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LLS Chapter 275 – Platinum-ranked Level 5, World Destroying Demon Wolf

Chapter 275 – Platinum-ranked Level 5, World Destroying Demon Wolf
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Three days later.

Yue Yang brought the sickly beauty back to the Little Flower Garden. Right now, it wasn’t the time for them to experience their two people world. There was still a huge load of things that Yue Yang needed to do.

At first, Princess Qian Qian and the others didn’t thought that Yue Yang would return so quickly. They even thought that this brat would enjoy his life for a week before returning. Of course, that was not the main point. The main point was that when Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress saw the sickly beauty’s appearance, they seemed to be looking out for something. Xue Wu Xia and Yue Bing welcomed them back warmly. One welcomed her cousin who had acquired a new life while the other threw herself into her brother’s arms.

The sickly beauty was very wifely. After becoming Yue Yang’s wife, even after coming to the manor in the Little Flower Garden, she still sat beside him.

With regards to the question “Did it hurt?” that Luo Hua City Mistress whispered, she simply smiled but didn’t reply.

Princess Qian Qian thought that it would be weird if it was not painful!

Princess Qian Qian had already seen Yue Yang’s little brother anyway. If such a monster enter her body, wouldn’t she die of pain…

However, Princess Qian Qian was quite surprised that the sickly beauty’s weak and fragile body was able to endure it. Furthermore, she saw that the sickly beauty’s face was emitting radiance. Her complexion was not pale anymore, instead, she radiated with a rosy flush that was both gentle and refined. She exuded an indescribable beauty and mystery.

Princess Qian Qian thought that the sickly beauty would be injured because of Yue Yang, and would need to be carried back. She thought she would need a few months of bed rest.

But right now, not only has the sickly beauty’s body turned out for the better, it was even shining with a bright radiance. It really made Princess Qian Qian wonder in confusement, could it be that being pushed down by Yue Yang had a beautifying effect?

“Yue Yang has already mastered the [Double Body Fusion].” Xue Wu Xia wasn’t surprised at the sickly beauty’s words. Since the sickly beauty had already done the [Double Body Fusion], with Yue Yang’s genius talent in mastering skills, it wasn’t strange that he had already mastered [Double Body Fusion] by now.

However, the sickly beauty’s next words had thoroughly shocked Xue Wu Xia.

The sickly beauty had said, “He has also mastered Rune Powers…”

Yue Yang quickly supplied an additional explanation, “I don’t, I only mastered a part of it. Roughly said, I have mastered 10% of the Heaven Runes, 1% of the Ancient Runes and 0.1% of the Immemorial Runes. As for Dwarf Runes, it’s not really counted as a summoning rune, so there’s no use for it even though you have mastered 100% of it.”

He then explained the truth about Runes to Princess Qian Qian and the others, and also about the knowledge inheritance he had gotten from his mother.

Qian Qian, Luo Hua and the others were completely shocked.

Yue Yu was extremely touched when she heard it, “Xiao San managed to receive Aunt’s knowledge inheritance, this must be blessings from the heavens and our Yue Clan ancestors!”

Having the power of mastering Ancient Runes, even just 1% of it, was already an extremely destructive power… Furthermore, with the passing of time, Yue Yang would be able to absorb more and more knowledge. He would still be able to continue understanding and improving the Runes.

The information about Ancient Runes was extremely deep, hence it was more difficult to grasp. As for Immemorial Runes, it was needless to say. Yue Yang could only feel a small portion of the window to the knowledge.

Right now, Yue Yang wanted to focus on Heaven Runes.

In those three days, after Yue Yang and the sickly beauty was enlightened with their research, Yue Yang had mastered around 10% of the heaven Runes. The sickly beauty, on the other hand, mastered much lesser than Yue Yang. Although she had researched for a long time, she still couldn’t comprehend them. She only managed to master around 1% of the knowledge. When they returned to the Little Flower Garden, she shared with Princess Qian Qian, Luo Hua City Mistress and the other girls the fruits of their labour. With all of them researching and studying altogether, sharing their knowledges, their learning speed became much faster. Each person learned new information in a different way after all. Maybe in some cases, Princess Qian Qian and the others would be able to do it and understand it better.

In order to strengthen her persuasive power, the sickly beauty summoned her Crystal Armor Beast.

