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LLS Chapter 277 – Fire Bow, Ice Arrow

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Chapter 277 – Fire Bow, Ice Arrow
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The guards who came out because the alarm bell rung had the worst fate.

They knew that the Yue Clan Third Young Master was an Innate, and that he didn’t so much as bat his eyes when killing humans. Whoever dared to block his path was equivalent to seeking death! However, the substitute Clan Master Yue Qiu was also a hateful person. Even the previous substitute Clan Master Yue Shan had ran away from him. Amongst the family members, Yue Qiu had captured whoever needed to be captured and killed whoever needed to be killed. He didn’t spare anyone at all who looked even the least bit suspicious. The worst thing was that he actually didn’t recognize his own son even though he was obviously an Innate. He even ordered him to be captured like a criminal… There was a saying that a tiger wouldn’t eat its own son, but Yue Qiu didn’t even spare his own son. If he knew that they had deserted the battle at the last minute, how could they still keep their lives?

Although the Third Young Master was an Innate Ranker, Yue Qiu had a few Innate Rankers backing him up. If this fight really started, things would definitely be bad…

The guards who were no stronger than ants felt really difficult right now.

If they advance, they won’t be able to survive, if they retreat, the wouldn’t be able to die even if they want to.

They really didn’t know what to do!

Hence, they could only surround the two iron giants who were pulling the horse carriage and continued to retreat step by step.

Some of them saw Lin Lei and Lin Miao following behind from far away. They didn’t quite understand at the start, but they suddenly realized that these two fellows had actually wanted to switch sides!

“Lin Lei, Lin Miao, what are you guys trying to do?” The clan general and guards wouldn’t have the guts to stop Yue Yang’s horse carriage, but they tried to find an excuse and make life difficult for Lin Lei and Lin Miao. It was an equal fight between guards. If they couldn’t fight the Third Young Master who was an Innate, why couldn’t they fight the Lin Brothers?

“I believe that the Third Young Master is not an impostor. There must have been a misunderstanding somewhere.” Lin Miao knew that it was too late to switch back, he decided to just force his way through.

“Brothers, please think smarter a little, don’t forget your roots! I’m not betraying our Clan, I am being loyal to our Yue Clan. His Highness the Emperor and Old Marshal had recognized Third Young Master with their own mouths. When we were going through difficult times with the Xie Clan, Third Young Master had also stepped forward bravely and protected our Yue Clan. Right now, in the absence of His Highness and the Old Marshal, someone wanted to take advantage and cause trouble. Although I have no strength to fight them, I will definitely follow behind Third Young Master, because only the Third Young Master is the successor of the Yue Clan! He is the hope of His Highness and the Old Marshall, he is not a stranger! I say, brothers, amongst all of you who are here, if you are still going to fight us, come out and try! I’ll risk my life to fight you.” Lin Lei pulled out his sword, his eyes sweeping across the guards and generals.

His words made everyone look down in guilt.

There were some who had close relationship with Lin Lei who shouted, “Lin Lei, why are you doing this… The fight between our superiors… it’s not something that we can poke our noses into!”

Lin Lei pointed at Hui Tai Lang and shouted out emotionally, “Did you see that? The dog by Third Young Master’s side had a dignity befitting of a human. We, on the other hand, are living as stupidly and cowardly as a dog here! I don’t want to be treated like a dog, I want to be treated like human. Even if I could only be treated as a human for one day, I would die with no regrets!”

His words spoke out all the Yue Clan Village’s heart troubles, shocking almost all of the guards and generals.

After a while, a few hot-blooded generals rushed out and stood together with Lin Lei.

Most of the people lowered their heads in shame, quietly retreating out of the enclosement… As for the rest of the people, along with Hui Tai Lang’s roar, one of them screamed and started to escape, causing everyone to follow suit and scrambled back to the Yue Clan Castle in fear. At this time, outside the Yue Clan Castle, a number of Innate Rankers started appearing in the sky. The light they were emitting were as bright as the blazing sun. They released their Qi at the same time, sending a terrifying shockwave attack towards Yue Yang, who was sitting on top of his horse carriage. The shockwave attack was like a giant tsunami that came crashing down from the heavens.

“Tch!” Yue Yang humphed in disdain.

He was no longer that Yue Yang who was pulling a horse carriage and his Fourth Mother up towards the Yue Clan Castle.

