”.

Other than destroying the power of the Ancient Runes, no one could ever dream of destroying these two menial work slaves who had an empty head but endless endurance!

The Gold One-eyed Giant raised its giant hammer and smashed it on the bodies of Optimus Prime and Megatron, causing sparks of fire flying all over the place. Ear-splitting clashing sound filled all over the place, but the two menial work slaves didn’t seem to be injured at all… More accurately speaking, every time they were injured a little, they quickly recovered back… The Gold One-eyed Giant was completely dumbstruck! When it was foolishly raising its square-shaped hammer and looking blankly at the two menial work slaves, the two puppet beasts who possessed the mighty and awe-inspiring names of Optimus Prime and Megatron but were not skillful in terms of combat skills at all suddenly pushed the One-eyed Giant down!

Of course, it was not the kind of ‘push down’ that Yue Yang did to the sickly beauty.

This was just a normal pushing down… The two menial work slaves simply pushed the One-eyed Giant onto the ground, and then started to stomp it with all their might… Their thinking process was simply to push down any object that hindered or obstructed them, such as walls, then stomp them flat to the ground. Then they could continue pulling the horse carriage over it!

They would definitely follow the thinking process that Yue Yang’s programmed into them no matter what. It did not matter if it was walls or the Gold One-eyed Giant, they would definitely push it down and stomp it flat to the ground!

The tragic One-eyed Giant could only let out miserable wails under the furious stomps of four metal feet!

Hui Tai Lang had not joined the fight.

The order that Yue Yang had given it was to guard in front of the horse carriage and protect its young mistress.

If the Gold One-eyed Giant dared to move in a little closer and entered the area it was protecting, then it would definitely attack it. But as for right now, it let out another huge yawn and lied down, feeling bored because it did not have any enemies to bully.

A Gold-ranked Level 6 Beast was an extremely difficult opponent for Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others.

However, in Hui Tai Lang’s eyes… What is Gold-ranked Level 6? It couldn’t even remember how many other beasts it had eaten which were stronger than Gold-ranked Level 6. It had even eaten an Innate Ranker, what was Gold-ranked beasts even worth compared to that! The only thing that Hui Tai Lang was looking forward to was a Demon King’s body. Yue Yang had said to Hui Tai Lang many times, even if it was only a dog, it must have high ambitions. It should try to eat at least a Demon King.

Hence, Hui Tai Lang’s most important, lifelong wish was to eat a Demon King!

On the other side, Kai Yang from the Seven Great Bears was fighting against Princess Qian Qian.

At the start, he thought that he could kill the beautiful swordswoman who was not an Innate yet in an instant with one attack. Who would ever thought that when they started fighting, not only he did not manage to kill her instantly, he, an Innate, was almost injured by Princess Qian Qian’s attack.

Kai Yang felt really depressed fighting her.

Other than glaring at the Yue Clan Third Young Master at times, the feeling of being threatened gradually grew in Kai Yang’s heart, making him unable to focus completely on his fight. He was also extremely annoyed fighting against Princess Qian Qian. When he released his ultimate moves that could kill his enemy instantly, Princess Qian Qian would summon her grimoire and defended with her protective shield. Kai Yang wasn’t as powerful as the Yue Clan Third Young Master who could create Ice Arrows, hence he was unable to break Princess Qian Qian’s defense at all… Since his ultimate moves were useless, he decided to simply fight using normal attacks. An Innate’s punches and kicks were filled with power, they were not attacks that a non-Innate could defend against.

However, he quickly realized that he had actually met a combat skills genius.

Especially after listening to Yue Yang’s advice and learning how to clutch onto her enemies’ weaknesses, Princess Qian Qian who was an expert in attacking the enemies’ ‘joints’ and ‘cores’ continued to beat up Kai Yang until he was mad as hell.

Princess Qian Qian’s attack was divided into two stages.

The first stage was that she would attack Kai Yang’s core whenever he was about to release his moves, rendering him unable to unleash his attack.

The second stage was to defend herself with her protective shield should Kai Yang managed to force his attack through. Otherwise, she would dodge then launch a counter-attack at the time when her enemy was at his weakest after he launched his attack. With these two kinds of attack, Kai Yang was unable to utilize even a tenth of his power. This really frustrated him to the end. Princess Qian Qian didn’t advance prematurely because of impatience, she only tried to infuriate her enemy at the mean time, exasperating him and making him waste his energy. Princess Qian Qian actually still had a lot of ‘poisonous moves’ that Yue Yang thought her that she ever used…

At this time, inside the horse carriage, Luo Hua City Mistress was storing up her Aurora Light, waiting for the right moment to attack. She was prepared to work together with Princess Qian Qian and defeat an Innate, for example this Kai Yang from the Seven Great Bears.

They had their own battle plan. They didn’t need Yue Yang’s help, they must complete it successfully on their own.

Yue Yang’s power had greatly improved, and under his influence, they had also improved greatly.

Right now, they were not Innates yet. As long as they break through the Innate realm, they would definitely be of greater help to Yue Yang!

“Interesting little friend.” The Innate Ranker called Shun Tian stopped at a hundred metres away. This was a distance that he felt safest in. Even though Yue Yang was just a junior, he, who was extremely cautious, would never belittle his enemy. Shun Tian looked at the expressionless Yue Yang and smiled a little. He welcome Yue Yang, “Yue Clan Third Young Master, maybe you can take a moment to consider joining us. I dare say that as long as you agree, you can be the leader of the Great Bears. I will allow and help you to organize the new Seven Great Bears… As for the Yue Clan Castle, don’t you think matters in the Soaring Dragon Continent is simply too boring? If you like, I can give you a continent that is bigger than the Soaring Dragon Continent. In the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower and above, you can do anything you want at a continent in the Outer Realm. There will be no one to stop or limit you. As long as you agree, I will advise Yue Qiu to cancel all the orders of capturing you, ask him to reconcile with you and share the secrets of Yue Clan Puppet Palace!”

“Just now, is that Yao Guang a present from you? Were you the one who asked him to walk to his death?” Yue Yang’s words made Kai Yang, who was fighting Princess Qian Qian, so angry that his whole body trembled with fury.

“Actually, I needed an excuse.” Shun Tian didn’t deny it and smiled instead, “In the Soaring Dragon Continent, Innates are bound by the Innate Alliance Contract. We can’t launch an attack easily, otherwise Zhi Zun or other Innates would have a reason to kill us. I don’t want to give others that kind of excuse. Although it was unknown whether Zhi Zun, Elder Nan Gong and the others could return safely, but I am cautious by nature. If the death of one of our comrade could excuse me of my sins, I wouldn’t mind it at all… Since you have killed Yao Guang, I have a reason to take revenge. Yue Clan Third Young Master, you are a smart man. I think I don’t have to say anymore to make you understand. Between us, there are only two ways, it’s either one: friends; or two: foes. Choose it yourself!”

“I choose the third way that I have decided myself.” Yue Yang raised his Hui Jin Magic Blade as the killing intent in his eyes surged. Then he shouted, “And that is to KILL YOU!”

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