In order to allow the sickly beauty’s body to recover completely, Yue Yang had used a lot of Innate Qi to re-organize the Heaven Runes on her body.

Of course, he couldn’t completely change everything in just a short time. However, Yue Yang didn’t have to worry because it was only a matter of time. Everytime he reorganized the Heaven Runes inside her body in the correct arrangement, her body would change drastically.

The only problem was breaking up the Heaven Runes inside her body. Yue Yang would need to spend quite a lot of work on that.

The sickly beauty, whose Runes had been re-arranged and finally truly learned Heaven Runes, experienced a great increase in her powers.

When Qian Qian, Luo Hua, Yue Yu, Yi Nan and Yue Bing saw the Beast Armor that the sickly beauty had summoned, not only has the Crystal Armor 100% complete, her whole body had also become as transparent as a crystal… She looked like a crystal beauty.

Even after removing her crystal armour, Princess Qian Qian couldn’t injure the sickly beauty when she tried to slash her arms with a dagger.

The sickly beauty said that because she wasn’t an expert in combat skills, she could only showcase thirty percent of her powers. If it were Princess Qian Qian or Luo Hua City Mistress who had the Heaven Runes on her body instead, they would definitely be much stronger than her. When she said this, Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress both became very excited. Other than hoping to improve their combat capabilities, they also envy the sickly beauty’s crystal-like body.

“Since it is helpful to increase our combat abilities, i accept it!” Princess Qian Qian was not very interested in researching Runes, but she couldn’t reject the possibility of increasing her combat abilities.

She didn’t have to train anyway, she only needed to allow Yue Yang to try the Heaven Runes on her body.

With regards to whether Yue Yang would take advantage of her body when he does that or not, she decided to ignore it.

Heaven Runes were similar to beast summons.

It was just that it was not a living organism, it could only help its master but it didn’t have any awareness… It could loosely be considered as special-type summon beast, but it didn’t need to take up a space in the summoning grimoire.

When the sickly beauty was teaching the knowledge that she knew to Qian Qian, Luo Hua, Yi Nan, Yue Yu and Yue Bing, Xue Wu Xia pulled Yue Yang to the side and asked some questions about the sickly beauty. In the end, other than slightly praising Yue Yang for successfully accomplishing his attack, she sighed slowly, “My older cousin is extremely reserved last time. Even if you want to be good to her, it’s too late for you to give her an unforgettable romance. But she would definitely be a good wife to you, be good to her in the future, okay! Love need not be stormy and passionate, it can also be smoothly flowing like an endless flow of water.”

Yue Yang was slightly speechless, was she asking him to date Wu Hen after marriage?

But when he thought about it again, he felt that what Xue Wu Xia said made sense. The sickly beauty had a passive character, it would be more suitable for her to date after getting married.

As he continued to think, he thought about how Wu Xia had spent so much effort for her and the sickly beauty. He couldn’t help but feel extremely moved as he reached out his hands and pulled Xue Wu Xia towards him, hugging her tightly in his arms.

“…” Xue Wu Xia didn’t reject him, but she gave him a look of rebuke.

Time passed quickly and the sickly beauty continued to pass on the knowledge of Heaven Runes that she learnt from Yue Yang to Princess Qian Qian and the others.

On the other hand, Yue Yang experimented creating a puppet beast with the materials that Xue Wu Xia got from outside.

Hui Tai Lang was still sleeping in the courtyard, snoring away.

That day, the old fox suddenly came running in a miserable state, as if there were a hundred hungry wolves chasing him from behind. It was only until he had teleported to the entrance of Little Flower Garden, saw Yue Yang and the others, that he finally sighed a breath of relief. “That’s good. Brat, fortunately you didn’t came out. Otherwise the sky will probably collapse! What did you say? You were about to storm into Yue Clan Castle? Why do you have to seek death when you can live your days happily here? Are you that bored of your life?”

Yue Yang was extremely speechless when he heard that. Seems like the old fox had learnt Fatty Hai’s mannerisms and sayings.

Why do they have to pick up all the internet slangs that he had used in passing and blew it out of proportion?

He had not managed to speak before he was assaulted with the continuous torrents of the old fox’s walking stick.