The past Yue Yang wasn’t that strong, his strength was at the most at the level of a Level 6 Elder. However, today, he was a powerful warrior who had continuously killed over a dozen Innate rankers… Tu Cheng, Kuang Zhan, Duan Mu, Liu He, Goblin General Dream Eater, Goblin General Zi Diao, Bi Lin the two-headed snake, Fire-tailed Tortoise, and even the Nine-Headed Goblin Marshal who was so strong that he could kill Flying Tiger Ambassador in an instant, had all fallen under Yue Yang’s feet.

Furthermore, with the help from Xue Wu Xia and the rest, his Innate Invisible Sword Qi had also reached the Fifth Level.

After practicing [Double Body Fusion] with the sickly beauty and mastering it, Yue Yang had even inherited the pitiful guy’s mother’s knowledge and mastered the knowledge of summoning runes…

How could this kind of Yueyang be pressurized by a few Innate Rankers?

With regards to those Innate Rankers’ provocation, Yue Yang’s reply was obviously his rudest, most disdainful pointing of middle finger!

Yue Yang almost felt nothing from the pressure that four Innate Rankers in the sky were releasing together, but Lin Miao was so scared that he almost wet his pants. His whole body shook violently as if he was someone who was in the middle of a snowstorm. He looked at Lin Lei and discovered that he was clenching his teeth. His hands had also turned white from gripping his sword too tight. Although he wasn’t trembling from fright, Lin Lei’s face was as pale as death.

Fatty Hai rode his Iron Rhinoceros and ridiculed them, “Are you kidding me? How could you guys be so shocked by a few Innates farting almost five kilometres away that your legs are trembling so violently? Are you guys truly men? Do you really have balls under your pants?”

“You, aren’t you scared?” Lin Miao continued to shake violently as he asked. He saw that Fatty Hai’s expression was still normal, so he suddenly felt respect towards this fatty.

“Bullshit, they are so far away, why would I be scared? Haven’t you heard that I, Master Hai, has guts as high as the skies? Let me tell you, I’m not afraid of anything in heaven or earth. Other than beauties loving me too much that they are willing to die for me, I’m not scared of any… Fuck, that fellow is flying towards us! Yue Yang, some ants have come, go and finish him. Your big boss must save his strength to help you beat up the strongest boss monster!” When Fatty Hai saw an innate ranker flying towards them like a meteor, he almost spit out his heart from fright. He hurriedly asked Yue Yang to attack.

Yue Yang jumped from the horse carriage roof.

Drawing a circle with his hands, he activated the Yin Ability on his left hand and Yang Ability on his right.

The ice and fire formed a beautiful and magnificent scenery in the sky. On one side, cold winds blew through countless drops of snow, it was so cold that it made people’s teeth chatter. On the other side, it was so hot that it made people felt like they were inside an oven. Everyone opened their mouth, almost unable to breath from the heat.

Right now, the power of his Yin Yang Twin Fish Spherical Beheader was a hundred times much stronger than when he used it during the New Year’s tournament.

Under Yue Yang’s control, the ice and fire had turned into a terrifying tornado.

Ice and fire collided against each other in the midst of the storm, causing purple lightning to crackle from within.

In the sky, the Innate Ranker who was shooting towards them secretly felt alarmed when he saw this.

But his flying speed was as fast as a meteor.

In this kind of situation where he was trying to hit them with all his strength, he didn’t have any other choice, he could only force his way through.

The human meteor collided with the Ice Fire Tornado… That innate ranker who had the appearance of a middle-aged man was collided powerfully with Yue Yang’s Hui Jin Magic Blade, causing a loud explosion. It was so loud that everyone almost became deaf. Some even experienced a momentary blackout. It was as if a thunderbolt had resounded right in their ears. Everyone swayed in shock, unable to think clearly. A lot of the guards who couldn’t endure it fainted one by one onto the ground.

Although some generals were able to endure it, their bodies also slowly swayed and fell to the ground.

The shock wave from the collision of the two people was as powerful as a tsunami, sweeping through the earth, blasting away all the fainted guards and generals like dust. Most of the guards’ beasts had died on the spot, some of them even had their limbs torn. Some of the generals who were still awake pierced their swords on the ground to maintain their ground and support their bodies, enduring the terrifying shock wave with gritted teeth… Almost everyone spitted out blood as their internal organs had been injured from the shockwave blast. Only Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and Li Brothers still stood proudly on their ground, looking up to the sky.

