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LLS Chapter 278 – I will never show compassion for my enemies!

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Chapter 278 – I will never show compassion for my enemies!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“Lord Shun Tian, with your ‘Five Transformations Power’, can you see what had actually happened?” The youngest of the three Innate Rankers floating above the Yue Clan Castle, the one on the far left, carried a serious expression as he asked the Innate Ranker in the middle.

“This is a very cunning trick!” The one called Lord Shun Tian in the middle smiled slightly.

At this time, the one on the far right, the oldest one of the Three closed his eyes for a moment before he suddenly boomed, “Although that brat’s ice arrows are strong, they shouldn’t be able to pierce through Yao Guang’s protective shield. Even if it could, they could definitely not harm Yao Guang’s body. That cunning brat had actually attacked at the same spot. He had done something to the arrows. The first arrow was the strongest, and the second and third arrow had pierced the same spot that the first arrow pierced… The first arrow created a dent and the second arrow pierced through an inch of the protective shield. These first two arrows had not harmed Yao Guang at all. However, the third one pierced through the spot that had been weakened by the first and second arrow, hence it did not experience the resistance of the protective shield. That’s why Yao Guang was shot.”

The Innate Ranker in the middle named Shun Tian shook his hands, “Sir Moqi, victory means victory, failure means failure. You shouldn’t judge him like that.”

Pausing a while, he said again, “Being wise in tactics is also one of the advantages in war, especially in situations where power is evenly matched between the two sides. The wiser one will obviously gain the upper hand. Furthermore, this Yue Clan Third Young Master is indeed skillful in controlling his ice arrows. Being able to hit the same spot with all three arrows… I must say, this Yue Clan Third Young Master really has great skills, he is worthy of our recognition.”

The oldest Innate Ranker on the far right, Sir Moqi, nodded grudgingly, but he still glared at Yue Yang with a hint of hate.

The younger Innate Ranker on the far left started to think.

The Innate Ranker in the middle called Shun Tian then pointed towards Yue Yang and said, “Being able to create a fire bow and ice arrows attack means that the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master has fully mastered how to control his fire and ice ability. It hasn’t been long since he first became innate, but he already has such skillful control over them. He is truly worthy of praise, especially the fact that he still has strength even after he released the arrows. I think he has reached the level of Innate Level 3 now, maybe even Innate Level 4… Kai Yang, I’m afraid that you and Yao Guang might not be his match. Only I and Sir Moqi can be his match.”

“Is that so?” Kai Yang who was standing on the left, the youngest of the Innates, looked a little unconvinced.

Although he looked young on the outside, he was actually more than three hundred years old.

It could be said that he had been famous for a long time.

Of course, in the Innate world, three hundred years old didn’t amount to much. At most, he could only be considered a young newbie.

Furthermore, Innate Rankers did not think that age, status or seniority was important, only power matters to them! Only power matters, so much that even a twenty something youngster like Yue Yang deserved to be respected by other Innates if he was powerful enough. Without power, even if one had lived for thousands of years, one must still respect and lower themselves in front of younger but stronger people.

The Innate Ranker who was fighting against Yue Yang, the one whose heart was pierced through by Yue Yang’s arrow, was actually Kai Yang’s comrade, Yao Guang.

Both of them belonged to the Seven Great Bears Innate Alliance.

“Cough, cough!” Yao Guang, whose heart was pierced by an arrow, was actually still alive. He was even still hovering in the air.

He summoned a healing-type beast and continued to heal the injuries in his body.

Because Yue Yang’s purple lightning ice arrow had terrifyingly stored the power of fire, ice, purple lightning and heaven runes, Yao Guang didn’t dare to pull out the arrow head immediately, afraid that the power in the arrow would explode and shatter his body to pieces. The current him could only endure inside his protective shield as he continued to heal himself, hoping that he would be able to remove Yue Yang’s powerful purple lightning ice arrow if he slowly healed himself.