The old fox was definitely trying to return some personal grudge…

It had been difficult for him to nurture his precious daughter. However, before he managed to hear her call him daddy for a few times, Yue Yang had already snatched her away. The worst thing was that Yue Yang had never asked his permission nor gave them betrothal gifts, his precious daughter was given away to Yue Yang just like that. If Xue Wu Xia had not told him, he would even still be in the dark, unaware that his daughter had been ravished by this wolf, although he was her father.

In this kind of situation, how could he not be furious?

“Dammit, I’ll get angry if you hit me any more than this!” Yue Yang grab hold of the walking stick with one hand and the old fox’s collar with his other hand. His eyes glared at the old fox’s as he said, “Your daughter is about to die, what I did, I did it to save her,you understand? Furthermore, I like her and she likes me too. This is a union of love! Why are you causing trouble now?”

“Even if it’s a union of love, I still have to beat you up. You think it’s easy for me to have a daughter?” The old fox roared.

Betrothal gifts weren’t given, guests weren’t invited, even he as her father didn’t know about it.

This brat should be thankful that he didn’t fight him to death.

The sickly beauty suddenly shouted in alarm and ran forward, blocking right in front of Yue Yang. She seemed a little awkward and embarrassed as she speak softly, “What are you doing, it’s not his fault… Go in quickly, don’t be an embarrassment in front of the others. I’ll explain to you slowly inside!”

Yue Yang took the opportunity to wink at the old fox, telling him that he shouldn’t be jealous of him. Daughters would eventually marry and leave with their husbands sooner or later.

The old fox cried river of tears in his heart.

When he finally sat down inside and drunk the tea that the sickly beauty and Yue Yang had served to him, the old fox finally felt much better.
(Shiro: Chinese tradition – bride and groom will serve tea to their elders during marriage ceremony https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_tea_culture)

Furthermore, Princess Qian Qian and the others were all there. As the elder, he also found it embarrassing to be throwing a tantrum in front of them. After taking the cup of tea, the old fox acted old and wise as he asked Yue Yang, “Stinky brat, what are you busy with these days? The whole courtyard is filled with broken stuff, don’t tell me you are trying to create a puppet beast? Let me tell you, you should give up quickly. You are not made for this stuff. You might be amongst the average in mastering combat skills, but with regards to creating puppet beasts… brat, do you even know what “Runes” are?”

The old fox thought that Yue Yang had learnt a little Rune from his daughter and wanted to create a puppet beast. He really wanted to mock and laugh at him in his heart.

This brat was usually such a genius, it was very rare to have a chance to mock him. He must mock him no matter what!

Furthermore, he was currently his father-in-law, he must definitely give him an earful!

At first, the old fox’s smile carried a little smugness.

However, Yue Bing, who could not accept her brother getting misunderstood, immediately retorted. Her words almost made the old fox lose face and could not face the world anymore. Only then did the old fox understood that he had made a mistake. Turns out this brat had acquired the knowledge that his mother had passed on to him and had become super strong right now. He was immediately speechless.

“Then what kind of beasts have you created? Seems like it’s a humanoid puppet beast?” The old fox cough a little and changed the topic.

“I failed. I actually wanted to create a battle-type puppet, but who would know when I finished, it could only become a puppet that could only do menial work. When I created another, it ended up the same.” Yue Yang had actually wanted to create an extremely strong puppet beast. He had high ambitions, he wanted to create at least a Gold-ranked Level 6 beast and above. However, he lacked the materials and was unable to fulfil the requirements. When it was finally finished, Yue Yang discovered that it was only a Bronze-ranked Level 6 Beast. Yue Yang must as well modify it to become a worker beast to help him do his menial work, rather than taking it out to fight.

“Haha, I knew it would end up that way!” The old fox laughed until tears flowed from his eyes.

“No, that’s not right. Brother’s puppet is extremely strong, it’s just that it lacked the materials.” Yue Bing hurriedly helped her brother to explain.

Hearing Yue Bing’s explanation, the old fox looked at Yue yang and mumbled, “This fool…”

Letting a Bronze-ranked level 6 Puppet Beast to do menial work, that was a luxury that not even emperors could afford. A Bronze-ranked Level 6 Puppet Beast, even the Yue Clan Castle only had a few of them. This brat had actually said that he would only use it for menial work. The old fox was really speechless.

The old fox ran out the courtyard to see the puppet beast, and discovered that Yue Yang’s puppet beast was indeed very good.