Lin Lei stuck his sword on the ground and propped his body so that he didn’t fall. His mouth, nose and ears were all dripping with blood.

Lin Miao, whose body was weaker than Lin Lei, hugged Lin Lei’s leg as tightly as he could, as if he was a person swept away by a river’s current grabbing hold of a piece of log.

That horse carriage that looked fragile on the outside wasn’t broken at all when the terrifying shock wave had subsided… On the other hand, at a far distance, the fortifying walls, houses and pagodas in the surrounding area had all collapsed. Pieces of broken bricks and wood flew in the air, as if an invisible gigantic demon’s hand had swept them up into the sky.

On the surface, Yue Yang seemed to be evenly matched with that attacking Innate Ranker.

However, that arrogant Innate Ranker had launched a sneak attack and shot down like a meteor from the sky, using his full strength and the force of gravity to attack. On the other hand, Yue Yang had received his attack from jumping from the top of his carriage and delivered a blow equal in power.

That Innate Ranker only wanted to test Yue Yang’s strength, he immediately went away after his attack.

But Yue Yang refused to let him go.

“I shall reciprocate your kindness!” Yue Yang didn’t try to chase after his opponent who had an extremely fast speed. Instead, he bent his left hand and condensed an immense heat energy, forming a gigantic Fire Bow. He drew a circle with his right hand and condensed a biting cold energy, forming three ice arrows that were colder than ice. Yue Yang then called out a chant, similar to when humans were summoning their beasts, but no one there ever heard of his chant before. It was extremely beautiful, pleasant sounding call, similar to the sounds of nature. One by one, Silver Runes appeared from his body and engraved themselves onto the arrows, adding a terrifying and destructing ability onto the three arrows.

“Summoning runes?” That quick Innate Ranker’s expression completely changed.

He had a strange kind of feeling that no matter how far or how fast he escaped, he wouldn’t be able to escape from this ice arrows.

Should he continue to retreat?

Or should he use all his strength to stop these three ice arrows?

He would be able to get his comrades’ support if he continued to retreat, but if he didn’t have enough defense, there was a very high chance that the arrow would pierce through his body… If he used all his strength to defend against the three ice arrows, he could only fight alone. If he couldn’t defend against them, his life would be in danger.

Even if he managed to defend against it, if this brat released another attack, he would still be heavily injured!

The hard decision loomed in front of him. Should he move forward or retreat?

Yue Yang called out another string of runes, and purple coloured electric currents appeared in his hands. They linked altogether and revolved around the Fire Bow and Ice Arrows in an extremely fast speed.

This time, let alone that Innate Ranker who was thinking whether to attack or retreat, even the three other Innate Rankers watching from afar turned pale.

They had the confidence to defend against Yue Yang’s three arrows just now, but right now, they really didn’t think they could defend against those ice arrows with fast purple electric current revolving around them… Even their beasts with the highest defense might be shot through straight away by these ice arrows that was filled with the power of runes! Previously, they thought that Yue Yang was just a newbie that had only stepped onto the Innate Realm. Who would know that this brat was so abnormal and possessed such a terrifying ability. This was definitely not an ability that an Innate newbie could have!

Definitely impossible!

“Su-Summon Grimoire…” The Innate Ranker who was about to be shot by Yue Yang finally couldn’t endure his fear. He didn’t chose to attack nor retreat, instead, he chose the third choice, and that was to summon his Platinum Grimoire and hoped that his protective shield could defend against these three destructive ice arrows.

“Die!” It was as if Yue Yang was waiting for this moment. The killing intent in his eyes rose exponentially.

The three arrows imbued with his fire and ice ability and strengthened with purple lightning, disappeared from Yue Yang’s hands in a flash.

The grimoire’s protective shield that should have been able to block against all kinds of attack suddenly broke into pieces like an egg shell. As that Innate Ranker watched in shock, onee ice arrow shot unstoppably through his heart.

Killing an Innate Ranker in an instant?

This, how could this be… Forget about the others, even Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and Li Brothers didn’t dare to believe that Yue Yang’s powers had become so surprising!

It could even penetrate through a grimoire’s protective shield that could block any kinds of attack?

How did Yue Yang managed to do that?

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