Right now, he was so regretful that his intestines had turned green.
(Shiro – intestines turn green = regret. Just some of Chinese weird analogies. E.g., eat vinegar = jealous, lose face = lose reputation/dignity)

If he had retreated as fast as he could just now and hid behind his comrades, with the support from Sir Moqi and his comrade Kai Yang, he wouldn’t have ended up so miserable. Although he might be able to leave from this ordeal unscathed, he had lost face in front of the Yue Clan guards and generals who were watching from below.

He was even thinking that he would definitely kill all these guards and generals after he finished removing the ice arrow’s power.

He would definitely not let all these humans who were no better than ants continue to live after witnessing his embarrassing moment. He would definitely not let them secretly ridicule him, an Innate Ranker!


Obviously, Yue Yang will not give Yao Guang a chance for recovery.

He reached out his hands and clenched it tightly.

Then, all of a sudden, the ice arrow that was stuck in Yao Guang’s chest immediately let out a thunderous explosion!


Yao Guang shrieked in unimaginable pain from the explosion, his chest completely blasted to bits. His internal organs flew in the air and turned into countless chunks of ice, scattering all over the place.

The Platinum Grimoire disappeared along with Yao Guang’s loss of consciousness. The protective shield shattered and countless bits of flesh splashed down from the sky, forming a bloody rain.

Just like a meteor falling, Yao Guang’s body smashed onto the ground, splattering all over the road towards the Yue Clan Castle, scaring the surrounding generals who had hurriedly tried to escape. There was a large hole on Yao Guang’s chest, and the insides of his abdomen had all been blown apart. Only his shoulder above and waist below were mostly intact. However, that tough fellow was actually still alive even now.

Yue Yang immediately appeared in front of Yao Guang.

Looking at this pitiful enemy coldly, Yue Yang’s killing intent rose exponentially, as if he was a Demon King.

“Spare…” Yao Guang was about to say ‘spare my life’, but he couldn’t say anything else. There was an unspeakable terror and pain in his eyes as his tears flowed out. He miserably reached out his hands that was more like lumps of bloodied flesh to Yue Yang, pitifully begging for his life.

“Sorry, I will never show compassion for my enemies!” Yue Yang stepped onto Yao Guang’s head and smashed his head until he die.

“Turns out this fellow is a fake Innate!” Fatty Hai shouted out, “Yue Yang, let me finish this crying watering pot. I am your big boss after all, if I can’t help you finish some fake Innates, then I would let down my nickname of the Unrivalled Sexy Handsome Man. Damn him, I thought all Innates are very strong, who would know that he is even more afraid of death than me. This is really disappointing!”

“Yao Guang!”

Kai Yang who was floating above the Yue Clan Castle actually planned to fly and save Yao Guang.

However, he did not manage to reach on time before Yue Yang finished Yao Guang with a stomp. Kai Yang roared miserably as he maxed his strength and released his Innate Level 2 super strength, arriving in front of Yue Yang. Although Shun Tian had just warned him just now that he was not Yue Yang’s match, Kai Yang didn’t care about anything much right now. His comrade had just died miserably, hence he was filled with fury and indignation. If he didn’t have the last shred of control in him, he would have attacked Yue Yang blindly in that instant.

Within the Seven Great Bears, many had participated in the Innates Great War. Hence, a lot of their members had actually died, leaving only three people left, namely Yao Guang, Kai Yang and Tian Quan.

Now that Yao Guang had died, the Great Bears had been destroyed. Obviously Kai Yang would feel extremely furious.

Seeing Kai Yang in rage, Fatty Hai was so scared that he shivered and quietly shouted, “Yue Yang, this fellow seems to be the real deal, how about you fight him?”

If it was beyond your reach, you should just hide far away. Why would you come so near?

Yue Yang was speechless.

Maybe annoyed by Fatty Hai’s words, Kai Yang furiously glared at him. Their highly reputable Seven Great Bears Innate Alliance had actually been criticised by a fatty that was far from an Innate. Fake goods? Watering Pot?!

Kai Yang released his Qi that was as powerful as a hurricane, aiming right at Fatty Hai, pushing his heavy body a few steps back.

With just the power from his glare, he had pushed Fatty Hai a few steps back.

Innate Rankers must never be belittled!