Clicking his tongue and praising Yue Yang, he asked, “These two puppet beasts are your first creations, you should keep them well for keepsake. Did you think of a name? Otherwise, do you want me to make use of my profound mind and nimble brain to think of one for you?

Yue Yang didn’t need to spend a lot of effort to name his beast.

The old fox asked him what are the names.

Yue Yang calmly replied, “The left one will be called Megatron, the right one is Optimus Prime.”

When he said that, the old fox almost spit out his saliva. After coughing for a long while, he finally smiled weakly, “Did you think that those were suitable names for puppets that will do menial work? Forget it, how about this unfinished puppet? What are you going to call it?”

Yue Yang replied again with an extremely serious expression, “I am thinking of naming this Ultraman, I made it especially to beat up small monsters.”

The old fox’s head smashed right onto the ground.

Although Yue Yang who was detached from the outside world had failed making Gold-ranked Level 6 puppet beasts miserably and that he only managed to acquire two Bronze-ranked Level 6 puppet beast, the old fox didn’t belittle him. He must have the best materials in order to create a Gold-ranked Level 6 puppet beasts. Because he was too abnormal, everything he did was different from the others.

At first, the old fox was prepared to persuade Yue Yang to stay at the Little Flower Garden for a while more. He didn’t want Yue yang to fight against the fake Yue Qiu yet.

This was because the fake Yue Qiu had at least a few Innate Rankers backing him up from behind the scenes. He also had the Thousand Goblins Sect, the Green Summit Sect and Zi Jin Kingdom’s support. As for whether the Demonic Palace, the Demon Abyss or the Fallen Eastern Goblin Tribe Members were supporting him, the old fox couldn’t be too sure.

In this kind of situation, he felt that it would be best if Yue Yang didn’t open fire. He should wait for Elder Yue hai and Jun Wu You to come back first.

However, Yue Yang thought that now was the best time for attack.

When Elder Yue Hai and the others returned, they might be able to see through something wrong with Yue Yang. Hence, Yue Yang thought that he must eliminate the fake Yue Qiu before they come back. He was a fake one anyway, let’s see who would emerge as the victor in a fight between impostor and another impostor. He shall see who had more capabilities.

Yue Yang didn’t set off immediately because he was waiting for Hui Tai Lang to awaken from his sleep.

Hui Tai Lang was his good helping hand, Yue Yang would definitely bring it along.

In this upcoming battle, he might just be able to kill another two Innates. If Hui Tai Lang ate them, maybe he could even evolve to become the World Destroying Demon Wolf, which was much stronger than innate-rank!

After another day, Hui Tai Lang finally awakened.

It had become Platinum-ranked Level 5 World Destroying Demon Wolf… When it woke up, it opened its eyes widely, and its body was immediately engulfed in a pillar of Hell Flame that rose high up to the sky, almost 20 metres tall. Its aura that was as terrifying as a Demon King’s was as strong as a hurricane, blasting off as a shock wave, spreading outwards in a circle. Even at the edge of a 5 km radius, one could still clearly feel its mighty aura. Its thunderous roar that could was even mightier than thunder reverberated through the air!

“It hasn’t reached the limits of its potential yet. This fellow would definitely rise to diamond-ranked sooner or later!” The old fox was extremely shocked by the amount of energy inside Hui Tai Lang’s body.

“Stupid dog, you are scaring Bing-er! I’ll slaughter you and roast your dog meat!” Yue Yang bestowed Hui Tai Lang with a kick.

“Wang!” Hui Tai Lang was extremely proud of itself at first, but when it heard Yue Yang, it hurriedly restrained its aura and pretended to be a Bronze-ranked Level 3 Iron-backed Demon Wolf. It then wagged its tail and hopped towards Yue Bing, showing that it was a loyal and obedient dog that would never scare its master.

“Time to go, our goal is the Yue Clan Castle!”

Under Yue Yang’s tutelage for these period of time, Princess Qian Qian’s strength had increased by leaps and bounds. She was kind of eager to test it out on her enemies and see how far has she improved. She was not the only one who thought that way. Luo Hua City Mistress, Yi Nan and Yue Bing were also burning brightly with fighting spirit.

Of course, the person with the deadliest killing intent and fighting spirit was Yue Yang.

He punched his fist into the air and shouted, “Let’s go!”

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