With regards to the surrounding guards, no matter if they were injured or not, as long as they could still move, everyone started to escape far away. Just now, when the two Innates were fighting in the sky, countless of people had died. If they were to fight on the ground instead, wouldn’t they all be annihilated? Forget about getting hit directly, even if one of their attacks just grazed their bodies, they would instantly be destroyed to pieces. The only ones who did not run away were Lin Miao and Lin Lei. They were bracing themselves behind the horse carriage, their appearance extremely miserable. However, at least they were not so scared that they wet their pants. The cowardly Lin Miao thought that it was quite an unbelievable feat for them.

Could it be that one’s guts would increase when one followed the Yue Clan Third Young Master?

Hui Tai Lang happily lied in front of the horse carriage and yawned, as if it wasn’t worried about the battle at all.

It was not time for it to help out yet!

It wouldn’t be like Fatty Hai, foolishly coming out and snatching its master’s credit.

“Gold Mammoth, One-eyed Giant, I summon you! Attack that horse carriage!” Kai Yang didn’t just think of fighting with the Yue Clan Third Young Master, he had also summoned Gold-ranked beasts to smash the luxurious horse carriage into bits. Previously, the story of how the Yue Clan Third Young Master had pulled his mother inside a horse carriage and stormed into the Yue Clan Castle had been praised by the whole world as a story of extraordinary filial piety!

Right now, if Kai Yang allowed Yue Yang to pull the horse carriage and stormed into the Yue Clan Castle the second time, the whole world would definitely be shaken.

As the enemy, he would definitely be the subject of everyone’s censure and ridicule!

Furthermore, that luxurious horse carriage was surrounded by bits and pieces of the destroyed walls, undamaged and intact. Kai Yang was extremely annoyed looking at it, hence he decided to destroy it right in front of the Yue Clan Third Young Master!

As for whether he could fight the Yue Clan Third Young Master one-on-one, Kai Yang was never worried about it.

Behind him, there were still Sir Moqi and Lord Shun Tian.

They would definitely not let the Yue Clan Third Young Master go, because they had been enemies with the Yue Clan for thousand of years. Destroying the Yue Clan was their only wish!

The gigantic Gold Mammoth, a Gold-ranked Level 6 Mammoth was like a hill that could move. Its long tusks glinted with a silver flash. It was obvious that it was a Gold Mammoth with lightning attribute, it was extremely rare. Beside the Gold Mammoth, there was a ten-metre tall One-eyed Giant. It was also Gold-ranked Level 6. A magnificent iron plate draped over his body as an armour, and it wore a large helmet on its head. There was a golden hammer hung on its waist that seemed to be able to pulverize anything… The One-eyed Giants were all foolish creatures. Their muscles were well-developed but their brains were extremely simple. Only a small percentage of them knew how to perform combat skills.

This Gold One-eyed Giant was obviously the kind that had extraordinary strength and splendid combat skills too.

“Yue Yang, I’ll leave those two to you. I want to fight this fellow!” The heroic-looking Princess Qian Qian suddenly jumped out of the horse carriage and strode forward. Her Silver Greatsword clanked behind her as she walked.

“Your Highness the Princess, are you sure you can you do it?” Fatty Hai was speechless. She was facing against an Innate, not a kid.

“Isn’t he just an Innate from that Seven Great Bears or whatever their name is called. He won’t be able to scare me away!” After going through several trainings under Yue Yang’s tutelage, fought against the Eastern Goblin Tribe and had her body renewed with the Nirvana’s flame, Princess Qian Qian’s strength had greatly increased. Furthermore, she had even mastered a few Heaven Runes afterwards, so she was greatly confident right now. Although she had not reached the Innate Realm yet, Princess Qian Qian really wanted to test herself, hence she decided to fight against one of the weakest of the Seven Great Bears, Kai Yang!

“Princess, you are so heroic…I, I think I’ll pass. I’ll just fight against that stupid-looking elephant!” Fatty Hai knew the limits of his power and knew that he wouldn’t be able to become a hero. Hence he could only switch his focus towards the Gold Mammoth and Gold One-eyed Giant.

Yue Yang’s target was the other two Innates who were still floating in the sky, Moqi and Shun Tian!

The two of them were the real formidable opponents here!

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